The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/20/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Jamie is very determined to prove that JR drugged Babe, with the help of Reggie, Danielle and Edmund. But Adam Chandler and his son won't let that happen. The find a cop to arrest Jamie.

Bianca speaks at the Miranda Montgomery foundation meeting, stating that many of her family and friends have contributed to fund clinics and help for women and children. Jack brings his daughter, Lily to the meeting, and she overhears Adam and JR talking about their fear of losing their baby, and Lily reveals to Babe that she might know something that most other people do not know. People are suspicious of why Zack Slater seems to want to be a big part of Bianca's foundation. Maria believes it's due to his wanting to get back with her and tells him it won't happen and he needs to get that through his head.

ATWT by Linda

Hal brings Craig in for questioning and asks Lily to also come in to corroborate his alibi. Lily tells Hal that she only heard him in the shower, but a half hour later he came to her house. Hal informs Craig that his alibi has been severely compromised. Craig than gets Lily to thinking that it was Sierra’s new husband, Alan, that was in charge of the kidnapping. Dusty tells Alan his suspicions about Craig, Alan first denying it and then coming around. Sierra talks with Lucy, Lucy telling her that she has to see what will come of the feelings she and Dusty now share. Dusty tries to let Lucy down easy, but when he can’t leave the necklace she gave him for good luck, Lucy becomes encouraged. Roseanna is upset that Jordan and Jennifer are going to leave for two weeks, especially since James had given her the ultimatum. She and Paul tried again to have a moment, but Cabot cried and she told Paul that she couldn’t, not just now.

B&B by Suzanne

Thorne has punched Ridge. The Forresters argue about it. Eric says Ridge's new line stays and orders the two brothers to make peace or else. Darla and Thorne commiserate and support each other in private. Stephanie visits Ridge in his office to apologize for how she acted at the wedding. They argue about Thorne. Ridge threatens to get rid of Thorne and Darla, saying he has controlling interest now, with Brooke's shares and his. Darla confronts Ridge in his office. Caitlin keeps getting the brush-off from Rick so she insists on speaking with him about their relationship. He tells her everything but she changes his mind about her being too young or listening to Ridge. They rush off to the Big Bear cabin for the afternoon. Amber pumps Ozzy for information about the Ingenue line; she is not thrilled to find out that Caitlin is not only designing but modeling. She had hoped to get involved to win back Rick.

Days by Danielle

Kate brings cookies to be sent to Will at camp to Lucas but decides to leave them with Sami so as not to disturb Lucas and Manda. Sami refuses to send the cookies. Kate gloats, thinking that Lucas is happily involved with Manda and Sami will be left to live alone. Sami delights in Kate’s disgusted reaction at seeing Lucas with Sami. Lucas demands that Sami and Kate call a truce. John urges Bo to accept that Hope is dead. Bo finds the bear that was placed in Marlena’s casket at his house. John verifies that it is Will’s bear with Sami and Lucas.

Marlena is unable to find Doug. Marlena’s attempt to speak to Patrick alone yields no results. Patrick denies knowing anything about Jennifer’s whereabouts but still wants to be set free to save her. Abe, Hope, and Roman still don’t believe Patrick is telling the truth, insisting that he come clean before they let him go. Patrick tries to sneak out of a window but Roman catches him. Abe leads Hope to the force field where Hope notices that the power to the force field is broken when something touches it. Roman leaves Marlena with a weapon for protection against Patrick but it brings back memories of being the Salem Stalker. Abe wants to be the one who runs through the force field but Hope decides to go anyway and is thrown back. Jack comes to and finds that Jennifer, unconscious next to him, has a high fever as well. He tries to go for help but collapses again. Jennifer uses her wet jacket to keep cool while Jack goes off in search of water and food. Jack tells Jennifer about the rest of the victims being alive after falling into a hole. Jack is too weak to climb out so he urges Jennifer to go find Roman and Abe for help.

GH by Lisa

Sonny promises to always take care of Sam and their baby but he truly loves Carly. Sonny wants Carly to give him a second chance but she needs time to think about it. Heather covers when Lucky questions her about Luke. Heather tries to move in on Edward's life.

Nikolas insists on taking Emily to the hospital after she faints. Mike is not happy to see Courtney with Jax. Courtney makes it clear to Mike that she will continue seeing Jax.

GL by Elizabeth

Phillip tells Olivia to get results where Bill is concerned. Jeffery once again calls Dinah and warns her to stop impersonating Princess Cassie. Alex transfers a million to a Swiss bank account with both Frank and Brad Green's name on it and Ross find out. Frank has to turn over his badge and gun. Gus yells at Alex for setting up Frank. Olivia goes to Bill's house to try and get closer to him.

OLTL by Kathy

John investigates the vandalism to the community center, and Julie and Nick have no alibi for that night. Rex enlists Lindsay’s help in buying back Ultra Violet, and RJ later agrees – with some conditions. Rex must keep tabs on Evangeline and John, and let RJ know the extent of their relationship. Todd gets David to help him purchase Craze, without Kevin knowing where the money is coming from. David decides to accept the deal for 15% ownership, then makes a deal with Kevin to buy the magazine, and Kevin will retain 15% as a silent partner. Todd wants to buy the magazine for Blair, and David uses Blair’s return to whet Kevin’s appetite. Starr and Travis once again hack into the Banner-Sun computer, and Todd catches them red-handed. He forbids them to see each other for the rest of the summer, but Travis later contacts Starr and says he has a plan for them to see each other. David continues to be cool to Dorian, but she puts on nothing but a teddy and coat and goes to his office. Much to her surprise, it is Todd, rather than David sitting at his desk. Later, Dorian and David hook up and reconcile.

Passions by Christa

Theresa is taking to the hospital. Gwen and Ethan are there and find out about Theresa. Eve tells them the baby is alright but Theresa can’t handle any stress right now because it could put her pregnancy at risk. Theresa cries out for her baby. She tells them that she wants to see her son.

Whitney and Julian get locked together on the hospital roof. Julian questions her about her and Fox. She tells him that it’s none of his business and he never took interest in his son before. He tells her he has changed but she doesn’t believe that. Alistair thinks he has killed Sheridan and Luis and is pleased. Later on Sam finds Luis and Sheridan. Sheridan was unconscious but wakes up and they head over to the hospital and Eve treats them.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

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