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AMC by Jennifer

David reveals to Krystal and to Babe that he ran the DNA tests which prove that he is Babe's father, although Krystal has believed differently throughout Babe's life. Yet although Krystal urges her daughter not to let on to David that she knows Bess is not hers, she tells him she knows. Now, David has to listen to Krystal's requests that he not tell Bianca that Bess is hers, as not to hurt his daughter.

Greenlee decides to end her marriage with Ryan and still be friends, although she cannot hide that it upsets her. Kendall calls Ryan to her home to catch her in bed with his brother. Reggie and Danielle are getting "publicity" at the teen pick-up joint, of their chemistry together. While JR calls his ex-dealer to drug Babe without her knowing it.

ATWT by Linda

Allison first tells Chris she doesn't want to get married yet, but he convinces her that they'll move out and get their own place, plus she'll have the "Cinderella" wedding she's always dreamed of. Katie finds Pilar's note to Simon and now she questions whether she should stay with him or not. Dusty talks with Starzyack and finds out the kidnapper's name, but when he returns back to the warehouse, Nikki arrests him. Lucy begs Nikki not to arrest him until Dusty has had a chance to explain everything and how he'd saved her life. Molly is taken by Starzyack and his right hand man, Holden and Aaron discovering her disappearance. Lucinda tells Lily that she should kick out Craig.

B&B by Susann

Brooke and Ridge bring the baby home. Thomas and the girls meet their new little brother and learn that Brooke is moving back in. Eric shows up and meets his baby grandson for the first time. Thomas decides that the baby should be called “RJ” which everyone likes. At Forrester Creations the phone is ringing off the hook with questions about Ridge’s latest fiasco. Darla and Thorne discuss Ridge’s latest line and how Thorne doesn’t think it’s appropriate for the direction the company is taking. Caitlin shows up to meet with Ridge about her designs, but finds that Ridge isn’t there. She ends up modeling her designs for Rick, who is very smitten with Caitlin, as she is with him. Ridge shows up in Thorne’s office and the get into a spat about Ridge’s new line. Ridge tries to call all the shots and tells Thorne that he doesn’t have to answer to him. As he starts to walk out on Thorne, Darla comes in and tells Ridge that Thorne has always treated him with respect, and that it’s time Ridge showed a little respect for Thorne. Both Ridge and Thorne are amazed at her spunk, and are left speechless.

Days by Danielle

Julie confronts Bonnie about the empty cash register. Bonnie explains that she’s been taking money out of it all night to keep in the office safe. Bonnie admits to Mickey that she had wanted to keep some of the money for herself and that she only donated a portion of the opening night profits to impress Mickey after he kisses her. Julie finds Mickey and Bonnie in bed together.

Crystal thinks that John and Brady didn’t see her. Nicole insists that Crystal stay on the mansion grounds so as not to run into Earl again. Brady tries to convince Crystal and Nicole to join him at Alice’s but they refuse. Earl storms out of Alice’s when John confronts him about Marlena’s death. Marlena and Roman discuss what is in store for them and the rest of Salem in this master plan. Maggie joins them to talk about Jack. Hope and Patrick go to the airfield’s control tower to try and track down Jennifer’s plane. Jennifer comes to alive and well while the plane is in the air. Davies sends multiple signals to mess up the control tower’s radar. Davies catches Jennifer using her cell phone to call Hope. Hope calls Tek to run a trace on Jennifer’s phone. Jennifer’s plane crashes on the other side of the island. Jack’s flashbacks to the times when he and Jennifer saved each other give him the renewed strength to try and get out of the jungle. A boa constrictor wraps itself around Jack but he remembers to relax and escapes the snake’s grasp.

GH by Tori

Mary and Nikolas are arguing because Nikolas still feels like his life doesn't fit together correctly. Mary suddenly suggests that a baby could help him make that connection he needs. Mary and Nikolas go to bed. He dreams of making promises to Mary, then Emily comes into view in the hospital bed. He mumbles her name aloud. Mary hears. Heather and Skye talk in the park. Heather leaves to rent a room at Kelly's. Heather begins to look over a menu when Leslie and Lulu walk in. Leslie and Heather talk while Lulu picks songs from the jukebox. Heather goes back upstairs and goes through her things. She takes out a large butcher knife and a scrapbook. She remembers being outside of Skye's house. Then, Heather entered the house and stabbed Ross in the back with the ice-pick. Skye goes home. Someone blonde comes to the door, Skye starts to panic, but it's just Courtney. They talk of Jax. Courtney leaves. Emily and Lucky, walking through the park, decide that Ric's theory about Skye doesn't make much sense. They go to visit Skye. They go over what happened the night of the murder once again. Niko grabs Sam outside Jason's penthouse door. Carly steps off the elevator and beats Niko up. Then pulls Sam into Sonny's penthouse and calls 911. Ric questions Sonny and Jason at the police station. A policeman comes and tells Ric about an assault at Sonny's penthouse. Sonny, Jason, a cop, and Ric rush to the scene. Sam tells them that Carly saved her life. Ric accuses them off trying to pull off a scam in order to get him to stop questioning Sonny. Carly then goes off on Ric, and he leaves. Carly asks Jason to get Sam out of town. Jason and Sonny agree that Jason should take Sam to the island. Jason and Sam leave. The get to the island, and don't see Nico lurking outside, watching them through the window. Sonny thanks Carly for what she did. Carly brushes it off saying that even though she hates Sam she doesn't want to see her dead.

