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AMC by Suzanne

Greenlee tells Kendall that she and Ryan are ready to take over Fusion and Enchantment. Kendall defies her but reveals that she is very alone without Ryan. Ryan's brother asks him how he feels about catching him in bed with Kendall. Ryan says he's over Kendall and it doesn't matter.

Maria keeps having flashbacks of her past romance with Slater. Bobbie urges Anita to give him another chance and assures her he never slept with Erica. She says it doesn't matter, she still cannot trust him and their marriage is over.

ATWT by Linda

Lily is less than pleased that Holden has brought Molly to their home to recover from her recent misfortune. Dusty tells Lucy that he’s close to making contact with the men who kidnapped her. Donald Creole tells Craig that he and his partner want 1 million dollars to keep their mouths shut about his involvement in Lucy’s kidnapping. Craig agrees to meet them with the money, but is instead taking a gun. Cabot’s disappearance is rectified when another woman with the same stroller brings Cabot back. Barbara assures Paul that she had nothing to do with Cabot’s appearing in the living room, but everything goes crazy when Jordan and Jennifer reports what happened at the coffee shop. They all vow to never let Cabot out of their sights, each of them taking a shift, Paul starting. Roseanna tells Paul that she’s ready to be in a relationship with him. Barbara talks with James on the phone and asks for his protection because Paul is sure that she’s involved with the baby capers and James is delighted. Margo becomes suspicious of Jessica and makes an appointment to talk with the staff of the motel in Bay City. Kim receives a letter from Jill and advises Doc to make it go away or he loses his job.

B&B by Susann

Felicia and Kristin arrive for the wedding. Eric tells them about the situation with Stephanie. Stephanie and Brooke continue their confrontation, with Brooke telling Stephanie that she must accept the marriage if she wants to stay in the family. Ridge tells Nick that he can still see Hope if he wants. Nick tells Ridge he’s not coming to the wedding. Caitlin’s photo shoot for Ingénue takes off. Caitlin is painted up and her hair dyed. Caitlin agrees to go to the wedding with Thomas, even though she’d rather be with Rick. Stephanie and Nick meet up in a bar and get roaring drunk. Stephanie decides she’s going to the wedding.

Days by Kathy

Jan finishes tying up Nicole and taping her mouth shut, when she hears Brady come in the house.  Jan knocks over Nicole and runs.  Brady finds Nicole tied to the chair, unconscious and bleeding from a head gash.  Brady frees her, and when Nicole comes to, explains that Crystal went berserk and tied her up, trying to kill her.  Jan escapes, hears noises from the barn, and goes in to find John about to get the truth out of Crystal.  Jan hits John over the head with a shovel, knocking him out.  Crystal kisses John goodbye, waking him up, so Jan hits him over the head again.  She wants to kill John, but Crystal stops her.  Both women hide outside as John comes to, searching for Crystal.  John stumbles into the mansion and accuses Nicole of hitting him.  Brady comes to her rescue, saying she was tied up, on the floor bleeding, and no way could have hit him.  John realizes a third person is involved, and vows to get to the bottom.  Belle turns to Sami for comfort, and the two sisters share ice cream and talk about their love lives.  Sami tells Bell that Philip has feelings for her.  Belle decides to find Philip and repair their friendship.  Belle and Philip find each other on the docks, as Jan hides, listening.  Jan accidentally knocks over some boxes, and Belle and Philip discover that Jan is back in town.  Lucas tries to concentrate on Manda, but finds every time he looks at her, he sees Sami.  Lucas finally takes her back to his place, but pauses at Samiís door.  Manda comments on this, but Lucas says heís finished with Sami, as Sami listens at the door.  Jack is able to pull himself to safety, but Jennifer is still on the ledge.  Jennifer tells him to save himself and tell Abby she loves her, but Jack refuses to give up.  He finally rigs some vines and a log, climbs down, and climbs back up, carrying Jennifer, to safety, just as the ledge she was standing on breaks.  They share a sweet reunion once they reach safety, getting drenched by a rain storm.

GH by Tori

Ric questions Sonny and Carly about Sam. Sam calls someone over her cell phone telling them she’ll come as soon as it’s safe. Emily walks in and questions her about the pone call. Jason argues with Nikolas and ends up hitting him, then leaves. Helena shows up at Wyndemere, she tries to tell him they are great friends, but he refuses to be lied to. Emily goes to Kelly’s and talks to Elizabeth and Lucky. She asks them to help her get Nikolas to remember. Lucky gets upset and leaves. Elizabeth and Emily talk about Lucky. Lucky goes to Wyndemere to talk to Nikolas. Jason tells Sam that they’re leaving the country, she says she can’t. Lorenzo and Carly talk outside of Kelly’s. Sam talks the guard into leaving to get her some vitamins, and she leaves. Jason follows her to a building.

