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AMC by Jenn

Edmund is secretly spying and investigating Slater and is beginning to distrust Maria. Although Anita encourages her sister and brother-in-law to believe they have a great marriage, Edmund reveals that he does not see it that way.

David urges Babe to see that JR cannot be trusted and that she should be suspicious of his unrealistically compliant behavior that didn't happen when they were first together before he turned on her.

Kendall attempts to blackmail Bobbie by sending his wife digitally altered photos of him and Greenlee. But he doesn't seem to be motivated by her threats. She, then, goes to contact JR and it sounds like the two of them are goig to work together and help each other.

ATWT by Linda

Wade sends a video of Lucy in the glass coffin and then calls saying he wants two million dollars and for Alan to deliver it without Craig, Dusty or the cops. Alan goes to the bell tower at St. Mary’s church with the money, but Craig follows him. Wade pulls a gun on Alan as he kicks the money to him, but Alan then pulls a gun on Wade as he looks at the ransom. Wade tells Alan about Craig, Alan making Craig stand next to Wade while he calls the police. Wade makes a move and Alan shoots the ceiling, Craig grabbing Alan and the gun going off into Craig’s arm. Lily comes in and Wade has the drop on all of them. Wade shoots Alan and then takes Lily as a hostage, Craig attacking him and making him drop his gun. Wade punches Craig down as he and Lily head for the window. Lily struggles and Wade falls out the window, Lily behind him. Craig runs and finds Lily hanging onto the edge and grabs her hands as she shouts that she doesn’t want to die. Nikki brings in the waitress from Yo’s and she tells them that Wade had talked about Paris. After seeing the tape at Walsh’s, Dusty figures out that Lucy is buried at a construction site for a place named Paris. They find her and bring her out, but she’s unconscious.

Chris and Allison fight over the wedding, Allison bidding Emily to talk to him to find out what’s wrong. When Emily finds Chris at the Bakery, he tells her he thinks he’s about to make the biggest mistake of his life. Barbara has the specialist coming up to the suite to tell her and her kids the results for her tests, but the knock at the door is Walker instead of Dr. Jones. When Jones arrives, it’s obvious that Barbara is lying. She confesses that she brought Paul and Jennifer to New York at Roseanna’s bequest, Paul storming off. Jennifer also leaves and when she can’t give any good reasons other than her love for her children for her behavior, Walker leaves as well. Roseanna and Jordan decide to give into James’ wishes, but as they start kissing, Paul shows up in the doorway.

B&B by Suzanne

Stephanie and Eric talk about which of their sons they will choose to stay on in the company. They don't want to make that choice at all. Ridge and Brooke talk about the big choice that Eric and Stephanie have to make. He is confident they will pick him, but Brooke worries that Stephanie will take revenge against him for marrying her. Thorne talks about his childhood rivalry with Ridge to Darla. Sally arrives and apologizes to Thorne for taking the designs and gives him an awkward, big hug. Thorne is a little annoyed that Sally is automatically assuming that he is the one getting fired and not Ridge. Later, Thorne flashes back to a press conference when Eric introduces Ridge as his "Number One Son".

Thomas and Amber drive up to his house in her car. They flirt and kiss but are interrupted by Ridge's yelling at him from the house. Ridge questions him but Thomas won't tell who the girl was. Both Darla and Brooke visit Eric and Stephanie, separately. Darla begs Eric to give Thorne a chance. Brooke makes sure that Stephanie is not holding a grudge against Ridge for marrying her, but otherwise assumes he will be the winner. Darla and Brooke have a little discussion about it outside, where Darla tries to convince Brooke to make Ridge give up, but she won't. Eric and Stephanie ponder what they will do and seem to come to a decision.

Days by Danielle

Bonnie refuses to believe that Patrick is dead. Rex recognizes that Jan’s jewelry is really a two-way transistor. Shawn desperately calls out to him for help. Jan lies, claiming that they were a present from her father that she wears as jewelry to feel close to him. John advises Kate not to try and stop Lucas’ proposal to Sami. Kate scoffs at John’s suggestion that she give Sami and Lucas her blessing. Sami breaks into tears and allows John to comfort her when John tells her that marrying Lucas would be what Marlena would have wanted. Brady and Belle criticize each other about their dinner companions. Brady warns Belle that Philip has an ulterior motive but Belle doesn’t believe him. Belle overhears John and Sami agreeing not to tell Belle about Marlena’s missing body and confronts them. Sami covers by claiming that John and Sami were talking about Marlena’s offer to pay for Sami’s wedding and honeymoon. Philip fantasizes that he and Belle share a passionate kiss as they dance. Shawn begins to believe that Philip and Belle are really a couple. Sami explains that Lucas should have spent more time and put in more detail into his proposal, giving him a deadline of midnight to get it right. Lucas begins to rethink his decision to propose when Philip and Kate give him opposing advice about what to do. Lucas seeks Julie’s help on how to better propose. Lucas gathers the attention of the entire restaurant as he delivers the heartfelt and moving proposal that Sami was waiting for.

