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AMC by Jennifer

ATWT by Linda

Doc tells Margo to meet him in Bay City. In the meantime Katie asks to talk to her and Tom begins looking for her, Jessica driving to Bay City to warn Margo. Jessica and Ben had fought earlier about in vitro fertilization, Ben telling her he was done with it. While she commiserates with Doc, they end up kissing. Simon wakes up and finds blood all over the cottage and Katie screams that Faux is missing. He meets with Pilar and again tells her its over, Pilar replying that it’s not over until she gets what she wants. Jordan is flying to where Roseanna has Cabot and is joined by Paul, who informs him that he isn’t going to get anywhere near Roseanna unless it’s through him. Jordan informs the authorities that he suspects that Paul is trying to smuggle narcotics, Paul being detained while Jordan conveniently shows up as Roseanna is about to leave.

B&B by Susann

Brooke and Nick are in the other room, and Ridge is in the living room when Rick walks in asking where his mother is, and if she’s alright. Ridge tells him that she’s better than alright, and Rick realizes that means they are back together. He’s not happy about that and lets Ridge know that. He was hoping his mother would have a fresh start and a new life with Nick, whom he considers a “good guy.” In the other room, Nick and Brooke are holding each other. She laments that she has put him through so much. He tells her he wouldn’t change a thing. She tells him that she and Ridge both want him to be a part of the baby’s life. “He’d say anything to get you back.” Says Nick. Ridge attempts to win Rick over by again offering him a place at Forrester. It works, and he and Rick shake hands on it.

Brooke is telling Nick that Ridge was her first love. Nick thinks Ridge has been her only love. She says that if she had met Nick first it may have been different. She tells him how much she admires him and how much she’s learned from him. Nick kisses Brooke and goes back to his boat. He’s smoking a cigar when his mother shows up and he tells her that it’s all over with Brooke. She’s shocked. He starts a long train of thought about how important the baby is to him, and how he can’t wait to be a part of the baby’s life. Jackie slowly breaks it to him that he is not the baby’s father. Nick is completely floored at this news. Brooke and Ridge continue their petting and fawning ceremonies up in the bedroom where they have changed into their bedclothes. Ridge is rubbing her neck and she’s loving it until she starts having stomach pains and realizes the baby is coming.

Days by Danielle

Salem attends the grand opening of Alice’s. Bonnie sneaks into the kitchen to spice up Julie’s cooking. Everyone enjoys Bonnie’s cooking. Bonnie makes Rex and Philip dress scantily to attract customers. Patrick talks with his acquaintance to try and convince him not to harm Jennifer. Jennifer lies and sneaks around to get to the airplane where she plans to meet Jack. Kate and John try to convince Belle and Philip that they should consider dating each other. Jan pretends to be Belle as she tells Shawn that “she” doesn’t love him anymore. Belle wants John to help her get on a Nascar race broadcast so she can appeal to Shawn via the television airwaves. John wants Belle to promise to give up on Shawn if he doesn’t come back after her appeal.

GH by Tori

Ric was talking to Alexis in the park when Elizabeth walk up with her baby, Cameron. She named him after the baby’s grandpa. Alexis holds him and gives Elizabeth baby tips. Then Ric holds him. Elizabeth and Cameron leave. Alexis and Ric talk of her. Ric starts to get mad and Alexis leaves. Elizabeth comes back to the park and finds Ric. They talk of their past and what’s in their future. Courtney says to Jax, “You forgot to say good night.” and walks out into the hall and kisses him. Jax tries to come back in and stay to have sex, but Courtney tries to get him to leave. He tries to get another kiss, and to get her to go to Paris with him right then and there. Courtney teases him by acting like she’s going to kiss him, then slams the door in his face. She laughs inside, while Jax grins and says good night. Jax went to The Cellar and Courtney ended up there also. They see each other and smile. They have a drink when Lois walks in. Some man knocks out a janitor to get his uniform. <From now on through this recap, will be referred to as, ‘A Man’. > Jason takes Sam to General Hospital to get her cervix surgery. ‘A Man’ watches her and Jason. Jason talks to one of Sonny’s men about finding out where Sonny is. Carly goes to the convent to see Sonny where he is trying to survive a gunshot wound. He begins to get stronger. Carly admits her love to an unconscious Sonny. A doctor comes to check on Sonny, and Carly goes out into the hall with a nun. Carly asks her who shot her husband. The nun does not know. Carly goes back into Sonny. He says, “You shouldn’t be here.” They talk of what to do. Sonny’s man comes back to Jason and tells him Sonny had gone to the convent, and that Carly left “like that” a few hours ago. Jason says, “Find Carly and you’ll find Sonny.” He tells Sam that Sonny and Carly are missing, and Sam starts to worry about them. Jason tells her it will be ok. He finally gets a hold of Carly. He asks to speak with Sonny. He tells him Sam and the baby are ok. He gets off and tells Sam what happened with Sonny. ‘A Man’ stands outside Sam’s door. Jason tells Sam to stay calm, and walks out of the room and sits down on a chair across the hall. ‘A Man’ goes to stab Jason with a needle. Carly refuses to help Sonny leave for fear of the man who shot him will finish his job. Then disappears when Sonny turns around.

