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AMC by Giselle

Anita goes looking for Bobby but finds Zach instead and enjoys talking with him while eating and playing cards. After she leaves, Zach makes plans to attend the same function where he knows she?ll be in Pine Valley. Bobby repays his grandfather but storms off when Palmer berates him for losing Anita. Following him to the bar, Maria tries to discuss Anita, but Bobby wants to keep his relationship with his wife private. Maria then pumps him for personal information about Zach. Edmund convinces Palmer to get him a list of telephone calls made in Pine Valley on a certain day.

Though both J.R. and Jamie blame each other for drugging Babe, no one believes them. Upset when David trashes her husband, Babe cuts all ties with him. Jamie seeks out Reggie in the park and secures his help in getting evidence against J.R. After apologizing to Bianca for the way he treated her after she took Bess, J.R. hugs her and promises to take care of Bess and Babe. J. R. pretends to be sorry for lashing out at Jamie and asks for help in finding his brother.

ATWT by Linda

The medical examiners report exonerates Dusty. Craig tricks Sierra into giving him 2 million dollars and he sets up a meeting with Wade. Starziak threatens Molly, Holden, Lily and Abigail’s lives, Lily telling Holden to get Molly out of their house. Jordan takes Cabot to see James, Paul going there as well to make James stop harassing them. James holds Cabot and leaves a note for Roseanna in the back of Cabot’s clothes, Roseanna reading it and becoming frightened.

B&B by Matthew

At Rick’s, Amber showed up wanting to get it on. Caitlin called Rick, but he was cold to her per Ridge’s chat. Amber then realized Caitlin was her competition. Sam figured out that Caitlin had a crush on Rick and warned her that he was far too old, however she promised not to tell Hector for now. Thorne and Darla talked in bed though he worried about the line preview the next day. Figuring he could stall the preview with Ridge taking a small honeymoon he called his brother, who saw through the ploy immediately. The two got into a huge fight after Ridge insulted Darla. A sobered up Stephanie wanted to take a vacation with Eric, though he persuaded her not to give up because she was still the Forrester matriarch (I don’t get it…).

Days by Danielle

Jan gloats to Shawn about Belle and Philip growing closer. Shawn refuses to believe that Philip and Belle are a couple. Jan allows Shawn to call Belle but puts it on mute so he can only hear the answering machine message. Mimi is angry that they didn’t follow Jan. Mimi hears about Patrick’s plane going down over the radio. Philip, Rex, and Belle rally around Mimi upon hearing the news about Hope and Patrick. Rex supports Mimi as she tells Bonnie about Patrick. Julie confronts Bonnie with her anger of Patrick for Jennifer’s kidnapping. Bonnie defends Patrick. Julie blames Bonnie and Patrick when she hears of Hope’s presumed death.

Jennifer thinks her water broke while lost in the jungle but it was only the bag of water she was bringing back for Jack. Jennifer finds an unconscious Jack as she tries to get back to the cliff. Hope is reunited with Alice and Maggie. Hope believes that her connection with Bo will be what saves everyone. Hope and Patrick fill everyone in on what led up to Jennifer’s plane crash. Roman questions Patrick. John offers his condolences about Hope to Bo. Bo is adamant that Hope is still alive. John offers his private jets for the search. John and Bo team up to find out how Patrick fits into what happened to Hope and Jennifer.

GH by Tori

Bobbie, Lucas, Lucy, and Kevin show up at the Scorpio‘s house. Lucy tells why she’s wearing a red dress. She remembers her red wedding dress and marriage to Alan. Carly and Jason talk about Lila. Carly says it’s ok that Michael went and saw the Quartermaine’s.

