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AMC by Gisele

Upset when Jamie rebuffs his offer to help nail J.R., David vows to Maggie that the Chandlers will never take anything away from him ever again. Brooke and Tad assure their son that they believe him and that Adam is helping J.R. to get rid of Babe. Though he is desperate to stop J.R., Jamie has to spend the night in jail. A confused Babe doesn't know whom to believe when Maggie insists that Jamie is being framed by his brother, so she goes to visit him.

Not wanting to lose Reggie, Danielle stops him from hitting the streets in search of information about Seth's drug dealings. Reggie refuses Derek's offer to squeal on Jamie in return for making his probation disappear. On a fishing expedition in Livia's office, J.R. is pleased that she has nothing on him yet but worries that she will soon get proof of his misdeeds. While Brooke goes to talk to her ex-husband, Tad shows J.R. the asylum cell where Adam had his mother, Dixie, locked up.

ATWT by Linda

Starzyack is thwarted in his attempt to kill Molly, Jack taking him to the hospital because she broke his arm when she hit him with a fire poker. Starzyack pulls a knife and puts it to Jack’s throat, threatening him to go where he tells him or he’ll never see his wife and kids again. Allison falls into the pond with the dress, but gets the key before the brainiac from Latin does. Emily and Chris get to the Old Mill too late, Emily falling and puncturing her hand on a rusty nail, Chris bandaging it and taking her to the hospital. Mike and Henry find Nikki at Yo’s playing pool, Mike telling Nikki that Henry is a great guy. She leaves when she finds out that Starzyack has been captured.

B&B by Suzanne

Clarke keeps phoning Darla to badger her about stealing the Ingenue designs for Sally. She prints up a photo of her and Sally to give to her as a birthday present. Megan copies the designs for Thorne and leaves them on his desk in the same kind of manila envelope that Darla has put her present. She accidentally grabs the wrong photos to give to Sally. Stephanie visits Sally, who is grumpy about her company doing badly. Stephanie wishes she could help; they have a nice chat. Hector and Samantha make love. He worries about Caitlin some more. Rick and Caitlin kiss at the Big Bear cabin. He tells her about his past with Amber.

Days by Danielle

Philip steps in to comfort Belle when she fears that Shawn is purposefully not calling her. Philip fantasizes that he and Belle make out. Shawn insists that Jan give him the keys or he will choke her to death. Jan pretends to pass out and kicks Shawn when he reaches for the keys. When Shawn insists that he’ll only believe that Belle is with Philip when he hears it from Belle herself, Jan tries to secretly tape Belle. Belle insists that she still loves Shawn. Belle refuses to tell Philip or Jan about her and Shawn’s private agreement about what would prove that their relationship is truly over. Jan thinks of a way to prove to Belle that Shawn is over her and calls to announce that she knows where Shawn is. Roman believes that Victor has romantic intentions with Caroline but Marlena talks him out of breaking them up. Roman and Marlena try to figure out what happened to the bear. Marlena, Roman, and Abe go over what Marlena experienced on her way to New Salem.

Sami accuses John of taking the bear out of Marlena’s casket. Sami, Lucas, and John rush to Marlena’s gravesite to try and find out how the bear got out of her casket. John wants to excavate Marlena’s casket but Sami is against the idea. Jack draws on his desire to save Jennifer and makes it out of the hole. Despite occasional cramps, Jennifer makes her way to a rickety rope bridge. Jack reaches the bridge just as the rope snaps. Hope is reunited with Doug. Patrick tries to talk Hope out of wanting to go with him. Left alone, Patrick slips out of the ropes. Hope catches up with Patrick at the force field where they struggle for Patrick’s coin. The coin lands in the force field, making a hole in the electric current. Patrick steps through but knocks the coin out of the force field. Hope jumps through before the force field can close.

GH by Lisa

Sonny convinces arly to start over without lies. Courtney encourages Carly to find happiness with Sonny. Carly warns Alexis that she is going to tell Sonny that Kristina is his. Jax and Courtney admit their relationship is becoming real.

