The TV MegaSite's Monday 7/26/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Kendall asks JR to help her get Ryan and Greenlee in trouble, in exchange for her help in his pursuit to hurt Babe. Ryan and Greenlee, however, are getting closer.   Bobbie tells Anita he's ready to sign the divorce papers if she wants but tells her what he wants more than anything is for her to destroy them. Surprisingly, she does and they both promise to make their marriage work.  Edmund tells Maria that he is suspicious of Slater, although he does not seem to know she had an affair with him. Slater tells Bobbie he better give him back the money he owes him or else he will be in big trouble.

ATWT by Linda

Carly finds out that Jack’s car went over the bridge. Roseanna makes a proposition to Barbara, Barbara not sure if she wants to break Paul’s heart. Doc tells Jessica that if the baby is his, he’ll stay out of her life. Tom leaves Margo and when Ben and Jessica show up to assuage Casey, Ben mistakenly accuses Margo of sleeping with Doc. Margo asks him if he wants to know the real truth.

B&B by Suzanne

The Forresters get ready for the Ingenue show, which is tomorrow. Everyone rushes around, especially Ridge, Thorne and Ozzy. Rick talks to Caitlin, who is nervous about the show. Ridge keeps being chummy with Thorne but avoids Darla as much as possible. Amber arrives and gives roses to Rick, Ride and Caitlin, wishing them luck on the show. She is acting a little weird and it is an uncomfortable moment. Ozzy thinks she is just there to get Rick to feel sorry for her. She pours her heart out a little to Rick, but he does not tell her that he feels the same way. Thomas visits Caitlin at home and gives her a bracelet. She tries to talk to him about their relationship, but Samantha interrupts. Caitlin tells her mom that she is in love with Rick. Sam urges her not to get so serious at such a young age. Sally, Clarke and the rest of Spectra are hard at work cranking out their new line "Debutante", a rip-off of Forrester's Ingenue. They are happy to be successful again but Sally worries how this will affect Darla and her relationship with her in-laws. Thomas thanks Ridge for helping him out with Caitlin by getting the bracelet.

Days by Danielle

Philip and Belle hear Shawn’s cries for help. Jan covers by claiming the sound to be from her cat and rushes Philip and Belle to join her on a walk away from the house. Belle falls and scrapes her knee. Philip insists that Jan let them inside to clean the wound. Jan reluctantly lets Belle and Philip in but Shawn had already fallen asleep due to Jan’s drugging his drink. Shawn dreams of being rescued by Belle and Philip. Jan lies to Belle and Philip, claiming that she ran into Shawn out on the road. Jan claims that Shawn told her that he would never get back with Belle. Philip doesn’t believe Jan’s lies, insisting that they stay until they find out what Jan is hiding. Nicole eavesdrops on Brady’s call to Chloe. Nicole plots to stop Brady from leaving Salem to be with Chloe. Nicole insists that if she were Chloe, she would have put Brady first instead of her career. Nicole tries to convince Brady that Chloe is only using him for the concert hall. Nicole and Brady kiss but when Nicole asks for more, Brady pulls away.

Victor apologizes to Caroline for kissing her. Victor vows to not let a relationship start between them like it did in the past. Victor takes a cue from Roman and offers to stay with Caroline to protect her. Sami feels betrayed by Lucas because he sided with Bo and John. John and Bo open Marlena’s casket and find it empty with the lining torn. Shawn Sr., Sami, Lucas, Bo, and John try to figure out what happened to Marlena’s body. Roman, Abe, Marlena, Victor, and Caroline try to figure out how they survived being buried alive. Roman, Abe, and Marlena discuss how to get information out of Patrick. Abe leaves to relieve Hope from guard duty and finds Hope and Patrick gone. Roman and Marlena realize that all the victims were embalmed at the same funeral home. John, Bo, Lucas, and Sami question the funeral home director. The funeral director kills himself to keep from having to answer their questions.

GH by Tori

Courtney comes back to Jax and finds Faith with him. Jax covers it, and Courtney leaves. Jax and Faith go to a basement, and Faith tells him to call his bank to get him some money. Jax goes to get the gun away from Faith. She gets a spare gun, and shoots him in the knee. Courtney storms into Sonny’s penthouse, and asks for his help for Jax. Sonny refuses to help Jax. Carly tells Sonny that maybe he should help. Jax makes the call to his bank, and then sends a text message to Courtney when Faith isn’t looking. He just tells her where he is when Faith discovers his phone. Courtney finds Jax and Faith corners her and Jax. Emily runs into Mary at the hospital. Mary has her job back. They argue about Nikolas when he shows up. He tells them that he’s there to schedule a hypnotherapy appointment. Monica tells Emily it’s time for her check-up appointment. Nikolas tells her to let him know how it goes. Nikolas agrees to walk with Mary. They go to the park and she apologizes, and once again tries to explain herself. She reveals to him that she annulled their marriage. She tries to kiss him, but he pulls away. Nikolas goes back to Windermere to find Emily. She tells him how much she wants him to remember. They kiss. Mary calls Lorenzo and asks him to ask Nikolas to do a foreign business deal.

Ric tells Alexis that Sam’s extradition hearing is that night. Alexis and Ric argue. Carly and Sonny go up to their room and make love. They talk, when Sonny’s phone begins to ring. Alexis tells him about Sam’s hearing. Sonny tells Carly he’s going to stay with her, there is nothing else he can do for Sam. Alexis reveals to Sam that she knows that Sam didn’t set the fire, and asks her who did. Sam claims not to know. The judge shows up. Ric says the only reason Alexis requested the hearing was so she could be close to him. They start to argue, then get back to the case. The judge orders for Sam to be extradited to South Carolina right away. Sam begs for him to change his mind, but he won’t. Alexis and Sam talk of her options and Sonny. Sam is being handcuffed, getting ready to be extradited, when Sam starts to have pains.

