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AMC by Jenn

Bobbie attempts to proposition Greenlee, but realizes he cannot go through with it, realizing she's married to Ryan and he is in love with Anita. Ryan confides in his brother about the "arrangement" in his marriage to Greenlee.

Erica is out of rehab and tells Jack and Bianca that she loves them and wants to be there for them, but that she needs some time and is committed to AA meetings. She chooses Tom Cudahy to be her sponsor.

Edmund asks Maria about her involvement with Slater. She says there is nothing going on in the present or the future. But she admits that Slater once meant something to her.

ATWT by Linda

Sierra finds Lucy and Dusty in Reno and tells Dusty that he needs to break it off with her daughter – which he does, making Lucy angry and stomping off. Wade asks Craig for more money and when Craig tells him he can’t pay him, Wade leaves telling Craig that he’s going down with him. Carly finds Parker face down in the pond and when he’s revived he tells her and Hal that he saw Jack and was encouraged to turn away from the white door and Nora by him. Molly decides to go home, Holden still very much concerned about her. Lily finds the paperwork that Craig planted in Alan’s luggage.

B&B by Matthew

Things get hot and heavy between Amber and Thomas after the massage. The two kiss, but Amber puts the brakes on the evening and sends Thomas home. Ridge worries about how Thomas is doing, but Brooke figures he is trying to deal with the situation. When Thomas arrives home, he is in a good mood but reveals nothing about what happened. Brooke and Ridge are surprised. Felicia pays Nick yet another visit. He advises her to quit being a fake. Angered, Felicia storms out, but drops a bag of pills as she leaves. Nick questions her about this. Oscar witnesses Thomas leaving the beach house and warns Amber not to get herself into trouble.

Days by Danielle

Kate interrupts Philip’s attempt to comfort Belle by gloating about the breakup. Kate continues to urge Philip to move in on Belle, despite Philip’s refusal. Philip agrees to take Kate’s advice of taking Belle out to dinner. Alone in her bedroom, Belle flashes back through her romantic life with Shawn. Belle forces herself to take off her purity ring. Belle rushes to Sami for comfort. Sami is offended by the way Lucas proposed and at first turns him down. Sami throws a vase of flowers that Will gave Lucas for his birthday across the room. Lucas explains his reasoning behind the way he proposed and Sami decides to take more time to think over the proposal. Lucas promises a romantic dinner at the Penthouse Grill if Sami accepts his proposal. Sami plots to mess up the dinner by dressing down but later delights in the thought that accepting Lucas’ proposal would kill Kate. Kate and Sami bite their tongues as they pretend to be nice to each other. Kate collapses when she hears that Lucas has already proposed.

Mickey brings Bonnie a large bouquet of yellow roses to console her. Julie lashes out at Mickey for consoling Bonnie when she feels that Patrick is the reason for Hope and Jennifer’s death. Bonnie taunts Julie by being overtly affectionate to Mickey. Mickey suggests that they be optimistic that Hope, Jennifer, and Patrick are still alive. Bonnie’s attempt to make dinner ends in disaster so Mickey offers to take both Julie and Bonnie to dinner at the Penthouse Grill. Both Julie and Bonnie insist that the reservations be changed to exclude the other. They both give in after Mickey insists that they all go together. Patrick holds the vine rope steady as Hope lowers herself down to Jennifer. The rope breaks and Hope falls. Patrick grabs the rope in time and pulls Hope back up to the top. Jennifer comes to but is dizzy as she stands up on the ledge and almost falls off. Hope wants to climb back down despite Jennifer and Patrick’s objections. Patrick punches Hope out so that she won’t stand in his way as he tries to lower himself down to Jennifer. Jack realizes that Patrick is the one that Jennifer told him about and rushes over to try and get to Jennifer first. Hope comes to but is too late to grab the rope as it breaks.

