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AMC by Giselle

Danielle convinces her dad to trust her enough to let her see Reggie. Determined to find out if J.R. is following in his dad's footsteps, Jamie secures Reggie's help in setting up a drug deal with Seth. Derek is stunned when he finds Danielle and Reggie picking up packets of drugs that Seth dropped.

After taking his wife and baby to the park, J.R. proceeds with his plan to make this a day Babe will never forget. To help Bianca forget the first anniversary of her rape, Maggie takes her on a "play date" at the park. Realizing they're cousins, Maggie and Babe hug. Once Babe is alone with Bess, J.R. leaves then sneaks back and snatches the baby while Babe is distracted. At Fusion, Jonathan smugly informs Kendall that he's now working for his brother. A smitten Simone offers him her services but soon learns that Kendall has beaten her to the punch. Much to Greenlee's consternation, Kendall decides not to bow out gracefully and keeps her shares, so she can launch a new campaign with Jonathan as her partner and make sure she's not forgotten.

ATWT by Linda

Kim and Susan nearly take each other’s heads off in front of the wedding planner Kim hired. The wedding planner advised Allison to elope. Craig shoots Donald Creole, but before he dies he tells Dusty that Lucy’s father was the one behind everything. Dusty is taken into custody and tells Nikki and Hal that they should be talking to Craig Montgomery. Emily and Chris find the next key in the Lakeview’s wine cellar, but are locked in when Lisa guarantees Casey that she won’t let anyone else in the cellar until Tom gets off work later that day.

B&B by Matthew

Brooke and Ridge say their "I Do's" for the 500th time, but at least make fun of how often their nuptials occur. Stephanie and Nick continue to get drunk at Chuck's Bar, but Stephanie decides to head for the wedding...hopefully in a cab. In his office, Jackie visits Massimo and pleads for forgiveness. After some arguing, Massimo demands that she leave, but Jackie refuses and kisses Mass square on the lips.

Days by Danielle

Belle and Philip confront Jan. Belle buys Jan’s sob story. Philip urges Belle to not believe Jan’s story. Jan pretends not to know where Shawn is. Jan flaunts her engagement ring, claiming it to be from a man other than Shawn. Sami dreams of being old and alone while having to watch Lucas and Manda live happily ever after. Lucas fantasizes about Sami as he makes love to Manda. Manda gets upset when Lucas calls out Sami’s name. Sami decides to take Belle’s advice and talk to Lucas but instead walks in on Lucas and Manda in bed. Sami is delighted to see Manda storm out of Lucas’ life. Lucas denies to Sami that he was thinking about her while making love with Manda. Sami and Lucas argue and insist that they wish nothing to do with each other.

Bo is determined to stop Patrick’s plane. Tek tracks the plane as it goes into restricted air space used by the government for missile testing. Patrick refuses to let Hope contact Bo. Patrick offers to land at the nearest airport and let Hope get back to her family. Hope grills Patrick about his past. Bo contacts the military to warn them not to shoot down Patrick and Hope’s plane but they refuse his warning. Patrick is able to avoid the missile but it is still on their tail. Bo and Tek watch the missile hit the plane via the missile’s web cam. Jennifer going into possible labor interrupts Jack and Jennifer’s happy reunion. Jack gives Jennifer back the locket as he promises never to let her go. Jack tells Jennifer that he never sent her any messages. Jennifer tells Jack about e-mailing Hope. Jack tells Jennifer about everyone being alive as he tries to stay conscious. Eventually, Jack passes out.

GH by Suzanne

Ned and Lois go dancing. Jax and Courtney are there, too, so they say hi. Lois quizzes Courtney about her camping trip with Jax. Both Courtney and Jax want their relationship to go further, but Courtney is unsure about Jax's intentions and Jax thinks the bet is getting in his way. Lois flirts with Lorenzo across the room; Courtney is not happy to see him and fills Lois in on why. He sends champagne over to them. Lorenzo and Lois argue more about whether Sage will sign with L&B. Ned also warns Lois about Lorenzo. Dillon can't get an erection when he and Georgie are about to make love. She blames herself, thinking she's not sexy enough. She first talks with Brook Lynn about it and then plants a kiss on Lucas as an experiment. Dillon does research on the net and also speaks to Trent. Sage overhears Brook and Georgie talking about, so she heads over to L&B. She puts the moves on Dillon and ends up kissing him. She laughs at him for not getting turned on. Sage slaps him for rejecting her as Tracy walks in. She tries to convince Dillon to leave L&B for something more respectable. Lois and Ned come in and argue with her so that Dillon can slip out. Later, on the docks, Jax finds Courtney and gives her the check for her foundation, saying she won.