“Conner” and Emily make love. They hold each other afterwards. “Conner” talk about how he’s confused that he doesn’t feel guilty for making love with her even though he’s married to Mary. Mary is found in the river. The hospital staff suspect she was trying to commit suicide. Lorenzo says, “Mary Bishop did not try to commit suicide. She has everything to live for.” He then calls “Conner.” Emily had been going to give “Conner” a picture of her and Nikolas to explain everything to him when the call came. They then argue about Mary’s incident being “Conner’s” fault. Emily once again tries to give him the picture. Mary has a dream that Nikolas yells at her for tricking him. She wakes to see “Conner” standing by her hospital bed. Mary tells him she slipped into the river. Lorenzo comes and “Conner” walks away with him. Lorenzo tells him Mary talked to him about the hypnosis, and asks where “Conner” was when Mary fell in the river. Doctor interrupts them to tell “Conner” Mary is getting worse. “Conner” goes to her bedside and begs Mary not to leave him. He promises to never leave her for anyone or anything. Emily listens on the other side of the curtain.

GL by Katie  

Tony is released from jail on bail. (He was arrested for the drug stuff too.) He hires a lawyer from the mob, and Danny isn’t happy about it. Danny wants Tony to forget the mob for their family’s sake. Tony will decide what to do after Michelle is well. Bill visits Michelle and sees her finger move. He informs Rick, and he explains that her muscles are moving involuntarily. Michelle is actually reliving the explosion in her mind. Danny & Tony arrive, and they sit with Michelle after Bill leaves. Soon, Danny leaves to check on Robbie. While Danny’s gone, Michelle squeezes Tony’s hand, opens her eyes, and gives him a smile. Tony is surprised.

Alex talks to Gus about wanting Harley to accept her help in planning Gus & Harley’s wedding. She also wants Gus to know how thankful she is for him protecting her, and she really wants him to move on from this. Olivia asks Beth to help her with Philip, who, she says, is more dangerous than ever. Beth doesn’t want to be involved in any way. Olivia is angry and says she’ll always remember how Beth didn’t help her. Bill meets with Olivia at his place, where he admits to buying up the shares from the Spaulding stock. Meanwhile, Philip demands of Alex the contact from Spaulding who is able to shut down Olivia’s passport & finances.

OLTL by Kathy

Family and friends gather at Llanfair for a memorial service for Ben. Lindsay goes to Ultra Violet, looking for RJ, but finds Rex there, instead, since he decided to accept the manager’s position in order to pay off his arson fine. Jen finds Lindsay there, and Lindsay assures her she is through with Rex. Later, Lindsay waits outside for Rex, and the two become passionate, as Jen looks for Rex. In Ben’s honor, Asa decides to pay Roxy and Rex’s fine, and Nigel agrees to work two days a week for Asa in order to pay for it. Natalie calls Viki and assures her she’s fine, and tells her she isn’t with Paul. Kelly discovers someone in Florida is using her credit cards, and cancels them. Bo and John realize a “K.C. Buchanan” has rented a car, and discover the use of the cards as well. John questions Kelly, and as they are talking, Paul calls Kelly once he discovers the cards have been canceled – Kelly lets John know it is Paul on the phone. Todd and Blair share some memories of their past. Nora issues a search warrant, and finds papers he obtained for Buchanan Enterprises. Todd is arrested, much to Blair’s dismay.

Passions by Rene

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Raul presented Brittany with several options to treat her scar and they shared a tender moment as she realized how much he cares for her. Nick told Sharon they need Grace's help getting Cameron, and suggested Michael would be the perfect choice to speak to her. Dt. Weber had no choice but to drop the charges against a very arrogant Kevin, much to Michael's joy. Daniel, Lily, Sierra and Mac got the mystery file cabinet open and found an old movie reel. Cassie later discovered a single ruby earring. Nikki agreed to ask Victor for $25 million as a settlement offer for Jabot, then let it slip to Brad that Victor and Abby had already had a meeting. Jack blasted Victor for wanting to be involved in Abby's life, and pointed out that he - not Victor - had raised Nicholas. Victor told him his arrogance would come back to haunt him. Michael reluctantly agreed to go to Grace on behalf of Nick and Sharon. Grace threatened to leave because Cameron wouldn't sleep with her. He reminded her he's doing all this for her and promised her it would be over soon. She broke down in tears, while he left to meet with Nikki (after talking to Cassie and realizing Nikki would be alone at the Ranch). Brad confronted Ashley about Victor's meeting with Abby.

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