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AMC by Gisele

Since he has nothing in his life, David tearfully asks Krystal to help him be a good father to Babe by running interference with the Chandlers. Krystal agrees to teach him how to be a real daddy as long as there are no tricks or games. After questioning Jonathan about why he slept with Kendall, Greenlee sees how someone so socially inexperienced could have been taken in by her. Bobby declines Kendall's offer to seduce Greenlee, but she promises to do whatever it takes to get Ryan back even after he threatens to grind her into dust if she tries anything.

Accusing her brother of using his position to keep Dani away from Reggie, Livia threatens to sue for malicious prosecution. After releasing everyone, Derek apologizes to his daughter for his behavior and agrees to let her see Reggie on a limited basis. Jamie refuses Tad's offer to help him and rushes out of the station to go rescue Babe. At Chandler mansion, J.R. assures Babe that he loves her, then claims that Seth slipped her the drug in retaliation for his rebuke and that Jamie is using. J.R. is happy that his plan is working when he hears Babe slap Jamie on the terrace.

ATWT by Cheryl

Margo gets the truth from Jessica and then deduces that the baby must be Doc’s. Dusty reassures Lucy that he didn’t kill Creel (his actual name, I’d been identifying him as Creole) and when she presses him for who did, he keeps mum. Creel’s partner Wade shakes down Craig, giving him 48 hours to come up with 2 million dollars or he rats him out. Roseanna brings Jack and Carly along to Barbara’s dinner party and Paul hires a security guard. Jack tells Barbara that if anything happens, he’s going to track everything down and pin it on her; a worrisome threat, because James called her just before the party started and told her something was going to happen. Just as Walker is about to be toasted by Barbara, the lights go out.

B&B by Matthew

Thorne and Ridge intervene with Brooke and Stephanie. Eric finally takes Stephanie home. Thorne was angry that Ridge wasn't more understanding about their mother so he and Darla leave. Felicia once again spotted Nick and seemed interested. Hector shared his concerns about the modeling project with Ridge who assured him that Caitlin would be taken care of. Thomas promised the same. Meanwhile, Rick and Caitlin got super close in another part of the garden and danced. Eww. Nick left after a small chat with Brooke and later, Brooke and Ridge shared a close dance.

Days by Danielle

Nicole’s alter ego urges her to go after Brady. Brady worries that if he can’t get the concert hall built soon then Chloe won’t be able to come back to Salem. Nicole gives Brady her jewelry as payment to help build the concert hall. Brady refuses the gift. Philip breaks up the fight between Mimi and Jan. Belle and Philip confront Jan about Mimi’s accusations. Jan explains away her comments but Mimi doesn’t believe her. Mimi encourages Belle not to give up on Shawn. Belle declares that she and Shawn are over. Jan delights in the fact that Shawn will be upset to hear Philip and Belle’s joint answering machine recording.

Roman and Marlena hear an explosion but fear that the inhabitants of the plane are dead. Roman encourages Marlena that they will all get back home safely. Marlena considers the possibility that their captor wants them to forget about everyone back home. Marlena and Roman discuss what would have happened had Roman fought harder for Marlena when he first came back to Salem. Patrick stabs a shark to initiate a feeding frenzy among the sharks as Hope and Patrick swim to a crate and start paddling for land. After a series of close calls, Hope and Patrick pull themselves up onto shore right in front of Marlena and Roman. Bo ignores Tek’s warning not to jump into the shark-infested water in his search for Hope. Bo cuts his hand when he finds Hope’s bracelet among the wreckage. The sharks leave Hope and Patrick and go after Bo. Tek shoots the shark after Bo and pulls him back up to the helicopter. John fills Kate in on what Crystal and Jan did to him and his theory about Crystal and Nicole setting Marlena up to die. John and Kate discuss Nicole’s effects on Brady. Kate and John grow closer as Kate gives John a relaxing massage.

GH by Tori

Justus finds out from Edward that Lila died. Tracy comes in and yells at them, claiming they are conspiring against her. Justus tells her what happened. Tracy freaks out. She sits by Edward and they remember past times with Lila. Georgie and Brooke Lynn talk about Dillon. They get a call from Alice and find out that Lila died. Brooke Lynn tells Ned as he walked in to L&B. Ned goes to check on Edward, and Brooke Lynn waits for Lois. Dillon goes to the hospital looking for Georgie. Lois tells Dillon she signed for a package and was shocked to find out that it was pills for erectile dysfunction. Lois thinks they are for Ned, but Dillon says they are for Alan. Alan comes over and denies it. Monica tells them about Lila. Felicia, Maxie, Mac, and Georgie remember Lila. Lois comes and talks to Brooke about Lila. Ned and Dillon comfort Tracy. Monica and Alan talk to Edward. Emily and Lucky talk outside of Kelly’s. Nikolas gives Lucky crap for moving in on Emily. Emily gets a call and finds out about Lila’s death. Nikolas says he’s sorry, and Emily leaves to go find Jason. Sam makes Jason quit drinking coffee until the baby is born. Jason asks Sam what’s bothering her. She gets ready to tell him when Emily shows up. Emily tells him about Lila. They remember old times. Nikolas tells Alexis about Lila. She tells Nikolas about Lila. Emily and Jason walk in. Edward tells Jason that he reminds him of Lila the most out of the family, then Jason leaves. Jason tells Sam about Lila. Sam asks to name the baby Lila. Monica, Emily, and Lucky remember Luke and Lila’s flirting. Lois and Brooke Lynn show up at the Quartermaine’s. Tracy points out how sad it is that the only way everyone could be in the same room together like a real family was for Lila to die. Edward asks her to not attack the family and holds her. He then goes out on the back porch and remembers Lila.

