The TV MegaSite's Thursday 7/29/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

ATWT by Linda

Dusty finds out that Wade is in Reno and heads for there, unaware that Lucy is going to follow him. Craig plants evidence in Alan and Sierra’s suite. Jessica confesses to Tom that she did sleep with Doc, Tom telling her he won’t be the one to ruin Ben’s life. Margo entreats Tom for his forgiveness, but he tells her that he feels a separation would be best. They find Starzyack’s battered body under the bridge and a piece of Jack’s bloody shirt in the rocks; Hal officially declaring the search for Jack a recovery mission and completely devastating Carly. Little Parker takes a floatation ring, telling Sage that he’s going to go find Jack in the river.

B&B by Matthew

Thorne and Darla makeup after some crying. He tells her she isn't stupid and that he will always love her. The show ends as a big success. When Rick hugs Caitlin on stage, Amber cries and leaves as well as Thomas. Caitlin and Rick realize that Thomas probably saw them kiss and head to look for him. Thomas shows up at the beach house where Amber is staying. They share a heart to heart. Ridge complains to Brooke about what Darla did. Brooke tries to calm him down and then Rick and Caitlin come over looking for Thomas. They slowly admit what happened which only infuriates Ridge even more.

Days by Danielle

Brady refuses Nicole’s constant advances. Nicole claims that she was only teasing Brady. Brady accepts Nicole’s offer of a plane ticket to Vienna to see Chloe. Nicole receives word that her plan to sabotage Brady and Chloe’s relationship is working. Brady insists on seeing an entertainment gossip TV show that claimed that Chloe is dating another guy. Sami continues to push Lucas away but allows him to get close when he shows her the letter from Will. After an argument where Lucas continues to defend Bo and John, Sami throws Lucas out of her apartment. Lucas refuses to leave and proposes to Sami. Jan admits to loving Shawn but not being in love with him. Belle tries to blame Shawn’s actions on him being depressed. Jan claims that Shawn told her about the fight he and Belle had in the hospital chapel, leading Belle to finally believe that Jan has been telling the truth. Philip continues to refuse Kate’s advice about moving in on Belle. Philip fills Bo in on his recent visit with Jan. Philip gets the results from the fingerprint test.

Bo, John, Lexie, and Celeste meet at Salem Place to discuss whether Stefano could still be alive. Celeste admits that she suspected Stefano is alive ever since she touched his ashes. Bo and John give Celeste items that Hope and Marlena have touched so Celeste can sense whether or not Hope and Marlena are still alive. The items smoke in Celeste’s hand as she declares that Hope and Marlena have been in the same place recently. John tells Kate about the theory that Stefano could still be alive. Tek tells Lexie that he could only trace Stefano’s whereabouts to a few years ago. Celeste and Bo see Lexie and Tek kiss. Lexie pulls away and asks Tek to wait. Celeste senses impending disaster around Lexie and Tek. Celeste tells John and Bo that she can’t confirm whether Marlena and Hope are alive but can confirm that Marlena is in the company of the rest of the dead. Roman uses the help of Marlena and Abe to use the electronic items in Abe’s house to make a Morse code device to try and get off the island.

GH by Lisa

Sonny ourtney advises Sam to hold on to Jason and that she has moved on. Nikolas is furious because he believes that Emily and Lucky are trying to control his life.

Brook Lynn admits to Lucas that she agreed to sing to keep her mother away from Alcazar.

Tracy fails in her attempt to bribe Heather into staying away from Edward.

GL by ?

OLTL by Janice

Kevin confronts Paul about Ace’s parentage, and Paul is finally forced to tell another fabrication – Ace’s mother was homeless, and dropped him off at the hospital, where Paul conveniently took him to give to Kelly to pass off as her own. Kevin confronts Kelly with this knowledge, and tells a devastated Kelly that he loves Ace and is still going for full custody. Kelly confronts Blair and Todd, but Todd tells her the truth was about to come out, one way or another. In a panic, Kelly begins to pack her and Ace’s bags. The ladies of the Love Crew present their "Full Monte" idea to the guys, but they protest. At the construction site, Nick comes to Marcie’s defense when some guys invite Nick to a party, but tease Marcie. Jen tries to talk to Julie about her eating disorder, but Julie denies any problem. Nora asks Bo to watch Matthew for a weekend, while she goes away with Daniel. Michael and Marcie manage to steal a few minutes together at the hospital. Marcie informs Michael she’s determined to solve the mystery of the bones. Nora and Matthew present Bo with a DVD of Matthew’s early years, since he missed those.

Passions by Shirley

TC and Julian were still fighting, moving from the house to the front yard.  Eve tried to get Liz to help separate them, but she and Aunt Irma were having too much fun to want it to stop.  Chad, Whitney, and Simone arrived, and Chad tried to stop the fighting, but couldn't.  Fox drove by, saw the fight, and stopped.  He and Chad tried to separate the two men, but when Eve finally called the police, Sam had to shoot his gun in the air to make them stop fighting.  Simone and Whitney found out what the fight was about, and while Whitney was glad, Simone was heartbroken.  Eve finally told everyone Liz is her sister.

Luis and Sheridan wandered Puerta Arena while Martin and Katherine continued their never-ending conversation about why they left Harmony and what would have happened had they stayed with their families.  Everyone is better off because they left, they reason.  Luis and Sheridan stop at a church to pray, and are almost killed by Alistair's gunman, but the priest walked in and foiled his plans.  In talking to the priest, Luis learns Paloma is a good girl and a good student, then gives them some ideas of where they might find her, or someone who will know where she is.  They go to a dance club and find Paloma dancing in a very vulgar way.  They are shocked when they realize it is her.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

JT told Paul that a boy named Joshua Casson went missing in 1965, at a birthday party held at the home of Nicholas Reed, Nikki's Father. Paul told JT to find out everything about the boy and his family, and decided not to tell Nikki just yet. Christine told Paul that she missed the challenges of having a job and intended to go back to work with Michael, then asked him to consider working alongside them, as the firm's own private investigator. Paul agreed to think about it, while she talked to Michael. Arthur stopped by to see Kay, who told him about rehab and apologized for the hell she'd put him through. Arthur told her she could make it up to him by agreeing to be his wife. Elliot Hampton had lunch with Jill, and claimed his annoyance with her poking about at Chancellor Industries was because he had hoped they could date. Alone, Elliot phoned someone at work and demanded they inundate Jill with enough paperwork to keep her occupied, saying it was better for everyone if she stayed away from the company. Jill begged Jack to help her go through Elliot's paperwork, while he insisted he was enjoying not having to work and suggested she spend play time with him instead. Accompanied by John, Gloria toured the Abbott Home and met Jack, before heading for a swim. Kevin again asked Lauren for a job, and she agreed to think about it if he went to therapy and proved he was a changed man. Kevin learned she and Michael were close friends. Nikki advised Bobby on how to make the Cabaret a success, then agreed to be his business partner, regardless of what Victor would have to say about it. Brad showed up at the Newman Ranch and demanded to see Abby, while security guards restrained him. Victor said none of this would have happened if Brad and Nikki hadn't deleted Ash's message. He threatened to have Brad arrested for trespassing. Brad left, promising Victor that this was not over.

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