The TV MegaSite's Monday 6/21/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

David reveals to Krystal that he knows unequivocally that the baby whom everybody believes is Bess Chandler, is really Miranda Montgomery. But she reveals to him that she knows unequivocally that Ron Fitzgerald is not Babe's real father, he is, even though he has no recollections of the one time he slept with Krystal many years ago.

Ryan is able to talk to Erica openly. But she is still adamant that she does not want to go back to Pine Valley, face her family and that she believes they've shut her out of their lives. JR is getting frustrated trying to make Babe look like an unfit mother when he notices she puts her child and her husband before her social life.

ATWT by Linda

Allison is the first one to the next site for the key because Nancy figured out the clue. Doc and Jessica make love, Jessica full of regret after and swearing him to silence as Margo knocks on the motel room door. Jordan and Roseanna strike a bargain, Roseanna returning to Oakdale with Cabot. Paul vows to watch Jordan very closely. Barbara and Jennifer argue more about her decision to stay with Jordan, Barbara relenting.

B&B by Susann

Brooke’s contractions start and Ridge tells her they need to get to the hospital. They are busy packing a bag when she has another strong one. She says she can risk driving to the hospital because she’s afraid she will have it on the freeway. They call Dr. Sobel and tell him to come over right away. Ridge calls Nick to let him know the baby’s on the way, but has to leave a message on his answering machine. Jackie is talking to Nick and apologizing for not telling him about the paternity test. Nick can’t believe the baby isn’t his. He thinks there probably was another screw up at the lab but Jackie tells him they took extra precautions this time. He’s devastated. Stephanie calls Ridge and he tells her that Brooke is in labor. Stephanie tells him that he needs to leave and let Nick handle the birth of his own baby, but Ridge says Nick isn’t there and that he’s staying. He also tells her he’s staying for good. Stephanie says that Nick will have something to say about that, and Ridge says, yes, he gave us his blessing. This shocks Stephanie, who has put the phone on speaker so Eric can hear too. Eric is elated that the engagement has been broken and that Ridge and Brooke are back together. He tells Ridge to give Brooke his best and hangs up the phone.

Nick berates his mother for her deception and all the pain and hurt she’s caused both families. She cries and tries to make him understand why she did it. He tells her that she continued a deception even when she saw him getting more and more attached to the baby, and let him fall deeper and deeper in love with a woman, and saw Brooke suffering and being drawn to Ridge. He says he doesn’t even know who she is anymore and calls her a monster. She tells him that Brooke and Ridge can be together now. But Nick asks her what about all the months and Brooke was torn apart, wanting to be with Ridge but wanting to do the right thing for the baby. The agony she caused everyone involved. Jackie is sobbing by now, and tells Nick that Brooke will have to be told. “YA THINK?” Says Nick, but tells her that she is to stay far away from everyone involved. Ridge calls Jackie looking for Nick, and she hands to phone to him. Ridge tells him he’s about to be a father and to get over there fast. Nick leaves to tell them the news, and tells Jackie to be gone by the time he gets back. Dr. Sobel’s service calls and says he’s in a traffic jam and will be late. Ridge assures Brooke that he knows all the ins and outs of delivering a baby and for her not to worry. He gets Brooke comfortable and helps her with her breathing until she finally can’t wait any longer and says she has to push. As she pushes, Ridge can see the baby’s head coming.

Days by Danielle

Everyone continues to enjoy Alice’s grand opening. Country group Lonestar performs at the party. Bonnie delights in the success of opening night. Kate plots to bring Philip and Belle together while Sami plots to frame Kate for fraud. Lucas reassures Kate that he no longer wants to be with Sami as he hooks up with another girl at the party. Sami lies to the other girl to get her to leave Lucas. Jennifer is adamant that she will be reuniting with Jack tonight. Patrick vows to protect Jennifer but Jennifer sneaks out during the line dance. Tek confronts Patrick about his past. Abe and Roman fight with a shadowy figure after searching Jack and Jennifer’s house on the island. Jan plots to make Shawn forget about Belle by proclaiming that she and Shawn will be engaged. Jan sets it up so Shawn can watch a live feed of the party. Hope pieces the clues together to try and find Shawn.

