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AMC by Jenn

Jamie confronts JR, revealing that he knows he drugged his wife. But JR attempts, and succeeds in convincing Babe that it was Jamie that drugged her in order to make her distrust JR and make himself look like the hero. David, however, is onto JR, knows he drugged Babe, and confronts him.

Kendall reveals to Jonathan that she is addicted to Ryan, wants to end it but cannot. She admits that she hates herself and all women like her who are addicted to people who do not love them back and who feel jealousy and insecurity. He tells her he can help her break her cycle of addiction, while Greenlee tells Ryan that she can help him get over Kendall.

Bianca gets a voucher in the mail for a plane ticket to go and see Lena. But she informs Maggie that she cannot go through with it because she knows that there is something she cannot leave behind in Pine Valley, although she cannot figure out exactly what that is.

extra AMC Recap by Gisele

After trying to gain J.R.ís trust, Jamie realizes heís too far gone and urges Babe to take the baby and get as far away as she can. J.R. horrifies his brother by accusing him of drugging Babe to get her back and convinces his wife to trust him. Having overheard the whole sordid conversation, David confronts his son-in-law. Bianca is ecstatic when she receives an invitation from Lena to be with her in Poland but canít figure out why she is reluctant to leave Pine Valley. Jamie begs Bianca and Maggie to help him save Babe and Bess. Jonathan nearly falls for Kendallís sob story about her pitiful life but gets away when she tries to get him back into her bed. Greenlee sets up a romantic dinner in the park where she assures her husband that sheís just content being with him without the pressure of a sexual relationship.

ATWT by Linda

Sierra returns and Craig is thinking that he’ll be able to get the 2 million dollars he needs from her. Lily talks with Alan, becoming suspicious of him as their conversation goes on. Lucy defends Dusty at the Police Station and to her mother and father, Craig becoming nervous as Dusty is led to his cell. Cabot is stolen in the black out, but found safe at Fairwinds dressed in a clown outfit in his stroller. Roseanna and Paul receive a bouquet of balloons from a clown dressed in the same manner as Cabot was found, the gesture from James. Paul and Roseanna vow to get James out of their lives. Jordan and Jennifer also come to the same conclusion as they tuck Cabot into bed. Margo nearly tells Ben about Jessica’s misdeeds and when Jessica tries to reconcile with her, Margo turns her back on her.

B&B by Matthew

Ridge caught Caitlin and Rick kissing, but only confronted Rick after she left. He was adamant that Hector would pull the plug on the line if he found out. Meanwhile, Felicia cornered Nick and wanted to know more about him. He saw her passport and realized she was a Forrester beat it quick. Later, Brooke and Ridge prepared for their wedding night. Ridge gave Brooke the same 3 picture frame with RJ now in the middle.

Thorne and Ridge intervene with Brooke and Stephanie. Eric finally takes Stephanie home. Thorne was angry that Ridge wasn't more understanding about their mother so he and Darla leave. Felicia once again spotted Nick and seemed interested. Hector shared his concerns about the modeling project with Ridge who assured him that Caitlin would be taken care of. Thomas promised the same. Meanwhile, Rick and Caitlin got super close in another part of the garden and danced. Eww. Nick left after a small chat with Brooke and later, Brooke and Ridge shared a close dance.

Days by Danielle

Jan continues to explain away her comments that lead Belle and Philip to question her motives. Jan is almost found out when Mimi grabs Jan's wallet where Jan was hiding a picture of her and Shawn but Mimi only finds the picture of Jan's parents. Mimi proposes that they follow Jan. Jack is delirious with fever. Jennifer assures him that the baby is fine and goes in search of water. Jack hallucinates that he finds the locket dripping with blood and that he sees the grave markers of Jennifer and the baby. Jennifer pricks her finger and gets blood on the locket. Jennifer uses a coconut shell to bring water for Jack. Jack comes to, fearing that Jennifer being there was only a dream. Jack realizes that Jennifer is really there when he notices that the locket is missing from around his neck and goes off in search of her.

A mysterious stranger pays a hotel employee to deliver a midnight snack of John and Marlena and Kate and Roman's favorite romantic foods to Kate and John in Kate's hotel room. Kate calls to question the delivery but the employee tells them that it was a mistake and to keep it anyway. Kate and John give each other a taste of their favorite snacks, each imagining that they are really feeding it to their departed lovers. Their slow dance is interrupted with the news that Hope is missing and presumed dead. Tek tries to stop Bo from getting back in the water, insisting that Hope and Patrick are dead. Bo is determined to find Hope even if it means having to conduct his own search. Roman pulls Hope and Patrick from the water. Hope fears that she is dead when she comes face to face with Marlena and Roman. Hope is reunited with Caroline. Hope is full of questions about her new location as Roman, Marlena, and Caroline grill her about their loved ones back home. Hope faints when she is reunited with Alice.

