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AMC by Suzanne

Erica's friends and family confronted her in an intervention, including her brother Mark, the ex-cocaine addict, who flew in from Hong Kong. Kendall blamed Erica for Bianca losing her baby, but Bianca doesn't. Myrtle got so upset that she had to go lie down. Erica was in complete denial about her problem. Mark urged her to confront whatever the dark reason is that she drinks in order to fix her problem. Mark hints that she acts like their father and won't let people love her. She gasps in realization of something.

ATWT by Linda

Allison and Chris announce their marriage to their families, Kim less then excited about the news. She and Susan have words. The truck carrying Lucy and Dusty turns around and heads back to Oakdale. Once it arrives, only Lucy is there. Barbara has a discussion with Paul and Jennifer, but after much debate she acquiesces and tells them she won’t meddle. After they leave, she talks with her chauffer about kidnapping them to scare them, Walker overhearing as he came in the door. He talks her out of it, Barbara instead making an appointment to visit James. Roseanna confides in Carly that she may be having more than friendly feelings for Paul. When he returns from his meeting with his mother, they share a short, tender kiss. Molly gets lunch from one of Starzyack’s thugs, and begins sharpening the plastic knife it came with.

B&B by Susann

Ridge and Rick have a discussion about Caitlin, and how talented she is. Caitlin and her mother have a conversation about her meeting with Ridge, which turned out to be a meeting with Rick at the Café Russe`. Caitlin is obviously smitten with Rick, and Samantha is concerned. Amber pays a visit to Rick in his office, and laments the loss of her marriage, hoping that Rick would give her another chance. She kisses him before she leaves. When she returns later, she finds Caitlin there giving Rick a kiss on the cheek. Stephanie brings Steffy home from her French lesson and is holding the baby when Brooke returns from her visit with Nick. They have their usual knock down drag out fight, and Ridge walks in on it. He throws Stephanie out of his house.

Days by Danielle

did not air today

GH by Tori

Mary asks Dr. Meadows how long it could take her to conceive, while Emily listens from the hall. Emily goes to the park. Elizabeth shows up. Emily tells her that Lucky wants more from her that just a friendship, and that Nikolas is still alive. Emily decides to tell him later that night. Emily leaves. Lucky shows up at the park. Elizabeth reveals to him that Nikolas is in fact alive. Nikolas asks Lorenzo to find out about himself, "Conner Bishop". Lorenzo tells Mary about Nikolas's interest in his past . She begs him to help her, saying that if he does, she'll be grateful for the rest of her life. Nikolas walks in, and asks what she'll be grateful for. Lorenzo says he found a operative who was willing to change his status from AWOL to killed in action. Lorenzo leaves. We come back to them in bed, Mary asleep. Nikolas gets up and leaves. Mary prays to God that she'll get pregnant. Emily shows up at Mary's house, demanding to take Nikolas home with her.

Felicia informs Carly that Sam disappeared from public records from 7 till she was 17. When she turned 17, she showed up in Bailey’s Beach, South Carolina. Sam and Sonny talk in Jason’s house. He says he's got to go, as he opens the door, Carly is there. Carly says she's came to try and make friends with Sam. They being to talk about each other's past. They decide to work on things more later, and Carly leaves. We see Sonny at the nursery in the hospital. He remembers Sam telling him they were going to have a little girl.

Alexis and Ric get stuck in an elevator. The elevator lurches, she falls into his arms, and the elevator doors open. The people standing outside of it, take a picture. Alexis and Ric are followed by the photographers, asking them if they are having an affair. Alexis denies it. Ric says they were just making the best of a bad situation. Later Ric and Alexis argue at the hospital, and don't see Kristina walk away. Sonny sees her and shows her the babies. Alexis finds her with Sonny, and just stands looking at them.

Additional GH Recap by Suzanne

Nikolas asks Lorenzo to investigate his past for him and find out every detail, especially anything concering Emily. Lorenzo asks him to watch one of Sonny's incoming ships for him. Emily overhears Mary telling Dr. Meadows that she wants to get pregnant as soon as possible. Alcazar tells Mary what Nikolas asked him to do. Mary begs him to keep covering it up. Nikolas finds them together so Alcazar covers. Later, Lorenzo shows up while Nikolas is watching the ship and tells him that he has the information he was looking for. Emily chats with Liz and sees the baby. She tells Liz all about Nikolas being alive, Lucky wanting a relationship with her, and the latest developments with Mary. Em plans to tell Nikolas tonight, before it's too late. Lucky chats with Liz; he talks about his feelings for Emily. She blurts out that Nikolas is not dead. Emily visits Mary's house, looking for Nikolas. She tells her that she knows everything and that she is getting him back.