GL by Bridget

Edmund continues to help Cassie move to the farm where she and Tammy have many memories. Cassie continues to try to get Edmund back, and Edmund helps Tammy with a new way to get Joey at the farm. Sandy turns to Buzz for relationship advice, little does Buzz know, but the person that Sandy is so interested in is Buzz's granddaughter. Lizzie continues to pursue Joey. Michelle is released from the hospital, and returns to the house that she don't remember. She finds a teddy bear and want to know about her and Danny and whether or not they have children.

OLTL by Kathy

Jessica continues to try to get to the bottom of Antonio’s being fired. Antonio continues to stick to his story, and pays Sonia a visit at the Hookup. Sonia still isn’t convinced she can trust him, and Antonio tries to convince her to introduce him to the person running the Santi organization. They kiss, and Jessica catches them. She confronts Antonio, demanding an explanation, but Antonio keeps telling her to drop it. Evangeline and John get information on Arthur Loomis’s girlfriend, and arrange to meet her, hoping she will have some information. They go to the house where they are to meet, and end up being locked in the basement. They begin drinking, and talking, and eventually kiss. In the basement, John may have found a clue – a payroll book, with the name of Nelly Bearsford, who was Caitlyn’s childhood friend. Evangeline wonders if that may have been a name Kathryn used, and if Kathryn was actually playing both sides. Paul continues to try to persuade Natalie to help him find the Santi fortune.

Passions by Christa

At Alistair's office, Julian tells him that Sheridan is still alive. Alistair is outraged. He tells Julian that none of the Lopez-Fitzgerald men will threaten him again. He also tells Julian that Eve’s secrets are about to come out, possibly tonight. On the phone with Luis, Martin whispers Luis’ name but then hangs up. Catherine blames herself for Martin leaving his family behind. At the hospital Luis tries to trace where the call came from. Pilar is so happy and says she knows it was Martin and he is coming back home soon. Luis tells Sheridan he can’t tell Pilar about Antonio’s death yet, she is too happy.

TC gives Eve a gift, it’s the first love letter that he wrote to her, and it’s in a frame. Liz tells TC she is going to find a family member and bring them home to visit Eve. She tells him not to tell her it’s a surprise for her. She says it’s the least she could do for Eve, after all she’s done for her. Eve gets a phone call from Julian and he tells her that a secret could come out tonight. At the Seacliff Inn, Chad pushes Fox. Whitney tells him it wasn’t what it looked like. Fox and Chad shake hands. Theresa asks Fox if she can talk about their future. He said he didn’t think they had because she broke up with him. He asked if they could talk about it later. Fox goes outside for a walk and he talks to God without knowing Theresa was listening. He asks God why is it that he is in love with a woman who is in bed with another man. He says he loves Whitney. Theresa looks surprised and upset and says she can’t take it and had to go, but she slips off of the edge of the cliff.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Michael laid some ground rules for Kevin and Gloria, who felt unwelcome and unwanted in the busy lawyer's private condo. Mac opened up to Daniel about Kay's drinking, which prompted him to tell her about being ripped away from his Mother and growing up with a Father who constantly traveled. Mac comforted him, and they shared their first kiss. JT told Bobby it was only a matter of time before Brittany was in danger again as a result of her relationship with him. He said she was only with Bobby for the thrills, that she'd be better off with Raul, and that Bobby couldn't protect her everyday. Bobby revealed his intentions to marry Brittany, and ordered JT to keep quiet about it. Phyllis settled into Victoria's old office at Newman Enterprises, only to be surprised by Drucilla, who insisted the office belonged to her. They exchanged catty remarks about their importance to the company, and Phyllis eventually wore Dru down enough that she stormed out, after the suggestion Neil had only hired her to keep her off the streets. Sharon gave second thought to Nikki's suggestion to move the body. Victor arrived at the Ranch and was curious to know what Sharon and Nikki were so agitated about. Sharon left and Nikki told Victor that something was going on that Nick wanted him to stay out of. Victor would not tell Nikki about his special conditions on the upcoming Jabot settlement. Instead, he said she was something he couldn't live without and they fell into a passionate kiss. Nick and Cameron squared off, while Grace defended Cameron and told Nick that she wouldn't fall for his and Sharon's lies again. Nick told Cameron he won't work for him and demanded answers about New Year's Eve. Cameron warned Nick to keep away from Grace and him. Nick smashed Cameron in the jaw and told him it was payback for what he'd done to Sharon in Denver.

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