The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 7/21/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Jamie gets taken to jail and cops discover a stash of drugs in his home, which JR has apparently planted to set him up. Reggie and Jamie believe he's innocent. But Bianca has her doubts, still trusting JR. Maggie is able to remember that JR enters hers and Jamie's home long enough to plant a stash, but cannot prove it. Livia represents him but the cops have sufficient evidence to convict him. Krystal believes that he set JR up and JR would never hurt her daughter. But David Hayward knows differently.

Maria confides in Ryan that she was once in love with Slater but it's over and doesn't matter. He tells her that he is suspicious of Slater, knowing he's up to something that could hurt everybody he cares for. He also warns Kendall that she should not cozy up to him or she might be responsible for the same things that happened when she cozied up to Michael Cambias.

ATWT by Cheryl

Allison is looking for her wedding dress and when Aaron comes up with the clue’s solution, they dash out to the Old Mill, Allison still in the dress. Emily tells Chris that she can’t be his partner anymore, but when her and Nikki have words and Hal couldn’t go to lunch with her, she tells Chris they’re partners again. Nikki gets told by Agent Fox that she’s off the case and he gives her tickets back to DC for the next day. Carly tells Jack that she’d be happy to have more kids and that she loves the way her life is and loves him. Molly’s police guard gets killed by Starzyack, and he shows up, ready to kill her. Dusty and Lucy share their first kiss, but Dusty tells her that it can’t work. Lucy still holds out hope.

B&B by Suzanne

Darla and Ridge argue in his office about how he treats Thorne. Later, Brooke visits and admires Ridge's designs. They talk about his problems with Thorne and Darla. She shows him the new lingerie she bought and they make love. Clarke, Darla and the others celebrate Sally's birthday. Sally is worried about how to save her company because she has lost all of her contacts. Clarke agrees to help Sally again. He tries to get Darla to steal the Ingénue designs for Sally. Rick and Caitlin go for a swim at the Big Bear cabin and kiss. They pledge to keep their relationship a secret.

Days by Danielle

Jan dresses up as a cheerleader for Shawn. Shawn tries to convince Jan that he will always love Belle. Jan edits video and audio footage to make it appear that Shawn is okay and has moved on from Belle. Shawn uses Jan’s cheerleading whistle to choke her. Bo gets the edited message from Shawn and allows Belle to listen to it. Brady is even more determined to convince the rest of the family that the funds should go to build the concert hall when he hears that the deadline for building will expire at midnight. Brady is against Nicole’s desires to remove Victor’s nameplate from his office door at Titan. Nicole agrees to help Brady but for her own selfish motives. Bo and Philip are still against the concert hall, believing that neither Victor nor Isabella would want this project to happen.

Victor shares his worries about Nicole with Caroline. Caroline suggests that Brady could fall in love with Nicole since Chloe isn’t in town. Victor admits that he was never truly in love with Nicole. Victor and Caroline discuss their past. Roman and Marlena spot Victor and Caroline in a tender embrace. Roman wants to break them up but Marlena voices her disagreement.  Marlena continues to question Patrick. Patrick pleads with Marlena to be let go. Roman and Abe rush to the aid of Hope after she is electrocuted and thrown back from the force field. Abe uses plant sap to save Hope. Hope confronts Patrick to try and find the way to break through the force field. Marlena and Abe allow Hope to question Patrick alone. Hope proposes to Patrick that he can only go if she can go with him.

GH by Tori

Alexis tells Nikolas about his past. Nikolas begins to understand why him and Emily were in love. He goes to the hospital and asks to speak with Emily alone. He tells her that he is willing to find out more about their past together. Monica comes in and says that Emily is allowed to leave, and Nikolas offers to give her a ride home. Georgie and Dillon make plans to hang out later that night. Georgie leaves, and Lois walks up. She agrees to give Dillon back the pills. She goes to Alan and asks him to give her some sugar pills to give to Dillon. He agrees. Dillon gets the pills, and takes one. Georgie walks in, and Dillon realizes he has to wait 45 minutes before the pill will take effect. Georgie finds the pills. Alan and Monica have some “fun” at work with the pills.

Ric questions Sonny about Sam and Jason. Michael comes storming into the room accusing Ric of taking his mom. Carly reveals the truth of the paternity to Courtney. Jax arrives and Courtney tells him what was the matter with Carly. Jax admits to being upset because now Courtney is free to go back to Jason. Carly walks through the park, and Ric tells her that her family is worried. Alexis listens from behind, as Ric makes a phone call increasing watch on the Corinthos’. Ric asks Alexis to dinner sometime. She agrees to consider it. Carly goes to talk to Sam. She tells her to leave, and leave the baby with her and Sonny. Sam refuses, and threatens Carly. Carly returns a threat of her own, and leaves. Ric breaks through the door and serves papers to Sam telling her she is under arrest. Sonny comes home and finds Faith waiting for him. They go inside, and Faith starts spouting off about the baby when Carly walks in. She finds out Carly knows, and runs away. Carly tells Sonny she’s not sure how she feels. Faith asks Lorenzo to protect her.

GL by Elizabeth

OLTL by Janice

Tico finally meets Dorian and tells her he sees where Adriana gets her good looks, flattering Dorian. Tico returns the jewelry to Adriana, Carlotta and Dorian. Carlotta called the jewelry a curse, but Tico reminds her it saved his life. Sonia continues to try to get to Antonio, and he continues to be suspicious. Sonia encourages Tico to go after Jessica. Todd reveals his plan to get Craze, and Blair is thrilled. Kevin asks Natalie to sign over her proxy vote at the Banner-Sun, and she agrees, on the condition he hire Paul. Kevin hires Paul as his pilot. Jessica is not so willing to give up her proxy, and figures that Kevin is trying to destroy Todd with this maneuver. Kevin tells Kelly he’s going after full custody of Ace, and Kelly vows he’ll never see Ace again, as Dorian tries to calm Kelly down. Paul and Natalie move into Angel Square. After Adriana rejects River, he goes to Angel Square Hotel and plays piano, where a professor from Julliard hears him and is impressed.

Passions by Christa

no recap today, sorry

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Nikki and Victor visited Nicholas. Victor wondered why Nick had kept him in the dark about Sharon's situation with Cameron. Nick refused to reveal his plans and reminded Victor that he had problems of his own to worry about. Victor warned Nikki that Nick's stubborn attitude could land Sharon in prison, and Victor wouldn't be to blame. Sharon went to Cameron's hotel room and pleaded with him to help get her out of the murder charge. After stripping to prove she wasn't wearing a wire, she went as far as to offer sex if it would save her life. Cameron, believing she was up to something, said he'd think things over and get back to her. Daniel doubted that Phyllis was serious about getting a place for them since she liked living with Damon so much. When he didn't get a satisfactory answer from her on the issue, he said he would be forced to get a place of his own. Diane took pleasure in taunting Damon about the difficulties he'd face with his sudden live-in family, then had a rare moment of kindness as she offered genuine advice on how not to lose Phyllis... stop hiding things about his past. Christine interrupted Michael's massage and chewed his ear off about the predicament with Daniel, Danny and Phyllis. Michael offered advice, then asked Christine to come back to work. She agreed to give it some thought. Dru and Neil told Lily that Devon would be staying with them for awhile, then let her give Devon the good news. Devon got settled in and had trouble believing his good fortune was real. Ash and Brad went another round about Victor's visitation, with Ash suggesting they let Victor and Abby go unsupervised, and Brad refusing to stand by and watch it happen. Brad wondered why Ash always put Victor's needs above his own. He then stunned her by revealing that he would protect Abby at all costs, even if it meant divorce.

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