The TV MegaSite's Friday 7/30/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

ATWT by Linda

Carly and Hal return home to find Parker missing. Having ridden to the river, Parker finds a little boat and goes into the river. When he throws the inner tube he brought out into the water, he falls off the boat and into the river. Hal and Carly find his bike and the boat, but no Parker. Roseanna confesses all to Jordan when she realizes that she can’t arbitrarily make love to him just because that’s what James wants. They discuss what they’re going to do. Paul is suspicious of Barbara’s reasons for coming to New York. Dusty is about to get Wade’s information regarding who hired him to kidnap Lucy, but Lucy shows up. Wade cuts Dusty across the chest with a corkscrew and flees. Lucy vows not to leave Dusty’s side, despite his urging her to do so. Craig makes his way out of where Sierra and Alan are staying and calls Wade. Wade tells him that he’s coming to Oakdale.

B&B by Matthew

Days by Danielle

Nicole eavesdrops on Brady’s call to Chloe. Brady tears up the plane ticket and cancels the trip when Chloe’s assistant says that Chloe has many boyfriends. Nicole takes advantage of the situation to move in on Brady. Nicole pays off Chloe’s assistant to not let any of Brady’s calls through and to not let Chloe see any of the gossip stories that she paid for. Jan gloats as she pretends to comfort Belle. Belle follows Jan to the love cage but the door is locked. Jan lies, claiming the door was only stuck and not locked after sending Belle back to the living room before she can hear Shawn’s call. Philip returns to Jan’s house with the lab results that confirm that Shawn’s prints were on the ring box. Jan flashes back to when she tricked Shawn into holding the then empty box. Jan secretly tapes Belle saying that she no longer wants anything to do with Shawn and that she wants to be with Philip now. Shawn comes to and remembering that Belle was there, he calls out to her. Jan returns to the love cage to play the tape for Shawn. Lucas insists that Sami change her ways before he will marry her. Sami resents Lucas’ demands. Sami insists that if she has to change, so does Lucas. Lucas leaves Sami with time to think about his proposal.

Jennifer is unresponsive. Jack looks for a way across the river to her. The tail of the plane falls on Hope. Patrick holds up the tail so Hope can roll out from underneath it. Patrick suffers a deep gash to his shoulder but tells Hope that it’s fine despite the obvious pain. Hope and Patrick stumble out of a clearing onto the side of the river that Jennifer is on. Jack points out to them where Jennifer is and they look for a way to rescue her. Hope refuses to let Patrick be the one to repel down on a rope made from intertwined vines, insisting on being the only one strong enough to pull Jennifer back up off the ledge.

GH by Nancy

Lorenzo visits Nikolas at Windermere. He talks with him about Lucky and Emily. Georgie, Brooke, Dillon, Sage, and Lois look at a tape of Dillon and the girls singing. Dillon is informed that he must continue to dress in drag for the groups sake. He fights them about it, but eventually lets her dress him up and put on make-up. Sage tells Lorenzo about the competition. He says he’ll consider it. Helena walks into the Windermere living room to find Nikolas with a gun pointed at her. He tells her he wants nothing to do with her, and loads his gun, still pointing it at her. She leaves. Elizabeth shows up at Kelly’s to talk with Emily about Nikolas. Lucky walks in, and Elizabeth leaves. He says he never meant to push himself upon her. They hug, with Nikolas watching from the window. Lorenzo and Lois leave to have drinks at The Cellar, and discuss Sage. Simon shows up, and asks Dillon to tell him about “herself”. They go to The Cellar to have a drink. Lorenzo sees Dillon and shows Lois. Helena makes a call to a doctor, saying that Nikolas needs to be committed.

