The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/29/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Krystal keeps urging David not to spill the beans to Bianca about Babe's child being hers instead. She shows him all the pictures and childhood mementos of their daughter. Although David tells her he will not be manipulated, he shows that he has a real dilemma as to what to do. Erica runs into Greenlee at SOS. They insult each other about their failed relationships with their men.

Ryan catches Kendall in bed with his brother. It looks like her plan to manipulate them failed. Ryan is ready to leave town but he goes to consult with Tad about the information he's asked Tad to dig up on Slater. Slater finds Maria. She tells him their relationship is over, she's back with her family. But they both remember what they had.

ATWT by Linda

Katie kicks Simon out forever and then goes to talk to a drunk Mike at the Lakeview Lounge. Lucinda and Lily fight about Craig, Lucinda warning Lily that he only serves himself and no one else. Dusty convinces Nikki that this may be an inside job and she lets Lucy stay with him in the warehouse. Nikki talks with Craig and tells him that a Donald Creole is the kidnapper. Craig then visits Creole and tells him that he’s been made by the feds.

B&B by Susann

Ridge is still poking fun at Darla and Thorne. He insults Darla by calling her a gadfly, which infuriates Thorne. He advises Ridge that if he ever uses that tone again with Darla he will throw him out on his butt. He tells Ridge that the company can’t afford to take risks just so Ridge can have an adrenalin rush. Ridge walks out. Rick takes Caitlin to the Café Russe` for lunch. She’s never been to such a place before and is duly impressed. Brooke visits Nick at the Shady Marlin and brings Hope too. She says she wants Nick to remain a part of Hope’s life. Nick wonders if she’s not asking for herself. She says that’s true. She says she does need and love him. Massimo visits Ridge after overhearing the argument with Thorne, and uses the argument to try to make Ridge see that he doesn’t belong at Forrester, that he should come back to Marone. He offers him the Marone ring back, and just as it appears Ridge is considering it, Eric show up and tells him not to take it.

Days by Danielle

Shawn threatens to kill Jan and gets the keys from her to unlock his chains. Jan counters by knocking Shawn out. When Shawn comes to, he claims not to remember Belle and acts like Jan is the woman he’s meant to be with for the rest of his life. Belle prepares to make her plea to Shawn on the NASCAR broadcast. John tries to talk Belle out of making the plea. Brady warns Belle that Shawn won’t like how close she is getting to Philip. Nicole has a steamy fantasy about Brady. Brady overhears Nicole talking about what John would do to her and Crystal if they were found out. Nicole covers by claiming that John’s accusations about Crystal are unfounded. John offers the job of guarding Brady and the Kiriakis mansion to Earl. Earl at first refuses the job until his wife insists that he take it or not come home. Nicole insists that Crystal leave town today but on the way out, Crystal runs into Earl.

Julie criticizes Mickey for sleeping with Bonnie. Mickey insists that Julie apologize to Bonnie for talking behind her back. Bonnie rubs her relationship with Mickey in Julie’s face. Hope and Bo question Patrick about Jennifer. Hope calls the family to tell them about Jennifer while Bo checks out the alleged messages from Jack on Jennifer’s computer. Julie blames Patrick for Jennifer’s kidnapping. Bo heads down to the station to run an extensive background check on Patrick while Hope stays with Patrick to make sure he doesn’t leave town. Patrick is determined to save Jennifer.

GH by Lisa

Heather breaks into Skye's house and remembers stalking her and killing Ross. Heather becomes upset when she sees a picture of Luke ad Skye together. Nico traps Sam at the Cabana but Jason arrives and shoots him.

Lois has auditions for new singers at L & B. Dillon, Georgie and Brook Lynn are the judges. Brook Lynn confronts Lois over her manipulations when Lois raves about Sage's singing. Ned and Brook Lynn sing together.