Jason follows Sam to a bike shop where he sees her embracing a man. He confronts Sam back at the apartment about where she went. Sonny comes in and does the same. She claims she just wanted some air. They yell at her for putting herself at risk. They want her to leave the country, but she refuses, saying she wants to be near Sonny when the baby is born. Jason tells Sonny about what he saw when he followed Sam. Carly sees Sonny with Faith so she confronts Faith in order to get more information about their chat. It devolves into a pushing match, which Lorenzo breaks up. He tells Carly in private that Faith ordered the hit on Sonny and employed Sam's ex-boyfriend. Carly pretends that Lorenzo is bothering her when Max comes up. Carly has Max take her to where Sonny is. She just misses Sonny at the safehouse but sees Sam instead. Carly locks the door from the inside and tells Sam that she intends to get the truth out of her. Meanwhile, Jason finds someone hiding inside a house.

GL by Kate

OLTL by Kathy

Margaret kidnaps Jack, but later returns him safely to Blair, with a warning that Todd will be spending lots more time with Ace. Margaret later returns and kidnaps Ace, calling him hers and Todd’s baby. Antonio “escapes” arrest, as Sonia is arrested and questioned. An FBI agent steps in to take her into custody, much to John’s displeasure. This FBI agent is on the take, and releases her. Jessica calls Antonio and tells him to come to the hospital, where she introduces him to Tico. Antonio isn’t trusting of Tico, and continues to gently question him. Antonio learns that the FBI is rounding up the Santi organization, and finally tells Jessica he was undercover. Later, Sonia catches him at Tico’s room, and demands to know who is in the room. With gun drawn, she enters the room. John arrests Natalie, Paul and David on a “417” order, and orders them all back to Llanview. Kevin tells Kelly he can’t forgive her, and physically removes her from the house. Viki takes Starr on a shopping trip. Todd informs Blair that he will not have to serve jail time, but will have to pay a fine and do community service.

Passions by Christa

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

At Damon's apartment, Phyllis was stunned by Daniel's request to spend the night, and his referral to her as 'Mom'. Daniel confirmed that he was not kidding, and admitted that the last place he wanted to be was with Christine, considering all she'd put their family through. Phyllis happily introduced Damon and Daniel, who left to go get some clothes. Alone with Damon, Phyllis asked him if her son could stay the night and he agreed. At Christine's, Danny was less than thrilled to learn about a possible concert tour in Canada, considering everything happening with Daniel. Christine offered a pep talk, reminding Danny that he was bang on when he told Phyllis that Daniel would eventually see her for who she is. Christine advised Danny to be patient. Drucilla and Neil continued to argue about Devon, with Neil suggesting Dru focus on Lily rather than someone else's child. Dru pointed out that Devon needs more than a mentor, he needs a full-time caregiver, and she's convinced that can be her. At the Rec Centre, Devon and Lily spoke and he admitted to her that sometimes he wishes he had someone to look out for him the way her parents look out for her. Miss Davis later led a group of Mother's through the centre, promising them Victor Newman would not abandon the place after his probation was up. She lectured Devon about not working and reminded him that if he doesn't clean up his act, he'll end up in prison. Lily overheard Miss Davis talk about Devon's underage drinking and occasional theft complaints at the group home. Nikki dropped by the Rec Centre and immediately recognized it as a former paint company where her Father worked when she was a child. Cassie took her on a tour, and Nikki was incredibly distracted. Alone in the store room where the Ruby Earring was found, Nikki began going through old boxes. Grace stopped by Nick and Sharon's and frantically told them she believes Cameron is insane and that he killed Frank Barrett to frame Sharon. Nick demanded she join them at the police station, or stay put until they returned. Grace was left alone, and later fled. At the station, Sharon and Nick were questioned by Dt. Weber who knew about Nick's confrontation with Frank last December. Nick stressed that while he and Sharon were bothered by Frank's presence, they were not killers. Dt. Weber was confused... seeing as to how blood was found under luminol lighting on the sheet around Frank's body, bearing the name: SHARON. As Nick and Sharon realized the implications, Dt. Weber read Sharon her rights and she was arrested to prevent her from fleeing the country.

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