The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/13/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Giselle

After questioning Jamie, Reggie, and Seth separately, Derek refuses to listen to his daughter's pleas for understanding and places everyone under arrest for possession with intent to deliver drugs. Reggie informs Jamie that J.R. paid off Seth to leave town. J.R. tells police that he rescued his baby from the clutches of a kidnapper while his wife just stood by. While J.R. looks through mug shots at the station, Jamie cautions Babe to be careful because her husband drugged her.

Anita interrupts Krystal and Tad's romantic time demanding answers about Bobby's involvement with Erica. Krystal helps her realize that no perfect man truly exists. Derek calls Tad with news of his son's arrest. After Bobby storms into Fusion's office demanding to know why Aidan is destroying his marriage, Kendall takes him aside and offers to help him get his wife back if he seduces Greenlee.

ATWT by Linda

Emily and Chris are let out of the cellar by Lisa, who promises to keep their secret. Allison gives a moving speech that seems to heal the rift between Kim and Susan. Craig slithers out of Donald Creole’s murder when Lily provides him an alibi, while at the station, ballistics prove that Dusty’s gun killed Creole. Doc tries to get Jessica to help him legally with the Jill nonsense, Jessica reiterating that she doesn’t want him in her life at all. Margo finds out that Jessica was at the motel that day and confronts Jessica with it.

B&B by Matthew

Days by Danielle

Mimi and Rex take a bath together. Rex reassures Mimi that she is the only woman for him. Mimi shares her worries about ending up like Belle and Shawn. Jan describes Shawn when telling Belle and Philip about her engagement. Jan refuses to tell them the man’s name, insisting that the engagement is still a secret. Belle offers an olive branch to Jan. Philip vows to find out what Jan is hiding. Belle and Philip are suspicious when Jan has no trouble knowing how to open Belle’s windows. Mimi attacks Jan when she overhears her talking about killing Belle and Philip. Lucas overhears Sami vowing to cut men out of her life forever. He lets himself into her apartment, only to be accidentally hit by a bookend Sami threw. Sami profusely apologizes to an unconscious Lucas, waking him with a kiss. Lucas confronts Sami about not being able to stand seeing him in bed with Manda. Sami counters with a kiss. Lucas and Sami declare their love for each other and make love. Lucas teases Sami by calling out Manda’s name. Sami’s counter of tickling makes the bed break.

Bo insists that Hope is still alive. Bo initiates a search and rescue mission despite Tek’s objections. Bo refuses Tek’s request to step down as police commander, punching him out to get past him. Bo wants to board the rescue helicopter but is stopped by the judge. Bo leaves while Tek tries to convince the judge that Bo should stay on the case. The judge orders Tek to go with Bo on the helicopter and arrest him if Bo steps outside the law. Hope lays unconscious on some wreckage floating in the ocean. Bo flies over the crash site as Hope slides off into the water.

GH by Lisa

Carly confronts Sam and Sam threatens to take the baby and Jason out of the country. Sonny convinces Ric that he wants Sam brought to justice for murdering her mother. Ric agrees to give him the police file on her mother's death.

Courtney refuses to take Jax's check and wants to continue the bet. Courtney is enjoying the game too much. Dillon finds out he can order erection enhancing medication over the internet. Alcazar tells Lois that he loves Carly and Lois is shocked.

GL by Elizabeth

Lizzie pretends to apologize to Tammy for stealing Joey. Tammy doesn't accept the apology and tells Lizzie she's ready to fight for Joey. Frank tells Buzz not to trust Alexandra. Harley stresses out about the wedding, and Alan pops in with the perfect wedding rings. Gus asks Frank to be his best man and Frank accepts. Danny and Mel set up a beach picnic for Michelle. Michelle saves a man's life while at the Beacon. Tony takes Michelle to the Lighthouse, because it feels familiar to her. Alexandra gets a file with photos of Darci and Salerno & Brad Green and slips them into Frank's briefcase.

OLTL by Kathy

Kelly discovers Ace has been kidnapped, and turns to Todd for help. Todd and Kelly go to the police for help, and John immediately puts all resources into action. David returns home, and Dorian suspects he found the money and is keeping it from her. David assures her there was no money, and is hurt by Dorian’s suspicions. Paul asks Natalie to move in, and she accepts. Once again, Marcie wins the Search and Destroy contest at Ultra Violet, and donates the money to the Love project. Antonio learns that Sonia is Tico’s adopted sister, and Antonio reveals he was working undercover. Antonio is still suspicious of the two. Starr and Travis are able to use Todd’s password to gain access to the Banner-Sun computer, and write a nasty article about Kevin. Jen suggests the Love crew hold a benefit concert, featuring Marcie and Midnight Logic in order to raise the money they need. A bullet is fired through Tico’s hospital room window.

Passions by Christa

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Over dinner at the Athletic Club, Brad was bothered when Abby referred to him as "Daddy #1" and Victor as "Daddy #2". They discussed their visit with a child psychologist who recommended Victor's visitation with the child only occur in their presence. Brad admitted to Ash that he cannot go on like this forever, and wondered about the future of their relationship now that Victor is a permanent part of their lives. Jack and Jill had dinner together and she told him about agreeing to check things out at Chancellor Industries while Kay was away. Jack mentioned that it had been a long time since he'd seen the place, and thought of visiting. Jill invited him for a swim and nightcap, and he agreed to go but noticed Ash and Brad, and decided he had a few things to say. Alone with Ash, Jack admitted to being a bit bitter she had ousted him from Jabot, but agreed that they'd done what needed to be done. Ash said the money from Victor wasn't going as far as she hoped, but wouldn't discuss it further with Jack. They did talk about Victor's visitation with Abby and Jack was happy to learn about the conditions. Damon and Phyllis discussed her fears that Daniel would turn on her, as Danny suggested. Damon was perfectly happy to have the two of them stay with him and told Phyllis to have faith that she would win her son over. Daniel went to Christine's to pack his things. Christine and Danny begged him not to leave but he lashed out at both of them, telling Christine to stay out of his life and stop controlling him, and telling Danny to let him go or call the police, but he was not staying there. Christine told Danny to let him go. Michael met with Nicholas and advised him to say nothing else to the police. Nick went to Cassie and told her about Sharon's arrest and about Frank Barrett's murder. Cassie realized Frank was her biological Father but told Nick that as far as she's concerned, he's the only Dad she'll ever have. Sharon remembered her entire ordeal with Cameron, then met with Michael who promised he he'd get her out of this and advised her to keep quiet about Cameron for now. Nick came by and promised Sharon he would stand by her and they would come through the ordeal together.

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