Marlena’s TV comes on and Marlena, Roman, Caroline, and Victor get their first glimpse at their loved ones at the Penthouse Grill, while Salem is unaware that they are being taped. The live feed is lost shortly before Maggie and Alice arrive. The feed comes back long enough for them to see Sami and John hugging and glimpses of Mickey and Julie. Alice points out that their captor’s goal is to show them that life in Salem goes on without them. Maggie gets upset when the feed comes back in time to show Mickey and Bonnie dancing. Roman and Marlena are skeptical until they see John and Kate dancing closely.

GH by Lisa

Ric informs Sam that he knows about Danny. Sam confesses to murder and arson when Ric threatens to go after Danny.

Alcazar pays a gunman to fire a shot through Courtney's window. Alcazar sets up Jason to kill Faith and alerts Ric as to what he expects to happen.

Nikolas refuses to allow Emily to bail him out of jail. Lucky helps Nikolas escape when Helena tries to have Nikolas committed to Shadybrook.

Edward accuses Heather of trying to take Lila's place when she tries to confort him. Heather quickly does damage control and Edward seems to forgive her.

GL by Elizabeth

At the farmhouse Dinah continues to talk and play with RJ until she hears Cassie’s voice. Edmond receives a note from Dinah asking him to meet her on Fifth Street. At the Beacon Michelle and Reva talk about the TV show, and their new guest, Vinnie Salerno. Jeffery arrives at the farmhouse to check on Cassie, who assumes that his checking up on her means that she’s in danger.Michelle insists on working on the Vinnie Salerno show at the TV station. Danny and Josh talk about ‘redirected passion’ and how Michelle is much like a rebellious teenager nowadays. RJ tells Cassie he was inside playing with his imaginary friend, who has pretty hair like mommy and claims that his friend is real. Jeffery searches for RJ’s imaginary friend and doesn’t find anyone. Lizzie and Joey are having good luck selling his CDs on the beach. Marina and Danny discuss how with their recent changes they sometimes don’t know how to feel. At the farmhouse Jeffery has milk and cookies with RJ and uses the time to question him about his imaginary friend. Jeffery realizes RJ’s imaginary friend is Dinah. At the beach Lizzie gets a record executive to come to the beach to see Joey. Dinah tells Edmond that he should really think about why Jeffery showed up in Springfield and that if he tells anyone about their meetings she’ll disappear. Joey leaves to tell everyone the good news and the ‘music executive’ shows up and Lizzie pays him and also tells him that she’ll put in a good word for him with her grandfather. Tammy is hiding in the bushes and gets it all on videotape. AT the prison Reva tries getting Michelle to leave the interview room when there is a lockdown and they are all trapped in a room with Salerno.

OLTL by Janice

Passions by Shirley

Another day of Katherine and Martin thinking about their past lives and either sticking their feet in their mouths or daydreaming.  Katherine was talking to Sheridan and just kept saying things that didn't make sense and would cause Sheridan to wonder how she knew what she knew.  Martin wants to tell Luis who he is but is afraid to, since Luis has let him know he "hates" his father for leaving them.
Eve left home with Julian, not knowing where to go.  She decided she would go to the on-call room at the hospital, but then had a panic attack in Julian's car.  He got her calmed down, then headed to the Blue Moon with her.  She decided to try singing again, and as she sang, Whitney came in with Chad, and TC came in with Liz, after having taken Aunt Irma back to the nursing home.  They listened to Eve singing.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Nikki and Kay shared tea and caught up on one another's lives. A shaken Nikki explained that she believes Ash is a 'wicked witch' out to destroy everything good in her life. Meanwhile, Victor met with Bobby at the club and warned him that while he cannot stop Nikki from investing, he does not approve of their connection, and never will. Ash returned home from her business trip, told Brad that he and Abby were the most important things to her, and made love with him. Afterwards, Brad told her that Victor had done something unforgiveable while she was away. Raul stunned Brittany and JT by revealing that he would be leaving early for Boston, the following morning. He declined Brittany's offer to take him to the airport. Alone with JT, Brittany admitted to wishing Raul would stay. JT reassured her that she was special to Raul, and that they would all find ways to move on with their lives. Having gone through the paperwork from Chancellor Industries, Jill confronted Elliot about his gross spending on personal perks. Elliot claimed he was spending money to make money, but Jill countered that CI was not as far advanced as it should be, indicating money was being mismanaged. She demanded to see more records, annoying a quietly infuriated Elliot. Dt. Weber refused to help Michael and Nick bring down Cameron, and warned that if Sharon boarded a plane with him, she'd be in violation of her parole. Cameron refused to allow Sharon to see her kids, but let her make a phone call. She left a voice mail, telling her family her plans had changed and she was leaving town that night, unexpectedly. Cameron assured her that everything would be okay.

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