Georgie feels humiliated when she finds out that Dillon is taking medication in order to make love to her. Heather gets closer to Edward and agrees to look after Lila's garden

GL by Suzanne

Phillip continues to play games with Olivia and Bill. He accuses Bill of stealing the lakefront property, with her help. Josh and Bill argue about him working with Tony. Josh wants him to work with Danny and wants to sell the property. Bill informs him that his name is on the property and quits Lewis. Tony watches Michelle dance around her place. She asks to see his tattoos, so he undresses halfway to show her and tells her about each one. He agrees not to tell Danny about her secret place. Alan meets with the interns and gives them their new assignments, to start their own companies and make a profit. They are not teamed any more. Tammy yells at Lizzie for stealing her boyfriend. Joey is cold to Tammy but also tells Lizzie he only can be friends with her. Tammy and Joey fight over their misunderstanding, leaving Lizzie gleeful. Michelle and Olivia make friends. Olivia wonders to Alan how it must be nice to erase your past like Michelle has. Danny looks for Michelle at Infierno but finds Father Ray, who gives him good advice. He confesses that he caused the explosion. Tony comes by. He and Danny fight about Michelle. Danny chats with Phillip briefly at Company, and Michelle shows up. They go home. Olivia tells Phillip that Bill quit his company, but he still insists that Olivia spy on Bill for him. Danny is overdrawn at the bank. He tells Michelle that she can come to him with anything and offers to help her when she needs to get away. He gets upset when he sees that she got a tattoo. Tony has an erotic dream about Michelle.

OLTL by Janice

John and Evangeline share drinks in the lobby of Angel Square Hotel, as Rex spies on them. Later, John retires to his room, but Evangeline follows him. Rex reports to RJ that if Evangeline were his girlfriend, he wouldn’t be too happy. In exchange for spying on Evangeline, RJ allows Rex the opportunity to buy back Ultra Violet. Sonia continues to try to get Antonio, and fakes a break in and assault, complete with bruises, at the Hook Up. Antonio comes to investigate, and Sonia tells him she’s too scared to be by herself tonight. Jessica interviews Tico and finds they have a lot in common, but at the same time, she’s still left with many unanswered questions – including what he’s been doing for the past year. As Nick continues to be mean to Marcie, Mark confides in Marcie that he is a homosexual, and Marcie promises to keep his secret. Nora and Daniel’s date to the opera gets postponed, and Nora finds herself trapped in an elevator with Bo. Michael surprises Marcie with a visit to the community center, and Marcie discovers human bones have been dug up.

Passions by Suzanne

Luis and Sheridan fly to Mexico; one of Alistair's hit men is on the plane with them. Sheridan has a dream that is really a memory back to when she was a child, when Alistair was abusive to her and her mother. Luis comforts her and they land. Katherine seems to have a psychic connection to both Sheridan and Alistair. She hears Sheridan cry "Mommy!' in her dream and she also starts choking when Alistair strangles a rose, wishing it were Katherine. Katherine and Martin drive to the airport, worrying how their families will act when he tells them what's going on. Luis and Sheridan get off their plane just as Katherine is saying goodbye to Martin. They all see each other. Alistair looks forward to their deaths. Whitney is very upset to hear that Julian thinks she has feelings for Fox. Fox wonders why she's so mad. She envisions Fox kissing her and doesn't want to admit that's what she wants. Kay works with Tabitha over the telephone to stop Miguel from keeping Charity in town. Endora delays Miguel with a fog and bats. Ivy and Charity share a tearful farewell. Charity goes to the bus station. Miguel sees her as she is leaving but she won't stop. Ivy worries that when Eve's secret comes out, so will hers. Aunt Irma lays out everything about Eve's past to T.C., but he stops her just as she's about to mention her love child with Julian, who is listening outside the door. T.C. is angry and thinks that Irma is just a senile old bat. He demands that she apologize, but she refuses. Eve tells him that Irma is not lying.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Overwhelmed by Neil's lecture on the rules of the household, Devon accused the Winters family of treating him like a pet, they expected to be quiet at all times. Alone with Devon, Dru told him that he was a part of the family, and that what happens next has a lot to do with his attitude. She urged him to focus on his future, and accept the help he was being given. Ash asked if Brad would really let Victor's visitation demands destroy their marriage. Brad admitted the devastating impact the situation with Abby is having on him and said he wasn't sure he would handle both Ash and Abby being such a huge part of Victor's world. Abby returned home, interrupting their conversation, which ended with Brad asking Ash not to doubt his love for her, despite everything. Grace visited Cassie, comforted her about the murder and Sharon's arrest, and agreed to help her and Noah plan a special evening for Nick and Sharon. Before preparations were complete, Cameron phoned her and ordered her to go to the airport where a ticket was waiting for her. That, he warned, or go down with him if she tried talking to the cops. Sharon told Nick about her visit with Cameron, and her belief that he would do almost anything to possess her again like in Denver. Summoned to their home, they found the dinner Cassie and Noah prepared, enjoyed a meal, shared a dance, and promised to stand by each other. Sharon begged Nick not to let the police take her away from her life, and Nick told her to trust him. Brittany admitted to Raul that she'd accepted a marriage proposal from Bobby. Hurt, Raul accused her of going after an older man to make up for Frederick's lack of attention given to her when she was growing up. Brittany stormed off, while JT ordered Raul to fight for Brittany. Raul said it was officially time to admit they were through.

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