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AMC by Jenn

Tad tries unsuccessfully to get through to JR that he knows he drugged Babe and is setting Jamie up for the crime. But JR does not admit to what he did. Babe goes to see Jamie in jail. He urges her to see that he did not drug her, JR did and he set Jamie up. But she still does not want to believe it. But Brooke has a plan. She secretly goes to talk to Adam, sounding as though she believes her son is guilty, but secretly plants a tape-recorded to catch Adam's secret confessions about what he and JR are up to.

Kendall wants to fire both Greenlee and Jonathan. But Ryan won't do that and expresses that he wants to have a real marriage to Greenlee.

ATWT by Linda

Allison tells Chris about the dress, but he seems preoccupied so she goes to Snyder Pond to think. Aaron is there and he persuades her to skinny dip with him. Chris and Emily decided to continue with the contest despite the feelings they’re developing for each other. Jill tells Tom about Margo and Doc while Margo is ripping Doc to shreds. Doc then goes to Jessica and discovers that she’s pregnant. Jack crashes and after helping Starzyack back into the car (which ended up half way off the bridge) Starzyack tries to push Jack out, but capsizes the car into the river instead.

B&B by Suzanne

Thorne and Ridge tentatively patch things up. Ridge is suspicious of Darla but agrees to give her a chance. Thorne wanted to show Ridge the proofs of the Ingénue line but got Darla's pictures of Sally's birthday party instead. Sally is down about the latest designs that Clarke shows her. Darla brings her the envelope and leaves it for her. Clarke opens it and shows Sally that Darla gave her the Ingénue designs. Sally, shocked, phones Darla, but doesn't mention that the pictures are of the designs, so Darla doesn't know what she's really talking about. Sally is convinced that Darla really meant to help her out by slipping her the designs. She is elated and anticipates being back on top again. Ridge warns Darla not to interfere with his and Thorne's progress. Rick brings Caitlin home and they are found kissing by Sam. She yells at them but agrees not to tell Hector about their dating yet.

Days by Danielle

Shawn imagines that Belle is there with him. He realizes that he is truly kissing Jan. Jan makes plans to meet with Belle. Philip insists that Jan is lying and uses the computer to track down where Jan called from. He and Belle rush off to Jan’s country home for a surprise visit. Shawn hears Belle’s voice and yells out to her.

Patrick tells Hope about what he came to Salem to do to Jennifer. Patrick tries to convince Hope to go back through the force field but Hope insists on staying. Tek brings Bo news that blood found on the wreckage was Hope’s blood. Bo refuses to accept that Hope is dead. Sami is against John’s idea of exhuming Marlena’s body. Lucas tries to convince Sami to let John do the exhumation. John seeks Bo’s help in getting a court order but Sami rushes in to try and convince Bo to stop John. Bo grants the order since John is Marlena’s next of kin. Workmen begin to dig up the grave but Sami yells at them to stop. Jack’s first few tries to save Jennifer fail. Jack realizes that he now holds the locket and flashes back through his and Jennifer’s romantic life. Jack fears that he is dying and passes out on the jungle ground.

GH by Tori

Lois tells Brooke that she sang beautifully at Lila’s memorial. Brooke starts to jump down her throat, and Lois goes to the park. Lorenzo finds her and lends an open ear. Faith shows up, and tells him that she needs his jet to leave town. He refuses. Lorenzo finds Lois again in Kelly’s. Georgie tells Dillon she wants to be friends. Dillon says fine, that he will hook up with someone else. Georgie blows up, and Dillon explains that she still wants him. They finally agree to be just friends. Georgie leaves, and Dillon dreams of fighting with the devil and angel inside of him. Georgie tries to talk to Brooke about her and Dillon, but Brooke is wondering about the man talking to her mother (Lorenzo).

Sonny goes to Alexis’s apartment to talk to her. Alexis thinks he knows that he’s the father of Kristina. She figures out it’s about Sam, and refuses to be her attorney. Sonny continues to try and get her to represent Sam. Justice tells Ric that Sam can’t leave without legal representation. Alexis shows up. Sonny calls Carly and tells her what is going on, and she says she needs to see him. Sonny tells Sam about the situation. Ric asks Sonny to thank Carly for him, they never would have found Sam if it wasn’t for her. Ric asks Alexis what her and Sam have in common. Sam asks Alexis why she has to have Sonny in her debt. Courtney tells Carly to have a life with Sonny. Carly tells Courtney she’s pretty sure that cops followed her to the safe house, and that’s how they found Sam. Faith goes under cover, and leaves messages on Lorenzo’s answering machine. Jax went and told Mike that he wants to be with Courtney. Courtney comes in and tells them both she can make her own decisions. Jax tells her that he needs to talk to her. Jax says he likes her, and Courtney says things are going to fast. They kiss, and Courtney leaves. Faith comes up to Jax, and pulls a gun on him. Carly tells Sonny about the phone call she made to Bailey’s Beach Police, and how she is worried that she is the reason that Sam got caught. Sonny thanks her for being honest with him. They kiss.