GL by Katie

Olivia has realized that Phillip has frozen all of her assets, and then wants her to resign from Spaulding. Cassie and Edmund reconcile, but it takes a little help from a couple of people. Michelle spends her first night at home, but the awkwardness between her and Danny is too much. She question everything about a Michelle that she is supposed to be, but doesn’t know.

OLTL by Soap Struck

Antonio tries to convince Jessica he has been having an affair, but she’s still not convinced. Sonia invites Antonio to her house to see if he can be trusted. Antonio explains everything to Bo, and Bo tells Antonio to be very careful, as he may have to do some things that are illegal. Evangeline and John make love, and neither has any regrets. Mary returns home, finds Evangeline and John, and frees them from the basement. She’s very scared, thinking she’s being followed. John agrees to get her into a safe house. She identifies a man that fought with Arthur before his murder, and Antonio recognizes him from the Hookup. Kevin receives another note questioning Ace’s paternity. Dorian returns home with a sprained wrist, and tells Kelly she’ll support her if she decides to reveal her secret to Kevin. David tries to get to the bottom of Dorian’s injuries, which go beyond a sprained wrist, and vows to protect her. Todd and Blair are able to trick Margaret into admitting she planted files in Todd’s office and doctored photos of her in bed with Todd. Margaret confesses to Kevin she planted the files, and Asa ordered her to get the photos of her and Todd. Kevin fires her on the spot, and advises her to get an attorney. Kelly calls Todd and accuses him of sending anonymous notes to Kevin.

Passions by Christa

Julian and Eve continue to talk. He tells her that he will go check up on Aunt Irma to see if she has had any visitors or calls. Alistair calls Martin and tells him that he has killed Antonio. Martin vows to kill Alistair. Pilar continues to say Martin is coming home. Pilar knows something is wrong with Antonio. The nurse tells Sheridan not to tell Pilar about Antonio’s death. The shock could kill her.

Liz goes to get Aunt Irma. Once Liz says Eve’s name she gets worked up and the nurse has to give her something to calm her down, in order for her to go out. Liz hears Julian out there asking to see Aunt Irma. Fox saves Theresa just in time, while hanging from the cliff. He takes her into lobby and Whitney and Chad come down. Theresa said she went to look for Fox and she seen and heard him. She tells Fox she heard everything he said and she thinks Whitney and Chad also need to know.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Nick refused to tell Victor what personal problem he was facing, or why he was meeting with Michael Baldwin. Sharon and Nick told Michael about Grace's betrayal and of their belief that Cameron was trying to frame Sharon for murder. Michael admitted it was entirely possible for him to do so. Nick and Sharon officially hired Michael as their lawyer, and they headed to the police station where Sharon intended to turn herself in and tell the police her whole story. Dt. Weber was summoned to the Morgue where police and doctors were examining a body that had been found near the drainage pipe of a local sewer. He questioned the homeless man responsible for the discovery, and told the doctors to let him know as soon as they knew the cause of death. Sharon, Michael and Nick arrived to tell Weber the story, but discovered from a cop that Weber was off investigating a body in the sewer. Michael quickly rushed Sharon and Nick out, feeling they'd missed their opportunity to come clean without casting suspicion on their motives. Mac admitted to Daniel that she's afraid of their growing closeness because she hasn't been involved with anyone since the tragedy with Billy. Nikki and Jill went over the guest list for the upcoming Intervention, while Jill hoped she'd be able to count on Mac to join them. Mac arrived and argued with Jill about a process that would require her to turn her back on her grandmother. Kay eavesdropped on the argument, and vowed not to let Jill stage the Intervention. Phyllis begged Daniel to have a relationship with her. He agreed to give her a chance if she finally told him the truth of why he was taken away from her and given to Danny. Phyllis agreed to tell him, and they made plans for dinner that evening. At the Jabot Board Meeting, Jack promised Ash, Brad and John that he would be on his best behavior. Victor, Nikki and Jill arrived and Victor stunned the Board by offering the original $75 million settlement... provided the Board remove Jack Abbott as CEO and promise never to allow him to work for Jabot - in any capacity - ever again.

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