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AMC by Jenn

The alleged nephew of Michael Cambias suddenly shows up and tells Ryan that he wants to claim what is rightfully is. Ryan assumes Kendall paid him off to pass himself off as a Cambias heir but the guy swears he is who he says he is and Ryan may dig up anything he wants on him.

Erica and Bianca both go to a rape support group and unexpectedly run into each other. Erica talks all about how she's buried her rape ever since it happened and abandoned her daughters the same way her father abandoned her. Bianca says she will never compare her mother to Erica's father, but she believes that she used Miranda as an escape to get over the rape and feels responsible for her death.

Bobbie and Anita are ready to get their marriage back on track but Aiden suddenly shows up to act as though he can be a better man for Anita. He hears from both of them that she is not available.

Maria demands to know why Zack Slater is in Pine Valley. After she corners and demands to know what his motives are, he promises her to leave her alone if she stops asking him why he is there.

ATWT by Cheryl

Jessica loses her baby. Ben asks Walker to do a genetic profile so that whatever caused the baby to die can be prevented next time. Sierra finds the evidence that Craig planted and now believes that it was Alan behind Lucy’s kidnapping. Only Dusty knows and believes that it was actually Craig. Walker breaks it off with Barbara and suggests she begin her therapy with Lynn Michaels again. Jennifer is on her way to Europe when Jordan tells her that James is on his way to California and out of their lives for good. Rosanna and Jordan get ready to sign their annulment papers.

B&B by Matthew

Thorne tirades through his old office and storms out of the building. He heads home and talks to Sally about his parents' betrayl. She offers him some words of wisdom and then implies he has a job at Spectra. Nick finds out what kind of pills Felicia has on her, but we don't find out. Thomas tries to take things to the next level with Amber, but she screams that he is a kid and nothing will ever develop between them.

Days by Danielle

Rex suggests that Mimi tell him about Patrick and she tells a story about Patrick almost losing his life due to banana spiders on a family vacation to a Caribbean island. After making love, Mimi experiences some pain and bleeding. Belle sneaks up on Philip and he instinctively reacts by flipping Belle to the floor. Philip fantasizes about comforting Belle’s pulled muscle with a passionate kiss. In reality, Philip offers a drink of whiskey and soda and a deep tissue massage. Jan secretly films Belle and Philip from the window and sends it to Shawn via a live feed. Shawn refuses to believe that Philip and Belle is a couple despite Jan’s attempts to convince him. When Jan’s fantasy of joining Shawn in the shower goes wrong, she plots to shoot Belle and Philip. After hearing Mimi and Rex making love through the open windows, it prompts Belle to ask Philip to show her what it is like to make love.

Marlena, Doug, Roman, and Abe discuss giving Hope a small dose of adrenalin to help wake her up. Marlena suggests that the drug could have been tampered with but to save the others, Doug volunteers to have the drug tested on him first. Doug appears fine so Marlena administers the drug to Hope. As Hope wakes up, Doug passes out. He comes to; having only fainted and Hope fills them in on how to get to Patrick and Jennifer. Hope wants to rush back out but Roman stops her. Abe and Roman insist on going instead but Hope is reluctant to hand over the coin. Marlena urges Hope that the adrenalin won’t last forever and she needs to rest. Hope agrees to hand over the coin but then realizes that she lost it. Jennifer finds a smaller ledge to place her feet as she hangs onto Patrick’s arm. She wants to lie down but Patrick insists that she not let go of him. Patrick tells Jennifer to concentrate on the baby and tell it to wait. Jennifer’s contractions stop as a banana spider crawls onto Patrick’s hand that he is using to hold both of them onto the cliff.

GH by Nancy

Emily convinces Nikolas that trusting Mary is a mistake. He agrees to stay in town and see a psychiatrist. Lucky shows up at the boat house and he and Nik make some inroads in their relationship. Emily tells Mary that Nik no longer needs her in any way. Jason asks Courtney about Jax's story to the cops; she won't answer him. He tells her that Sam is not leaving. He then goes to the police station, where Justus informs him he is representing Faith. Jason tells Justus that will be considered a betrayal by him and Sonny, but Justus doesn't care. Later, on the docks, Jase and Court see each other; she refers to "Jax and I" and he realizes that she is getting serious about Jax, which she admits.

The "girl group" is falling apart and Dillon wants out. Everyone has a different take on the situation. Later on, Georgie hugs Lucas out of gratitude, and Dillon sees them through the window of Kelly's. Ned comes to think that Felicia may be Lila's "judge" in the inheritance competition. Heather tells Edward, Monica, and Alan that Tracy has stationery just like Lila's; Tracy denies it, and an argument ensues when everyone believes Heather. Helena shows up at the boat house with some men and orders them to take Nikolas into custody.

