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AMC by Jennifer

Right when Babe is about to be released from the hospital, Krystal is suspicious about what David might do. Tad wants to protect Krystal from David, tells her that although he may be Babe's biological father, he's not worth caring for. But both mother and daughter are worried what will happen when Babe loses Bess/Miranda. Right at that very moment, the baby boy that is really Babe's is in that very hospital with his adoptive mother.

Danielle is still determined to see Reggie behind her father's and aunt's backs. JR tells his father he is determined to bring down Babe and let the courts know she's a bigamist, a drug addict and an unfit mother. But Adam warns him that might be easier said than done.

ATWT by Cheryl

The waitress at the club continues to blackmail Margo that she will tell Tom about her affair with Doc.  Margo tries to scare her off by saying she’s a cop but that doesn’t work.  Doc shows up and says that he will meet the young woman at the Lake View.  Jessica meets with Tom and talks to him about Doc and Margo – she tells him he needs to just let it go and forgive her, and to throw away the mystery compact.  Tom goes to see Margo to say he would like to try and work things out and he tosses the compact in the trash.  After Tom leaves, Margo has a waiter fish the compact out of the trash. Jess gets some pains and goes to talk to Dr. Schiller.  Jess assumed she was about a month pregnant but the doctor tells her she could be as little as 48 hours pregnant. Jess has a flashback of her in bed with Doc and then passes out!

Henry meets Mike at the hospital and asks him to lunch since they both miss Katie.  Before going to lunch, Henry goes to the police station and bangs into Nikki – he is smitten immediately.  When he meets Mike for lunch he tells Mike about the incredible woman he bumped into.  He sees Nikki seated at the bar in Metro and asks Mike to go talk to her for him. Nikki jumps up and hugs Mike!  Doc meets up with the waitress as planned and she is all dressed up and ready for him.  He tells her that he will not ever have anything to do with her because of her blackmail.  Lucy is back at Lucinda’s house and Craig is badgering her about Dusty who she continues to defend.  Lily is starting to be suspicious of Allen.  Dusty continues to try and find the men who kidnapped Lucy.  Lucy calls Dusty and says she wishes she could be with him, just as Craig walks in and hears her!

B&B by Susann

Caitlin daydreams about the accolades and applause she will get working for Forrester. Ridge and Eric go over Caitlin’s designs and discuss how to turn an Ingénue into a seductress. They also discuss Thorne, and the talk that Ridge had with him. Ridge tells Eric that he thinks Thorne’s problem is Darla. Thorne and Darla are surprised by a visit from Stephanie, and they invite her to stay for Burgers on the grill. Stephanie apologizes to Thorne for not paying enough attention to him when he was growing up. Ridge calls Stephanie and tries to get her to meet him at the Café Russe`, but she refuses, saying she has plans for the evening. Samantha and Caitlin talk Hector into allowing Caitlin to take the job at Forrester.

Days by Danielle

John follows Crystal to the Kiriakis barn. Crystal tries to attack John but he wrestles her to the ground. Crystal uses the opportunity to try and seduce John. Crystal’s attempts to get away fail, leaving John to resort to knocking her out. John ties an unconscious Crystal to a pole in the barn. After waking her with a splash of water, John interrogates Crystal. Belle’s phone call from Shawn turns out to be a radio DJ playing a prank that was set up by Jan. Shawn refuses to watch the video of Belle and Philip dancing and knocks over the TV. Philip denies Belle’s accusations of having feelings for her. Philip tries to convince Belle to stop going after Shawn but Belle refuses to be near Philip. Philip decides to move out of Belle’s loft. Nicole fantasizes about Crystal ratting her out to John. Nicole’s mirror image tells her to make people think that she is a victim of Crystal’s. Nicole blackmails Jan to help compose an alibi for her.

Bo refuses to believe that Hope could die. Bonnie defends Patrick’s reputation. Bo and Tek return to working on Jennifer’s computer. Bonnie blames herself for Patrick’s situation. Tek and Bo discuss the idea that the plane crash could have been staged. Bo confronts Bonnie again about what she may know about Jennifer’s kidnapping. Bo and Tek check out an open channel on the police radio. Hope holds Patrick at gunpoint, refusing to let him take off in another plane. Patrick pleads with Hope to let him go. Patrick refuses to stop the plane and Hope is forced to fire her gun. Jack grabs Jennifer’s arm and keeps her from slipping down the side of the cliff. Jennifer can’t hold on and falls from Jack’s grasp. Jennifer and the baby survive the fall and land on a lower ledge of the cliff. Jack devises a plan to climb down the cliff using the seatbelts from the plane but Jennifer vetoes the idea. Jack confirms to Jennifer that he never knew Patrick.

GH by Tori

Lulu and Heather visit Leslie at the hospital. Lucky consoles Emily at his apartment. Nikolas finds out the truth about his identity from Mary. He leaves and confronts Emily at the docks. Lucky shows up. They get in a fight, and Lucky and Emily leave. Georgie and Brooke Lynn eat at Kelly’s. The talk about Sage. Dillon confronts Sage at L&B, Trent is with her. Trent leaves, Sage stays. Brooke Lynn shows up, and Sage leaves. Brooke tells him Georgie’s feeling’s about Sage and him. Dillon goes to Kelly’s to see Georgie.

Sam admits to burning some pictures, but she didn’t know her mother was in the house. Sonny lets Faith live. He goes to Jason’s and finds out about Sam. Carly calls the Bailey’s Beach police and reveals where Sam is. Jason comes over and talks with Carly about Sam. Sonny reassures Sam she’ll be ok. A Bailey’s Beach officer questions Mike at Kelly’s. Carly tells Sonny that Sam has to leave tonight. They hear cops over at Jason’s, and go to find out.

