The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/3/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

David discovers JR attempting to put some fatal drug in Babe's orange juice without her knowing. But JR is able to convince his wife that David is crazy, making false accusations and that she can trust her husband. Jamie tells his father that he is going to turn himself in jail, stay as long as necessary, so that he can get a confession from Seth about JR buying the drugs from him to drug Babe. Tad says he's worried for his son, but he will support him in what he plans to do.

Slater goes to see Erica and makes some comparison of himself to Michael Cambias. She first tells him about how despicable Michael Cambias was but also informs him that she trust him and believes he helped her and may have saved her life.

Greenlee is almost ready to tell Ryan about Bobbie trying to proposition her. Maria comes to confront Ryan and tells him he needs to stay out of her business with her past relationship with Zack Slater. But she later confides to Bobbie, that she has some real serious issues and has messed up her life.

ATWT by Linda

Dusty ends up in Memorial with his injuries and Wade has followed him there. Wade calls Lucy to tell her that Dusty asked him to call and let her know his condition. Before she leaves, she refuses to go to Montega despite the pleas from Sierra, Alan and Craig for her to go. When she gets to the hospital, Wade nabs her in the parking lot. Margo and Tom tell Casey that they’re separating. Kim fires Doc, but the Country Club owner hires him to be the golf pro, much to Margo’s surprise when she drops Casey off for his golf lesson. Lily and Craig begin a search of the guest house for incriminating evidence against Alan.

B&B by Matthew

Caitlin tries to makeup with Thomas to no avail. Amber sees the encounter and tries to make Thomas feel better...again. Nick visits Stephanie to warn her that something isn't right with Felicia (the pills). Stephanie calls Felicia and gets her to meet her that afternoon. Felicia pops a pill before heading to meet her mother. Thorne and Darla enter Forrester Creations, but Darla isn't let in because of a memo from Ridge. Darla leaves, while Thorne confronts Ridge. The two get into a huge fight ending with Thorne firing Ridge and wanting him out of the family!

Days by Danielle

Philip prepares for his romantic dinner with Belle. Rex is suspicious of Philip’s motives and punches him. Mimi breaks up their fight and Philip explains his recent interactions with Jan. Philip claims that he’s only taking Belle out to dinner to help her feel better so Rex suggests that he and Mimi join them. Belle seeks comfort in Sami. Sami thinks that Jan has to be lying but Belle points out that it had to be true because Shawn’s fingerprints were on the box. Sami tells Belle that she refuses to marry Lucas. Belle urges Sami to go to dinner with Lucas and accept his proposal. Kate comes to and argues with Lucas over proposing to Sami. Sami decides to turn Lucas down when Kate stops by to delight in the sight of Sami still in her pajamas. Lucas arrives at Sami’s door and is shocked at what he sees.

John and Tek break into the DiMera files. They are unable to find anything incriminating before their access runs out. John warns that Stefano would go after him if he continues to pursue a relationship with Lexie. Tek defends his actions with Lexie and suggests that John move on with Kate. Marlena dreams that she is making love with John who turns into Roman and then dreams that she woke up to find the Salem Stalker entering her bedroom. Roman and Marlena discuss their signal machine while Cassie watches from the balcony. Roman spots Cassie and brings her inside. Marlena shares her concerns with Roman that Cassie could be a spy because of the way she was overly affectionate with Roman. The Salem police department receives the signal from island Salem but Tek can’t place it. Roman defends Cassie to Marlena. Cassie watches Marlena and Roman share a tender embrace. Patrick decides to make a jump for it and lets go of the rope vine. Hope calls out for information as Jennifer starts to feel more cramping. Patrick climbs up onto the ledge. Patrick assesses Jennifer and the baby and orders her to stay still to prevent the placenta from tearing. Jennifer makes Patrick promise to save the baby if it comes down to having to choose between her or saving the baby. Patrick gives Hope his coin to get back through the force field and get more help to lift him and Jennifer out of the ravine. Hope is followed as she makes her way back to the force field.

