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AMC by Jenn

Lily reveals to Reggie and Maggie that she overheard a conversation where JR Chandler told his father something about getting Babe out of his life and taking the baby. He tells her that they need to go and confront the Chandlers so that they can help Jamie get acquitted.

Brooke believes she's finally gotten the goods on Adam and JR by tape-recording private conversations where they admit they set her son up. But for some odd reason, Adam and JR got to the tape-recorded and covered over their real conversation, with incrimination toward Jamie.

David reveals to Krystal that he knows JR is guilty and he is determined to get to the truth no matter what happens.

ATWT by Cheryl

Barbara tells Paul and Jennifer that her symptoms are recurring and that she needs them to accompany her to New York to see a specialist. They agree. Hal offers Nikki a position with the OPD and she accepts. Aaron comes over to calm Allison down before the meeting with the pastor, telling her that maybe she shouldn’t be rushing into a marriage with Chris. Reverend Elkins mistakes Emily for Allison and comments on how in love her and Chris look. Allison arrives and impresses the minister with her views on marriage and she’s thrilled when he tells her that they can meet later to talk about the rest of their wedding arrangements. Carly sees Jack and he tells her that he’s dead; when she wakes up Roseanna tries to calm her down. Not being assuaged, Carly goes to the Police Station and accompanies Hal to the bridge where they are bringing in a body. Tom gets out of jail and Jessica tries to convince him not to leave Margo, but then he realizes that it was Jessica who slept with Doc. Doc tells Margo not to ruin Jessica’s unborn baby’s life by telling Ben what she knows.

B&B by Suzanne

Darla pleads with Sally to tell the Forresters who gave her the Ingenue designs. Sally doesn't want to but eventually tells that Darla gave them to her. Darla realizes there was a mistake and explains it. Thorne backs her up. Ridge is livid and yells at Darla. She rushes out and meets Thorne at home. She berates herself for being stupid. Meanwhile, the Ingenue show goes on, despite Ridge's wanting to cancel it. It is a big hit with everyone, except for Thomas, who saw Rick and Caitlin hug and then kiss. Rick goes on in Thomas' place when he leaves.

Days by Danielle

Philip takes the ring box to Tek to check for Shawn’s fingerprints. Jan locks Shawn back in the cage. Jan doesn’t believe Belle’s lie of where Philip went. Kate delights when Philip tells her of what Jan said. Shawn dreams of Belle fighting Jan and rescuing him. Kate criticizes Philip for not taking advantage of Shawn’s absence. Jan gloats to Belle about how happy she is with her fiancé.

Hope and Patrick stumble upon the wreckage from Jennifer’s plane. They find Davies body, which stimulates a flashback for Patrick of when Davies last warned him to follow through with the plan for Jennifer. Patrick lies to Hope about ever seeing Davies before. Hope searches the wreckage as the tail of the plane comes crashing down on her. Jack hallucinates, seeing Jennifer’s spirit calling to him to join her. Jack survives the fall off the side of the cliff. Jack pulls himself back up on the cliff and spots Jennifer on the other side of the river. Marlena, Roman, and Abe discuss their situation. Marlena worries that if they spend too much time on the island, they may do things they’ll later regret. Sami tries to convince Lucas that Lexie was part of a conspiracy with Bo, Kate, and John to kill Marlena. Sami pushes Lucas away for siding against her. Lucas threatens to leave forever if Sami continues to push him away and Sami continues to ask him to leave. Lucas overhears Sami praying to God that she will try and change if God brings Marlena home safely. John considers the possibility that Lexie could have lied about Marlena being dead. Celeste relays what Marlena said to her when she was in the morgue. Lexie and Tek examine the funeral director to make sure that he committed suicide. Bo considers whether there is a connection between what Vivian did to Carly and what happened to Marlena. Celeste and John consider the possibility that Stefano could be behind the new Salem.

GH by Tori

Brooke agrees with Dillon that she should sing. They head to the studio to find Sage and Georgie fighting. Sage was mocking Georgie’s attempt at singing. Lois comes in and calms everyone down. She tells them about a plan to do a four girl group, and that she used a demo of one of Brooke’s song for all 4 girl voices. They all agree to do it. They try in vain to find Maxie for the audition that day, but can’t find her. The instead are forced to use Dillon. Heather is tending to Lila’s roses when Edward shows up. They begin to chat, when Tracy shows up. She accuses her of going through her mother’s things, and being a gold digger. Tracy slaps her, and Edward agrees she had the right to. Tracy tells Edward to go back to the Quartermaine mansion to hear the reading of Lila’s will. Once he’s gone, she accuses Tracy again. Tracy says she could be right, but that Edward would never believe her. In the den, the Quartermaine’s gather for the reading of Lila’s will, along with Heather. They question it, but she is allowed to stay. The will reveals that whichever Quartermaine can display only virtue for 30 days will inherit it all. There is a judge, not named, who will decide the outcome. Everyone thinks it is absurd, and that Emily will win. Tracy tells Heather to leave, and she goes out to the terrace. Edward follows and apologizes. Heather admits her feelings for him, and kisses him.

