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AMC by Jennifer

Babe overdoses on the drug JR slipped in her drink. Nobody has a clue how that happened. JR and Jamie rush her to the hospital. David saves her life and Krystal tells him it was all for nothing if he takes Babe's child away from her. Greenlee gives Ryan a pep-talk about getting over Kendall. And he concludes that he wants to make their relationship work. Bianca encourages David to be happy to discover that Babe is his daughter and to see that she is a good person. Little does she know, however, how complicated the whole thing is.

ATWT by Linda

Paul and Roseanna share an evening, their feelings starting to become more than just friendship. Nikki finds the picture of Lucy but gives it back to Craig without seeing the back of it. Hal finds her after he’d argued with Emily and Emily told him that Nikki had a connection with Dusty. He chastises her and she takes him to the warehouse, discovering that it’s empty, they figuring that they must have been shipped with the other stuff as they hid. Dusty and Lucy grow closer on their ride in the back of the truck. Craig tells Lily that he’s checked into the Wagon Wheel and she comes over to talk him into coming back to the carriage house. As they talk, he mentions that he thinks that Alan may be behind Lucy’s kidnapping, but then takes it back, blaming the accusation on being too worried and tired. Jennifer and Jordan are talking at the Lakeview Lounge when Barbara overhears that Paul has moved into Fairwinds. She tells Jennifer that she doesn’t care how she gets Paul there, they are going to meet in the morning to discuss how James is still calling the shots and how they aren’t being careful enough.

B&B by Susann

Jackie tries to convince Brooke that she knows what Brooke is feeling. This just upsets Brooke more, and she asks Jackie what kind of mother she is to have done such a thing to her son. Jackie says she’s sorry about what happened but she’s glad that Brooke is still on Nicky’s side. She thinks that Brooke is still in love with Nick, and she’s happy about that. Sally tells Clarke that one of his new creations needs more pizzazz, which hurts Clarke’s feelings. Stephanie pays a visit to Ridge, and they have another conversation about Stephanie accepting Brooke. Ridge wants Stephanie to love Brooke and won’t accept anything less. Stephanie doesn’t think she can do that. Ridge tells Stephanie that although they’ve always had a special relationship, she needs to let go of him now, that she’s been holding on too tight, and if she doesn’t let go she will lose him. Stephanie ends up in tears. Massimo comes to Nick’s office and finds him packing for a trip to the Channel Islands. They have a nice talk, and Nick agrees not to stay gone long. Massimo tells Nick that he is all he has now. They hug, and Nick grabs his cigars, saying how much he missed them, and heads out the door.

Days by Danielle

No Show Today

GH by Lisa

Jason catches Sam burning her old address book and later gets a piece of it from the fireplace which leads him to South Carolina. Sam and Jason learn that she is carrying a girl. Jason tells Sonny that Sam is hiding something. Sonny asks Sam to tell him what she is hiding. Lucky and Emily are determined to find out who framed Skye. Nikolas asks Alcazar to investigate his past so he can know some of his history. Courtney and Jax go camping together.

GL by Eva

At the Bauer house, Marina, Sandy Mel Rick and Michelle prepared for the Bauer barbeque. Marina challenged Michelle to make her famous Apple pie. Marina got angry when Michelle thought she was flirting with Sandy. Michelle continued to struggle to remember her past and later pretended to have a memory to make Danny and her family happy. At the Beacon, Danny blamed Jeffrey for Michelle's accident. and told him to go back to D.C so that he ( Danny) wouldn't want to kill him every time he saw his face. Danny told Cassie that Jeffrey threatened to put her in jail for co-signing the federal loan if he (Danny) didn't work for him. Cassie blasted Jeffrey for using the fact that he used mob money to fund the fifth street project to force Danny to work for him. Cassie tells Jeffrey she let people persuade her to give him the benefit of the doubt. Jeffrey tells Cassie that he will leave Springfield after the Bauer barbeque. Cassie continues to wonder why someone would want to use her credit cards. Bill turns down Olivia's offer to form an alliance by combining their Spaulding stock. Bill does however accept Olivia's dinner invitation.