GL by Suzanne

Phillip gives Olivia a hard time when she is at Spaulding picking up some files.  They argue about why he hates her; he thinks that she slept with Bill.  Bill meets with Josh, who asked him to come back to Lewis Construction.  Bill agrees, which is part of his plan with Olivia.  Olivia and Bill make out at Spaulding.  She shows him a piece of paper she found that shows a piece of property and Phillip and Alan want to buy, so they plan to buy it first.  She hopes to keep distract Phillip with her fooling around with Bill so he won't notice them trying to steal the company.  Meanwhile, Alan has Shayne and Sandy put in jail for the night.  The kids object.  Sandy gets particularly upset about being fingerprinted.  That makes Alan and Reva suspicious.  Reva and Josh try to talk Alan out of it but he lets them know that he is only teaching the kids a lesson and will drop the charges tomorrow.

Tony and Michelle return home, wet from swimming.  Danny has a romantic dinner laid out.  Michelle gets to know Robbie, which makes Danny happy.  He thanks Tony for his help but suggests he move out.  Tony almost tells him what he and Michelle talks about at Laurel Falls but they get interrupted.  Later, Michelle lets Danny knows that she isn't happy that he lied to her about the mob and tried to protect her too much.  They come to a sort of understanding, but he still doesn't tell her that he was responsible for her accident.  They end up sleeping in the same bed with Robbie between them.

OLTL by Janice

Jen and Riley continue to talk about their relationship, coming to the conclusion they should remain friends. John continues to search for Adriana, and learns that Jen may have a clue on the footage she shot July 4th. David, Dorian, Paul and Natalie leave to search for the missing money, but are sent in the wrong direction. Jessica is also in Puerto Rico, and is determined to help Antonio. Jessica finds the vault, thinking Antonio is trapped in it, only to discover that it is some other man chained to the wall. Antonio’s loyalties are put to the test when the new head of the Santi organization orders him to shoot Sonia. Bo and Nora argue, much to Matthew’s dismay. They finally put their differences aside for the sake of their son.

Passions by Suzanne

Ivy and Gwen chat about their love lives as they wait for Ethan and Sam to bring ice cream back to them in the park.  Gwen guesses that Ivy had something to do with Grace leaving town, and Ivy shares her fears that Sam will find out and leave her.  Gwen shares her own fears about Theresa.  Ivy and Sam kiss and coo over their ice cream.  Sam finds out about the Crane Jet exploding, killing Antonio; Ethan's instant concern is for Theresa, which annoys Gwen.  Chad keeps trying to guess who Fox's mystery woman is, to everyone's discomfort.  Theresa tries to find out what Whitney's feelings are for Fox.  Eve prepares to tell T.C. about her past, but Julian makes a prank call to get him out of the house.  He has to tell Eve that he didn't find out who their son is.  She is devastated.  We see flashbacks to her days at the Blue Note when Aunt Irma visited her and when she was pregnant.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Phyllis entered her office at NE to find Drucilla already seated, but at her own desk, thus indicating they'd be sharing the office after all. They traded insults before Phyllis admitted she'd seen Daniel and that certain people were trying to keep them apart. Dru said that though she does not like Phyllis, Daniel is lucky to have a Mother who cares for him. When she began talking about the poor children in the world, Phyllis made an exit. Dru stared at a paper on which she'd written Devon's name over and over again, clearly distracted. Lily tried talking to Daniel at Crimson Lights but was sent away by an angry JT who lashed out at Daniel for hurting Mac. JT revealed that he'd told Mac Daniel's real age. Daniel blasted him for the sabotage, and warned him that things were far from over. While JT argued that Mac was devastated and would never forgive him, Daniel held out hope that she'd come around. Raul complained to Mac that he was pathetic because he was continuing to jump whenever Brittany called even though she'd made it obvious she was no longer in love with him. As he lamented the loss of his relationship, Mac burst into tears and admitted Daniel was only 16. Raul talked to her about her feelings, and she admitted that despite the age difference she was still torn. She then told Raul about the failed Intervention at Kay's, saying she couldn't believe Kay chose liquor over her loved ones. At Crimson Lights, Jill encountered Jack lunching with an attractive blonde named Lorraine. Jack explained she was his new Tennis Partner. Alone with Jill he claimed to be happier than he'd ever been. Jill doubted this, considering he'd just lost Jabot and everything else that mattered to him. Jack asked about her and she admitted the Intervention had failed and that she was on her way to move out of the Chancellor Mansion.

Michael and Neil argued about Kevin's sexual encounter with Lily. Neil demanded payback, while Michael pointed out that Kevin had already suffered, and Neil should focus on his daughter's lack of morals. Neil insisted that Michael force Kevin to see a therapist, then he would consider dropping the issue. Kevin visited Lauren at the Boutique and begged her for a job. Lauren worried that exposure to so many young women would be bad for him, but Kevin insisted he was better and that Lauren's help would continue to improve his life... he sees her as a role model, after all. Daniel showed up at the Loft to see Mac. She opened the door with tears in her eyes and stared blankly at the rose he was holding. Dt. Weber questioned Sharon about Frank Barrett, then admitted he had been murdered and his body had washed out of the sewer. Nick and Sharon sent him away with little info. Alone, they realized Cameron had killed Frank and that there would likely be something linking him to Sharon. While Sharon worried about how to tell Cassie that her biological Father had been murdered, Nick left to confront Cameron. Jill was moving out of the mansion when a sober Kay stopped her, revealed her intention of checking into Rehab, and told her about her ghostly visit from Rex and Phillip. Kay explained that she was doing this for herself and left, while Jill wished her godspeed.

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