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AMC by Jennifer

David confronts Babe, as a strict father, that he's worried she may have chosen to do drugs to get put in the ER. But she somehow convinces him that she did not drug herself, somebody else did. He is about ready to put two and two together when he finds out that JR is not as concerned about the woman he chose to marry as David is about his newly discovered daughter.

Zack Slater comes to visit Maria, Edmund, Anita, Derek and Livia. Bobbie suddenly shows up out of nowhere and tells Anita he wants them to get back together. But she tells him it's over, she's filing for divorce and that is final. Maria has flashbacks of her romantic involvement with Slater.

ATWT by Linda

Margo confronts Jessica about the compact, Jessica telling her that it was hers and that she did see Doc that night at Schneider’s Pond. Margo was curious and Jessica told her that she was there to run interference for Margo, Margo believing it. They cry about their argument and Ben mistakes it for Jessica telling Margo she’s pregnant, blurting it out to both stunned women. Nikki and Mike hit it off, having known each other before and leave poor Henry in the dust. Henry tries to encourage Mike not to attend the “group date” they’ve arranged for later. Barbara invites the whole clan at Fairwinds to dinner and is met with skepticism. Paul then accuses her of orchestrating the whole mysterious appearance of Cabot downstairs, Barbara vehemently denying it. Jordan and Jennifer are having coffee and when the go to pay, they leave Cabot sitting by their table. After making plans for the rest of the afternoon, Jennifer goes to pick up Cabot, but it’s another baby. Just as Starzyack’s henchman is about to strangle Molly, Holden rescues her. He and Jack had found that Starzyack owned the whole block and since the police were looking in the other buildings, Holden decided to check out the one Molly was being held in. He escorts her to the Police Department for questioning.

B&B by Susann

Brooke and Ridge are in bed with the baby, discussing their joy at getting married today. Hope jumps into bed with the too. Nick is on the Shady Marlin, sadly gazing into the ocean with the compass bracelet he had given Brooke in his hand. Stephanie is having morning coffee with Eric, telling him about her nice dinner with Thorne the night before. Eric shows Stephanie the invitation and asks her to go. But she refuses. Rick shows Caitlin her new office at Forrester. Brooke and Ridge make a deal with each other. She will ask Stephanie to the wedding, and he will ask Nick. Both Nick and Brooke daydream a bit about their good times together. Ridge goes to Nick’s boat to ask him to the wedding, and Nick shows him a new cargo ship that he’s named after Hope. Brooke goes to Stephanie’s and asks her to the wedding, and they have a huge confrontation where Brooke accuses Stephanie of lusting after her own son.

Days by Danielle

Philip packs his things, continuing to deny his true feelings to Belle. Belle apologizes. Philip continues to try and convince Belle to forget Shawn which makes Belle retract her apology and insist that Philip leave. John confronts Crystal about setting up Marlena. Crystal continues to claim that Marlena was sneaking out of prison to come after John. John offers a deal to Crystal, promising that they won’t give her the death penalty if she talks. Crystal decides to talk. Jan agrees to tie Nicole up and make it look like Crystal did it. Nicole threatens Jan that if Crystal talks, Nicole will bring Jan down too. Jan gets fed up with Nicole’s threats and demands and wants to kill her. Nicole pleads with Jan, insisting that Jan needs her around.

Hope fires a warning shot to make Patrick get off the plane. Patrick shows Hope the e-mail containing the plane’s number that Jennifer sent to her PDA. Patrick checks the records and finds that the plane’s last 10 trips were round trip from Salem to islands in the Caribbean. Patrick asks Hope to keep the cops away. Hope agrees to let Patrick get away from the cops only if she goes with him. Bo and Tek race after Hope. They track her location to the private airfield. Tek calls for backup. Tek shoots out one of the plane’s wheels and Bo uses his car to try and stop the plane. Hope urges Patrick to stop the plane before he collides with Bo’s car. Jack continues to deny knowing Patrick. Jack ties vines together to haul Jennifer up off the side of the cliff. Davies, who had been presumed dead, attacks Jack as he is lifting Jennifer up. Davies severs the vine rope and both Jack and Jen fall back over the side of the cliff. Jack tries to get Jennifer to climb up his legs but the ledge she is standing on gives way.

GH by Lisa

Jason hides Sam at a safe house. Jason tells her that he will fix everything or they will disappear together. Georgie feels betrayed by Lynn and they argue Dillon is jealous of Georgie and Lucus's friendship. Lois confronts Sage and Trent about their late night recording session. Brook Lynn arrives and hears Sage singing a song that she wrote. Courtney and Jax are on a camping trip and she confides in him and they grow closer. Alexis tells Nikolas about the kind of person his grandmother is.