Monica goes to visit Sam, and asks her if Jason knew from the beginning that he wasn’t the father. Sam tries to explain herself and Jason. Ric tries to persuade Carly to give up Sam. Carly agrees to help him. Sonny finds Kristina outside of Kelly’s. The babysitter runs out of Kelly’s and sees Kristina, and explains that she got away from her, when Alexis shows up. The babysitter leaves with Kristina. Alexis asks him if he arranged the confession. He gives her his word that he had nothing to do with it. Carly tries to pry information out of Sam about the confession, when Sonny shows up. Carly has to leave to go pick up Michael from day camp. She goes out into the hall, and pulls a recorder out from her purse, and listens to Sonny say that if the confession holds up, Sam would be exonerated. Alexis tells Ric she believes Sonny. Sonny asks Sam again who really set the fire, but she refuses to tell for now. Carly takes the tape to Ric, but it has Sam on there instead saying that she was so happy to find out that the person who killed her mother finally confessed. Carly goes back to the hospital, and tells Sonny that the mission is accomplished.

GL by ?

OLTL by Kathy

Kelly makes preparations to run away with Ace, but David and Dorian convince her to stay and fight.  Dorian confides in David that she’s most afraid of Kelly losing her mind, like her mother.  Kevin gets a court order to have Ace removed from Kelly’s custody, and Kelly panics and runs to Boston to see her mother.  Blair and Todd hatch a plan to regain respectability when Starr is not invited to a friend’s party because of Todd and Blair’s reputations.  Blair and Todd decide to steal Asa’s mansion from him.  Tico continues to try to grow closer to Jessica, and gives her a hairbrush set that belonged to his mother.  Jessica accidentally breaks the mirror, and discovers a photo of a toddler Tico and his brother, along with a note from his mother, asking herself if she should be a good wife or a good mother.  Evangeline and John end up kissing after they both decide they are at a crossroads in their relationship, and willing to take a risk.  Sonia continues to try to get closer to Antonio, as he questions her to see if she is still involved with the Santi organization. 

Passions by Shirley

Gwen and Ethan discussed Theresa and her pregnancy with what they believe to be their child.  Gwen thinks Theresa may never give the child to them, but Ethan assures her that once she gets Little Ethan back, Theresa will gladly give them the child she carried for them.  Theresa, meanwhile, is visiting her mother in her room and telling her that she will never give them her baby.  Pilar has a couple of coughing attacks during the visit, but all turns out well.  As she and Theresa are talking about not giving the baby to them, Gwen and Ethan walk in and hear Theresa say she'd never give the baby to Gwen.  Meanwhile, in Mexico, Luis is trying to talk Paloma into coming home to Harmony, but she declares she won't go because no one wanted her before.  She runs away from Luis and Sheridan, straight into the arms of Alistair's gunman, who has been waiting his chance to kill them all.

Eve is still trying to apologize for her past actions, but TC and the girls don't want to hear it.  They all say horrible things to her.  She finally reveals that Liz is behind the information coming out the way it did, and tells them she came to Harmony to get revenge on Eve by ruining her life and taking her family away from her.  Julian tries to verify that Liz has been blackmailing Eve since she got to town, but Liz turns on the tears and the lies and TC and the girls believe her over Eve, leaving Eve stunned and devastated.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Victor gave Abby her own horse, then returned her to Brad, who was busy looking for a lawyer. Brad warned Victor to keep his distance, while Victor accused him of being insecure, and warned that if he didn't change his attitude, he would be the one not allowed to be alone with Abby. Michael told Gloria to move out, but backed off when he learned she had a new boyfriend. Lauren and Gloria met, then Michael and Lauren spent time alone together. Michael wondered how Paul gets all the good women, and admitted to feeling alone sometimes. Kay accepted Arthur's marriage proposal but told him to promise he would never stand by her if she went back to drinking. Arthur gave her a beautiful engagement ring. Christine told Daniel she was glad he and Phyllis were getting to know one another, and admitted she'd reconnected with her own Mother as a grown woman. Daniel confided in her that he didn't trust Damon, and felt threatened by him. Christine told him he was always welcome in her apartment. Neil and Dru took Lily and Devon out for ice cream, and ran into Kevin. Neil reminded him to get into therapy or risk his wrath. Daniel told Kevin his plan for changing his image, and they admitted it someone involved sex - the very thing that got Kevin into trouble in the first place. Phyllis and Damon argued about her commitment to Daniel, and Daniel's manipulative nature. Damon almost showed emotion, but shut down when Phyllis pressed him. Alone, Damon smashed a coffee mug and cried, before Daniel entered. Damon congratulated him on getting Phyllis to live her life for him.

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