GH by Tori

Lois and Courtney talk at a table, while Ned and Jax talk at the bar, at The Cellar. Lois and Ned and Jax and Courtney dance. "Conner" begs an unconscious Mary not to give up. Emily listens on the other side. Emily goes back to Wyndemere and remembers "Conner" and her making love. "Conner" comes and tells her Mary is ok, and that them making love was a mistake. Emily tries to tell him about his true identity, but he refuses to listen, and leaves. Lucky arrives and comforts Emily. Carly finally agrees to leave the convent. They get on his plane. Jason sees a man coming at him with a needle, and struggles to get it. A security guard comes and grabs Jason, while the other man gets away. Allen agrees that it's ok for Sam to leave. Sonny calls Jason. They get off, and Carly shows Sonny that he's bleeding again. Once Jason gets off the phone, Sam tells Jason she knows who the man was who shot Sonny and tried to kill him. His name is Niko. They go to leave, and run into Sonny and Carly. Sonny collapses on the floor.

GL by Katie

Olivia says she’s only looking out for Emma when talking to Bill. She tries to get Bill to share his Spaulding stock with her so they can have joint power. She’s desperate to gain control over Philip. Later, Bill tries to become business partners with Philip. Philip convinces Beth to “oversee Emma’s care” and hire Emma’s new nanny. Beth firmly states that she will neither keep Olivia from Emma nor manipulate Olivia in any way. Olivia hates the idea of Beth looking out for Emma, but changes her mind. She can put more focus on Emma’s future since someone’s caring for Emma and she doesn’t have to worry about Philip taking Emma away. Harley stresses over her wedding plans. She’s worried about her marriage to Gus. Gus insists on looking through Brad Green’s box of things. He finds incriminating evidence against Alexandra, but he keeps it to himself after confronting her. Gus stops Harley from taking and looking though the box. Michelle, having just come out of her coma, has amnesia. She only vaguely remembers Tony. Rick explains that she’ll have long-term memory loss. It may not even come back at all. Tony explains to Michelle how he saved her from the warehouse explosion. Danny is determined to get Michelle to remember him and their love for each other.

OLTL by Kathy

Paul calls Kelly, needing money, and swearing he had nothing to do with Kathryn’s death. Kelly finally agrees to help, and gets his location. She gives a phony location to John, who quickly realizes she lied to him. Kelly finally gives the right location, and John sends the Puerto Rican police to get him, as he and Natalie are about to make love. Riley spots Lindsay and Rex making love on the pier, and kisses Jen so she doesn’t see them. Lindsay agrees to give Rex money to help him out. Nora and Daniel share breakfast on the pier, as well as a kiss. Viki helps to rebuild the community center, and also plans to enlist the help of Marcie, Jen and Riley. Viki is furious with Kevin for not telling her he had Todd arrested. Thanks to Blair, Todd makes bail, and returns home. Blair decides to stand by Todd and help him through this. A gun is found on the pier, that could have been used to kill Kathryn.

Passions by Christa

At the Russellís house TC discovers that the picture is Eve and her Aunt Irma. Liz offers to help find some long lost living relatives of Eveís and TC agrees to help. At the hotel Whitney sees and email and Fox explains that itís a project he is working on. Chad calls and he canít make it back until morning and he gets Whitney to ask Fox to stay with her. Fox agrees. Whitney offers to share the bed and puts a curtain up so they can have privacy. Fox watches Whitneyís shadow on the curtain, as she undresses. Luis is at a hotel making everything romantic for Sheridan before she arrives. Antonio takes Sheridan to the airport and makes her get on the Crane plane. Sheridan manages to call Luis. Antonio has second thoughts and Alistair convinces him to go through with the plan. Luis arrives as the plane is ready to leave.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

On behalf of Jabot, Nikki asked Victor for $25 million in the settlement case. Victor agreed to present an offer to the Board, but warned Nikki that he alone would set the terms and conditions. Jack admitted to Jill that he wishes he could hire a hit man to kill Victor. He blamed him for all of his problems and became consumed by rage before he and Jill gave into passion and kissed. Brad lashed out at Ash for letting Victor see Abby and for creating this entire situation for all of them to deal with in the first place. JT and Brittany flirted slightly, and she admitted her extreme love for Bobby, who went into hiding. Michael met with Grace and warned her about the dead body, and that Cameron is a very dangerous man and she might not be safe. Cameron visited Sharon and she ordered him out of her house and threatened to tell the police all about New Year's Eve. Cameron dared her to, and left when she asked him to explain the dead body by the dumpster. Nick thanked Larry for helping Sharon and tried to get info about the body. Larry wasn't able to help. Nikki arrived home alone and found Cameron waiting for her. When she tried to call security, he slammed the phone down and said he couldn't let her do that.

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