GH by Lisa

jason brings Michael to visit Alan, Monica and Edward. Lucky supports Emily in her pain over losing Lila. Edward is touched when Felicia brings him Lila's memoirs. Courtney informs Jax of Lila's death. Jax is angry with himself for not visiting her more often. Ric asks Alexis why Kristina can't spend some time with the Quartermaines. Heather becomes intrigued when she learns Edward is a widower.

GL by Elizabeth

Dinah calls Ross and tells him she's homesick. Cassie finds out her imposter has been pretending to be her since before Richard died. Tammy, Lizzie, Remy and Joey head to the dance. Phillip gives Olivia the guidelines of his business plan and she agrees. Alexandra sets Frank up. Ross receives a phone call about someone corrupt in the Springfield PD. Harley admits to Gus that she talked to Marie Green about Alexandra's involvement with Brad Green/Antimonious.

OLTL by Janice

Natalie is worried about Antonio and shares her worries with him. Jessica unknowingly gets into bed with Tico, thinking it is Antonio. After their shock and embarrassment wears off, Tico tells Jessica he’s afraid Antonio may fall into the Santi life. Antonio later reassures her that won’t happen. Jen runs into Kevin and is surprised to see how angry he is. He later runs into Kelly, further hurting her when he tells her they should never have gotten involved with one another. Kevin is later arrested for driving drunk. Evangeline and Todd share a drink, and Evangeline talks about her feelings. John comes to believe he should not be involved with Evangeline. Natalie questions Evangeline about her feelings for John.

Passions by Christa

Theresa sits in her room listening to the radio and hears the news about Antonio’s death. She starts to cry and begins to get pains. Fox snaps out of his fantasy about Whitney saying she loves him. Whitney tells Fox that she will never be side thing like her mother is to Julian. She slaps him across the face and damns him to hell. Later they hear Theresa screaming and they run to her aid. Julian and Eve continue to talk about their past coming out, their son and Sheridan and Luis. Julian says he has to warn Luis about Alistair planning something against him and Sheridan.

Outside the Russell’s Ivy calls Eve and tells her about Liz’s plan to destroy her with Aunt Irma. Eve tells her she already knows. Ivy asks if Eve will back her up, Eve says no. Charity tells Jessica she is leaving Harmony. Jessica says good, and don’t come back. Later Charity talks to Ivy. Ivy also tells her to leave Harmony, she tells her sometimes love just isn’t enough to keep people together. Luis gets a phone call from Julian who warms him about Alistair. Luis finds out Sheridan left the hospital. He finds her at her cottage and she tells him she is leaving him. One of Alistair’s men places a bomb to her car.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

John and Gloria bonded over coffee. After calling her a 'breath of fresh air' and admitting there was no woman in his life, he invited her to dinner the following night. Gloria promptly accepted. Jack and Jill, in from a run, spotted them together. Jack was thrilled to see his Father with a woman. Brad showed up and demanded Jill get to the office and put together a report to save the Men's Line from being axed. Jack voiced his opinion and Brad reminded him he no longer had a vote - or a job - at Jabot. Mac blamed Daniel's lies for their breakup and told him deceit was no way to start a relationship. Daniel told Kevin that psychiatrists were the only ones to gain anything through therapy and suggested he do volunteer work if he was serious about changing his image in town. JT blamed Brittany for Raul's decision to leave town. Brittany asked Raul to stay but he told her they were through, he was going off to college, she would move on with Bobby, and he was no longer going to worry about her. Bobby stopped by after Raul left, and asked Brittany to marry him. Devon lashed out at Lily and told her to leave him alone. Jamal interviewed Kevin for the volunteer bookeeping job and seemed impressed until Lily noticed him and demanded he leave. Neil, hiding in the shadows, observed Devon come to Lily's defence against Kevin, and was impressed. He followed Kevin out, not revealing himself to Lily. Cassie remained fascinated with her Ruby. JT was summoned to the basement of the Rec Centre where the construction crew made a startling discovery... the skeleton of a child, with the second Ruby Earring close by.

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