The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/16/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

JR takes Bess away from Babe, secretly, by encouraging her to go out and have fun with her friends without him. Little does she know what her husband is up to when he is alone with the baby. Erica calls Jack and tells him she believes he asked Kendall to come with Ryan to find her, so that he can manipulate her and make her feel bad. Jack does not want to talk to Erica when he can tell she's drunk. Greenlee tells her father he's gotten himself into a big mess loving Erica. But he tells her that at least he knows Erica loves him, which is more than what she can say about Ryan.

Ryan urges Kendall to let him be alone with Erica. She does. But she asks him to meet her somewhere before she leaves so she can tell him something. Zack Slater is watching all of them and hearing their private conversations on his surveillance camera.

ATWT by Linda

Pilar tells Simon she wants him to tell Mike that Katie realized that she was wrong about Pilar, Simon telling her it isn’t going to happen. Mike wouldn’t believe him, only Katie. Pilar tells him that Mike’s at the hospital working on the burn unit and if he doesn’t convince Mike that Pilar is really all right, she’s going to tell Katie his whole plan that night. Katie agrees to go to Australia with Simon, but only after she has had time to say goodbye to everyone and that the party he was planning for her could be a bon voyage party. Simon tells her they need to go to the hospital to invite her co-workers to the party. Dusty convinces Craig to go along with his demands, but when Hal and Craig arrive at the old house Lucy is gone. Lucy had escaped her bindings and cut herself badly on a window she’d broken to get out. She was met by disguised police officers and locked herself in the bathroom, Dusty rescuing her before they could take her away.

Walker convinces Barbara to lay off of Jennifer and Jordan’s romance, Barbara telling the shocked couple that she’s not going to interfere. But Jordan had to promise never to ever have contact with James. Before Barbara arrived at the suite, Jordan had received a letter from James telling him that he was going to contact him about the information later. When Barbara and Jennifer were alone, another package came for Jordan and Barbara recognized it as something from James and was livid, vowing that James will never have any hold over her daughter.

B&B by Boo

Ridge continues to try to convince Brooke to marry him instead of Nick. Brooke claims that she just canít do that. She knows that Ridge would eventually end up resenting the baby. The head of the FBI finally shows up at the jail. He just happens to be very good friends with Massimo and gets things straightened out so that they are free to go. They both go home to look for their loved ones. Massimo canít find Jacking, and Nick doesnít know where Brooke is either. Deacon worries that Ridge is going to talk Brooke back into his life. Jackie tries to calm him down, until Deacon tells her that he burned the results of the DNA tests that he ran. She then realizes that he burned them to hide the truth. Ridge really is the father of Brookeís baby.

Days by Danielle

Maggie, Doug, and Alice pour over photo replicas on the island Salem. Doug and Alice give Maggie the impression that Julie plans to run Tuscany. Bonnie and Mickey prepare for the grand opening of Alice’s. Jennifer chats with whom she believes to be Jack via her computer. When asked for proof, Jennifer is sent her and Jack’s wedding vows. The message tells Jennifer to meet up with a private plane that will bring her to Jack. Patrick warns his acquaintance not to harm Jennifer but they warn that he will be killed if he interferes with their plan.

Jan has decorated the love cage with pictures of Belle and Philip to taunt Shawn. Jan watches Shawn as he takes a shower. Shawn chases after Jan to get the keys. Rex wants to break up Philip and Belle but Mimi stops him. Philip spends the night at Belle’s loft. Belle suggests that Philip move in with her. Mimi is relieved to hear the news of Belle getting a new roommate but is shocked to hear that it is Philip. Rex is completely against the idea. Rex accuses Philip of being in love with Belle but Philip denies it.

GH by Tori

Emily and "Conner" go to Windemere. Alexis walks in and sees him. Emily covers it up and Alexis goes along with it. Alexis and Emily talk of Nikolas while "Conner" goes to look for Emily's cell phone. He comes back and Alexis leaves. Emily and "Conner" speak of Nikolas, and end up in a passionate kiss. Courtney goes to Jason's to give him his passport and finds out he went to get Sam. Courtney goes to The Cellar and finds Faith. They argue and faith walks off to a table while Courtney leaves. Jax goes to Courtney's to see her and finds Carly instead. They argue about Jax's feelings for Courtney. Jax starts a game of "chicken flirt"<what I mean by this is he starts to flirt, calls Carly a chicken, she flirts back, etc> with Carly when Courtney walks in. Jax and Carly both deny anything was really going on. Courtney doesn't seem to care, and just asks them to leave. Jax does, but Carly refuses. They talk of Jason. Carly leaves. Jax comes back with ice cream and Courtney invites him to stay.

