The TV MegaSite's Friday 8/6/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Jack, Erica and all their kids go on a family picnic where Lily upsets Bianca asking her too many questions about the conception and birth of her baby. They have invited Kendall but she is too busy cooking up a plan with JR Chandler to run Ryan out of Chandler Enterprises. Liza figures out that JR drugged Babe. Adam warns her that if she doesn't mind her own business, he can take Colby from her. Ryan is able to find out what Kendall is up to and demands an explanation. Jamie turns himself into jail with the help of Tad and Derek. Brooke is very upset to find out they are letting him risking gettting himself killed. Reggie is also very concerned. But he tells them all he will be o.k.

ATWT by Linda

Lily is saved by Craig, but when they get home and Dusty brings Lucy there, Dusty accuses Craig of his misdeeds. Sierra is speaking with police about Alan’s death and his involvement in the kidnapping plot. The OPD presents Parker and Sage two pictures of Jack and Carly says a begrudging farewell to Jack at the bridge. Allison is comforted by Aaron over her fight with Chris, but when he goes to get supplies for their stake out at the press office for the first paper with the first clue, he sees Emily and Chris kissing. Paul punches Jordan and refuses to believe Roseanna’s lie about wanting to make a go of their marriage. He pleads his love for her and Roseanna at first says that she can live a life without love for Cabot, but can’t deny her feelings; they become intimate.

B&B by Suzanne

Felicia leaves an angry message on Nick's answering machine about his telling Stephanie she may have a drug problem. Ridge asks her to speak to Thomas about the girl he was kissing, so she does. She advises Thomas to treat Ridge as a friend. Stephanie tells Eric about Nick's visit and what he said about Felicia. He promises to talk to Felicia. Darla is confident that Thorne will win in his battle at Forrester, and she gives him confidence. Brooke is a little nervous about Ridge's over-confidence. They go to Forrester. Eric and Stephanie want them to work out their problems like adults, but they argue like children instead. Eric tells Ridge that Thorne will not be the one leaving the company.

Days by Danielle

Tek and Bo try to decode the source of the signal. Lexie seeks comfort from Tek as she seeks answers for the recent events of Salem. Bo tapes the signal and makes plans to bring it to John for his opinion. Abe and Doug are filled in on what the island captives saw on the live feed from Salem. Tony arrives at the penthouse with the announcement that he doesn’t think they’ll ever hear from Jack, Jennifer, Hope or Patrick again. Tony denies again that he knows how to get off the island. Roman changes the signal machine to a message that he and Bo made up as kids. The live feed returns after the proposal, leaving the island residents to notice the closeness between Sami and Lucas but not the reason why. Tony rubs it in that John and Kate are getting closer. Roman relies on instinct and kisses Marlena when she gets upset at seeing John and Kate. Tony pretends to fall and breaks the signal machine.

Jan continues to use her jewelry camera to taunt Shawn. Victor worries that Philip and Belle are in danger at Jan’s hands. Nicole and Kate are against Sami and Lucas marrying while Belle and Mimi are for it. Belle fantasizes that she and Shawn are in Lucas and Sami’s place. Sami hesitates before giving Lucas her answer. Everyone claps and cheers as Sami accepts Lucas’ proposal. John and Brady offer their congratulations to Lucas. Both Lucas and Sami criticize Brady for his relationship with Nicole. Philip and Rex chastise Kate for placing all the burden of family happiness on Philip and Lucas. Sami explains to Belle that she said yes simply because Lucas swept her off her feet despite her earlier plans to say no. John insists that Kate offer her congratulations. Brady drags Nicole over to offer her congratulations but neither Sami nor Lucas believes her sincerity.

GH by Nancy

Nikolas accepts help in hiding from Lucky and Emily, realizing he has been wrong about both of them. Jax tells the police the truth about his shooting. Courtney tries to warn Jason that the police are aware of his plan Faith on the docks that night. He sends her away. She realizes that she is no longer a part of his and Sonny's world, and she finds Jax and tells him this. Lorenzo continues to insist to Lois that he is not doing anything illegal in his businesses. After Ric has gotten a taped confession from Sam, Sonny takes him to see Danny, who tells the truth about that night. Ric allows Sonny to destroy the tape containing Sam's confession. Lorenzo's yacht arrives to deliver Faith to Max and Jason. Jason realizes Lucky is on the docks too, and he and Max prepare to leave, but when the yacht blows up, Lucky steps out and arrests them.

GL by Elizabeth

Harley begins to return wedding gifts while Gus gets drunk at a bar. Dinah and Edmond make a pact not to let Jeffery and Cassie get together. At the prison Reva is unable to get Michelle out of the interview room before they go live on TV. Tony shows up at Danny’s and tells him that he’s received a subpoena to testify in Salerno’s trial. Danny tells Tony that his immunity deal with Jeffery should still stand but that it only covers crimes in the past. Ross asks Jeffery to take a look at Dinah’s file. Ross wants to know how Jeffery would pursue the case if Dinah came back to Springfield. Gus gets into a fight at a bar. Harley receives a gift from Darcie with no return address. Danny shows up at the prison to see Vinnie tell Michelle that she needs to ask Danny about the warehouse bomb and that he had nothing to do with it.

OLTL by Janice

Passions by Shirley

Eve continued singing, and TC continued remarking that he had never heard her sing before and had never really known her. He spoke to her and insulted her a few more times, but she did slap him after one of his worst remarks. Liz is still smirking about worse news to come, and Whitney is still refusing to try to understand what her mother had done. She and Fox talked about having a half-sibling somewhere, and when he told her he loves her, she slipped and let him know she is torn because of her feelings for him. Chad remained oblivious to their feelings for each other.

Katherine and Martin are still giving little hints, whether intentional or accidentally, as to who they really are. Luis and Sheridan still haven't caught on, however. Pilar called Luis, wanting a complete description of Paloma, but he didn't want to tell her what she is really like. Alistair hinted that Martin knows a secret that will cause him even more trouble if it is revealed, and continues to threaten the lives of the Martin, Katherine, Luis, and Sheridan.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Kevin wished Gloria well on her second date with John, then cryptically told her he was working on a way to change his image in Genoa City. At dinner, Gloria dodged several of John's invites for her and her sons to join him for dinner. When it became obvious she was hiding something, John grew agitated. Jill told Jack about her encounter with Elliot, flirted with him, and again asked for his help. Jack recommended she calm down and enjoy life more. JT - on his second assignment from Paul - didn't discover much about the Casson family or their missing son. Paul, however, learned that the boy's parents were killed in an accident years after he went missing, but that his brother was alive somewhere. Paul wondered if Nikki should be told about the investigation yet, decided to go through old police files, vowed to find the Casson sibling, and told JT to enjoy his date with Mac. Victor and Nikki discussed her new investment, their romantic past, and the troubling situation with Ashley. Nikki burst into tears when Victor told her about the skeleton at the rec centre, but could not explain why. Tired of the tension, they agreed to spend a romantic night together. Brad told Ash about Victor's day with Abby. Ash was stunned and apologized for what Brad had gone through. Brad blamed her and warned that Victor could no longer see Abby alone. Michael and Nicholas heard Sharon's message, realized it was in code, and that she'd gone with Cameron. Michael told Miquel to take care of Cassie and Noah, then told Weber they'd gotten into deep trouble. Sharon received a text message from Nick, warning that he was on his way, and telling her to stay cool. At the airport, Sharon and Cameron left his limo, boarded his private jet and prepared for take off. Sharon looked out the window, wondering where Nick was.

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