GH by Nancy

The Quartermaine family gathers together at Emily's request. She announces that she is withdrawing from the "competition". Tracy doesn't believe her, and a family argument ensues, with Tracy tearing into Edward and Heather - who is there with Edward - and being particularly vicious. At the Cellar, Lois continues to get to know Lorenzo, even asking him about his "business" - which he insists is legitimate - until Brook drags her away to argue about whether or not Lois should continue to see him. Simon spends the evening hitting on "Astrid". Dillon excuses himself to go to the bathroom and Tracy shows up, speaking to Astrid, not realizing it's her own son, and pays her $100 to walk over to Heather and Edward and spill water on them, which Dillon does. Lucas tells Brooke that she is never going to get her parents back together and says he thinks that is her real issue with Lois dating Lorenzo. Simon tells Dillon that he knows "Astrid" is a boy. Lucky follows Sam to some place where she pounds on the door and announces she's free.

Sage, Georgie, and Brook spend a lot of time together at Kelly's; Sage seems to be jealous of the attention that Simon is giving Dillon/Astrid. Trent shows up and, in front of Lucas, announces that he knows Dillon is a drag queen. The Quartermaines all begin to scheme and form alliances in their efforts to win Lila's estate, none of them realizing they are being watched by hidden cameras. When Emily realizes that she won't be permitted to bow out of the competition, she says that if she wins she will split the money equally with everyone in the entire family, even Kristina and AJ. Ned approaches Justus to form an alliance, but Justus refuses. Alan and Monica attempt to form an alliance with Ned, but are interrupted by a letter that arrives on Lila's stationery. It contains one dollar, and a note eliminating Alan from the competition, saying that the dollar is all he gets of his mother's money. Sonny testifies in Sam's trial, claiming that he did not purchase Barron's confession. Ric can't break him and gives up. Alexis then questions Sonny about his relationship with Ric, and makes it seem as if Ric's hatred of Sonny is driving him to lie about Sonny's actions in this case. After Sam is let go, Ric tells Alexis that he knows Sonny paid for this confession, and he is going to prove it. Sonny tells Carly that he didn't technically perjure himself as he is not the one who arranged the confession or paid the money - Jason handled it all. Alexis overhears, and goes to Ric, telling him that she knows he was right about Sonny, and offers to help him take Sonny down.

GL by ?

OLTL by Janice

Passions by Shirley

Y&R By Christopher

Nikki reflected on her decision to partner up with Bobby, then told Victor she didn't approve of his day with Abby, or the position it had put Brad in. Olivia told Brad to hold out hope that things with Victor and Abby would blow over, and advised him not to forget what a wonderful Father he is to Abby just because of a few harsh comments from Victor. Michael confronted Kevin about his night of drinking, and asked if he knew anything about Gloria's boyfriend. Kevin dodged the topic, and hinted at still having feelings for Lauren. Damon blasted Daniel for his manipulative actions concerning Phyllis, while Daniel suggested Damon was nothing but some guy Phyllis was sleeping with on the rebound from Jack. Phyllis returned, interrupted their conversation, and was shocked by Daniel's insistance that Damon was going to hurt him. Daniel hinted at staying with Christine, infuriating Phyllis, and causing Damon to point out that Daniel was merely pushing her buttons. Alone with her son, Phyllis told him she was taking a shower and then they were having a serious discussion. Brittany and Bobby went to the Loft and 'interrupted' Raul and Donna's 'lovemaking'. Brittany told Donna she was being used; Donna told Brittany she was jealous, and that she'd fight for Raul if she had to. Bobby seemed amused, while Raul and Donna congratulated each other in the privacy of his room, where they admitted to plotting to make Brittany jealous. Grace phoned Nicholas and told him she was okay, but not willing to speak to the police. Michael warned Nick that Glenn Richards was determined to nail Sharon, to prove that Newman's weren't given special treatment. Nick told Michael of their plan to trap Cameron. Sharon went to Cameron and got him to open up about his childhood, and formation years. Cameron admitted to missing his Mother and said she looked a lot like Sharon. He told her the only way to save herself was to live her life with him... giving herself over, completely.

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