Georgie and Dillon argue about Lucas and making love. Dillon leaves.  Brooke Lynn accuses Lois and Ned of stealing her music. She gives Sage her song, and leaves. Brooke Lynn goes to Kelly’s and talks to Georgie. Georgie goes to L&B and her and Dillon make up. They start to make out, but things aren’t “rising for the occasion” for Dillon. Lois says she’ll do her best to make Sage a star. Lorenzo comes and invites Lois to go have a drink. She turns him down. Lorenzo talks to Faith outside of Kelly’s.

GL by Suzanne

will be late

OLTL by Kathy

Dorian and Carlotta inform John that Adriana is safe in the convent, saying that Antonio took keep her from harm. John wonders what is really happening, as Jen’s footage shows Adriana being kidnapped. Bo suggests John go to Puerto Rico to find out what is happening. Bo and Nora reach the boiling point, and Nora divides the house in two so they don’t end up killing each other. Finally, they are both given a clean bill of health. Matthew is sorry to see Bo leave, but he later returns and enjoys pizza and a movie with Nora and Matthew. The Love Crew are at each other’s throats, when Roxy decides it’s time for some roommate changes. She pairs Jen and Riley together, and Julie and Hudson. Nick and Mark share a room, and Marcie is left with Shannon. None are too happy about the change, but have little choice. Antonio and Sonia separate to find Natalie and Paul, when Antonio runs into Emilio. He fills him in, and learns that Jessica is in Puerto Rico. He also learns that someone was being held hostage, and is in the hospital recovering. Sonia sees Antonio talking to Emilio, and demands answers. Antonio covers, saying they are old friends. Later, Sonia watches as Antonio talks to John. John sees Sonia first, then grabs John, throws him to the ground, holds a gun to him, and pretends to arrests him.

Passions by Christa

At the Russell’s, Eve makes Julian leave before TC sees him. TC goes through the back door, luckily Aunt Irma went to use the bathroom. TC tells Eve how could this happen, she thinks he already knows about her. Then he explains about Antonio’s death. When Liz comes down he tries to tell her but she keeps telling him about a visitor she wants him to meet. So, TC tells her to get her visitor. At the hospital Miguel goes after Charity and tells her she can't leave. He tells her to remember their love. They have flashbacks. She says she remembers their love and they kiss. Kay is talking to Tabitha on the phone telling her about Charity’s visit to her and about her saying she is leaving Harmony. She says she has to see what they are doing. She goes out of her room and she sees Charity and Miguel kissing.

While sleeping Sheridan starts having the dreams of the person under the bloody sheet. She wakes up and Luis comforts her. She has a flashback of her mother singing to her. Then she falls back to sleep and dreams of Alistair calling her a wicked little girl. In Mexico, Martin takes his stress out on a punching bag and says he wish it was Alistair. Katherine sees a scar on Martin’s back. Katherine looks at photo before all the plastic surgery. She has flashbacks. Martin tried to save Katherine from Alistair and after Martin pushed him down he got back up he stabbed Martin in the back with a letter opener.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Nikki continued playing piano and having flashbacks of Cassie's Ruby, and of a child screaming. She was interrupted by Nick and Sharon who brought the news about the dead body being identified as that of Frank Barrett. Nikki was horrified to realize this was Cameron's plan to destroy Sharon, and said there must be something they could find to use against him. Nick and Sharon received a call from Dt. Weber informing them there was new evidence and he needed to see them at the station right away. Nikki agreed to watch the kids and keep Cassie away from TV just in case. Grace returned to the hotel where Cameron told her about Nick's visit, and admitted to hating the man. He asked Grace if she would be on his side still if he told her the dead body belonged to Frank Barrett. Though Grace pledged allegiance to a doubtful Cameron, she used the bellhop's visit as an opportunity to exit the room. Drucilla stopped Devon from stealing the sandwich at Crimson Lights and talked to him about her own difficult history on the streets. She asked him about his plans for the future, and bought him a sandwich before sending him on his way. At home, Dru admitted to Neil that she believes she could mentor Devon. Neil immediately told her that if she was planning to move Devon in with them, she could forget it. Lily and Cassie were discussing Cassie's desire to find the woman who belonged to the Ruby, when Devon entered and mentioned to Lily that Dru had bought him a sandwich. JT surprised Brittany with a gag gift of a Princess Tiara and Sash. Though he laughed it off, she pointed out that he'd gone across town just to make her feel better about her surgery. Daniel and Kevin discussed how difficult women could be and agreed that age shouldn't matter. When Daniel admitted to feeling like a pawn in his parent's war against one another, Kevin innocently suggested he do something to shake things up. Phyllis told Damon about her encounter with Daniel and about the fallout with Danny. Damon told her not to worry about losing Daniel, but to let him make up his own mind. Alone, Phyllis cursed Danny and Christine, believing she'd already lost Daniel. He showed up at the door and stunned her by asking if he could spend the night, and calling her mom.

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