Alcazar and Faith show up at Windermere telling Nikolas that he has a job to get Faith out of the country. Alcazar reveals that Mary had suggested it. Nikolas questions Mary. Alcazar and Faith leave to give Nikolas time to decide. Emily shows up, hears about their plans, and blows up. She leaves, after speaking her mind, and hides behind some bushes outside. She ends up hearing a conversation between Alcazar, Faith, and Nikolas about their plan. She then goes to Lucky and tells him. Ric questions if Lucky has found out anything from Jax. Lucky denies it, and Ric warns him to be careful. Emily and Lucky go through the passages in Windermere and startle Nikolas. They tell him that they don’t believe he doesn’t want to be with Emily, and that they are there to help him. Carly goes to check on Sam at the hospital. Ric shows up and confirms that Sam won’t be going anywhere for awhile. Carly speculates his true motives outside the room, with Alexis down the hall listening. Carly leaves and Ric and Alexis talk. Alexis thinks that in time, Ric can be the man he used to be. Carly runs into Courtney in the hospital hallway, and Courtney ends up admitting her true feelings for Jax. Courtney is sad to hear Sam having an intimate conversation with Jason. She leaves and Ric confronts her in the hall, asking her who shot Jax.

GL by Elizabeth

OLTL by Janice

Passions by Shirley

Luis and Sheridan arrived at Aunt Maria's, had dinner and talked about the family back home.  Sheridan finally came to accept that "Mrs. Wheeler" isn't her mother, although Katherine was very tempted to reveal herself.  Martin talked her into not doing that, and sat through some very harsh and hurtful words from Luis about his father.  Alistair's gunman is still lurking around, waiting for the chance to kill all four of them.

Theresa and Fox talked about Whitney, and the fact she really loves Fox but is afraid to face that fact.  Theresa is sure the Russells will keep her from marrying Chad, as she is planning.  Simone, upset at the news, feels the same way.  Whitney and Chad are on their way home to break the news of their engagement to her parents.

TC learned Eve had a baby with Julian, and he erupted again.  All his words of forgiveness and love five minutes before flew out the window at the news.  He called Eve a whore and a tramp, and when she tried to explain herself, he said he didn't believe her.  He even questioned whether Whitney and Simone were his or Julian's.  Liz continued to smirk as Eve's life fell apart in front of her.  Julian wanted to help Eve, but she told him to stay outside or TC would kill him.  After hearing the vulgar attacks on Eve, however, Julian could restrain himself no longer and burst in the door, telling TC to stop saying such things about Eve.  The show ended with the two of them fighting through the living room.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Paul and JT viewed the video of the little girl's birthday, while Brittany told them she believed the earring found with the skeleton was the same one from the video. Paul told JT to keep things quiet, considering Nikki's possible connection, then sent him to the library to investigate possible missing child reports from that time. JT told Brittany it wasn't too late to change her mind about marrying Bobby, while she admitted to still having doubts and wondering if Raul was really the man for her. Raul showed up with Donna Houston, a girl from school, who wished Brittany good luck with her scar and expressed her sympathies. Brittany took pleasure in asking how Donna felt about Raul's plans to go to Boston. Raul took Donna into his room and asked JT to give them some alone time. Brittany told JT that Raul was the creep, not Bobby. Angelo reiterated the need for strippers, telling Bobby not to get into the habit of letting Brittany make his decisions for him. Dru convinced Devon to head to the library to check out books for a reading list, and told him about her own reading difficulties growing up. Neil admitted he was proud of her work with Devon, and they headed off to make love while they still had an empty apartment. Sharon told Nicholas that Cameron wants more than sex; he wants to possess her. Nick worried that they were dealing with a man who was going insane bit by bit. Cameron flirted with Diane, but became distracted when he envisioned Sharon sitting in her place. Diane was concerned by his sudden odd behaviour, and suggestion she dye her hair blonde. Cameron excused himself. Ash phoned Brad to check in, admitted she wasn't sure about closing the Jabot plant she was visiting, and asked if Victor had received her message. Brad told her he had things under control. Victor blasted Nikki for deleting the message from Ash and accused her of being an insecure woman. After taking credit for turning her into a real woman, Nikki told him to take credit for her insecurities as well, and stormed out. At 'Marilyn's', Nikki refused to invest in the club, but told Bobby to take Angelo's advice and market the strippers until he could make some money. Brad phoned Abby's day camp and was furious to learn that Ash had given Victor permission to pick Abby up, which he had done. When Victor phoned, a livid Brad ordered him to bring Abby home... immediately.

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