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AMC by Jennifer

Bianca reveals to Reggie that she had a dream that Miranda was alive and well and reaching out to her, and that the dream was too real. At the same time, Babe informs David that she knows her baby really is Bianca's, but she misses the baby boy she lost. At that very time, Kelly Buchanan, who has the baby everybody believes Babe lost, takes the baby to the hospital and consults David while he is talking to Babe, having no clue that she's just met the baby's real mother and grandfather.

Danielle tells her father and aunt that she feels imprisoned by their prohibition of her seeing Reggie. But she and Reggie are still determined to see each other.

ATWT by Linda

Chris and Emily decide to become partners, find the keys and give them to Allison as a gift. Allison and Aaron decide to become partners with Nancy’s help and Chris’ blessing. James calls Barbara and assures her that he’s begun his plan; he also talks with someone else about scaring Paul and Roseanna more. Paul offers to sit by Cabot’s crib while Roseanna takes a nap, really touching Roseanna as he tells her she has no idea how much he would be willing to do to be with her. Jill tells Margo she wants a date with Doc and when Margo approaches Doc about it he’s hesitant. Margo tells Jess about it and also about the compact that Tom found, assuring her friend that Tom would find out who it belongs to. Barbara tells Walker that they need to throw a dinner party to announce that they’re an item.

B&B by Susann

The meeting with Stephanie, Eric, Thorne and Ridge is taking a turn that has Thorne worried.  Looks are passing between Ridge and Eric.  Finally Eric says that Ridge’s line is a go.  Thorne is devastated.  Thomas and Brooke have a conversation about Caitlin.  Thomas tells Brooke that Caitlin is just amazing, and that she is his girlfriend.  He’s looking forward to a great summer.  Rick and Caitlin stop by Rick’s house to look for some papers.  Caitlin is impressed with the house.  Rick is impressed with Caitlin.  He tells her what Forrester’s plans are for her, and they end up kissing.  Eric and Stephanie have words about Eric’s betrayal of Thorne.  Eric says the only reason Stephanie is sticking up for Thorne is to stick it to Ridge for going back to Brooke.  Thorne storms back to his office followed by Ridge.  They have it out, with Thorne telling Ridge what it was like for him, Kristin and Felicia to grow up with Ridge as their brother.  He tells Ridge that it was always about him.  The rest of the kids had always been pretty much ignored by their parents while Ridge stood alone in the spotlight.  He says he always thought his turn would come, but it never did.  Ridge is surprised to hear it all and tells Thorne he’s sorry. 

Days by Danielle

John sets up Earl to plant a bug and a camera in the Kiriakis mansion. Earl confronts Crystal and Nicole about setting him up. Nicole confronts John about the bug. Crystal threatens to kill Earl if he tells John what he knows. Nicole is also angry with Brady but Brady insists that he wanted John to bug the house solely to prove that Nicole is innocent. John spies on Crystal and Earl. Earl reluctantly agrees to keep their secret.

Celeste arrives at the police station to stay with Bonnie. Celeste uses her powers to transport her and Bonnie to the end of Patrick’s life. Instead, they are transported to Hope’s funeral. Bonnie realizes that the item they used in transport really belonged to Hope. Bo overhears Celeste remark that Hope is going to die. Tek and Bo search for Hope and Patrick, inches away from where they are hiding in the dumpster. Hope struggles her mouth free and calls out to Bo but Bo thinks he was only hearing things. Hope starts to get away from Patrick again but Patrick knocks her out. Patrick locks an unconscious Hope in her car and rushes off to save Jennifer. Hope uses a spare set of keys to free herself and uses her GPS system to track Patrick. Hope finds Patrick just as he was about to leave town. Jennifer hallucinates seeing Jack pull her to safety. Jack continues his frantic search to find Jennifer. Jennifer hears Jack’s call but fears that it is another hallucination. Jack finds Jennifer just as Jennifer slips off the side of the cliff.

GH by Lisa

Sonny orders a hit on Faith after Alocazar gives him proof that she hired Nico. Faith told Sonny that she knows that he is the father of Sam's baby and if anything happens to her, there is a letter that Carly will receive. Jason and Carly find out that Sam is wanted for arson and murder. Jason wanted to keep it quiet until he talks to Sam but Carly could not wait to call the police to tell them where she is.

Nikolas confronts Emily with what he thinks is the truth by telling her that her love is one sided and that he never returned that love. Emily was devastated. Mary is so upset over the thought of losing him that she takes an overdose of pills. She will be ok but then called Nikolas by his real name.

