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AMC by Jennifer

When JR catches Babe and Krystal "embezzling" money out of the secret safe for Krystal's departure, they attempt to sell to him a story about Krystal visiting her "Aunt Telula" in some make believe town. He informs Liza that Krystal told him David Hayward is Babe's real father, and Liza does not believe it. David follows Krystal to the airport and announces that the results of the DNA reflect that he is Babe's real father. It sounds like he's "bluffing" however. Bianca catches Ryan and Greenlee in a conversation that sounds like they want to hurt her sister. She tells Ryan he's making a big mistake to deny his love for Kendall, and she also attempts to urge Kendall not to leave Fusion or leave town. Kendall has a secret meeting with a secret man.

Edmund is having trouble coping with his paralysis. But Anita encourages him to be happy and be proud that he is a good husband and father, something she wishes she had. Kendall tries to urge Ryan to get back with her even if he stays married to Greenlee. Although tempted by her offer, he declines. Danielle surprises Reggie by showing up again, informing him that she will stay in Pine Valley with her father and they can see each other again. Although resistant and untrusting, he finally decides he doesn't mind seeing her again. Stuart is able to see that JR is behaving just like his father and is up to some secret nasty plan to hurt somebody, although he has no clue as to what. David knows the truth about Bess really being Bianca's baby, although nobody else has a clue.

ATWT by Linda

Pilar takes Katie to Mike’s boathouse and threatens to kill her. Henry and Simon discover she’s gone, Henry calling Mike over. Mike calls Pilar on her cell phone, Pilar basically telling him she’s in the boathouse. When Mike arrives, Katie throws a net over Pilar and she falls on the knife, killing herself. Katie then has questions for Simon when they return home, like why Pilar seemed to hate him even if she didn’t even know him. Tom and Margo argue, Margo denying the fact that she wants anything to do with Doc. When he pushes her, she tells him that she did flirt with him, but nothing happened. Jessica comes over to help quell Tom’s suspicions, but instead piques his curiosity further. Carly tells Roseanna that she thinks it’s a horrible idea to have Jordan move in, making her more vulnerable to James’ influence. Paul suggests he move in and Roseanna agrees. Kim threatens Doc to keep out of her family’s life. Chris asks Allison to marry him.

B&B by Susann

Nick and his mother continue to argue. Nick wants her to leave him alone, she insists she can’t do that. He can’t understand how she could do something so hurtful. She insists it’s because she loves him. He asks her if lying and manipulating is her idea of what a family does to each other. He says Brooke is probably thanking her lucky stars right now that he’s gone. He keeps asking her to leave, but she says she can’t. He says fine, then he’ll leave, and he leaves a crying Jackie behind in the penthouse.

Eric finds Stephanie alone in the living room, where she tells him what happened at Brooke’s. About Ridge delivering the baby, the new paternity test, and the fact that it’s Ridge’s baby. They talk about when Ridge was a baby, how he drove Stephanie to tear her hair out with his getting into trouble. But she always knew he was meant for great things. She says she didn’t want to love the new baby, but she did. She said she is afraid the new baby will be what causes her to lose Ridge. Eric says she has to decide which is stronger, her hate or her love. Stephanie says that Brooke must be the stronger of the two because she won. Eric hugs her. Brooke and Ridge are still cuddling their baby on the bed, having yet another discussion about how they both “felt” this was meant to be. Hope wakes up thirsty and comes into the room, where she meets her new brother. She gives him a kiss, and Ridge takes her back to bed. When he returns, the continue to talk about how they’ve finally reached their destiny.

Days by Danielle

Brady invites Crystal to the grand opening of Alice’s but Nicole steps in to decline the invitation, insisting that she and Crystal will be spending the night at home. Nicole tries to talk Crystal out of spending time with John. Crystal is convinced that John believes she is innocent despite Nicole’s attempts to convince her otherwise. John and Brady discuss John’s findings about what happened between Crystal and Marlena the night of Marlena’s death. John sets it up so that Crystal and Earl, the guard that Crystal seduced, meet up at Alice’s. Crystal is confident that Earl will never talk but rushes out of Alice’s when she sees Earl at the bar. Maggie fills Alice in on Tony’s appearance on the island. They discuss their thoughts on Jennifer’s upcoming arrival on the island. Davies threatens Jennifer with a gun if she doesn’t sit back and let him take off. Jennifer tries to escape out the back of the plane but is knocked out when the plane. Hope uses her car to try and stop the plane. Patrick falls off the plane and it takes off despite their efforts. Patrick takes Hope to a new place to find answers about where Jennifer is being taken.

Lucas’ confrontation of Sami about her lies to Amanda spawns an argument about both their recent infidelities. Lucas brings Amanda back to his apartment. Bonnie regrets trying to help Sami but seeks the help of a patron to talk to Sami.

