The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/27/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Kendall attempts to bribe Bobbie Warner to seduce Greenlee. At first he refuses, but remembers how desperately he needs the money, with the threat Slater made to him to have it real soon and concludes that he has no choice.

Tad, Brooke and Livia are determined to help Jamie but they tell him he needs to back off and not try to protect Babe from JR or he will get into worse trouble. And Brooke reveals to him that she's planted a tape-recorder in the Chandler home to incriminate JR and Adam. She goes to find it, and notices although Babe does not believe her husband drugged her, she can present proof to Babe that he did.

Babe secretly tells her mother that she needs to have another baby with JR because she plans to give Bess back to Bianca.

ATWT by Linda

Emily and Chris decide to continue their partnership despite Allison’s growing suspicion. Tom punches Doc and they both get arrested. Molly cries on Holden’s shoulder after Carly accuses her of Jack’s disappearance. Ben tells Jessica that he knows that she’s not telling him everything and begs her to trust him enough to confide in him. The OPD still doesn’t have any fixed information regarding where Jack is, but Parker swears that he hears him calling for his mom.

B&B by Suzanne

Days by Danielle

Philip refuses to believe Jan’s lies about Shawn. Jan considers killing both Philip and Belle but decides against it. Shawn wakes to the sound of Belle’s crying. Shawn listens to Belle, Jan, and Philip’s conversation through the vent. Shawn tries to call out to Belle but is too weak. Jan gives Belle back Shawn’s purity ring, claiming that Shawn asked her to give it back to Belle as a sign that Shawn believes the relationship to be over. Shawn breaks the items in his cage to attract attention. Shawn struggles but in his weakened state, he is unable to fight off Jan who administers another dose of the drug. Nicole and Brady each apologize for their actions but Brady pulls away again after a passionate kiss. Despite Nicole’s overzealous advances, Brady refuses to cheat on Chloe. Nicole calls for a search of damaging evidence on Chloe.

Victor and Caroline discuss their families over pie. Marlena, Abe, and Roman discuss what happened to Hope and Patrick and what the master plan entails. Abe suggests that they try and find the end of the tunnels that they took to get to the island. Tony reminds everyone that the island they are on is an island from one of the satellite photographs, an island that Lexie sold to a corporation. Victor doesn’t believe Tony, wondering whether Stefano is still alive and has bought the island as a final resting place for his enemies. Tony insists that Stefano is dead but no one believes him. John, Bo, and Tek search the funeral director’s office for clues. John and Bo discover that the director had set fire to the files before killing himself. Bo and John question Lexie. Lexie insists that she was sure Marlena was dead. Sami asks Celeste to use the teddy bear to get a reading on Marlena. Celeste sees Marlena calling out from her coffin and confirms to Lucas and Sami that Marlena was buried alive. Sami lunges at Lexie, thinking that Marlena was buried alive but had eventually suffocated. Lexie denies Sami’s accusations. Sami turns on John next. Sami alone believes that Marlena is still alive while John and Bo believe that someone stole Marlena’s corpse.

GH by Lisa

Sam is hospitalized after collapsing. Sam admits to Carly and Sonny that she faked the cramps.

Faith is holding Jax prisoner when Coutney arrives and saves the day. Courtney takes Jax to the hospital.

Nikolas tells Emily he may never be the man she remembers him to be and gets upset when he thinks she is taking pity on him. Emily will not give up on him.

Brook Lynn and Ned try to convince Lois to stay away from Alcazar. Ned warns Lois that their relationship is not as over as she believes.

GL by Elizabeth

OLTL by Kathy

Dorian has a small family gathering to welcome Tico to the family, but Blair persists in making snide comments to Kelly. The two end up in a shoving match. Kelly later asks Evangeline to take her custody case. Later, Kelly ends up popping a few pills. Evangeline and John both share the theory that RJ was behind the attack on John, and John worries about Evangeline’s safety. John warns RJ that he had better not hurt Evangeline. Kevin is victorious in having Todd fired from the paper, and Viki is furious with Kevin. Viki and Jessica try to reason with Natalie about giving her proxy to Kevin, but Natalie becomes defensive.

Passions by Shirley

 As Miguel went, Kay struggled out of bed, staggered down the hallway after him, calling his name. She collapsed after a short way, and Simone helped her up and back to her room, telling her she never really had Miguel and now she had to get over him. Kay reminded Simone that she was in the same boat, with Chad and Whitney. Sheridan heard Katherine singing and awoke realizing that Mrs. Wheeler was, in fact, Katherine Crane. Luis and the others managed to convince her she was wrong, for the most part, but she still had her suspicions. As Whitney and Chad were discussing how they would tell the Russell family about it, Simone walked up and they told her. She was not happy about it. Aunt Irma, under the guidance of Liz told T.C. all about Julian Crane and the baby. Now he is upset once again, because his wife had an affair and even a baby with his worst enemy in the whole world. Julian, for his part, is just wishing he could do something to stop Eve's pain.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Raul told JT about Bobby's plans to continue hosting stripping nights. JT suggested this was the perfect chance for Raul to woo Brittany away from the 'godfather', but Raul maintained he had given up. JT, however, suggested Raul make Brittany jealous by dating a girl from school who had her eye on him. Bobby brought Brittany flowers, and she confronted him about the strippers at 'Marilyn's'. Bobby told her that while he would look at other ways of keeping the money coming in, this was currently the only way to stay on top. Brittany reluctantly agreed, but was clearly bothered. Jill told Kay that the best way for her to have an impact on her life was to help out at Chancellor Industries. Kay didn't see the need, feeling Elliot was doing a good job, but Jill stressed the importance of having a family member there. Kay finally agreed. Jack and Brad discussed Victor, with Jack offering any help he could give in the Abby department. He also warned Brad that if he wasn't care with how he treated Jill, Jabot could lose her. Victor met with Sharon and expressed his disappointment in her for not including him in the family's fight against Cameron. Victor said he would have opted to kick Cameron's ass. Cameron phoned Sharon, who quickly got Victor out of the house. She dressed sexily and told Nick she was going to meet with Cameron. Nick said he would go along and wait down the hall in case she got into trouble. Alone with Cameron, Sharon again came on to him. Cameron told her sex wasn't what he wanted... he wanted what he couldn't have... her. He finally revealed the reason he beat her in Denver... while they made love, she had called out 'Nicholas' name. Cameron, realizing he could never have Sharon the way Nick did, had lost it. Cameron told her to go, and said he was truly sorry for what had happened. In the hallway, Sharon seemed shocked and shaken by his confession to wanting her more than anything in the world. Nikki confided in Paul that her Father had often gotten drunk and tried to molest her, but she had fought him off. She said her troubling memories of him started when she saw the earring Cassie was wearing. Paul suggested she talk to a therapist, and she thanked him for coming by. Alone, Nikki again heard the child screaming, but this time the screaming was cut short by what sounded like a gunshot.

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