Carly tells Felicia she is going down to South Carolina to check out Sam's past. Felicia thinks she should tell Sonny first, but Carly disagrees. She thinks Sam has some terrible secret or she would have used it to make Jason feel sorry for her. Sonny urges Sam to tell him her secret, but she doesn't. She shows him the picture of the baby and tells him it's a girl. He is all choked up when he feels the baby kick. Carly visits as he's leaving; she claims she is there to make peace with Sam. Carly tells Sam all about the terrible things she did in the past, hoping Sam will open up, but she doesn't. Alexis and Ric are trapped in an elevator in the courthouse. She throws his briefcase against the controls and it opens, pouring out all of his papers. He notices when she goes to pick them up that there is a document saying Sonny is the father of her baby, so he grabs her and kisses her to distract her while he picks it up and hides it. The elevator opens with them in each other's arms as reporters take their picture and throw questions. Alexis is arguing with Ric at the hospital; Christina wanders off and finds Sonny looking at the newborns. He helps her up to see them through the window and talks to her like a good father would. Alexis finds them together and looks stricken.

GL by Suzanne

At the Bauer barbecue, Tony is hostile to Danny and wants him to be honest with Michelle. Michelle tries to put up a good front to everyone but Tony and Reva see through her act. Robbie arrives and cries out "mommy" upon seeing Michelle. Gus is nervous about Darci knowing his secret. Frank tells Gus that he doesn't think the Spaulding-Salerno case is really wrapped up; he thinks Brad was working with someone else at Spaulding. Harley quizzes Gus about why he keeps talking to Darci about something. Frank proposes to Darci. She accepts but prepares to tell him the truth. Jeffrey shows up and people give him a hard time, except for Reva. Philip and Olivia argue again; he wants her to go with him to the barbecue, just to keep up appearances, but she refuses. He takes Beth instead. Bill drops by and they flirt. They go have margaritas and then go back to his place to have sex. One of Phillip's spies is following her. Reva asks Jeffrey to look into the credit card reports that make it look like someone is pretending to be Cassie. He agrees to look into it. He phones someone asks says they better not be impersonating Cassie.

OLTL by Kathy

The Love Project to rebuild the community center begins. Rex and River along with all of the Llanview University students have signed on to the project. They are introduced to Roxy, their house mother, and Ron Walsh, the project expert. Jennifer is doing a documentary of the project and begins filming. Adrianna feels guilty that she and River have had sex. She tells him that it won't happen again. She goes to stand off by herself away from everyone. Nora and Daniel share a bite to eat at the diner. Nora invites him to her home for dinner the next night. Matthew asks Bo to come over at the same time to help with a project. People gather at the park and as 4th of July fireworks explode over Llanview, Jennifer kisses Riley passionately and tells him that she wants to be more than friends, Bo looks on jealously as Daniel puts his arm around Nora, and Adrianna is kidnapped.

Passions by Christa

did not air today

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Daniel reeled from Phyllis' revelation that Danny is not his biological Father and asked her to explain. She told him that she would have told him the truth long ago, but Christine set out to keep them apart. She then told Daniel about how she got pregnant, then met Danny and fell in love. Daniel quickly guessed that she lied to Danny about the baby being his. Phyllis went on to say that she won Danny's love fair and square, and that Christine plotted and manipulated Danny until he'd abandoned Phyllis, then Christine took her son as well. Daniel was devastated by the implication that Danny and Christine had played god with his life. Phyllis begged him to let her in now, so that she could be the Mother she'd always wanted to be. Daniel said he needed time to think. Christine and Danny discussed their mutual surprise at Daniel's decision to have dinner with Phyllis, and agreed that when all was finished, Phyllis would likely want to see him again. Danny asked Christine if he could move in with her and Daniel and she said she'd like nothing more. Drucilla visited the beautifully restored Rec Centre and told Devon to keep his distance from Lily. Devon pointed out that because of her own history, she was in no position to judge him. When Dru threatened to have his transferred to yet another group home, he agreed to shun Lily. When Lily showed up, Devon did his best to push her away. Lily was confused, until Jamal told her that Drucilla had visited Devon earlier. Kay's Intervention got underway despite her lavish party and already drunken state. Brock, Lauren, and Liz each addressed Kay, while Arthur begged her not to permanently lose the woman he had met and loved. Jill pleaded with Kay to give them a chance to be a real Mother and Daughter, while Kay suggested Jill would be happy if she died. Mac showed up and - despite her earlier arguments - stood by her friends and family and told Kay to give up the drinking, or lose her. Danny waited for Daniel at The Athletic Club. When Daniel showed up, he lashed out at Danny and told him never to call him son again, considering he wasn't his real Father. Meanwhile, Phyllis stopped by Christine's, confirmed she was alone, and said they needed to talk. At Jabot, Ash and Brad tried to convince John that they had to fire Jack. When Jack arrived, he quickly realized what the family was discussing and - to make it easier on them - resigned from Jabot. Later, John and Jack bonded as Jack prepared to leave. John wanted to tell Victor no, but Jack pointed out they had no more options. With tears in his eyes, he left the company, vowing to someday return.

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