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AMC by Jennifer

David is ready to tell Babe and Bianca that Bess is really Miranda. But Krystal, first, informs Babe that David is her father. Not knowing if she is or not, and not knowing that she knows that Krystal switched the DNA tests, he cannot yet tell them that. But, privately, Krystal informs her daughter that David is not really her father. She just told him that so he would not hurt her by taking her baby from her.

Erica returns home with Ryan, but he can tell she's in rough shape. Anita Warner confronts her and tells her she's a worthless mother to abandon Bianca and mess around with Anita's husband. Erica tells Anita she never slept with Bobbie, but Anita does not believe that. She's also not ready to face Bianca, Kendall or Jack. And she's still drinking and having nightmares about her father.

ATWT by Linda

Tom starts to suspect Margo is cheating on him and discusses it with his father, which only seems to confirm the fact for him. Doc is cold towards Margo and Margo discusses this fact with Jessica, who is evasive regarding the subject. Dusty tries again to get a hold of Starzyack, again as Lucy pulls down a bunch of boxes on herself. He rushes in and pushes her out of the way dislocating his arm. Lucy pulls it back in and they begin to grow closer. Nikki Munson returns and causes friction between Hal and Emily. She also interviews Molly regarding Dusty and Molly is followed out of the station by one of Starzyack’s thugs. Simon has a dream that Katie finds out about Pilar and hates him. Later, he promises her that if she doesn’t like it in Australia, they’ll come back. Mike wakes up to Pilar next to him in bed, freaking him out. He threatens to call the cops on her if she does it again, Pilar vowing revenge on Katie. Pilar shows up at the Frazier cottage and has knife ready to kill Katie while Katie is feeding Snickers.

B&B by Susann

Nick is telling Ridge that he is the real father of the new baby. He tells him about the computer error at the lab, and about his mother running another test. Ridge asks the doctor what the chances are of getting another paternity test tonight. The doctor says he can arrange it. Nick goes outside to wait and Brooke and Ridge discuss how sure they were at first that the baby was Ridge’s, he said he just felt it was. Brooke says it would explain so much if it is his. Massimo is still trying to understand all that’s happened. As she explains, he becomes more and more angry. He says Nick must be devastated. Jackie says the baby was all Nick had. Massimo grabs Jackie and demands the whole story immediately. Jackie says Nicky was so happy and planning a life with Brooke and the baby. Massimo says that’s because he thought the baby was his. He says that Jackie watched as Nick fell more and more in love with Brooke and the baby, and she watched as the family became strained and brother was pitted against brother. She watched and did nothing. Stephanie shows up in Brooke’s room, and tells her that she does make beautiful babies. She wonders if Brooke will continue to force Ridge to deliver all her babies by other men. She makes remark after remark about how Ridge is going to realize soon that the fantasy isn’t what he thought it was. And how she knew all along that the baby wasn’t Ridge’s. Brooke just keeps smiling and letting her say it all. She says that if Brooke had any decency that the baby would have been Ridge’s. Brooke asks her what if the baby was Ridge’s? Stephanie says if the baby was Ridge’s then everything she knows about virtue and integrity would be turned upside down.

As Massimo continues to rage against Jackie and all her secrets and lies, she asks him if he can ever forgive her. He tells her if she thinks that then she’s more delusional than he thought. He tells her to get out, and storms out of the stud, with Jackie chasing after him yelling for him to wait. She knocks over a picture. As she stoops to pick it up, she realizes it’s a picture of her, Massimo, Nick and Brooke. And the picture is shattered, just like their lives. The doctor, Ridge and Nick come back in the room and find Stephanie there. She says she came to congratulate Nick on his beautiful new baby. Ridge says the doctor has an announcement. Stephanie asks if everything is ok? Ridge says better than ok. Nick tells the doctor to go ahead and tell his announcement. He says that Brooke and Ridge are the parents of a brand new Forrester. Stephanie corrects him and says it’s a brand new Marone. Ridge says no, the paternity test was redone, and the baby is indeed Ridge’s. Stephanie looks like she’s just been shot. “That can’t be.” She says. “Congratulations Mrs. Forrester, you’re a brand new grandmother.” Says Dr. Mcclain. Stephanie’s mouth is hanging open in shock.

Days by Danielle

Amanda decides to spend the evening with Lucas after he tells her the truth about his relationship with Will. Sami worries that it’s over for her and Lucas but acts like she doesn’t care when anyone asks. Rex urges Sami to tell Lucas how she feels but is angered when he overhears Kate rooting Lucas on with Amanda. Bonnie and Julie plot to get rid of each other. Mickey overhears Julie plotting to get rid of Bonnie. Kate advises Bonnie not to go through with her plan. Mickey tries to get Julie and Bonnie to get along.

Marlena is reunited with Tony. Tony accuses Marlena of working with the island host, blaming her for their situation. Maggie, Roman, and Abe stand up for Marlena. Marlena talks to Tony alone in an attempt to find out if Stefano is alive. Hope and Patrick rush to the airfield. Davies shows Jennifer the picture with Jack on his digital camera complete with Jack’s voice urging Jennifer to go with Davies. Jack comes to on the jungle ground, face to face with a wild animal.