GL by Elizabeth

Shayne tells his family that he wants to go to Bosnia and asks Marina to go with him. Jeffery saves Cassie from the potted plant. Harley asks Buzz and Frank to move in with her. Phillip tells Alan about his plan for the ‘new Springfield’ and how people will fear the Spaulding family once again. Bill agrees to help Olivia. Dinah and Edmond talk again about Jeffery. Jeffery tells Ross that he will prosecute Dinah to the fullest extent of the law if she comes back to town, and follows Ross after overhearing him call and arrange a meeting with Dinah. Jeffery has another flashback of him with Dinah. Buzz gets a letter from the State of Illinois claiming that the land Company on is ‘eminent domain.’

OLTL by Kathy

At the Love Shack the men work on their benefit strip routine. Marcie gets a rejection letter for her mystery. Shoddy work is found in the area where Shannon was working, so the Love Crew ban her from the project and leave her to work at the house. Michael gives John a clue on finding the identity of the body found at the quarry. John brings Sonja in for questioning. He finds it odd that she is not worried that someone will kill her for shooting Padilla. He asks her about her relationship with RJ. John warns Evangeline that he will be bringing RJ in for questioning so that their relationship will come out in the open. Jessica interviews Angelina and finds out some background on the Santi family. When Jessica asks questions about the deaths of Mrs. Santi and Manuel Jr., she doesn’t get a direct answer. Angelina asks Jessica for help in getting out of the house because she wants to visit Carlotta at the diner. Dorian and Carlotta argue about River and Adriana’s relationship. Carlotta is worried that Sonja and Tico are going to cause trouble for her family. Dorian adds that Tico is really a stranger to all of them. When Angelina arrives at the diner, Carlotta is surprised. Angelina tells Carlotta that she needs the truth. Adriana calls River to share her worries about being pregnant. She finds that River has gone to New York to audition for the Juilliard School of Music. Tico appears at La Boulaie and finds Adriana upset about the audition. He talks her into going to breakfast with him and while she is changing, he calls a friend and arranges for River to be accepted at Juilliard. Dorian returns and is perturbed that Adriana has gone out with Tico. She is further irritated when River phones and Tico insists on taking the phone call to tell River never to call again. Tico returns to Lion’s Den and Jessica tells him that she wants to talk with him about someone he knows a lot about, El Tiburon.

Passions by Shirley

Alistair's henchman carried the drugged Paloma out through her bedroom window and into the jungle, as Luis and Martin stood guard at her door. They heard a noise, broke the door down, and found her gone, with Alistair's calling card on her pillow. The two men ran after the fleeing man, into the jungle, in an effort to retrieve Paloma. Little do they know they are playing right into Alistair's plan.

TC made love to Liz, but let her know when they were through that it was still Eve he wants, not her. She tells him Eve is back in Julian's bed, and he runs right over, finding that it was true. Rebecca, back from her vacation, also discovered them together, and finally realized her blackmailing days are over. Meanwhile, Ethan and Gwen were having a romantic evening, until they heard Theresa groaning in Little Ethan's room. They ran to check on her and found her in pain, and although Rebecca told them to put her in a motel room, they took her to the hospital to be checked out.

Simione arrived to talk with Whitney as she and Chad were making love, and got upset about that. Fox came in, bringing food, and after some verbal sparring between Whitney and Simone, they decided to eat.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Dru reflected on her conversation with Miss Davis, and Neil's earlier concerns about keeping Devon. Lily told her that Devon was enjoying living with them, while Neil and Devon bonded playing basketball. Neil warned Dru not to push too much about keeping Devon. Dru admitted to Olivia that they'd found a home for Devon, but that she wanted to keep him. Olivia warned her to be careful. Alone, Dru placed a call about being Devon's foster parent. Mac asked Brittany to help say good-bye to Raul at a sendoff party, but Brittany refused to take part, admitting she did not want him to go. JT, Mac and a lot of people teased Raul about leaving, and Mac passionately kissed him. When someone said Raul's bags had been stolen from JT's car, Raul demanded to know if it was a joke and said his ticket had been in the bags. Dt. Weber updated Victor and Nikki about the plane landing, but being empty. Victor blamed Nick for not letting him get involved, while Nikki warned him to drop it, and worried something awful had happened to Nick and Sharon. In a field, Nick and Sharon forced Cameron - with broken leg - to walk with them while they looked for a phone to call the authorities. Cameron issues threats that they'd be dead when all was said and done, but Nick and Sharon taunted him with the fact that they'd apparently beat him at his own game. In a nearby town, Cameron was taken into custody. As Victor admitted to Nikki that regardless of his and Nick's troubles, he would never turn his back on him, Nick phoned, told Victor they were okay and said it was good to hear his voice. Brad made a point of having Abby hug Ash and say good-bye as he prepared to leave with her for the day. While Ash left the room, a clearly torn Brad placed a letter addressed to her near a photo of Abby. Alone, Ash opened the letter and stared at its contents in horrified silence.

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