The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/30/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

JR drugs Babe without her knowing. She feels the effect of the drug, making a spectacle of herself in public, giving Jamie cause to worry, and comes on to Ryan's brother, believing he's JR. JR spies upon her, watching unseen. Erica goes to Jack's drunk, upsets Lily, and Jack throws her out. Ryan has a motorcycle accident, discovers Slater hit him with his car, and knows it's no accident. Maria takes care of them both at the hospital and Ryan warns her not to trust Slater.

ATWT by Linda

Katie tries to tell Mike that she’s left Simon, but he wouldn’t listen so she decided to leave Oakdale by herself. Margo and Tom argue, Margo telling Tom a small portion of the truth. When Katie begs Margo to escort her back to her cottage, Tom decides to confront Doc at the gym. Warehouse workers come and nearly discover Dusty and Lucy, but they hide in a large box. To their dismay, they find that they are being lifted away to be shipped somewhere. Nikki and Emily argue, Emily throwing her out much to Hal’s dismay. Craig fires the thugs he hired to kidnap Lucy so he could come through with the ransom money and be her big hero. As he leaves their room at the Wagon Wheel, he drops a picture of Lucy before he bumps into Nikki.

B&B by Susann

Massimo is trying to convince Ridge to come back to Marone Industries and the family by offering him the ring back. Eric tells Massimo he shouldn’t even be in Forrester. Thomas pays a visit to Hector at the firehouse looking for Caitlin, where he learns that she’s supposed to be at an interview with his father. Caitlin and Rick continue to share lunch at the Café Russe` and talking about the fashion industry. Eric and Massimo argue about all that transpired with Ridge. Massimo keeps trying to sell Ridge on the bonds of biological connection. By the time he leaves, Ridge has conceded to invite him to dinner to see the baby when Brooke is feeling better. Eric is worried about the soft spot Ridge has for Massimo. Hector and Thomas discuss Thomas’s relationship with Caitlin. Hector says it would be ok for Thomas to ask her to a movie. Brooke continues her attempts to keep Nick in her life. She cries and tells him she needs him in her life. He doesn’t want to be her friend. But she keeps going until she wears him down. Nick leaves the boat before her, and when she finally leaves, she encounters Jackie.

Days by Danielle

Hope consults Lexie on the chances of Jennifer and the baby surviving the plane crash. Lexie tells Tek about Celeste’s Internet search. Bo and Tek run a background check on Patrick. Bo questions Bonnie about Patrick. Bonnie steals Patrick’s mysterious coin, thinking it a valuable item of Jennifer’s that she can take as payment for house cleaning. Bonnie pawns the coin for $100 but is caught by Patrick before she can spend the money. Patrick tries to buy back the coin for $100 but the pawnshop owner refuses to sell it for less than $1,000. Patrick breaks the display case and steals the coin, only to be caught and almost arrested by Hope who had been secretly watching him and Bonnie. Patrick tries to convince Hope not to arrest him so he can be free to save Jennifer. Abe, Roman, and Tony discuss how to use the plane crash to get back to Salem. Jennifer comes to, trapped under the plane wreckage. Jennifer frees herself from the wreckage and finds Davies dead. Jennifer looks for Jack and falls off the side of a cliff. Jack hears her screams and rushes to find her.

Jan catches on to Shawn’s amnesia act. Jan taunts Shawn with the video of Belle and Philip dancing at Alice’s. She allows him to watch the Nascar race but the sound is off so Shawn misses hearing Belle’s plea for him to come home. Philip introduces Belle to Nascar driver Casey Mears who will be driving the car that Philip sponsored with a message written on it telling Shawn to come home.

