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AMC by Jenn

Bianca surprisingly reveals to Erica that it's just as well that Miranda died. She says she believes that if Miranda lived, she'd know that her conception and birth was all about rape and murder and it would cause her too much pain. And she concludes that the Miranda Montgomery Clinic is a good thing to help people, but Miranda's life would be a disaster. She also aludes to Kendall's present behavior as an example of what happens to somebody who is conceived by a rape.

Reggie is very worried about Jamie going into jail and coming in contact with Seth. He reveals to Danielle that Seth ruined his mother's life and his family by pushing drugs on his mother and making her an addict. Babe is beginning to have suspicions about JR when she notices that Liza might be onto something and observes that JR has malicious intent toward Ryan, whom she believed used to be JR's friend.

ATWT by Linda

Jack thinks he is in love with his nurse, Julia, because he recognizes her name. He still can’t remember what his name is or Carly and the kids. Holden accidentally sees Molly naked. Aaron doesn’t tell Allison that he saw Chris kissing Emily and Chris makes up with Allison, much to Aaron’s chagrin. Alan is fighting for his life, putting Craig into an incredible bind if he wakes up.

B&B by Suzanne

Eric tells his family that he is going to retire rather than choose between his sons. They figure out that he decided on one of them last night so they demand to know who it is. Stephanie doesn't want Eric to retire, either. Thomas visits Amber right after he has a huge bouquet of flowers delivered to her. They kiss. She finds out that Ridge saw her kissing Thomas and flips out. She tells Thomas in no uncertain terms that they can't be anything but friends, but he is determined. Massimos fires Deacon from his job of following Jackie. Jackie comes in, thinking Massimo called her because he forgives her, but he angrily gives her divorce papers instead. She snivels, begs, and cries, then leaves. Deacon yells at Massimo and then tells Jackie that she deserves better than Massimo. He urges her to sign the papers and move on with her life.

Days by Danielle

Brady adds Nicole’s name to the business report signifying an offer to have her old job at Titan back. Brady is so touched at Nicole’s reaction to the offer that he kisses her. Shawn blames Jan for having lost Belle. Jan gloats as she reminds Shawn that Belle said she would never marry him. Shawn refuses to believe that Belle and Philip have consummated their relationship. Belle fantasizes that she is dancing with Shawn instead of Philip. Philip mistakes Belle’s “I love you” as meant for him. Belle comes back to reality right before kissing Philip and believes that Philip’s “I love you” was part of her fantasy with Shawn. Philip vows to stand by Belle and help her through losing Shawn. Kate and John offer their congratulations to Sami and Lucas. Kate and Sami exchange heated words as they pretend to hug and be friends while Lucas is watching. Sami and Lucas decide to go to camp to tell Will the good news. Sami asks Belle to design her wedding dress. Lucas and Sami head home to celebrate but Sami sends Lucas away. Bo consults John on the signal. They speculate whether it could be from Hope’s plane. John offers to send the code to the ISA. Philip tells Bo about the ring box but Bo doesn’t believe that Jan was telling the truth. John and Kate grow closer as they watch Belle and Philip grow closer.

Doug has to be held back from fighting Tony for breaking the machine. Tony maintains that it was an accident. Tony is found to have a PDA but it is soon determined to only be beeping because it has a low battery. Marlena, Doug, Roman, and Abe throw Tony out and get to work fixing the signal machine. Hope faints on her way back to the force field. A mysterious stranger watches her from a distance. Hope is too weak to carry on. The stranger uses their knife to stab a spider before it can get to Hope. Hope hears Bo’s plea for her to come back home and it gives her renewed strength to continue on. Hope stumbles her way into Marlena’s penthouse, barely able to get out that “they” need help.

GH by Nancy

At the boathouse, Nikolas hears Monica compare his situation to Jason's while Emily explains why she can't let him go. He realizes Emily's "lies" were meant to protect, not deceive, him; he tells Emily of his new understanding, and they make love. Later, they hear Mary calling for Nikolas. Ric agrees to let the false confession about Evelyn's murder stand. Jason and Max are arrested for the yacht explosion. Alexis is angry that Ric seems to have let Sonny off scot-free in relation to the perjury charge.

Courtney lets Jax know she has feelings for him. Lorenzo insists to Lois that he had nothing to do with his yacht blowing up; it's obvious that she is developing some interest in him. Alexis tells Sonny how she really feels about him, leaving none of her disdain and dislike hidden. Jason and Carly hear this dressing down. Alexis also makes it clear that she will not handle Jason and Max's arrest today, nor will she be doing Sonny any more favors in the future.