GH by Tori

Lois goes to L&B to set down the rules with Dillon. Ned walks in. Dillon leaves. Ned and Lois talk. Brooke Lynn shows up at L&B and asks to go to a film festival with Dillon and Georgie. Lois and Ned say no, and she leaves. Ned and Lois dance to Brooke Lynn's song. Lois knee's Ned when he tries to kiss her. Sonny and Carly talk. Michael comes to visit him. Carly and Bobbie leave and talk. Carly makes Michael leave, and he makes her kiss Sonny good-night.

Courtney and Jason talk about the shooter<Niko> outside Kelly's. Jason trys to call Sam, but can't get a hold of her. He leaves. Jax invites her to go on a picnic with him in the park, and she denies. He puts his number in her cell phone, in case she changes her mind. Courtney goes to the hospital. Courtney goes to the picnic. Jax and Courtney kiss. Niko finds out Sam is pregnant. He hits her when Jason shows up and they pull guns on each other. Jason shoots Niko, and takes Sam to the hospital. Sam's baby is ok. Lucky and Emily talk about being together. Emily says she's not ready to move on from Nikolas, and that even if she was, she's not sure she'd risk Lucky's friendship. Lucky kisses Emily and they laugh. Lucky asks Mike to close down Kelly's early one night next week. Emily goes and visits Sonny to tell him about Sam and her baby. Sonny goes to Sam's room and listens to hers and Jason's conversation on the other side of the door

GL by Katie

Michelle is still frustrated about her memory loss. She is overwhelmed with everyone knowing her at the hospital. Danny worries about Michelle’s reaction to Robbie. Jeffrey and Josh argue about Reva being in the middle of the case against Vinnie Salerno. Josh wants Jeffrey to leave town, and Jeffrey says that’s what he plans to do. Josh thanks Tony for helping Reva and asks about Bill using a gun on him. Tony later talks to his lawyer at the gym. Jeffrey meets an attractive woman at the gym.

Alexandra and Buzz talk about Gus & Harley’s wedding. Buzz is suspicious of Alex’s sudden fondness of Gus. Cassie and Harley talk during and after their yoga class about their respective relationship problems. Harley sets Edmund up to meet Cassie at the farm. Gus and Edmund find themselves drowning their sorrows together at Olivia’s Bar. They give each other advice on their respective relationships. Edmund heads to the farm, where Cassie is waiting. Cassie has romance on her mind, but Edmund is worrisome of their future. Harley meets Gus at the bar. They talk about their future and realize they want to be married NOW. To avoid their families sparring and all the huge wedding decisions, they decide to elope.

OLTL by Kathy

Passions by Christa

Liz has a fantasy about Aunt Irma coming to Eveís house. Eve and TC continue to enjoy their indoor picnic and they dance. Liz has a flashback of her father when she was a young girl. She says Eve is going to find out what itís like to be alone. She signs Eveís name and faxes the permission papers. She talks to Aunt Irma and tells her she is going to take her to visit Eve. Whitney asks Fox if she is the woman he loves. He says she must have misunderstood him. Theresa calls Whitney, and she suggests that Theresa come there and try to work things out with Fox. Theresa says no she is off to bed. Whitney and Fox argue about the all the Crane men including Fox being just like them. Julian tells Chad that Eve was the love of his life. He tells him to stand by Whitney and protect to her, she may need him soon, because someone is out to destroy Eve. Julian calls Fox and tells him to stay away from Whitney. He agrees and tells his father to do the same with Eve. Luis threatens Alistair. He canít believe Sheridan is dead. He searches for her on the boat and finds a piece of her clothing. Back at the airport a man tells Luis to come see something. When Luis goes through the door there is Sheridan sitting there, alive.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Neil agreed to hire Dru at Newman, once she promised to play nice with the newly hired Phyllis. Damon returned from his unexplained trip, told Phyllis he'd needed to deal with some issues from the past, assured her of his love and apologized for being away. She told him about the changes in her life and he congratulated her on getting rehired at Newman. Daniel and Mac bonded more at the Rec Centre and he talked her into giving him a lift home. JT was annoyed to leave Mac with Daniel. He admitted as much to Brittany, who suggested he was jealous because he had a crush on Mac. JT, in turn, suggested Brittany was jealous of the idea of him and Mac being together. Lily apologized to Devon for being nosy, then did it again and began to fight with him. She wanted to start fresh, and he wondered why she cared. While Devon insulted her, Lily noticed a Cop walk in and stare directly at Devon. Cameron menaced Nikki out at the Ranch, demanding answers about the location of the body and warning her that he'd find it. At the coffee shop, Nick told Grace she had no choice but to help them bring down Cameron since she owed them, and since it could mean saving her own life. Grace agreed, returned to the hotel and faced Cameron who demanded to know where she'd been. Ash told Brad about Jack's attitude adjustment, and about the upcoming board meeting where Victor would reveal the special conditions under which he'd settle with Jabot. Convinced Victor was out to get Abby, Brad confronted him and warned him he would not be able to buy his daughter away from them. Victor was disgusted by the suggestion that he'd try.

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