GL by Suzanne

Michelle and Tony go to the waterfall area. He tells her about Danny being a mobster and how he gave up so much for her. She sees Danny in a new light. Tony urges her to just be herself rather than trying to live up to her past. She decides she owes Danny and Robbie to work hard to be with them. She dives into the water for a swim, shocking Tony. Cassie consoles Danny and urges him to get to know the new Michelle and fall in love with her. Alan calls all the teens together and wants to know who hacked into his pc. Sandy and Marina admit they did it. Sandy is very defiant. Alan has them arrested.

Frank picks Harley's brain at the police station. He tells her that Daria said Alexandra and Brad were partners. Harley worries about going after Gus' family. Gus makes her feel guilty about it, too, when she shows up. He tries to dissuade Frank from investigating, but Frank is adamant. Harley phones Marie to get info on Brad's time in Paris with Alexandra.

OLTL by Soap Struck

Blair is supportive of Todd, but feels that if Todd says he’s Ace’s father, it will only hurt Starr and Jack. Margaret breaks into B.E.’s computer, and alters some financial records. Kelly slips a note under Kevin’s door, but Margaret intercepts it, and thinks that Todd is really Ace’s father. Margaret drops one of Todd’s cuff links on the floor for Kevin to find, to make it look as if Todd altered the financial records. Evangeline discovers RJ is following her, and breaks up with him. RJ blames John for the break up and begins to devise a plan. The Love Crew is having difficulty getting along, with much arguing and teasing Marcie about her weight. Marcie decides to go on a diet. Jen and Riley decide to remain friends, much to Jen’s disappointment. Marcie advises her to not give up hope. John questions Carlotta about Adriana’s whereabouts, after receiving a phone call. Evangeline and John agree to have dinner, but the plans are later cancelled, but they agree to reschedule soon. Margaret sees Todd and Kelly together, and decides she must get the baby in order to get Todd.

Passions by Christa

Julian watches through a window at the Russell’s as Liz is about to expose Eve’s past. Eve decides to head into the kitchen so she can tell TC herself. Whitney, Chad, Theresa and Fox make a toast to all their friendships. Chad asks Fox to dance with Whitney so he can talk to Theresa. He asks Theresa why she hasn’t talked to Fox about their future together.

Ethan and Gwen talk about how true loves always have a way of finding each other. Gwen asks Ethan if he is talking about her or Theresa. Later, Ivy and Gwen talk and Ivy tells Gwen that she doesn’t think Theresa is a threat because she thinks Ethan is totally committed to her. Sam questions Ethan about Theresa. He asks if Gwen should be worried about Theresa.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

At the Rec Centre, Nicholas met Devon and tried to teach him about boxing. Devon lied about having a Father who loved him, then admitted the lie to Nick. Though Nick invited him to go to the Ranch and spend the day swimming, Devon angrily insisted he didn't need anyone's charity, and stormed out. Drucilla met with Jamal and Miss Davis and learned more about Devon's troubled history in the foster care system. She was alarmed to learn that when he turns 18, he'll be completely on his own. JT shattered Mac's joy by revealing that Daniel is only 16 and has been lying to her. He begged Mac to cancel her meeting with Daniel at the Coffeehouse. Nikki and Sharon discussed the dead body discovery, and Sharon thanked Nikki for being there for her. Cassie interrupted their conversation, and Nikki took note of the Ruby Earring Cassie wore around her neck. Daniel lashed out at Christine for destroying his childhood, and made her take accountability for the pain and devastation she'd brought to his life because of her love for Danny. Christine tried to place the blame on Phyllis, but Daniel refused to let her, before storming out and leaving her to ponder the destruction she'd caused. At Crimson Lights, Daniel told Mac about his revelations from Danny, Phyllis and Christine, while Mac told him about the failed Intervention for Kay. Though Daniel tried to get close, Mac - thinking about JT's age revelation - made a quick exit, promising to talk with him later. Dt. Weber investigated the file on Frank Barrett and was stunned to discover that he was connected to Nicholas, Sharon and Cassie Newman. Nick told Sharon about his confrontation with Cameron and asked her if she was positive she hadn't confided intimate details of her past. Sharon swore she hadn't and begged Nick for his trust. He promised never to abandon her, they kissed and headed into the bedroom to make love. Before they could, Dt. Weber arrived and said he had a few questions for Sharon.

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