GH by Lisa

Ric and Alexis set out to prove that Sonny committed perjury at Sam's trial. Ric learns about Danny and later confronts him at the bike shop.

Courtney insists that Jax move in with her while he recuperates. Carly is surprised to find Jax at Courtney's.

Simon loves the idea of Dillon dressing in drag to be part of the all girl band and wants him to continue the charade. Georgie becomes angry when Dillon expresses his views of how women are treated.

Monica is eliminated from the competition over Lila's inheritance.

GL by ?

Olivia finds Emma’s crib empty and finds out that Phillip has ‘gone on vacation’ with Emma. Alan goes to see Alex at the police station and tells her that the judge has denied her bail because she’s a flight risk. Frank is asks a fellow police officer for help in finding Darcie as she’s gone missing. Beth walks in on Gus leaving another message for Harley and tells him he should change his strategy, because the phone calls aren’t working. Gus walks into the Beacon. Frank and Gus argue over what Gus did to Harley. Blake tells Ross how glad she is that they no longer have lies between them and how lucky she is to have him. Buzz tells Alex that he forgives her for getting trapped with Brad Green & getting caught up in everything. He then tells her he can’t forgive her for hurting his kids, because no one hurts his kids. Buzz tells her to let Frank off the hook and to confess to setting Frank up. Alex is making a scene at the police station and when Ross tells her to shut up she tells him that she wants to make a deal. Harley tries explaining to Zach and Jude why Gus isn’t going to be around when Gus shows up at the door.

OLTL by Janice

Passions by Shirley

Theresa arrived at the Crane mansion and was met by a joyful Little Ethan.  Big Ethan looked on happily as the mother and son reunited, but Gwen continued to stew, expecting the worst.  Theresa told her son that she was keeping his little sister or brother, and the three of them would go somewhere else, so they could be together and be happy.

Eve is still trying to convince her daughters and husband that she never meant to hurt anyone, she loves TC and them with all her heart.  While Simone looked like she might be willing to accept it, Whitney refused to even consider forgiveness.  The name calling continued, as did Liz' gloating, and Ivy's fear of being exposed herself.

Luis tries to convince Paloma that her family loves and misses her, and that she needs to come home with him and Sheridan.  Alistair's gunman, however, has done a great job of convincing her that none of them care about her and will ship her back to Mexico as soon as Pilar is better.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Cameron told Sharon that the only way to save herself was to fly away with him, on his private jet, to start a life together in El Salvador. Sharon explained she couldn't leave her kids, while Cameron pointed out she seemed unconcerned about Nick. She asked how he had framed her, and he agreed to tell her, but only once they were on the plane. She told Nick of the ultimatum, and he promised her they'd figure something out. Christine dined with Michael and proposed working with Paul. Michael agreed to give it some thought, and inquired about the status of Paul and Lauren's relationship. Daniel and Phyllis talked about Damon, with Daniel insisting he was just a rebound because of Jack. John comforted Jack, who took off his wedding ring and headed out to hit the town after receiving final divorce papers from the courts. At the bistro, Christine was confronted by Phyllis who threatened her well-being if she didn't stay away from Daniel. Raul told JT about his and Donna's game with Brittany, but insisted it changed nothing, and that he was still heading to Boston. Mac teased JT about his concern for Brittany, suggested he get back in the dating world, then accepted a dinner invite from him. Jack and Phyllis ran into each other, discussed the divorce and their lives. Phyllis said he seemed well, and she'd read about him having a good time in the paper. Jack said none of the girls he'd met could compare to her. She tearfully admitted that Daniel could be right about Damon being a rebound, told Jack about her soon-to-be-new living arrangements, and admitted to wishing she knew he would be there to rescue her if things went wrong. Jack asked how they'd gotten to where they were now, before they shared a kiss and parted.

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