Carly goes to The Cellar and sees Faith. They argue, and Faith begins to push Carly. Carly tells her to leave, but Faith refuses. She pushes her again, and Carly hits back and now has possibly killed Faith. <Because Faith hit her head on the bar> Jason finds Sam and finds out she lost the baby. Jason feels guilty because he made Sam and Sonny go along with the arrangement. Jason plans to take Sam to a casino of Sonny's, but a river floods and they are forced to stop at a deserted bar till it stops. They talk while a man looks in the window. The man soon leaves. Sam goes to sleep and wakes up with severe stomach pains. She admits to Jason that she lied, and is still pregnant. She believes there is something wrong with the baby. Lucky goes to Skye's. They talk about Luke and Laura. They see a blond woman outside and Lucky chases after her. He comes back and accuses Skye of setting the whole thing up.

GL by Boo

Lizzie admits to an upset Tammy that she told Joey about Tammy kissing Edmund. Joey finally comes to see Tammy but is still upset that she didn't tell him about the kiss. He walks out on her. Lizzie promises to help Tammy get Joey back, but Tammy refuses her help. Lizzie tries to convince her grandfather to let her and Joey be partners in the next stage of the intern contest. Phillip uses a hypothetical situation to question Jeffrey about the consequences of fraud. When Jeffrey tells him that it could very well mean jail time, Phillip confronts Olivia with the information. He explains that she committed fraud when she sold his stock and then bought it back in her name.

Gus agrees to keep Alex's part in the drug ring a secret if Alan agrees to stop producing the antimonius and to completely destroy the formula. Phillip advises him not to give up his morals for the Spauldings. Gus isn't happy that he has agreed to lie to everyone, but he will stick to the deal. Bill completely destroys Eden's apartment in a fit of grief before Olivia shows up to ask him about the kiss they shared. Danny shows Michelle the newspaper and begs her to wake up from the coma. Ross stops by to see Michelle too, and to apologize to Danny for thinking badly of him. Ross tells him that he is looking into the explosion that put Michelle here, and he will get to the bottom of it.
When Danny is alone again with Michelle, he doesn't notice when she starts to move her finger a little bit.

OLTL by Kathy

John tells Evangeline about his connection to Kathryn via Caitlyn, and Evangeline hugs him, as RJ walks in, none to pleased, and leaves. Rex fails to make a payment to RJ, and Lindsay refuses to help him. RJ prepares to foreclose on the properties in the morning, and Roxy hears about this and goes ballistic! Roxy throws a drink on both RJ and Lindsay, and as RJ is cleaning it off Lindsay, Evangeline walks in to explain about what he saw with John. Blair and Todd make love, and Blair decides to move back in. Kevin tells Kelly he’s moving back to Llanfair, and Kelly continues to have hope that they’ll work through their problems. Kevin questions Margaret about Todd, and asks for her help in sending Todd back to prison. Kevin accidentally runs into Blair at Todd’s Penthouse, and tells Blair she’s making a mistake – that Todd belongs in prison. Blair disagrees, saying they belong together. Natalie and Paul make plans to leave, and Natalie finds a gun on Paul. Paul talks his way out of it, assuring her he just wants to protect her. Paul finds out he’s wanted for questioning in Kathryn’s murder. Roxy and Viki team up to help find Natalie, and John tells Viki he’ll do everything he can to find and protect her.

Passions by Suzanne

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Gloria suggested returning to Genoa City with Michael and Kevin. Michael initially refused, but was worn down by Kevin and Gloria's pleading. Gloria phoned a friend and admitted she secretly hoped Michael would introduce her to some of his wealthy friends. JT and Brittany discussed Raul, her night with Bobby, and his argument with Daniel Romalotti. Brittany reminded JT that Daniel is not the only reason he and Colleen broke up, and suggested he's making too much of this. Raul and Mac discussed his breakup, and her intrigue with a boy likely on his way out of town. Daniel agreed to stay in GC a bit longer, and asked Danny for the truth about why he was taken away from Phyllis in a Court of Law. Ashley and Brad discussed Victor and Abby, and Ashley neglected to tell Brad about the encounter the two had the night before. Brad expressed pleasure they had agreed to keep the two apart for now. Victor had breakfast with Christine, learned she'd quit her job at the DA's Office, and hinted at possibly needing her legal services soon in a personal matter. Ashley and Victor met to discuss Abby. Ashley warned him to back off, Victor warned her that he would seek legal advice if she and Brad continued to fight him. Ashley wanted time, Victor wanted her to make it clear to Brad that this is not going away.

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