GL by Suzanne

will be late

OLTL by Janice

Viki tries to reason with Kevin regarding Todd when Kevin tells Viki that Todd is Ace’s father. Blair and Kelly get into a physical argument over Ace’s paternity, and Blair threatens to tell Kevin the entire truth. Kelly turns to Viki for help, but Viki doesn’t want to have to choose between her brother and her son. Blair tries to tell Kevin that neither he nor Todd are Ace’s father, but Kevin won’t listen to her. Kevin calls and attorney and signs divorce papers. RJ continues to question Evangeline when she meets Todd at Capricorn. RJ accuses her of sleeping with both Todd and John. Evangeline tries to explain that she hoped their relationship would work out, but RJ is too angry. Antonio is ordered by Jaime to shoot Sonia, and at the last second, as he is holding the gun on her, Jaime claims Antonio passed the test. One of the Santi thugs then pulls a gun on Antonio, Antonio shoots and kills him, as Sonia shoots and kills Jaime. Jessica discovers Tico Santi locked in the vault, and sets him free, and gets him to a hospital, where he explains he wanted no parts of the Santi business. Jessica tells him about Antonio and Adriana. Sonia allows Antonio to call Adriana, and learns she is safe at the convent. Antonio and Sonia head for the vault, but find it empty. Antonio realizes someone was recently held prisoner there. Paul, David and Natalie set off for the vault, and when they arrive, Natalie stands lookout outside, while Paul and David go in, and are immediately arrested by FBI, while Natalie escapes.

Passions by Christa

Eve and Julian continue to talk in Eve’s kitchen. She tells him that with him being by her side it won’t make up for all the things she worked so hard for and will lose. They hug and Liz and Aunt Irma walk in on them. Aunt Irma says Eve hasn’t changed at all. Eve and Julian go to the living room. They hear a car, its TC getting home. At the hospital, Luis and Sheridan tell Miguel about Pilar’s health. Then they give him the news about Antonio’s death. He is upset and tells Luis that Charity is leaving Harmony. Luis and Sheridan tell him not to let her go, make her remember their love. Charity visits Kay at the hospital and tells her she was right everything was her fault and she is leaving Harmony. Miguel comes in and tells Charity she can’t leave he needs her. Kay tells him to let Charity go because she and Maria need him too. He says he can’t let her go and says “sorry Kay”, and leaves.

Gwen worries about Ethan’s feelings for Theresa because he seems concerned about Antonio’s death and how Theresa will take it. Ivy tells her not to worry; she is Ethan’s wife, not Theresa. She says it was a tragic accident and he is concerned for the whole family. Later, Ethan and Gwen leave to go visit Pilar at the hospital. At the Seacliff Inn, Chad tries to get Fox to tell who his mystery woman is. He wouldn’t tell. Chad and Whitney go up to bed. Theresa tells Fox she heard him talking to God and she heard him say he loved Whitney. She then tells him Whitney knows. She thought Whitney had the right to know so she told her. Fox seemed a bit surprised and not to happy about the idea of Whitney knowing because Chad is his best friend and he thinks he made a big mess out of everything now.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Mac accepted Daniel's rose but made it clear to him that his lie had hurt her and that they could no longer see one another. Daniel said that age meant nothing and reminded Mac how good they were starting to be together, but she remained firm in her decision to note date him. She told him they could be friends, asked him to leave, and dissolved into tears. Danny verbally attacked Phyllis at the Athletic Club. She stood up for herself, pointing out that she was the only one willing to tell Daniel something he deserved to know. She reminded Danny that he never bothered seeing if she had changed in all the years he kept her son away from her, then taunted him about the fact that he's not even Daniel's biological Father. As Danny realized the old Phyllis had returned, he warned her that Daniel would eventually see her for what she was and turn his back on her. Christine and Paul had tea together and talked like real friends. He updated her on the possible closing of his office in Newman Tower, and reluctantly admitted that he thinks she should go back to work with Michael since she always thrived in that environment. Christine let him in on the details surrounding her current predicament with Phyllis, and he wished she didn't have to go through it. She took his hand and thanked him, saying it was great to talk with him. He told her he'd do so anytime. Neil and Drucilla discussed Devon, and a tearful Dru admitted to Neil that she was no different, except that she had people like Nathan, John Abbott, and Mamie willing to save her. Neil told her she couldn't save everyone, but she suggested she could save Devon. Lily bought Devon a frozen coffee at Crimson Lights, but he was annoyed when she offered to pay for a sandwich as well. Alone, he contemplated stealing a sandwich, but Dru caught him moments before he did. Bobby visited Nikki and asked her to invest in his Cabaret and run it with him as business partners. Nikki refused, but seemed slightly intriqued. Nicholas confronted Cameron about the discovery of Frank Barrett's murder. When Cameron tried to taunt him with more details about his passionate night with Sharon, Nick suggested that Cameron is gay and that he hates women and that's why he beats them. Nick went on to suggest that Cameron likely wished Nick was coming on to him. Cameron was incredibly shaken and ordered Nick to leave him alone. Cassie visited Nikki, who was again transfixed by the Ruby Earring. Alone, Nikki played the piano when she was suddenly overwhelmed by memories of a child screaming.

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