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AMC by Jenn

Bianca reveals to Lily that she is not as ready to move on and get over her tragedies as she wants everybody to believe she is. Erica notices how unstable Kendall is and how Bianca is not sounding like herself saying it's just as well Miranda died. Bianca decides she needs to go back and talk to the rape counselor and surprisingly she runs into Erica who has also secretly decided to go.

Anita is ready to forget all about the past and get back with Bobbie. But he is still worried that if she knows all his secrets they might not have a future.

Kendall is determined to stop at nothing to overthrow Ryan's and Greenlee's control of the companies and ruin their marriage.

ATWT by Linda

Alan dies, uttering the word Craig to Sierra. Casey confronts Doc, Ben breaking it up and taking him to Tom and a worried Margo. Margo tries to explain what she did and begs them both for the forgiveness and to take her back. Jessica talks with Doc and when he comments that one good thing came out of the whole mess (re: the baby), Jessica becomes upset and starts to cramp. Jordan breaks up with Jennifer. Rosanna and Paul strike a deal with the Governor of Illinois, ensuring James’ transfer to solitary confinement at a Federal Prison in California.

B&B by Suzanne

Eric tells the Forresters that he has chosen Ridge to be the one in charge. Thorne and Darla are shocked. They all try to convince Thorne to stay and go back to his old job, but he blows up and yells at them that he won't be Mr. Forgive and Forget any more. He is very upset and says they let him down. Felicia visits Nick on his boat to yell at him about going to Stephanie. He is unrepentant and tells her that she needs someone to look after her. She doesn't think she does and tells him how strong she is. He tells her that she's beautiful and says he knows that the pills help the pain. He calls a doctor friend to ask what kind of pills they are. Amber comes to visit Rick at work, but he's making romantic plans with Caitlin. She first gives Rick a hard time and then begs him to take her back. Thomas walks in and watches them. Rick doesn't want to hurt Amber but she forces him to tell her that she's not good enough for him and he's with Caitlin now.

Days by Danielle

Rex criticizes Philip for trying to move in on Belle. Belle and Mimi discuss the thought that Sami could have accepted Lucas’ proposal solely to get back at Kate. Mimi questions whether Belle is worried about Sami’s relationship because of her own relationship with Shawn. Mimi suggests to Belle that she should move on with Philip. Philip and Rex come running and fight two guys who were hitting on Belle and Mimi despite Belle and Mimi’s insistence that the guys weren’t doing anything. Belle and Mimi criticize Philip and Rex for feeling like they had to come to their rescue. Belle begins to consider that Philip truly has feelings for her when he mentions a bedtime surprise but it turns out to be a gift of a stuffed dog. Rex and Mimi share a steamy shower and passionate evening in bed together. Philip dreams that Belle comes to him ready and willing to make love. Lucas confronts Sami about her decision to end the evening early. Sami admits that she accepted Lucas’ proposal because it would upset Kate. Lucas takes offense at this and tells Sami that he wants her out of his life forever. Sami explains that once Lucas proposed, Sami realized how she truly felt and accepted Lucas’s proposal because she loved him. Lucas forgives Sami and they make up. Sami begins to worry that Lucas will leave her but Lucas assures her that their marriage will last forever before carrying her to bed.

Hope faints before she can tell who needs help. Doug frets, as Marlena tends to Hope. Roman and Abe discuss Tony’s involvement in the master plan. Roman and Abe try to figure out who Hope was trying to tell them needs help. Hope comes to and says that they have to rescue Jennifer before the baby comes and that Jennifer and Patrick are on a ledge. Hope begins to mention Jack’s name as she tries to get up to rescue Patrick and Jennifer. Hope faints again in Doug’s arms. Marlena diagnoses Hope as being physically exhausted from her ordeal, suggesting that she may not wake for hours. Doug worries that they may be too late to save Jennifer and the baby if Hope doesn’t wake up in time.

Patrick helps keep Jennifer calm as they wait for help to arrive. The cliff begins to break away around them. The stress of seeing the cliff fall away sends Jennifer into labor. Patrick climbs off the ledge to get the extra weight off moments before it breaks away. Jennifer reaches for Patrick’s hand as the rest of the ledge begins to break off.

GH by Lisa

Ric has Faith arrested for shooting Jax. Faith fears she'll be murdered in jail and implores Justus to help her. Alexis accuses Ric of being in collusion with Alcazar to frame Sonny for murder. Carly and Sam come to an understanding and later claim to Sonny and Jason that they have worked things out.