At the social club, Gus grows more nervous as Frank informs him that he (Frank) is going to finish the Brad Green investigation. Harley and Frank go over every step Brad Green took the night of the festival. Gus grows even more tense when he learns Darcy knows Brad and Alexandra had an affair. Darcy also knows that Brad and Alexandra used Godfrey as their code name when they checked into hotels. Darcy fears that Frank will discover she was a hooker if she is called to testify against Salerno. Darcy feels she has an obligation to make Salerno pay for Eden's death. Gus tells Darcy he will keep her name out of the investigation and what she does from then on is her choice.

OLTL by Janice

Jessica finds out that Paul has a map to the Santi fortune. She persuades him to let her look at it. She memorizes it and then proceeds to convince Paul that the map is in code and not exactly as it is laid out. Viki Davidson works to recruit failing students to help rebuild the community center. She has them all come to the cottage where they will all live together for the summer. All of them must sign on and no one can quit. She leaves a contract for all of them to sign if they decide to work on the project together. After swimming in Dorian's pool, Starr and Travis are left alone. They manage to get into Todd's computer at the Banner Sun and contemplate changing some of the newspaper columns. Kelly goes to Todd and informs him that she is going to tell Kevin that Todd is Ace's father. Kevin is uncontrollable when Kelly tells him of Ace's paternity. Todd is at his apartment telling Blair the real truth of how Kelly got Ace. Blair is furious that Kelly wants to go around Llanview telling everyone that Todd is Ace's father. She vows to put a stop to that even if it means telling Kevin the real story.

Passions by Christa

no show today

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Arthur visited an upset Jill at Jabot and confirmed plans for the upcoming Intervention. Jill assured him that everyone would be there, but that Mackenzie was still a question mark. Both hoped, for Kay's sake, that Mackenzie decided to show. Meanwhile, Kay spent the day getting drunk and placing calls, planning a surprise of her own for everyone on their way for the Intervention. As the group - including Jill, Arthur, Brock, Gina, Nikki, Lauren and Esther - gathered at the Chancellor Estate, they were stunned to find Kay decked out in her most cheerful and vibrant outfit, standing before a complete bar and two bartenders, welcoming them to her party. At the Newman Ranch, Jack and Victor traded insults and memories of the past. Victor pointed out the time Jack left him for dead, and the time he tried to steal NE while Victor was kidnapped. Jack wished things had worked out better in both cases. He taunted Victor about how there are no more Newman's roaming the halls of NE since Victor had chased them all away. Victor stressed that the Jabot Board does not have a choice and will have to accept his offer. Jack stressed that his family believes in loyalty and will not turn on him, but Victor merely laughed and let Jack leave, convinced he'd already beat him. Mac admitted to JT and Raul that she was worried about Kay, then left after getting a call to meet Daniel. JT admitted to Raul that Daniel is only in high school, and that he wishes Mac would keep her distance. Raul, meanwhile, refused to fight Bobby for Brittany. Bobby visited Brittany in the hospital to offer his support while she prepared for surgery. Brittany reiterated her love for him and thanked him for being there. Mac and Daniel met for coffee and each admitted they had a difficult day ahead of them - Daniel because of his upcoming dinner with Phyllis, and Mac because of the intended Intervention for Kay. JT arrived in time to see Daniel and Mac share a romantic kiss. Damon agreed to let Phyllis use his apartment for her dinner with Daniel and tried to get her to open up to him about her past. Phyllis pointed out that Damon wouldn't tell her about his, so she wouldn't tell him about hers. Later, Daniel showed up and refused small talk with Phyllis, ordering her to cut to the chase and tell him about his childhood. Phyllis stunned Daniel with the revelation that Danny is not his real Father.

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