The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 8/3/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Greenlee and Ryan are fighting their feelings for each other but both hear inner voices encouraging them to let down their guards and be intimate.

Edmund is secretly investigating Slater with the help if Aidan Devane, knowing that Maria has a secret past with Slater. Maria tells Slater that it's over and she's committed to Edmund, but she confides in Bobbie that it's not that simple.

Babe admits, for the first time, that she is beginning to have her doubts about JR.

ATWT by Cheryl

Margo tells Doc he can’t be Casey’s instructor and when Casey and Margo get home, Casey tells her that he figured it out – she was having an affair with Doc. He then tells her that he’s going to go live with Tom at the Lakeview and leaves. Jessica is surprised by Curtis with baby gifts at the Lakeview and when Tom shows up, he keeps her secret.

Emily and Carly share in their miseries and Parker is still sure that Jack is alive, Hal trying to calm him down. Dusty calls the cops when he witnesses Wade’s car leaving with Lucy. When he and Nikki show up at Lucinda’s, he puts the screws to Craig which upsets Lily and Sierra. Lilly tells Nikki that that she suspects Alan and convinces her to search the guest house for evidence. Wade takes Lucy to an undisclosed location, puts her in a glass coffin and begins to bury her after he tells Craig that no matter what, he’s going to get his money and Craig is going to go to jail.

B&B by Matthew

Darla pleads with Sally to tell the Forresters who gave her the Ingenue designs. Sally doesn't want to but eventually tells that Darla gave them to her. Darla realizes there was a mistake and explains it. Thorne backs her up. Ridge is livid and yells at Darla. She rushes out and meets Thorne at home. She berates herself for being stupid. Meanwhile, the Ingenue show goes on, despite Ridge's wanting to cancel it. It is a big hit with everyone, except for Thomas, who saw Rick and Caitlin hug and then kiss. Rick goes on in Thomas' place when he leaves.

Days by Danielle

When Jan hears the news from Belle about her going to the Penthouse Grill for dinner, she decides to go there as well. Jan uses her ring to set it up so Shawn can watch Belle and Philip via the computer. Mimi overhears Jan talking about her plan and confronts her. Jan gloats when the hostess tells her that her fiancé called and said to order without him. Belle urges Philip to spend less time with her and more time with the woman he loves. Philip claims that he is spending time with Belle for practice before confessing his true feelings to the other girl. Rex finds Jan’s dropped earpiece disguised as jewelry. John insists that Brady quit Titan. Brady defends his work at Titan but John feels offended that Brady chose Nicole over his wishes. Nicole gloats to Kate that she will bring Kate down now that Victor is dead. Kate gloats and threatens Nicole with imprisonment when Bo solves Victor’s murder. Brady fills Nicole in on his conversation with John and invites Nicole to dinner. Kate and John discuss their children over dinner at the Penthouse Grill. Kate imagines that Sami greets Lucas dressed in her bathrobe and declares that she won’t ever marry Lucas. In reality, Sami answers the door in her bathrobe but drops it to reveal that she is fully dressed for dinner. Lucas leads Sami out into the Penthouse Grill garden that is lit by several candles and proposes to her. Julie reluctantly agrees to go out to dinner with Mickey and Bonnie. Bonnie shows up dressed as a cowgirl. Julie fantasizes about having Bonnie thrown out of the Penthouse Grill. When they arrive for dinner, Bonnie is treated like royalty.

Roman witnesses a tender embrace between Victor and Caroline after they spend the day in the Brady garden. They discover invitations for them on the counter. Maggie joins them and Roman reads the invitation aloud that invites them all to a cocktail party at Marlena’s penthouse. A mysterious stranger lets a snake into the penthouse that wraps itself around the signal device. Roman and Maggie rush in at the sound of Marlena’s scream and Roman throws the snake off the balcony. Maggie finds Marlena’s invitation and a full banquet set up in the penthouse kitchen. Roman confronts Caroline about her interactions with Victor but Caroline turns the tables and calls him on his interactions with Marlena. Marlena drops her drink when she sees something shocking.

GH by Nancy

Nikolas takes Mary to dinner at the Cellar, and runs into Emily there.  He accuses her of spying on him; she assures him that's not the case.  Later, a very drunk Nikolas punches Lucky and tells him to get his hands off Emily.  Lucky has him arrested and locked up, despite Mary's and Emily's protests.

Sonny begins to realize that Alexis and Ric are working together against him.  He warns Ric to stay away from Sam and the baby.  Ric tells Alexis he has found a way to send Sonny to prison: he will re-file charges against Sam, subpoena Danny to testify against her, and then, once Sam is convicted, he will mitigate her sentence in exchange for testimony against Sonny and Jason. Alexis refuses to testify for Ric against Sonny.  Later, Ric tells Alexis about his feelings for his brother.   Sonny tells Jason to move Danny to keep him away from Ric.  Jason informs Sonny that Sam has decided to raise her baby with him, and Sonny isn't happy about it; later,  Sam defends that choice and stands up to Sonny about her independence. Jason tells Carly about his decision to stay with Sam.

GL by Elizabeth

OLTL by Kathy

Starr asks Blair if she has another brother, after she overheard two women in the elevator talking. Blair assures her she only has one brother, and decides this lie has to end tonight. Todd won’t let Blair tell Kevin – he decides to be the one to drop the bombshell. Kevin is disbelieving and shocked by the news. Jessica and Viki are infuriated at Kevin’s behavior, but Kevin says Todd doesn’t deserve to be a part of their family. The Love Crew continue to argue, then the girls leave for a night out at the Hook Up, giving Marcie the idea to have the guys put on a strip show to raise money. Daniel invites Nora away for the weekend, and she eventually accepts. Kelly continues to teeter on the edge, as Dorian tries to reassure her everything will work out. David convinces Kevin to sell him Craze.

Passions by Shirley

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Brittany teased Mac about her upcoming date with JT, then warned JT that Mac was not the type of girl that would consider having sex with him. Both Mac and JT separately pointed out that it was odd for Brittany to be so concerned about their dating activities, considering she was set to marry Bobby. When Bobby phoned Nikki at home, Victor was annoyed to learn of their connection to one another. Nikki and Victor argued, with her pointing out that she could make her own decisions, and that he hadn't always done things that made the Newman Family look good. Daniel warned Phyllis that if she did not find a place for them to live by the end of the day, he would go and stay with Christine. Sharon and Nick spoke with the kids, before Nick advised Sharon to wear a wire, agree to board the plane with Cameron, and ask for one day... during which Nick would arrange for Dt. Weber and the police to bring Cameron down. At 'Marilyn's', Nikki warned Bobby not to call her at home, and refused his suggestion that she get on stage to launch the opening of the club. Phyllis visited Victor, and they caught up on one another's lives. When she told him of her predicament with Daniel, Victor asked her to move in, with her son, to the Tack House, formerly remodeled for Victoria (whom Victor said would not be back for quite some time). Overjoyed, Phyllis agreed, hoping it wouldn't upset Nikki. Sharon met with Cameron, who refused to give her a day to prepare, warning that she either boarded his plane with him immediately... or not at all.

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