GL by Suzanne

Tony tells Ray about his sexy dream about Michelle. Ray doesn't think it means anything. Danny and Michelle drop by to show him her new tattoo, which turns him on. She and Danny kiss while he watches. The Spauldings and Coopers get together for Gus and Harley's engagement party. Frank gets drunk and makes an awkward toast, so Gus has to drag him out. Darci makes a toast and accidentally refers to Alexandra as "Mrs. Godfrey", shocking everyone. Edmund and Cassie fly to Venice for a charity Gala, where they almost bump into Dinah. They find out that Princess Cassie Winslow has outbid them on an old knife in the silent auction.

OLTL by Kathy

Todd surprises Blair by telling her he wants another baby. Todd needs Starr’s help in preparing a romantic surprise for Blair, and Starr uses that opportunity to manipulate her way out of her punishment. Todd also enlists Travis’s help to bring Venice to Llanview for Blair. Todd proposes to Blair. Evangeline and John make love, and agree that they don’t quite have a relationship, but more of a “situation.” RJ’s rage grows, as he listens to Evangeline and John talk outside John’s door. John calls “Sherman,” and gives him some cash to take care of John. John is later assaulted outside his hotel room. Tico tells Jessica he wants to purchase a house, and is actually considering “Lion’s Heart” – Jessica’s old house. He is offering to pay cash – over $1million – which further arouses Antonio’s suspicions. Antonio refuses to stay with Sonia, much to her disappointment, but he arranges for her to have police protection. Tico doesn’t seem surprised that Sonia went to such extremes to get Antonio’s attention. Bo and Nora escape the elevator right before the cable breaks. Daniel hugs Nora, and wants to take care of her after her ordeal.

Passions by Suzanne

Simone visits Kay in the hospital; Kay is sure that Miguel will be hers now that Charity is gone, but Simone points out that Miguel will love Charity forever. Miguel runs into Fox in the hospital so he tells him how upset he is about Charity, Pilar, and Antonio. Fox offers his sympathy. Pilar urges Miguel to go find Charity or he will regret it the rest of his life, the way she regretted not looking for Martin. Miguel tells Kay that he is leaving to go find Charity, no matter how long it takes. She tells him that she won't let him abandon her and the baby. Whitney is very angry at Fox for not telling her that he loves her. Theresa thinks that Whitney really loves Fox, not Chad. Chad wonders to Fox if Whitney has another man. Whitney hears that and tells him she loves only him. In fact, she tells him that they are getting married. She says this to prove to Fox that she does not return his feelings. Sheridan thinks she recognizes Katherine but isn't sure from where. Luis feels a connection to Martin, too. The hit man watches them but can't shoot because of the police in the airport. Katherine convinces Martin to stay in Mexico so they can get to know their children. They offer Luis and Sheridan a ride back to Puerta Arena, saying they are practically godparents to his sister Paloma.

Alistair taunts Julian that it is his fault about Eve's life being ruined. Julian is suspicious when he hears Alistair mention Sheridan's name on the phone. T.C. finds out all about Eve's past from Aunt Irma. Eve confirms it is true, but he won't believe it at first. When he finally does, he gets angry and starts trashing the kitchen and yelling that Eve lied to him. Liz gloats that she finally got her revenge. Eve runs to Julian's arms, worried that she has lost T.C.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis and Dru reluctantly brought each other up to date on their lives. Dru advised Phyllis to make things right with Daniel, and not to expect him to feel comfortable about Damon so soon. Phyllis thought Dru and Neil helping out Devon was nice. The two women - despite the pleasant convo - maintained their obvious disdain for one another. At Michael's apartment, Daniel interrupted Gloria getting ready for her date. He smooth-talked her, before she left him alone with Kevin. They proceeded to get drunk, with Kevin suggesting Daniel spend the night just to worry Phyllis, and Daniel insisted they could use Lily to transform Kevin's image. At The Athletic Club, an annoyed John listened to a more-than-a-little-hurt Gina offer advice about not trusting Gloria so soon. Gloria overheard, and made it clear to Gina that she had done so. John and Gloria flirted mildly over drinks, with John guessing that Gloria was wearing something from the 'Ashley' cosmetics line, and Gloria admitting she lives wiht two wonderful boys... a lawyer and an accountant. Rather than talk children and home life, Gloria told John there was much she wanted to know about him. JT taunted Brittany about her parents likely negative reaction to her engagement news, then refused to be her best man, insisting the wedding was a mistake. At 'Marilyn's', Raul offered Bobby friendly advice about Brittany's likes/dislikes, and warned him not to hurt her. After refusing an invite to the wedding, and admitting he'd be leaving town, Raul noticed a flyer promoting stripping nights at the club, and pocketed it. At the Ranch, Nikki played Brad an answering machine message Ashley left for Victor, informing him that Brad had relented on visitation rights, and saying 'they'd' prevailed. Nikki and Brad realized Ash and Victor were growing closer as a result of the situation. Victor arrived and went another round with Brad, warning he would not be kept from his biological daughter. Alone with Nikki, Brad said he would not let Victor see Abby, regardless of what he'd said before. He advised Nikki to delete the message. Alone, a torn Nikki stared at the blinking machine.

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