GH by Tori

Dillon talks to Lois about Brooke Lynn in Kelly’s. Georgie comes in and tells Lois that Dillon is her boyfriend and that she can’t have him. Lois laughs and leaves. Sage talks to a guy named Trent about her singing career outside Kelly‘s. They agree to work together, he’ll be the producer, and she’ll be the star. Trent goes and talks to Georgie and Dillon about getting a job at L&B. Skye talks to Ric from her cell. Alexis shows up. Skye asks Alexis to call her family so she can say goodbye. Alan and Edward come and she talks to them. Tracy shows up. Skye asks to talk to Tracy alone. Tracy leaves, and Lucky comes to see her. Bobbie and Heather make a date to see each other later. Heather goes back to her room and gets a vile of clear liquid. Heather puts some of the liquid into a cup and gives it to Lulu to give to Leslie. Leslie drinks it, and then leaves. Bobbie comes out of her house telling Lulu to go inside and eat her brownie. Tells Heather Leslie had an accident. Jason shoots Niko and before he dies he says that he isn’t the only one looking for Sam. Sam claims to not know what he was talking about. They go back to Port Charles. Jason tells Sonny what Niko said while Carly listens from the stairs. Carly goes and talks to Felicia asking her to find out info about Sam. Brooke Lynn and Ned talk, then sing a song together. Lois walks in and Brooke and Lois start to argue. Ned locks them in L&B. They realize they are exactly like each other. Ned comes back and Brooke Lynn leaves. We see someone putting together a picture of Sam on a computer.

GL by Katie

OLTL by Janice

Antonio packs up Jamie's things after he's arranged for her to live with R.J. while he is undercover. Jessica tells Antonio that she knows he's working undercover and is trying to protect her. Antonio tells her only that he loves her and that she needs to move out of his apartment. Antonio goes to Sonia. Dorian gets the truth about the baby out of Kelly. Kevin gets another note about the baby this time asking for money in exchange for more information. Viki asks Paul about his intentions toward Natalie. She is skeptical. Natalie goes to Jessica for information regarding the Santi money at Paul's request. Jessica gives her false information to keep them away from the Santi fortune.

Passions by Christa

Julian gets information that his son is in Harmony. Liz takes Aunt Irma to Eve’s. Eve can’t believe her eyes and is devastated. Luis tells Pilar that Antonio is dead. She falls off of the bed and begins to take a seizure. Luis yells for help. Katherine and Martin have flashbacks of their lives before they left Harmony. Martin says he is going back to Harmony. While Fox and Chad go for a coffee, Theresa tells Whitney that she is Fox’s mystery woman.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

All but Jack were stunned by Victor's offer. Jack reminded them who they were dealing with, then left. John and Jill blasted Victor, while Ash asked him to let them keep Jack and give them $35 million. Victor exited without acknowledging her, and Nikki followed. Alone with Victor, Nikki insisted he had used her to get back at Jack. Victor called her naieve and reminded her they had one evening to make up their minds. Ash suggested the Board consider Victor's offer, and reminded them that Jack had put them in this position. Jill verbally attacked her for her lack of loyalty to Jack, and her soft spot for Victor. John broke up the meeting and ordered everyone to meet back in two hours to make a decision. Daniel told Cassie and the girls to give up their Ruby Earring mystery. Kevin arrived and apologized to Lily for the pain he'd caused her. He thanked her for letting Neil bring forward the evidence that cleared his name. Alone, Daniel and Kevin talked about women and growing up in bizarre families. Kevin admitted he'd met Lily on the Internet and it had gone badly. They agreed to sit down again someday and talk about their histories. Gloria asked Michael to get Kevin a job, but Michael said neither of them were well liked in Genoa City. Gloria couldn't believe Michael wasn't liked, but he refused to discuss his personal life with her. He did, however, agree to get her name added to the list of those permitted to use the gym at The Athletic Club. Neil and Dru found Phyllis setting up a computer command centre in Victoria's old office. Dru told Neil this was the sort of game she knew Phyllis would play to establish herself in the company. Dru ordered Phyllis to vacate the office, while Neil listened to Phyllis' innovative ideas for the website. Phyllis revealed that Victoria had offered the office before she'd left town. Dru called her a liar. Neil said one of them would have to take Phyllis' old office, or they would both work in the same space. He left them to figure it out. JT told Brittany her scar was looking better since she'd started treating it, and cautioned her not to settle down with Bobby too early in life. Raul entered with makeup for Brittany, and JT told Raul to wake up where Brittany is concerned. JT revealed to Raul that Bobby plans to marry Brittany. The doctor in charge of Brittany's surgery called and informed her he had an opening for that day. Jack showed up at the Ranch, congratulated Victor on a coup, and walked in with a bottle of champagne, insisting he wanted to propose a toast.

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