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AMC by Jennifer

JR is worried about Bess and takes her to the hospital. David is suspicious of JR and of Babe and is secretly demanding that a source gives him the results of the DNA test. Edmund is frustrated with his disability. Brooke is having difficulty dealing with him. And Adam Chandler tells Edmund he should be grateful that he has a good marriage.

Erica reveals her secrets to Ryan about her father. He promises to be there for her. Kendall tells Ryan she wants to give them another chance. Slater is up to no good, spying not only on Erica, Ryan and Kendall, but also on Maria Gray.

ATWT by Linda

Katie and Simon go to the hospital and Mike overheard that they were moving back to Australia. Simon invites Mike for a drink and tries to explain that Katie admitted that the stuff with Pilar went two ways, Katie feeling that Pilar really isn’t that bad of a person. Mike doesn’t buy it and storms out, Pilar again threatening Simon. He tells her it’s over and Pilar tells him it’s not, going to the cottage and breaking in while Katie and Simon are still out. Dusty and Lucy hole up in a warehouse, Dusty calling Hal to tell him that Lucy is with him and she’s safe. He reiterates the fact that he’s keeping her away from the kidnappers and thought it was awfully convenient that they tried to nab Lucy again after Dusty had told Craig and Alan where she was. Hal is beginning to have second thoughts about Alan.

Paul visits James and threatens him, telling him that he’ll never get his hands on Cabot. In the meantime, Jennifer, Jordan and Barbara argue about how dangerous James is, Jordan finally leaving to find out what James knows about the baby. Paul and Barbara talk, Paul urging Barbara to back off because when her and Jennifer are fighting, it’s exactly what James wants. He also tells his mother that unfortunately, Jordan won’t listen to him and that he’ll have to learn about James all by himself. As Paul leaves, he makes a call to Roseanna’s people, telling them to warn her that she’s being followed. Jordan talks with James at the prison, telling him that he’s going to fill for an annulment once Cabot is back. James threatens not to tell him where Cabot is and warns him that things could be arranged that would let Roseanna keep Cabot. Jordan acquiesces, James telling him that he’ll know where they are by morning and by the afternoon; Jordan will be cradling his son in his arms.

B&B by Boo

Ridge continues to try to convince Brooke that he can love the baby as if it were his own. Brooke finally believes him and agrees to be with him. Nick walks into the room without them seeing him and realizes what is going on. After Ridge leaves the room, Nick tells Brooke that he wants out of all this drama. Brooke takes of the engagement ring and hands it back to Nick. She hugs him and thanks him for letting her out of the engagement. A tear rolls down Nicks cheek.

Deacon tries to cover his lie about the paternity test, but Jackie sees through the lie. Deacon tries to convince Jackie to keep her mouth shut by reminding her all that she will lose if she tells. Jackie realizes that she will lose her marriage and probably her son for good, but decides that she must tell the truth.

Days by Danielle

Shawn’s attempts to get the keys from Jan prove unsuccessful as he is locked back in the cage. Jan purposefully gives Shawn clothes that are too small. Philip reconsiders moving in with Belle but Belle insists that him being there has been really helpful. Belle’s high school yearbook reminds her of Jan, whom she goes to visit.

Jennifer confronts Patrick about having feelings for her. Patrick refuses to let Jennifer leave to meet up with the airplane. Jennifer lies to Patrick about going to the Horton foundation fundraiser at Alice’s, instead planning on going to meet the airplane. Patrick catches Jennifer leaving with a suitcase. Mickey asks Julie to fill in as chef when the original chef passes out drunk. Julie insists on cooking her own gourmet specialties. Will lies about an emergency to make Sami rush to Lucas. Sami and Lucas argue about her kissing Ray. Will’s attempt to get Sami and Lucas to go to the fundraiser together is unsuccessful. John and Kate discuss Crystal’s involvement in Marlena’s death and their common grief. Their plans to attend the fundraiser change when John hears Belle’s messages.

GH by Lisa

Faith does not pres charges against Carly. Sonny wants Sister Agnes to contact Carly even though he is near death. Courtney and Jax get their friendship back on track. Elizabeth returns with her baby. Jason takes Sam to a Texas clinic where they said she and the baby will be fine after a simple medical procedure. Jason and Sam decide to raise the child together since she can't give it up for adoption. Emily and Nikolas share a dance which leads to a passionate kiss.

