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AMC by Jennifer

Erica confesses to Jack, Bianca, Kendall, Myrtle, Opal, and her brother that she remembers what happened when she was raped. Her father pedalled her off to Richard Fields in exchange for Richard to promote his movie. She admits that she cannot face it and needs to drink, until her brother tells her she must choose between her drink and her family. She chooses her family at that time and admits to Jack that she wants to stop drinking and get help.

David saves Babe's life but doesn't believe her when she tells him she did not choose to take the drugs. She tells him it's o.k. with her if he lets Bianca know that Bess is Miranda but she asks that he does not incriminate her mother for switching the DNA results. JR tries to "sell" to Tad and to Jamie that Babe may have a drug problem. But Tad does not believe that and Jamie knows that JR made a deal with his former drug dealer.

ATWT by Linda

Tom and Margo begin reconciliation once Tom sees that the compact he found in Doc’s car isn’t hers. Jill, the club worker that saw Margo and Doc together, tries to blackmail her. Bob helps Chris decipher the latest clue in the 6 Keys to the Kingdom contest, Emily showing up at the Happy Feet Dancing Studio and meeting him. They decide to both go in and take a Tango lesson so they can get the key and give it to Allison for an engagement gift. Allison and Aaron show up outside the dance studio, Aaron noticing Allison’s ring and asking when she was going to tell him she was going to get married to Chris. Ben tells Jessica that he’s decided she should get tested and if she’s in good enough health they could start the in-vitro process. Jessica doesn’t know what to think when the tests come back that she’s pregnant. Barbara talks with James, James telling her he would take care of the budding romances between Jordan and Jennifer and Paul and Roseanna. Barbara makes him promise not to be violent and he reassures her he won’t. Roseanna tells Paul she does have feelings for him, but is worried about acting on them. He reassures her that they don’t have to do anything right now; his feelings won’t change. Later that afternoon Cabot mysteriously appears in his stroller in the living room, neither Roseanna nor Paul taking him there and Jordan gone to work.

B&B by Suzanne

Ridge suggests to his family at the Forrester board meeting that Caitlin and her designs can be the next star that will bring the company a lot of money and recognition. They interview Caitlin briefly. Thorne is totally against the idea and feels threatened by Ridge's taking over. Stephanie is against it when Ridge mentions the possibility of bringing in Brooke. They await Eric's decision. Thomas is not pleased to hear that Rick and Caitlin went out to lunch. Caitlin kisses Rick on the cheek to thank him for his help. Darla admires Brooke's new baby and asks her to talk to Ridge about how he seems to want to push Thorne aside in the company. While Brooke agrees that they shouldn't have this rivalry (and they should make sure their children don't share it), she thinks that Darla should let the brothers work it out themselves. The two women argue, defending their men.

Days by Danielle

Shawn sees Belle on TV but the sound is down. Jan tries to convince Shawn that he was only watching the tape of Belle and Philip at Alice’s. Jan confronts Shawn about leaving her for Belle. Shawn begs Jan to let him call Belle and his parents to let them know he is okay after she refuses to let him out of the cage just yet. Kate criticizes Philip for helping Belle make her plea to Shawn. Belle urges Philip to be with the “other” girl he loves but Philip insists on staying with Belle. Belle receives word that Shawn is on the phone.

Bo questions Bonnie about Patrick. Bonnie claims that Patrick had nothing to do with Jennifer’s disappearance. Word comes that the search for Jennifer has been called off, believing her to be dead. Tek comforts Lexie as she blames herself for what may happen to Jennifer. Patrick tries to convince Hope not to arrest him. Patrick frees himself from the handcuffs and holds the gun on Hope. Patrick places the handcuffs on Hope. The pawnshop owner calls the police station after witnessing Patrick and Hope. Lexie calls Celeste to stay with Bonnie at the station after she is called to the hospital. Patrick and Hope hide in a dumpster when they hear Bo and Tek arrive. Jennifer clings to the side of a cliff as Jack rushes to find her. Jack finds Jennifer’s luggage tag as confirmation of her arrival. Jennifer sees Jack reaching down to her from the top of the cliff.

GH by Tori

Nikolas and Lorenzo talk about Emily and Nikolas’s past together. Lorenzo leaves. Alexis comes up, and Nikolas says he already knows about him and Emily from Lorenzo. Alexis tells him Lorenzo’s using him. Alexis leaves, and Lucky shows up. They talk, and Nikolas leaves. Elizabeth shows up, they talk. Lucky says he still wants a chance with Emily. Emily confronts Mary about Nikolas at the cottage. Mary tries to explain herself, but Emily can’t accept it. Nikolas shows up. Alexis gets Kristina back from Sonny and leaves. Ric brings Sonny, Faith, and Lorenzo together at General Hospital. They talk of Niko, and Ric leaves. Sonny accuses either Faith or Lorenzo of hiring Niko and threatens them. He then leaves. Faith and Lorenzo talk. Lorenzo threatens her and leaves. Faith goes home and leaves Justus a message.

Carly goes to a Bailey’s Beach bar asking about Sam. Jason shows up, and they argue. He agrees to let her stay. The bartender claims not to know Sam, then goes and uses the payphone. Carly distracts the bartender once he’s off, while Jason checks it out. Jason leaves, then Carly follows. They go to a man’s house asking about Sam. The man pulls a gun and tells them that Sam killed his wife. Monica comes to visit Sam at Jason’s penthouse. They talk of Jason’s brain injury. Sam agrees to talk to Jason about the baby being a part of Monica’s life. Sonny walks in, covers up why he’s there, and leaves. Monica leaves soon after. Sonny comes back and him and Sam talk of Monica and the Quartermaines’. Sam says he can’t call the baby his anymore to be safe. Faith listens outside the door and hears them.

