The TV MegaSite's Monday 7/19/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Kendall is ready to go to the Miranda Montgomery Foudation meeting when Zack Slater comes to her house making nice, asking about Erica and offering a donation. She still doesn't trust him. At the foundation meeting, Bianca asks Maria to speak. Maria says she does not know what to say about Miranda. Bianca then asks Edmund to write something.

Ryan can sense that JR is up to no good and is not the friend he used to know and trust. Jonathan hears all about Greenlee's problems with Kendall. Jamie still seems to know that JR drugged Babe. He and Reggie go to the police station to question Seth. Derek asks what they are up to. They tell him they want to seek justice and that this also affects his daughter. Danielle informs them that she has information from the DA about Seth's drug dealing.

ATWT by Linda

Dusty is released and threatens Craig. James gives Roseanna advice on how to keep Cabot and urges her to talk with Barbara. Molly is so scared to stay alone, she asks to stay with Carly and Jack. Jennifer and Jordan plan to go to Greece for two weeks. Barbara talks with James, James telling her that she shouldn’t worry, the relationships she’s trying to break up are well on their way to being such. Craig transfers the two million into Wade’s account.

B&B by Suzanne

Ridge, Caitlin and the others get ready for their fashion show for Stephanie, Eric, Thorne, and Darla. Thomas visits Caitlin beforehand, bringing her flowers. After the show starts, Thorne interrupts to stop it. No one approves of Ridge's designs. He and Thorne get into a heated, personal argument. Thorne ends up punching Ridge for his comments about Darla. Ozzy can tell that Rick has a thing for Caitlin, but Rick tells him that he has to break it off with her. Rick breaks it off awkwardly with Caitlin and she is devastated.

Days by Danielle

Lucas fixes the bed while Sami botches her attempt to make breakfast. Lucas lies to Sami about how bad the breakfast tastes. Sami and Lucas discuss Belle and Shawn’s relationship. Sami is touched by Lucas’ actions when she tastes her own bad cooking. Sami and Lucas shower together. Belle and Philip work out a system for living together with one bathroom. Philip is angry with Belle for still wanting to get back together with Shawn. Belle is upset by Kate’s suggestion that Shawn could be dead. Kate defends her insensitivity to Philip, insisting that Philip move in on Belle. Philip worries that his relationship will be over the second Shawn calls. Philip counters by confronting Kate about her relationship with John. Kate denies Philip’s suggestion.

Shawn Sr. urges Bo to accept Hope’s death. Bo and John research Patrick’s past and try to figure out what happened to Hope. Roman, Abe, and Hope interrogate a reluctant Patrick. Patrick vows that he isn’t hiding anything but they don’t believe him. Patrick wants to get out and search for Jennifer alone. Hope discusses her new island surroundings with Alice. Roman consults Hope on what to do with Patrick. Hope votes to let Patrick go but Alice vetoes the idea when consulted.

GH by Tori

Heather and Edward talk in the park. Nikolas tells Mary he wants to provide for her, outside of Kelly’s. Mary says it’s not about money, and that she won’t give up on him. Luck and Emily show up. Lucky yells at Mary, and she leaves. They argue, and then Nikolas leaves. They talk of Nikolas. Lucky says Emily is Nikolas’ loss and his gain. Emily went to talk to Nikolas in the park. They argue, and she collapses.

Courtney goes home and finds Lois waiting for her. They talk about Jax. Someone knocks at the door, and Lois admits to calling Jax. She lets Jax in and leaves them alone. Jax invites her to dinner, and she asks him he wants to stay and have dinner with her. Sonny asks Jason again, how he’s supposed to let his daughter grow up without her knowing that he’s her father, at the church. Sonny says he wants Carly. Jason asks him to keep the secret. He goes back to the safe house and Sam takes him to the building. She introduces Jason to Danny, her brother. Jason asks, and Sam agrees, Danny was the one who killed their mother. She tells of how she found Danny locked up in her mother’s basement. Jason takes Danny somewhere safe. Sonny goes to the penthouse and him and Carly talk of past memories and Robyn. Carly asks Sonny if he thinks they are meant to be. He tells her how much she means to him. She tells him that she loves him too. They both admit to missing being married. Sonny leaves to go take care of something. He promises to tell her everything when he gets back. Sonny tells Sam he’s going to tell Carly that Sam is caring his baby.

GL by Elizabeth

Harley tells Ross that she thinks Frank was set up. Gus realizes what Alex did. Ross suspends Frank and appoints Gus as interim chief. Lizzie shows Joey the tape of Tammy. Lizzie and Joey kiss. Alex and Buzz talk about their past mistakes. Michelle stops the police raid on Tony’s club. Michelle asks Danny to tell her about when he was in the mob.

OLTL by Kathy

Viki questions Todd and Blair about Ace, but Todd insists this problem with eventually work itself out. Viki then goes to Kevin, and he informs her he’s going for full custody, and will teach Ace to hate Kelly. Viki is horrified, and tries to reason with Kevin, and to do what is best for Ace. Asa asks Kevin if he really wants to raise Todd’s son, but Kevin is adamant. Paul tries to make peace with Kelly and apologize. Kelly just asks him to continue to keep her secret. Todd and Blair decide to tell Viki the entire truth, but later reconsider. Adriana discovers Shannon and River at the quarry, and is devastated. Shannon turns to John when River runs after Adriana. Adriana tells River she never wants to see him again. The DNA test confirm Tico is a Santi, but Antonio still doesn’t fully trust Tico. Sonia is determined to have Antonio all to herself.

Passions by Christa

Theresa is taking to the hospital. Gwen and Ethan are there and find out about Theresa. Eve tells them the baby is alright but Theresa can’t handle any stress right now because it could put her pregnancy at risk. Theresa cries out for her baby. She tells them that she wants to see her son.

Whitney and Julian get locked together on the hospital roof. Julian questions her about her and Fox. She tells him that it’s none of his business and he never took interest in his son before. He tells her he has changed but she doesn’t believe that. Alistair thinks he has killed Sheridan and Luis and is pleased. Later on Sam finds Luis and Sheridan. Sheridan was unconscious but wakes up and they head over to the hospital and Eve treats them.

Y&R by Suzanne

Victor and Nikki argue about Victor's visits with Abby; she thinks he is working on breaking up Brad and Ashley's marriage. Jill interrupts the Abbotts' breakfast to give Brad a report on her division. She is worried that it will be cut and wonders why she isn't getting any of Victor's money. Brad and Ashley argue about Victor's visits with Abby. Sharon has a talk with Cassie about Frank. She apologizes for keeping him away from her. Dru calls around to try to find a place for Devon to stay so he doesn't have to go to a place called Green Bay that is very military-like. Neil thinks that Devon brought his troubles on himself. They argue about having Devon stay there. Lily tries to say goodbye to Devon at the rec center. Just as Lorena is about ready to leave with him, Dru rushes in and suggests that Devon stay with her family. Detective Hank Weber tells Michael and Nick that he didn't like Cameron when he met him, but he has a plausible explanation for why he was out of town. Nick gets angry at Hank and leaves, while Michael is conciliatory. They both suggest that Hank find the real killer and are adamant that Sharon is innocent. Nick and Sharon make love. Nick gets an idea about how to get Sharon out of her mess.

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