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AMC by Jennifer

Krystal tells Babe there will be big trouble for both of them when David finds out he is not Babe's real father and has no incentive to keep the secret about Bess not really being hers. But she promises to take the fall for her daughter and move out of town. They both attempt to get money out of the secret safe until they are caught be JR. JR goes to confront David about his secret. But David will not tell him.

Kendall announces that she will sell out her partnership of Fusion, because she cannot face Ryan and Greenlee is their joke of a marriage, and be hurt. Ryan tries to persuade her not to leave. But she does and she has a secret meeting with a man, sounding like she wants to spy upon Ryan. Bianca talks to Erica, telling her that she's shut herself out from her family and she might benefit from therapy. But Erica declines and says that her family has abandoned her and not the other way around.

ATWT by Linda

Pilar is thwarted in her murder attempt by Simon, but as the goodbye party progresses, she threatens Snickers when Katie comes up to feed him for the last time. Henry overhears Simon talking with Nancy and realizes that Simon has been in cahoots with Pilar the whole time. Tom makes an embarrassing accusation to Margo at the party. Ben catches Doc being a jerk to Jessica and they explain it away as a lawyer/client dispute, Ben telling Jessica she needs to dump him as a client. Roseanna invites Jordan to move in, much to Paul and Jennifer’s chagrin.

B&B by Boo

Stephanie is in shock. The doctor says the baby is Ridge’s and she just can’t believe that could be true. Nick tells her it’s Ridge’s and she better get used to it. Thorne stops in to see Eric who greets him in the usual warm way, by asking him what he’s doing there. He says he wants to talk about something Ridge did at the wedding. Before they get started Eric tells him that Brooke is in labor, and Ridge is with her, and they have reconciled. Thorn is shocked, wondering how his mother is gonna take that. Then he tells Eric that Ridge is overstepping his bounds by offering people jobs and telling people about the direction of the company. He says Ridge need to run things by him before he does that. Eric says Ridge ran it by him, but they thought Thorne was too busy with wedding plans to deal with it. Eric says they will all meet soon and clear the air. Thorne says they better because he doesn’t intend to rubber stamp everything that Ridge wants.

Nick walks into his dark penthouse, and slowly walks through the room filled with new baby things. He stops at the Noah’s Ark shaped crib, and winds the baby mobile. It softly plays a lullaby. There are tears in his eyes as he finds a picture of the first ultrasound in a book on the coffee table. As he’s staring at it, his mother appears at the door. He tells her to leave. She tries to talk to him, but he again tells her to leave and walks out to the veranda. She wants to know if he told Brooke and Ridge. He says he did. She tries to console him by telling him he’ll get over it. But he tells her he lost his family. She misinterprets what he means by that, and says they’ll get through it together. He tells her it’s her that was his family. She was the only person he could always trust, and now that’s dead, and she may as well be dead too. Stephanie starts to leave the room but Ridge asks her to stop. He tells her he wants all the animosity to end. He wants her to be a part of his baby’s life. He brings the baby to her and puts it in her arms. She says it’s just like holding him when he was first born. A perfect, tiny baby. She kisses him and smiles at him. “Mama’s little baby boy, aren’t you?” She says softly, holding him very close. Everyone is smiling.

Days by Danielle

Bonnie reaches out to comfort Sami. Bonnie convinces Sami to go after Lucas but Lucas was already on his way back to his apartment with Amanda. Celeste runs an Internet search on Tek. Tek walks Lexie home from Alice’s, both unable to resist the impulse to kiss goodnight.

Hope and Patrick get a flat tire in their rush to get to Jennifer. Jennifer agrees to go with Davies but secretly puts the battery back in her cell phone and e-mails Hope the serial number of the plane on her PDA. Hope and Patrick arrive just as the plane is taking off. Davies ignores Jennifer’s requests to stop the plane. Patrick jumps onto the plane from Hope’s car. Jack dreams that Jennifer is there to comfort him. Jack also dreams that he returns home, only to find Jennifer in the arms of another man. Marlena is convinced that Tony admitted that Stefano is alive. Tony explains that he was referring to himself as the Phoenix. Marlena refuses to let Roman and Abe beat answers out of Tony. Abe is angered at Tony’s comments about Lexie moving on and attacks him. Roman and Marlena rush in to stop the fight. Tony points out that Stefano wouldn’t have harmed his own son.

GH by Lisa

Faith stages an attempt on her life in order to frame Sonny. Michael overhears Faith telling Sonny that Alcazar is trying to kill him and Jason. Jason interrupts Sam and Sonny. Jason does not want Sam to spend so much time with Sonny. It could ruin their plans. Nico contacts Sam and threatens to expose her unless she meets with him. Lois refuses to take Alcazar's donation because she thinks it is connected to organized crime. She wants Jax to invest in L & B.