GL by Suzanne

In Venice, Edmund and Cassie search for the fake "Princess Cassandra Winslow" at the charity auction. Dina hears them and hides. They follow her, finding her lost hotel key. They break into her room but she hears them and hides. She phones Ross, telling him that she wants to come home, but he says it is too risky because she would be arrested for murder. When she hears that Jeffrey is the D.A., she books a flight home. Jeffrey promises Ross that he will look into the charges against Frank to see if he can help him. Having heard Darci calle her "Mrs. Godfrey", Harley takes Alexandra outside and accuses her of being Brad's partner. Alex denies it. Alan tries to stop Gus from telling Harley or going out, but he comes out and stops Harley. Reva and Josh try to have a family dinner at Towers with Shayne and Sandy. When Reva mentions that Sandy will be getting his inheritance soon, he excuses himself to look up information on the internet. Josh is suspicious of Sandy. Shayne tells his parents he is thinking about baseball again and about his future. Reva tells Josh that she wants to do something new and exciting.

OLTL by Kathy

Starr and Travis confess to Viki that they are responsible for the article about Kevin. Viki encourages them to apologize to Kevin, to end the feud between Todd and Kevin. They apologize to Kevin, but Kevin is convinced that Todd put them up to it. Todd warns Kevin he better not hurt Viki. Jessica reveals to Viki that Kevin is positioning himself to vote Todd out of the paper, and Viki is furious. Jessica also warns Todd and Blair, but both are set to do battle. Evangeline finds John has been beaten up, and both are convinced RJ is responsible. Evangeline questions RJ, but he denies responsibility. Jessica shows Lion’s Heart to Tico, and he agrees to buy it. Blair accepts Todd’s marriage proposal.

Passions by Suzanne

Kay begs Miguel not to leave her, but he insists that he has to follow Charity.  She tries to guilt him, but he assures her that he will find work and send money back for Maria.  He leaves and she chases after him but falls.  Simone consoles her.  Meanwhile, also in the hospital, Chad is happy that Whitney has suggested they get married.  When Chad is out of the room, she tells Fox that she is marrying Chad to prove that she is not in love with Fox.  He points out that is not a good reason to get married.  They argue.

Julian offers to shelter Eve, but she says she must face T.C.  T.C. yells at her some more for lying to him.  She packs some bags but he tells her not to go.  He loves her and wants to stick to their vows.  Liz is not happy to see that T.C. has forgiven Eve.  He asks Eve if there are any other lies.  She envisions telling him about Julian and their child, with violent consequences, so she lies that there is nothing else.  Liz maneuvers Aunt Irma to see Julian's picture so that she will spill more secrets.  Meanwhile, Katherine and Martin are giving Sheridan and Luis a ride back to Puerto Arena.  Katherine has a daydream about them telling their children who they really are.  Martin wants to be cautious about it.  During the ride, Luis talks about his family.  Martin is especially interested in Luis's parents and how he feels about his father abandoning them.  Katherine is distressed to learn that Sheridan and Luis lost their baby.  They almost hit another car.  Sheridan goes to sleep in the car on Luis' shoulder.  Katherine starts singing along with a lullaby on the radio.  Sheridan wakes up and hears it, whispering, "Mother" and asking what that song is.

Y&R By Christopher

Gloria woke a very hungover Kevin and Daniel, and told them to clean the place up before Michael returned. She teased Daniel about his obvious younger age, and told Kevin that she'd had a wonderful time with John Abbott, and had kept his name out of their evening. Kevin reiterated it was for the best. Phyllis was worrying about Daniel's whereabouts, when Danny and Christine showed up, demanding to see him. Phyllis and Christine exchanged verbal venom, and were separated by Damon, who backed up Phyllis' claim that Daniel was fine, and promised to give him a message when he returned. Danny warned that he intended to see Daniel. Alone with Phyllis, Damon said he was now insisting she find a place for herself and Daniel. John told Jack a bit about his date, and admitted to hating not having him at Jabot. Jill asked for Jack's advice about a man - Elliot Hampton - who was on the board at Chancellor Industries. she said she got a bad vibe from him and felt like he didn't want her there. Kay returned from Rehab and was welcomed by Jill. They shared a tender Mother-Daughter moment, before Jill revealed that she'd come up with the perfect way to impact Kay's life. Raul took perverse pleasure in telling Brittany that Bobby was still running strip nights at a club now bearing her name. Brittany was disillusioned, and asked Raul for advice. He told her to take care of it on her own. She phoned Angelo and told him to tell Bobby to go to her loft as soon as possible. After Cassie told JT that Nikki had been acting weird since seeing the ruby earring, JT phoned and asked to see Paul. He admitted to stealing the earring from a crime scene and told Paul about Nikki's odd behaviour. At the ranch, Nikki - while playing piano - was haunted both by memories of the child screaming, and of Ash's message from the night before. She deleted Ashley's answering machine message permitting Victor to see Abby alone. Victor blasted her for allowing Brad in their home and warned her not to let it happen again. Nikki countered that her seeing Brad was no different than him seeing Ash. Paul showed up on her doorstep and asked if it was a bad time. She hugged him close, said she needed a friend, and explained that 'everything' was wrong.

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