GH by Tori

Skye admits to a full courtroom that she is in love with Luke Spencer.  Lucky reluctantly agrees to testify on Skye's behalf. After the day in court, Skye follows a woman that she thinks is Laura. She is shocked to find out the woman's name is Heather Webber. Nikolas freaks out a bit after making love to Mary and takes off. Emily and Nikolas have a confrontation in the park. Faith hires Niko to kill Lorenzo, but Nikolas saves Lorenzo. Mary is upset to see 'Connor' wearing a gun. Connor is just as upset with her because she won't tell him who he used to be. Lorenzo and Sonny have a discussion at the hospital right before Jason informs Sonny that they are wanted at the station for questioning about Lorenzo's attempted murder. Sam goes against Jason's orders to stay in the penthouse and ends up in Niko's hands again. Carly thwarts his getaway with Sam. Jax agrees to invest in L & B while trying to deny his feeling about Courtney to Lois. Courtney admits to Mike that she may have misjudged Jax. Jax confesses to Courtney that he is surprised at himself; he hasn't flirted with another woman or raided any business since he has been with her.

GL by Katie  

Marina and Shayne hack into the Spaulding computer, which threatens their chances in the internship competition. Cassie spars with Jeffrey over seeing him with her yoga instructor (the attractive woman from the gym). They continue bickering at the farm. Jeffrey tells her about his plans to leave town. Edmund shows up with an upset-looking RJ. Danny and Michelle continue to try to get her memory back. Marina stops by for a visit, in which Michelle states how frustrated she is about how much everyone wants her to regain her memory. Bill visits too, and Michelle says she's annoyed with Danny always being there. Rick explains that Michelle can go home, and Michelle lashes out at him, Danny, and Bill.

Gus & Harley have a nice dinner with Alan and Alexandra. They discuss Gus & Harley's wedding, in which Harley makes a heartfelt speech to Gus about how she wants their wedding to be special. With that, they decide to have a huge, all-out wedding. Afterwards, Harley tells Gus that Alexandra told her that he wants a huge wedding. Gus continues to feel guilty over protecting Alex. After Harley goes to bed, Gus burns the evidence that incriminates Alex in the drug bust.

OLTL by Kathy

River and Adriana make love for the first time, and neither has any regrets. David later catches them alone, but says he won’t tell Dorian. David tells Adriana she must get her cross back from Antonio immediately. Antonio convinces Jessica he was fired from LPD, and Jessica insists on talking to her Uncle Bo to try to get his job back. Margaret shows Blair a photo of her and Todd in bed, but Blair refuses to believe it is real. Blair later confronts Margaret alone, and warns her to stay away from them, slaps her, and tells her that is just a small taste of Blair’s wrath, if she doesn’t back off. Kevin confronts Kelly, demanding to know if he is Ace’s father. Kelly refuses to answer the question, and decides to move into Dorian’s until Kevin is willing to trust her. Kevin feels Todd may actually be Ace’s father. Marcie works to convince Shannon to participate in the rebuilding of the community center, promising her a fun-filled time. Shannon is hurt to realize she is unable to seduce River.

Passions by Christa

Tabitha and Charity talk about all the pain that has happened since Charity came to Harmony. Tabitha tells her she should leave Harmony. Miguel then talks to Charity. And she tells him everything that has happened is her fault and she has to leave for good. Katherine and Martin talk about why they shouldn’t return to Harmony because of their secret. Martin finds out that Pilar is back in the hospital and decides to call to find out information on her condition. Luis tells Sheridan he will make her father pay. Luis gets a phone call about his mother being in the hospital. They decide to go to the hospital and tell Pilar about Antonio. At the hospital, Theresa calls Chad and asks if she can get a ride up to the Seacliff Inn where Fox and Whitney are. She tells her mother she is going to tell Fox everything. A man calls and the nurse gives Pilar the phone. He doesn’t say anything but Pilar knows its Martin. Luis and Sheridan come in and Pilar tells Luis to talk to his father. Fox and Whitney are sleeping with the sheet between then. They are dreaming of each other and the sheet falls down, unaware Fox and Whitney hold each other while sleeping. Chad and Theresa get to the Seacliff Inn, they open the door and they see Fox and Whitney sleeping together.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Ashley offered Damon his job back, warned him about the dangers involved in dating a woman like Phyllis, and promised he'd never have to worry about Jack firing him again. Damon accepted her offer. Dru told Neil about Lily's run in with the police, and defended Devon and Lily's actions towards him. Neil wondered about how smart it was to let Lily associate with the kid, but Dru stressed the importance of letting Lily make some decisions, and pointed out that Devon had apologized and taken her verbal reprimand like a real man. Dru rushed off to NE to prepare for her upcoming first day at work. Victor tried teaching Devon the basics of boxing, but Devon said he didn't need to learn the sport. Christine told Danny about Phyllis' ultimatum regarding Daniel, and suggested they tell Daniel the truth about his paternity before Phyllis could get to him and put her own spin on it. Phyllis ambushed Daniel and Mac at Crimson Lights and pretended Daniel was a friend of her family, in college. When Mac took a call from a drunken Kay, Daniel did not thank Phyllis for covering for him, but instead ordered her to stay away from him. Grace broke down and told Cameron everything that Nick and Sharon had told her, including the location of the dead body. Nick and Sharon worried about trusting Grace, while Nikki suggested they move the body before Cameron could find it. Nick said that was a risky idea, and instead went to confront Grace and even - if need be - warn Cameron that he would be stopped soon or later.

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