GL by Katie

Gus tells Alexandra about eloping with Harley. Alex figures out that Gus will go along with whatever Harley wants to do when it comes to the wedding. Gus talks to Philip about the upcoming wedding and Olivia. Harley tells Blake and Mel about her & Gus’s decision to elope. They convince her that Gus would want a big, full-blown wedding since it’s his first wedding. Harley talks about the wedding with Alex. Harley is also suspicious of Alex’s sudden fondness of Gus. After Alex leaves, Harley figures out exactly what she’s gonna do about her wedding.

Philip and Olivia spar over Emma’s wellbeing and future. Bill and Josh talk about Bill’s purpose for using a gun after Eden “died”. Josh is worried about his nephew’s emotional status. Olivia’s concerned about Bill, too. While trying to become partners with him, she kisses him. Josh checks out Bill’s trashed apartment and calls Billy. Cassie & Edmund discuss the future and their relationship. Cassie gets him to stay a while with her. They hear a noise; it’s a bat! After freeing it, they end up kissing. However, Edmund pulls away and leaves.

OLTL by Kathy

A Santi thug grabs Carlotta and demands her bracelet. She escapes and runs to Antonio, who now tells John this is personal. Sara comes to the police station, and realizes Antonio is a cop. Antonio goes to the Hook Up and tells Sara’s boss that he is a Santi and wants a piece of the action. John stages a firing in front of her to help Antonio infiltrate the organization. David takes Starr, Travis, River and Adriana to the country club for an afternoon swim. Starr and Travis have a little tiff, but quickly kiss and make up. Shannon goes into the cabana that River is changing in, and tries to seduce him. Adriana catches them and is extremely upset. She and River make up, and begin to make love. Asa enlists Margaret’s help in bringing down Todd, after Kevin receives an anonymous note questioning his paternity with Ace. Margaret shows a photograph of herself and Todd in a compromising position to Blair.

Passions by Christa

Whitney apologizes to Fox for comparing him to the rest of the Crane men. They talk about Theresa. He asks Whitney what it was that Theresa did. Whitney pretends not to know. Fox says he thought he was the guy who was suppose to make Theresa forget about Ethan. Whitney asks if Fox would take Theresa back. He said that if she wanted to talk about reconciliation he certainly would listen. Luis and Sheridan are happy to finally be together. Sheridan tells Luis that Antonio let her go. She has a flashback of her telling Antonio that he could take her to the ends of the earth and Luis would still be in her heart and soul. So Antonio tells her to go before he changes his mind. Luis tells Sheridan Antonio is dead. Sheridan blames herself.

Martin and Catherine talk about their children and all the pain they caused them by leaving. Ethan and Gwen talk about having their own children. Ethan has a flashback of the night him and Theresa slept together. They head to the hospital for Gwen to see a doctor about getting pregnant. Theresa visits her mother at the hospital. They see the explosion on the TV but didn’t realize what it was about and shut it off. Ethan comes into the room and realizes Theresa is there. He asks how she and the baby are. Pilar tells Theresa to get over Ethan. They talk about Martin. Theresa says she would never forgive him for leaving. Whitney calls Theresa and asks her to give Fox another chance.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Kay apologized to Gina for the spectacle she was at the Mother's Day Brunch. Gina doubted the stability of Kay's home life and refused to serve her more alcohol at the club. Arthur and Esther told Jill that they had no choice but to have an intervention for Kay. Either way they risked losing her. When Kay returned home drunk, Jill agreed that the time had come. An officer accused Devon of stealing a wallet. When Devon had 10 dollars less than what had been in the wallet, the officer was sure he'd done it, until Lily claimed to have loaned him 50 dollars. The officer called her a liar, and Drucilla came to her daughter's defense and made the cop back down. Back at home, Lily admitted to Dru that she'd lied to protect Devon. Dru advised Lily to keep her distance from the troublemaker. Devon showed up and Dru chastised him and told him he had nothing to offer Lily. Devon gave Lily the 50 dollars and thanked her for the loan, then left. Daniel told Mac she was different than any other girl he'd ever met. They nearly kissed, but left for coffee instead. Victor denied to Brad that he planned to use the Jabot settlement as a way to get visitation with Abby. Jack broke up a near brawl between the two and calmly told Brad not to worry, that Victor wouldn't get Abby, and that Jabot would not crumble. Cameron confided in Grace about his meetings with Sharon and Nikki, claimed they were trying to frame him for murder, said he'd turn them into the cops, and told Grace he'd be nothing without her. Grace crumbled in his arms and promised not to doubt him or his love. Cameron was pleased. Nick realized that Cameron is trying to frame Sharon for murder, and became very alarmed that Grace was alone with the man.

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