Alan and Monica talk about the memorial service and Lila. Tracy barges in yelling at Alan for not taking charge. Monica says she’s going to kick Tracy out. Edward, Alice, Ned, Dillon, Brooke Lynn, and Lois walk in. Emily comes in and makes everyone settle down, and gets Monica to let Tracy stay. Everyone then starts to leave to the church. Alan and Tracy stay behind, and Tracy apologizes. Sonny and Robyn Scorpio talk outside of the church. Robyn tells Sonny that Brenda had wanted to come. Everyone begins to show up at the church, reconnecting with each other, and remembering Lila. The service begins, and people begin to come up and speak of Lila. After many people go up and speak about Lila, Brooke Lynn goes up and sings a song. The preacher says a prayer, and then Edward gets up and thanks everyone for coming. They flash scenes of Lila.

GL by Elizabeth

 Tammy and Joey talk about getting back together. Ross finds the file planted in Frank's briefcase. Harley sticks up for her brother. Jeffery travels to Europe to tell Dinah to stop pretending to be Cassie. Lizzie throws dirt on herself and comes into the party making a big scene. Michelle stumbles onto the police raiding Tony's office.

OLTL by Kathy

Kevin is released from prison, and runs into Kelly and Ace at the police station. Kevin doesn't seem too concerned that Ace was kidnapped, but later, tells his attorney he wants full custody of Ace. Dorian begs Blair to keep Kelly’s secret, but Blair is determined to protect her children. Dorian fears Kelly might have a nervous breakdown if she loses Ace. Dorian reminds Blair that the Cramer women stick together. Carlotta and Adriana meet Tico. He and Adriana bond instantly. Bo welcomes Antonio back to the force. River accidentally comes across a topless Shannon, and the two end up rubbing suntan oil on each other, and things get rather intense between them, as River is certain Adriana is avoiding him. Adriana goes off to find River.

Passions by Christa

Gwen worries about Ethan’s concerns for Theresa. He tells her he is just worried about the baby and how the shock could affect the baby. Ethan decides to take Gwen somewheres to cheer her up. He takes her to the hospital nursery. They see a proud father who says the baby was the best gift his wife could give him. Gwen once again starts to feel bad that she can’t carry a baby for Ethan. Fox and Whitney find Theresa crying on the floor. She tells them that she heard that Antonio died. She tells them that she and the baby are fine. A doctor comes to check on her. He tells Fox and Whitney that her pregnancy is fragile and she can’t have any more stress. Miguel calls and tells Fox that Pilar may not make it. Theresa hears Fox telling Whitney about this. She gets out of bed crying and gets another cramp.

Luis tries to get Sheridan to stay. He tells her he loves her and will die without her. He tells her he knows this must have to do with Alistair. She says it doesn’t and she gets in her car to leave and hears a clicking noise, and suddenly the car explodes. Miguel tries to call Paloma and Martin answers the phone. He gets Paloma but she hungs up on Miguel. He calls back but Martin tells him its not a good time so Miguel leaves him a message about Pilar. Paloma says she is never going to Harmony.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Cassie assured Nikki that she was doing okay and did not want to discuss Frank Barrett or Sharon's arrest. JT pocketed the missing Ruby Earring, while the cops arrived to attend to the skeleton. Nikki learned about the skeleton and was transfixed by the film reel that JT signed out of the Rec Centre. Bobby proposed to Brittany three times, before she accepted and agreed to be his wife. Bobby did not reveal his and Angelo's plans to keep operating a strip bar certain nights of the week. Lily learned that Devon was being sent away to a group home in Greenbay and said a sad good-bye to him. He thanked her for her efforts to befriend him while he was in GC. Neil admitted to Dru that his opinion of Devon changed slightly after seeing him defend Lily. When Lily arrived home angry about Devon's re-assignment, Dru suggested they could help by finding Devon a temporary home in town until permanent arrangements could be made. Kevin lashed out at Daniel for not warning him that Lily would be at the Rec Centre. Daniel suggested they find a way to put Lily's life in controlled danger, and set it up so that Kevin ends up the hero who saves her, thus changing his image in the eyes of the Winters family. Victor refused Ashley's suggestion that he have supervised visits with Abby, and insisted he would only see the child one-on-one. JT begged Brittany not to marry Bobby and kissed her to prove that she wasn't as sure of her feelings for her fiancee as she thought she was. Brittany slapped him across the face.

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