GL by Katie

This is only the first half of the show because my cable went out. Cassie talks to Jeffrey about Edmund. He gives her some advice and leaves. Tammy talks to Edmund about Cassie. She wants him to move back and figures Edmund and Cassie fought because of her. Edmund explains that she’s wrong and that he still loves her mom. Cassie shows up and tries to make things right. At the police station, Gus is hailed a hero, but he says it’s not true. He’s not the only one who’s a hero, he says. (In reality it’s because he let Alex go free.) Gus & Harley are both hailed as heroes. Alex is there at the celebration, which bothers Gus. Jeffrey presents Gus & Harley with a plaque.

Philip keeps accusing Olivia of fraud, and she’s baffled. Philip said the Feds found some stuff on her, but it was really Philip himself. They fight. Philip reveals that he taped her confessing to perjury. He says there’s one way to get out of this mess: give up Emma. Olivia won’t go for that, and Philip mentions another way.

OLTL by Kathy

Kevin is thrilled when Nora pays him a visit and explains that charges that she took a bribe from B.E. were fabricated, and the man that accused her is now claiming Todd paid him off. Nora needs more evidence, and Kevin wants Margaret to testify. Duke calls Kevin, and tells him that Todd has been in touch with him. Bo and Matthew have lunch together, and Bo imparts his knowledge on winning women over. Matthew takes a small gift over to Starr, but changes his plans when he sees Travis kiss Starr. Carlotta throws her family bracelet into the river, but Antonio and Jessica see her do it, and Antonio jumps in and finds the bracelet. Antonio discovers tiny writing on the back of the bracelet. Michael critiques Marcie’s book, and wants to make a lot of changes, which hurts Marcie’s feelings. They kiss and make up, but Marcie says all his criticisms made her lose her self confidence. Nora and Daniel have lunch with Riley and Jenn, and agree to go to Ultra Violet to hear him sing. Bo cleverly gets Roxy to confess in order to save Rex from jail. It is later discovered that Roxy canceled the orders to burn down Foxy Roxy’s, and after some thought, Daniel thinks maybe just a hefty fine and lots of community service is in order for the two of them. RJ takes every opportunity to make a dig at Rex for losing his club. Todd is thrilled to have his family back together, playing with Jack on the floor, and allowing Starr to have a soda with Travis. Margaret pays Todd a visit, and when he rejects her, she goes to Kevin, saying she’ll do whatever she has to in order to ensure he has the evidence he needs to convict Todd.

Passions by Rene

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Daniel surprised Mac at the Rec Centre. She was happy to see he'd stayed in town, but annoyed he brought a bottle of wine into the building. Daniel explained it was normal to do in Europe, then learned about Mac's family history with alcohol. They worked out the misunderstanding. Devon lashed out at Lily when she revealed she knew he was from the youth centre. He told her to stay out of his business and leave him alone. John ordered Brad and Ashley to meet with Victor and work out a settlement before Jabot drowns in financial ruin. Brad and Ash agreed Nikki would be the best choice to speak with Victor. JT asked Paul for his old job back and admitted he wants Kevin Fisher to pay for hurting Colleen and Lily. After a bit of thought, Paul welcomed him back. Sharon wanted Nick to seek help in dealing with Cameron, from the cops or Victor. Nick insisted he would do it himself, then asked Sharon about the dead body... who was it? Did Cameron want the police to find it, and if so, why? Sharon said they'd never know, but Nick suggested Grace might be able to help. Cameron met with Gabe, his henchman, and demanded to know if anyone had seen him either kill the man or dump the body. Gabe insisted he hadn't been spotted. Cameron demanded he find the body and said he planned to find out exactly where it was from Sharon... or Nikki, if need be. Victor met with Nikki at Jabot and told her about his uncomfortable encounter with Ashley. Nikki understood Ash's feelings, and suggested Victor be a bit more patient. Victor insisted he's tired of waiting and said Ash and Brad will have to get used to this... soon. At that moment, Ash and Brad walked in.

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