GL by Suzanne

Michelle and Tony get angry at Danny for not telling her about Robbie, who shows up at the barbecue. She tells Danny how upset she is about not remembering her son or feeling anything for him. She feels pressured when they have the flag ceremony and her name is mentioned several times by Rick and Ross. She and Tony leave on his motorcycle, as Danny calls after her. Also at the bbq: Cassie is annoyed that Reva asked Jeffrey to look into her credit card problem and that he's staying in town. Edmund offers Joey a job helping to fix up the farm. Lizzie is annoyed by that and tells Joey that Tammy is going to the dance with Remy. Remy asks Tammy to go to the dance so he can do some teen research. Rick chats with Phillip about Olivia and wonders why they're still married. Gus and Alexandra worry about what Darci will tell Frank. Darci tells Frank everything about her past, including that Brad was one of her customers. She doesn't specifically mention Gus or Alex's names. Frank tells his family that he is going to re-examine the antimonious case and that Darci has agreed to marry him. Gus tells Alex she's on her own; he won't help her keep Frank in the dark. Sandy and Marina get Alan's password and hack into his computer. Bill and Olivia kiss a lot and end up in bed but don't make love. She stops it because she wants to focus on taking over Spaulding. They agree to split the company 50/50.

OLTL by Kathy

Bo allows Antonio to continue to work undercover to infiltrate the Santi Family even though he’s worried. Nigel helps John capture the Santi mobster that may be responsible for Kathryn’s murder and who has been threatening Mary Barnes. RJ accuses Evangeline of having an affair with John. He has her followed. Jess tells Nat that she’s only with Paul to forget about John. Nat assures her that that is not the case. She can be herself with Paul. Jess sees the treasure map and copies it while Nat is out of the room. After holding Paul at gunpoint, Dorian and David convince him to take them along to Puerto Rico to find the Santi fortune. In exchange for the information on her brooch, Paul has agreed to give them a 50% share of the money. Michael finds out that Nora prosecuted the lab tech that he suspects has started the mysterious illness. Nora and Bo find out that the chicken they ate the previous night was contaminated. They are given antibiotics and put under quarantine together by an order from the health department. As Antonio continues to find ways to avoid sleeping with Sonia, he finds out that she has had Adrianna kidnapped. Adrianna will be okay only if Antonio is really being honest about wanting to be a part of the Santi Family.

Passions by Christa

Theresa tells Whitney that she heard Fox say that he loves her. Theresa tells her that she is Fox’s mystery woman, and asks her what she is going to do. In another room, Chad tells Fox about how Julian opened up to him on a few things and about Alistair helping him out before. Fox seems a bit surprised.    Julian tells the man he hired that he better not do anything to hurt Eve. He tells Julian that he is acting like his father, getting other people to do his dirty work. He told Julian he did work in Mexico for Alistair. All of a sudden a car comes and hits the man and he is killed. The car comes back and it is Alistair.

Eve tries to tell Aunt Irma that she has changed her life around and has worked hard to make a good decent life for herself. She tries to tell her not to tell TC. Liz can’t wait for Aunt Irma to tell TC all about Eve’s past.  At the hospital, Pilar continues to ask about Antonio’s death. Once Luis tells her about the plane being Alistair’s, she goes into another seizure and then her heart stops and the nurse calls code blue.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Lily returned home from her uncomfortable encounter with Devon and demanded to know what Drucilla had said to make him shy away from her. Dru was tight-lipped with her daughter, and later reflected on her own troubled beginnings, noting that she was once just like Devon. She then picked up the phone to make a call. Sharon confronted Grace about her refusal to cooperate with the Newmans, as opposed to Cameron. Grace refused to believe that Cameron had killed anyone and continued to blame Sharon. Sharon warned her that if she wasn't careful, meeting Cameron could be the biggest mistake of her life. Nick confronted Cameron at the hotel and again railroaded him about his plans regarding Sharon. Cameron taunted Nick about the night he and Sharon spent together in Denver, making it obvious he knew much about Sharon's past... including her connection to Frank Barrett, Cassie's biological Father. Meanwhile, Dt. Weber learned that the dead body was that of Frank Barrett. Phyllis stunned Christine by revealing that she'd told Daniel the truth about his paternity. Christine blasted her for ruining Daniel's life, but Phyllis insisted Christine had destroyed her whole world when she ripped her son away. She warned Christine that if she and Danny interfered in what she was trying to build with Daniel, she wouldn't be responsible for her actions. Danny, stunned to learn from Daniel that Phyllis had given her perverted version of events, told him the truth about how she drugged him, switched blood samples and made it look like he'd cheated on Christine when he never had. Danny said he'd wanted to raise Daniel to keep him out of Phyllis warped clutches. Daniel, not sure what to believe, rushed off. At the Chancellor Mansion, Kay's friends and family said their good-byes, one by one. Nikki, Jill, and Mac were the last to be treated to Kay's acerbic tongue, before they - in tears - filed out. Alone, Kay went to sleep clutching her drink. She was visited by the ghosts of Rex Sterling - former husband - and Phillip - son of Jill and Phillip Sr.. They told her not to throw in the towel and said she could start the first day of the rest of her life without the booze. Rex took her glass away and set it across the room. Kay awoke, saw the glass no longer in her hands, and agreed that this could be a fresh start.

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