The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/22/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

David says he does not believe he's Babe's father. But Krystal reveals to him that she has no problem with him testing Babe's DNA in order to find out if she's really lying. He tells her, regardless of whether Babe is his daughter or not, he is going to reveal to Bianca that Bess is her baby Miranda, even if it hurts Babe.

Greenlee and Kendall go into their big competitive verbal warfare over Ryan, each attempting to make the other jealous of her involvement with him. Reggie reveals he's beginning to have feelings about Danielle. Maggie confides in Jamie about her conflicting feelings about whether she is heterosexual or in love with Bianca.

ATWT by Linda

Allison finds the second key. Margo nearly discovers Jessica in Doc’s room and leaves the hotel heartbroken because Doc severed their rendezvous and the chance of having another one. Tom starts to put things together about Margo and Doc. Nikki returns to Oakdale and Emily is put off.

B&B by Susann

Brooke and Ridge work together to help Brooke give birth. Nick rushes to Brooke’s house to try to make it there before she gives birth. Jackie finds Massimo in the study and hugs him. They have words over where she’s been again, but Jackie is too upset about her last conversation with Nick, and asks him to stop. She tells him Brooke is in labor. Massimo wants to rush over there but she says she has to tell him something first. She tells him about the paternity test, and that Nick is not the father. Massimo is incredulous, and starts blaming the lab. But Jackie tells him it’s not the labs fault, it’s her fault.

Sally arrives at Stephanie’s and they discuss what’s going on over at Brooke’s. Stephanie thinks that Ridge will never be able to handle raising his brother’s baby. Sally says she dodged a bullet by the baby being Nick’s. That would have tied Ridge to Brooke permanently. Brooke continues to push, and finally she delivers the baby. He’s a beautiful boy and she and Ridge marvel at him. Dr Mcclain arrives and says that Dr Sobel had been delayed in traffic so he came instead. He checks them out and finds everything fine. Nick arrives finally, and Dr Mcclain says he’s just in time to cut the cord. Nick tells Ridge to do it. When he’s done, the Doctor leaves, and Ridge hands Nick the baby. Nick holds him for a few minutes, teary eyed at the thought that the baby isn’t really his. He says that the baby is only going to have one father. Ridge takes that to mean that Nick isn’t going to let Ridge take part in raising him. He hands the baby back to Ridge, telling him it’s his. He then continues and tells them that there was a mix-up at the lab, and that Ridge is really the father. Both Ridge and Brooke are too stunned to speak. Everyone in the room is in tears, but for different reasons.

Days by Danielle

Mimi is amazed that Alice’s opened without any problems. Julie offers an apology to Bonnie for being wrong about the success of Alice’s. Julie and Bonnie physically fight over Bonnie’s plan to marry Mickey. Jennifer begins to consider that she could be the victim of a trick. Jennifer asks Oscar, the man who arrives to take her on the plane, for proof that Jack is alive. Oscar shows Jennifer a picture of him with Jack wearing the locket that Abby put in Jack’s coffin. Patrick fills Hope in on the messages Jennifer has been getting. Hope and Patrick set out to find Jennifer. The shadowy figure that Roman and Abe struggled with turns out to be Tony. Tony claims not to know any more than Roman and Abe. They argue over whether Tony truly found Jack’s compass in the jungle. Maggie, Roman, and Abe want Tony to retrace Jack’s steps in an effort to decode the symbols on the island’s power grid but Tony refuses to try it.

GH by Lisa

"Conner" tells Mary that they are going to focus on each other from now on, Mary agrees to quit, and they decide to go to the park. Lucky sneaks up on Emily at the hospital and takes her away to go on a picnic. Mary and "Conner" see Emily and Lucky. Mary goes to tell Emily that she's quitting her job. They talk. Mary leaves and Lucky comes back. They eat cookies, put chocolate on each other<playing around>, and Lucky gives Emily a quick peck on the lips. Emily tells him it made her feel uncomfortable, and he says he's sorry. Niko goes to Sonny's room to kill him. Carly stops him. Ric asks Sonny about the shooter. Courtney show up and makes Ric leave. Faith walks towards Sonny's room, and Carly threatens her. Jason asks Sam about Niko. Jason goes to General Hospital. Jason makes Faith leave. Courtney comes out. Carly listens to Jason and Sonny's conversation from the Nurses' station. Sam trys to call and get a hold of Niko. Carly goes to tell Sam to leave and threatens her. Carly leaves. Niko calls Sam. They agree to meet at Kelly's. Sam calls Jason, and he makes her stay there while he goes to Kelly's. Faith pays Niko. Niko goes to Jason's apartment and grabs Sam. Brooke Lynn and Lois argue about her singing at Kelly's in front of Georgie and Dillon. Ned walks in and tells them to stop. Brooke Lynn decides to live with Georgie, after she offers. Ned asks Lois to live in Port Charles, and to work for L&B Records, on the condition that she doesn't bother Brooke anymore. She agrees. Brooke burns her demo CD’s. Brooke prays that her mother will leave her alone. Fire alarm goes off, as does the sprinklers. Lois goes to L&B.