GL by Elizabeth

Beth finds Gus passed out on the ground. Harley visits Alex at the police station. Jeffery tells Cassie she’s in danger and that he needs to follow her. Bill and Dinah share a drink. Bill tells Jeffery he will blow the Salerno case if his sister’s name isn’t cleared. Danny tells Michelle that he set the warehouse explosion; Michelle forgives him and gets angry with Rick for being protective. Michelle urges Danny to return to the family business. Harley stops by the Spaulding Mansion to visit Gus who is at Harley’s trying to visit her one last time before he goes to ‘get away.’

OLTL by Janice

At the Love Shack, the roommates argue about Nick’s treatment of Mark. Michael stands up for Mark and the need to accept his homosexuality, but he and Marcie still disagree about gay marriage. RJ helps Sonia “get rid” of her problem in the alley. He asks for her help in stealing from the art gallery in exchange. John comes to investigate gunshots heard at Capricorn. He suspects that RJ and Sonia are up to something. Natalie brings Antonio a memento from Christian’s art show in Philadelphia. Jessica gives Natalie a letter from Viki expressing her love and willingness to always be there if needed. Natalie goes back to the hotel to find Roxy in her room. Roxy admits that Paul called her to tell her about the trust fund that Natalie is going to open with all of her inheritance. Riley and Daniel talk about friendships developing into love. Nora and Daniel kiss at the station. Jennifer gets spooked at the Love Shack when she hears a woman’s voice and runs into Riley’s arms and they kiss. At the Angel Square Hotel, Natalie spies a tender moment between Evangeline and John as they go back to his hotel room to make love.

Passions by Shirley

Tabitha, tipsy from her celebratory champagne, tries to get Kay in the mood to celebrate, too. Kay is too upset at losing Miguel to be happy, but Tabby assures her she and Endora will cast a spell making him unable to find Charity, causing him to return to Harmony. Simone comes in and tells them about her mother, which makes Tabby even happier. Then she tells about Whitney's engagement to Chad, and Tabitha really is ecstatic at all the pain in store for Harmony. Simone and Kay talk about what they will do now that they both have lost the men they love. Alistair is still keeping watch on those in Mexico, and while Luis and Sheridan are having a romantic evening, the gunman puts an ether-soaked cloth over the sleeping Paloma's face. Martin and Katherine are listening to another tenant of the Inn singing a beautiful song of lost love, and discussing yet again their feelings about having left their families behind and how they well be accepted by them once they go back.

Julian takes Eve to the mansion, and they tell the younger couple about Eve's past and what went on at the Russell house earlier. Gwen takes her upstairs to get settled in her room and have a chat, while Julian and Ethan chat in the living room. Julian tells Ethan of his love for Eve, and that he hopes he can make up for the pain he's caused her. Afterwards, Gwen makes Ethan promise that they will leave Harmony for good once the baby is born, but he doesn't look thrilled at the idea.

Y&R By Christopher

Kevin blamed himself for Gloria's bad date with John, and swore to her that he was doing something to change his reputation once and for all. While Kevin ran her a bath, Gloria phoned John and set up dinner plans with him and her sons the following night. Phyllis told a skeptical Daniel that they would be going to live at the Newman Ranch. Daniel got Phyllis to admit that Jack was the relationship that mattered most to her, and agreed to meet him. Damon admitted to Drucilla that, despite his new-age calmness, he strongly disliked Daniel. Dru told him about Devon, and advised him to play it cool with Daniel. Brad and Nikki worried Victor would seek sole custody of Abby; Brad swore he wouldn't let that happen. Ash confronted Victor about his solo-day with Abby, and learned about Brad and Nikki deleting her message, and about Brad's insane behaviour at the ranch. She told Victor to start exercising restraint where Abby was concerned. After Ash arranged for Abby to spend the night with Frances, she returned to her home and told Brad they needed to talk. Brad said he wasn't interested in what she had to say, but Ash ordered him to stay put and hear her out. Nick was denied entry to the airfield because Victor had his name removed from the list of people authorized to use the Newman jet. Victor okayed entry, and Nick rushed to save Sharon. At the last minute, Sharon tried to get off Cameron's plane. He prevented her escape, duct-taped her and told her he looked forward to the challenge of taming her.

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