Helena wants Mary to tell her where Nikolas is and promises to have Nikolas's mind reprogrammed into loving her again.

Dillon learned that Georgie set Lucas up to teach him a lesson. Dillon and Georgie have a fight and break up. Brook Lynn is attracted to Lucas.

GL by Elizabeth

Danny is on the phone can telling people that he can only pay them when he has some money. Michelle tells Danny he shouldn't feel he has to try to prove himself to anyone because no one in the town is worth a damn. Shayne gets offered a pro baseball contract. RJ meets with his imaginary friend again and together they call Jeffery. Ross is upset that Jeffery is not going to pursue charges against Danny for the warehouse bombing. Shayne talks to Ross about serving the community. Josh rescinds on the deal he had with Danny. Tammy goes to Edmond and Sandy for advice on what to do with the tape of Lizzie. Ross and Blake get into a fight. Danny lies to Michelle about their finances. Dinah then pushes a plant off the ledge towards where Cassie is.

OLTL by Janice

After sleeping together, John and Evangeline arrange a real date. Dorian goes to St Anne’s to have a psychiatrist come back with her to help Kelly. The psychiatrist refuses without Kelly’s consent. While there, Dorian visits Addie and confesses her concerns about Kelly. Blair and Todd try to win over a couple to sponsor them for country club membership. Kevin comes along to sabotage their efforts. Todd then lets him know that Craze belongs to him and David was just a front. Jen and Riley realize their feelings for each other, but decide to play it cool until the project is over. Jen hears a woman crying again in the carriage house. Kevin goes to La Boulaie and tells Kelly that the divorce hearing is being moved up and she will never see Ace again. Kelly is so disturbed that she tears Ace’s teddy bear apart. Evangeline comes in to find Kelly distraught as she is trying to repair the damage she’s done. Shannon and Rex talk about the people they really care about and then end up making out. RJ hires Rex to hijack art work that is headed for a Philadelphia art gallery. In exchange, Rex will reclaim his ownership of UltraViolet. A body is found in the quarry and John serves a search warrant on RJ to search the alley. Fabric fibers are found which worries RJ.

Passions by Shirley

Liz works on TC, trying to get him into her bed. Meanwhile, Eve is at the Crane mansion, deciding to go talk to TC one-on-one to talk it all out and save her marriage. She arrives at their bedroom in time to see TC getting it on with Liz, who has to rub it in, of course.

Fox is worried about the new Crane "heir", and about being in love with Whitney. Ethan gives him the big brother talk, warning him to cool it with Whitney before Chad catches on, and to be wary of his new half-brother if he is really that keen on running Crane Industries some day.

Luis and Martin keep watch outside Paloma's door after finding her in a deep sleep (actually knocked out by ether) and the Crane insignia necklace she had been given by Alistair. Neither is aware that Alistair's henchman is in the closet, ready to take Paloma out the window.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Jill blessed Kay and Arthur's engagement, learned Elliot had gone crying to Kay about her investigation, and - with Arthur's help - convinced Kay to let her proceed. Later, Jill gloated to Elliot that her investigation would continue. Brad questioned why Ash ever chose Victor's sperm to create Abby, while Ash said they would never agree on the issue of Victor and warned Brad that she would not change her mind about giving Victor unsupervised visits. Drucilla taught Devon table manners, worried when Neil said he hoped a home would be found for the boy, then learned from Miss Davis that she and Neil's application to be foster parents had been approved. However, because a group home was willing to take Devon, Dru was left with a difficult decision to make. Grace - with Michael - went to Weber and told him all she knew about Cameron's obsession with Sharon. When Weber learned of Cameron's "I go down, you go with me" comment, and that Sharon was on a plane with him, he called to check on the status of the aircraft. On board the plane, Sharon asked Cameron how he'd framed her for murder. He admitted he'd had Gabe, his hitman (and the plane pilot) handle Frank's demise. While struggling with Cameron, Sharon spotted Nick hiding in the plane. He motioned for her to stay calm. Nick located parachutes, then attacked and beat Cameron, revealing he had the murder confession on tape. While Gabe assumed Sharon and Cameron were making love, Nick and Sharon put on the parachutes, loaded Cameron with one as well, and jumped off the plane.

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