GL by Elizabeth

Josh threatens Tony if he doesn't dissolve the partnership he has with Bill. Phillip tells Josh that he has a big surprise in store for Olivia. Michelle arrives at the beach late and then offers their house for the 'after dance' party. Bill tells Olivia he wants nothing to do with her. Bill tells Shane he needs to make his own decisions. Olivia is

OLTL by Janice

Todd is able to figure out where Margaret is, and leads the police to her house. He successfully talks Margaret into giving him Ace, so he can put Ace to bed and they can have some alone time. Todd escapes with Ace, and returns him to an overjoyed Kelly. Kevin goes to Viki and accuses Todd of writing the slanderous article in the paper about him. Viki points out that the article was obviously written by a child due to the language, and has had all the passwords changed. Starr and Travis discover passwords have been changed. Kevin continues to go after Todd, and when seeing Kelly, Todd and Ace together, he jumps to the wrong conclusion. Kevin physically attacks Todd which upsets and disgusts Viki. Jessica gives a sample of Tico’s blood to John for testing. John and Evangeline flirt, but are interrupted by Jessica. Antonio finds the shooter, but neither Sonia or Tico have ever seen him before. Antonio continues to be suspicious, but Sonia reminds him she saved his life. She eludes to the fact that she killed Padillo for some past indiscretions, but does not go into detail. Antonio agrees to help Sonia get Tico back to Llanfair.

Passions by Christa

On the cliff, Whitney asks Fox if she really is his mystery woman. He tells her that she is. He tells her she is perfect, beautiful and smart and that she has always had his heart and always will. She asks about Theresa, and he says they both knew the other was in love with other people. She gets mad and lashes out at him and slaps him. He tells her he thinks she loves him too and for her to admit it. She says she does and she kisses him. At the hospital Miguel talks to Pilar and tells her they are praying for her. She wakes and tells him she loves him. She begins to take a heart attack and Miguel calls for help. Eve rushes in.

Julian and Alistair argue. Julian tells him to leave Sheridan alone. Alistair tells him he should be worrying about himself once TC finds out about his past with Eve. He tells him good luck on finding his son and that his son would never be part of the Crane Empire. Sheridan tells Luis it’s her fault for his family being torn apart. She blames herself for Antonio’s death and Pilar’s condition. Later on, Sheridan sees Alistair and calls him a monster for killing her husband. He says she is the monster and she is the one causes Luis pain. Sam and Ivy go over to the Russell’s to give their condolence to Liz. TC is making a scrap book for Eve. Ivy sees Aunt Irma and Liz tells her she is Eve’s aunt and she knows all about Eve and she is waiting for Eve to return home so Irma can tell TC everything. Liz tells Ivy that Eve is going to lose TC and she is going to lose Sam.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Brittany's doctor came by the Loft, told her her surgery scar was healing on schedule, and gave her two weeks before the face patch could be removed. She worried that wouldn't give her enough time to be ready for the grand opening of “Marilyn's”. Raul was furious to know she'd still go back to singing there, and Brittany angrily stormed away as she realized he still didn't respect her dreams. Alone with JT, Raul refused to fight for Brittany and revealed that he would be leaving Genoa City to start over somewhere, very soon. Bobby and Angelo argued about the lack of money flowing in to the club. Angelo suggested operating as a strip joint for awhile longer, now that they don't have to share money with Mr. Lewis. Bobby said he made a promise to Brittany that he refused to break, considering he intended to propose. Kevin and Gloria had breakfast together at The Athletic Club, where Gina cold-shouldered Kevin. He suggested Gloria not mention her connection to him if she was serious about building a life for herself in GC. Gloria told Kevin to give serious thought to seeking professional help to deal with his anger, and told him to give her time to make a life for BOTH of them. Alone, Gloria overheard Gina talk with John Abbott. She then purposefully fell towards John, introduced herself and told him she was a fan of Jabot. John knew there was something familiar about the last name 'Fisher' but didn't know what it was. He invited her to join him at his table. Daniel inquired about Phyllis and Damon's relationship and asked if Phyllis would consider getting an apartment for just the two of them, since they'd never lived together. Alone with Damon, Phyllis was so thrilled by the prospect that she didn't notice what Damon did... that Daniel seemed to be making her adjust her life to suit his needs. He asked her what she wanted to do and Phyllis admitted she needed time to think. Sharon was released on bail but decided to tell Dt. Weber the entire story about Cameron Kirsten. Weber was doubtful, but Michael pointed out that Sharon had been victimized and hadn't killed anyone. Weber agreed to speak with Cameron. At the hotel, he interrogated Cameron, who admitted he'd lied to the Newman's about being on an island with an ex-girlfriend. He told Weber he had nothing against the family and had even offered Nick a job. Weber told him he wanted to speak to Grace the moment she returned. Cameron thanked him and sent him on his way, while Weber stood on the other side of the closed door looking more than a little suspicious.

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