GL by Katie

Olivia and Bill work out at the church gym. Bill gets caught even deeper in the crossfire between Olivia and Philip. Olivia talks to Josh about Bill while Tony tells Bill about Michelle. Reva & Josh give advice to Tammy about Joey and the Spaulding Intern competition. Lizzie talks to Joey at the mansion before the next Intern competition meeting. As advised by Aunt Reva, Tammy enters the office wearing an eye-catching outfit. Tammy tries to make things right with Joey. Alan sets the teams for the next assignment. Danny brings over some of Michelle’s things to trigger her memory. Michelle is frustrated that she can’t remember a thing. Tony brings in Reva to talk to her. Danny talks to Robbie about Mommy without telling him that she has amnesia. Reva advises Danny to give Michelle space. Danny finds Michelle’s room empty.

OLTL by Soap Struck

Blair stands by Todd and tells Kevin she's quitting Craze. Kelly continues to be unravel as questioning continues from John and Jessica. Antonio learns that number on Carlotta's jewelry as well as that of Adriana and Dorian hold the combination to the Santi safe. Nora becomes suspicious of Margaret's credibility as she listens to her
account of what happened to the files at Buchanan Enterprise. Michael is investigating a virus at the hospital causing Marcie to panic because of what happened to Al. He reassures her and also offers to help find a publisher for her book. The police arrest Natalie who is questioned by John and held. Paul arrives at the police station where he is arrested.

Passions by Christa

At the Russell’s house Liz tells Eve that the clock is ticking. Eve then tells Liz that she can’t bring her down without bringing herself down. That TC will hate her as well, and he will never be hers. TC makes an indoor picnic for him and Eve and asks Liz for privacy. Liz makes a phone call concerning Aunt Irma. Later, the door bells rings, Liz answers the door. It is Aunt Irma. She sees Eve and TC and starts calling Eve names. Chad is still at the studio. Julian stops by and they begin to talk about Whitney and Eve. They listen to Whitney’s song and Julian talks about his true love. Back at the hotel Fox has another fantasy about Whitney. Whitney asks for an extra blanket. Then Fox makes a fire to warm Whitney up. Fox says to himself that “Chad is one lucky bastard”. Then they talk about her and Chad and interracial dating. Whitney starts questioning Fox about his “mystery woman”. Luis sees Alistair and grabs him and tells him to get the jet back. Alistair refuses. So Luis goes upstairs and tries to get information on where the jet in heading. They do not know because the papers weren’t filled out. Alistair is watching Luis, and says “Luis just signed Sheridan’s death warrant”. Luis could see the jet, it seemed to be just circling around then all of a sudden it blows up. One man says the Crane jet just blew up, and Luis yells “Sheridan”!

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Jill gave Jack the pep talk of a lifetime about all the reasons he's a better cosmetics man than Victor and therefore capable of saving Jabot and stopping his hate for Victor from ruining his life. Jack had a realization that it's possible to actually save Jabot if they look at some serious cutbacks. Mac and Daniel flirted, while JT expressed his displeasure about Mac's new friend. The whole group watched the film reel they'd found in the file cabinet, only to see a little girl's birthday party from long ago, where she received earrings like the one Cassie was wearing around her neck. They wondered what this all meant. Phyllis talked Neil into hiring her back at Newman. Drucilla gave her resignation to a stunned Brad and Ashley, then shocked Neil by showing up and accepting his 'job offer' to head up the consolidated cosmetics line. Ash was surprised by Jack's new outlook on Jabot and was thrilled to have her brother back and ready for action. They agreed it was time for Tuvia to go. Cameron pressed a terrified Nikki for info about the dead body and why on earth she'd believe anything crazy Sharon had to say. Nikki admitted she'd seen the body with her own eyes, and left Cameron speechless. Sharon and Nick told Grace the whole story about Sharon's ordeal with Cameron and about the dead body. Grace was shocked to learn Cameron had beat Sharon. She admitted they'd worked together to destroy Nick and Sharon's marriage because Grace was jealous and Cameron was angry. She tried to leave, but Nick told her she wasn't going anywhere.

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