The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/15/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

David finds out that Krystal and his doctor friend who is believed to be Babe's real father don't get along. Tad tells Liza that he believes her only motive for exposing Krystal is to get him in bed. But she tells him it's possible that Krystal tampered with the DNA tests to prove whose baby Bess really is, and that she might be Bianca's baby.

Kendall and Ryan go to find Erica. Both are suspicious of Slater, who had Erica committed and wonder why he'd have that type of authority or know any of their business.

ATWT by Linda

Allison thinks that Margo has teamed up with Doc for the contest, and begs for her help to find the key hidden there. When she finds out that the key was already found, she tells Chris she wants another partner because he can’t be there as much as she thinks necessary. Nancy becomes her partner. Margo and Doc make plans to meet once Allison leaves. Tom asks Margo what has been wrong with her lately, Margo blaming middle age. Doc overhears Tom telling Chris how much he loves his wife and is willing to go through anything with her.

Sierra’s new husband Alan comes back to help in the search for Lucy, Sierra detained because of political matters. Dusty arranges for Craig to pick up Lucy, making sure that he understands that he didn’t kidnap her. Lucy breaks a bottle and tries to escape. Henry tries to convince Mike to be his partner for the contest, Mike turning him down flat. Pilar threatens to tell Katie everything unless Simon helps her get back together with Mike. Simon surprises Katie by making reservations to go back to Australia.

B&B by Susann

Darla and Thorne become man and wife. There is a lot of dancing and celebrating after the ceremony. Ridge continues to work on Brooke, much to Stephanie and Rick's displeasure. Stephanie and Brooke argue again. Thorne is not pleased when Ridge starts hiring people for Forrester without discussing it with him first. Jackie visits Nick and Massimo. Nick is very upset to learn that Brooke might be at the wedding with Nick.

Days by Danielle

Sami has a hard time choosing between being with Lucas and being with Ray long enough to get her revenge on Kate. When Sami refuses to give a straight answer to Lucas’ ultimatum, Lucas leaves Sami. Sami lies to make Ray leave. Belle wants Philip to tell the girl he loves how he truly feels. Sami criticizes Belle for spending so much time with Philip. Philip and Kate try to make Lucas feel better.

Roman questions Marlena to try and figure out who is behind the new Salem. Marlena remembers that Crystal tried to kill her. Abe finds something of Jack’s with blood on it. Lexie tries to convince Jennifer that Jack isn’t truly contacting her. Jennifer continues to find signs of Jack being alive. Nicole claims to have no knowledge of Crystal having been in jail. Crystal tells John that Marlena was planning to escape and kill him. John doesn’t believe Crystal’s story. Brady still refuses to move out of the Kiriakis mansion. Kate reassures John that he wasn’t responsible for Marlena’s death.

GH by Lisa

Carly gets Jason and Courtney to spend time together when they share the same jail cell in Italy. After getting released, they return home. Courtney goes to see Jason only to find that he went to see Sam. Nikolas is working hard to regain his memory. He starts to remember bits and pieces of the hotel fire during his therapy session.

Dillon finds out that Lynn is his niece. Lois and Tracy argue over what is happening to their children. Over Lynn's protests, Dillon turns themselves into the authorities and subsequently returned to the mansion. Lynn is upset when she sees the closeness between Georgie and Dillon.

GL by Boo

Cassie thanks Edmund for all the money he raised for her before she realizes that he is packing. She tries to apologize to him for thinking the worst. Edmund thinks that she will always remember the man he used to be and not the man he is now. Cassie tells him to remember the passion and love they have shared and leaves. Edmund tells Tammy that he is moving back to Towers, and leaves. Harley tells Gus to hurry upstairs. When he gets up there, he finds a dead Brad Green. Harley explains that Brad tried to tell her something before he died of a heart attack. Alan and Alex pressure Gus into keeping Alex's name out of the drug sting.

Reva and Josh finally hook up and fill each other in on all that has happened to each of them through out the night. Cassie joins them and tells them all about Edmund leaving her. Danny goes to the hospital to tell Michelle the good news. It is all over now. Frank reports that there is no change. Danny tells Frank the whole story about his helping the FBI. Jeffrey comes by to thank Danny for all his help. Danny isn't very receptive to the thanks, he just wants his wife back.

OLTL by Kathy

Todd and Blair continue to get closer, and Todd invites Blair to come home with him. Blair tells him she cannot make any promises. John identifies Kathryn as the dead woman in Evangeline’s office. They talk about her client, and Evangeline suggests that Kathryn may have been playing both sides, as her client was going to go up against the Santis. Later, her client’s body turns up in the river. Viki tells Natalie to follow her heart, and Natalie decides to leave with Paul. John questions Sara at the Hook Up, but she’s not talking, and John warns her that she is playing a dangerous game with dangerous people. David learns Dorian removed her ankle bracelet, and that she found the tracking device. Carlotta reluctantly returns Adriana’s cross, making her promise never to wear it, but later, Adriana puts the cross back on. Adriana and River argue about Rex and Shannon, but later kiss and make up. Jessica reveals to Antonio she is afraid to marry him because she is afraid of becoming a widow. Antonio tells her it is all part of the job.

Passions by Suzanne

will be late

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Raul learned Brittany was okay, but refused to talk to her on the phone. He and JT toasted having no jobs and no girlfriends. Bobby confessed to being in love with Brittany and they kissed. She told him she was ready to explore a relationship. Phyllis opened up to Dru about Daniel, then freaked when it seemed Dru was judging her. Dru said she was the last person to judge and advised Phyllis to not give up hope. Daniel, however, snubbed her again by refusing a conversation. Mac and Daniel finished their conversation. She told him about her doomed marriage to Billy Abbott, and they discussed school. Mac was visibly disappointed that he was leaving GC. As the cops prepared to shoot Kevin (who had a gun to his own head), Weber sent word that a confession had occurred in the electrocution case. He agreed to let Michael transport Kevin back to GC. Gloria hugged her son in celebration, while Michael looked on. Mamie innocently asked Victor to watch Abby for a moment at the Athletic Club. Abby acknowledged Victor as her other daddy, talked about his Ranch and horses, and he told her to call him anytime she wanted to visit. Meanwhile, Brad got Ashley to agree not to allow Victor to see Abby at all until the doctors had spoken to the little girl directly. Ash was later shocked to learn from Abby that she'd chatted with her 'Other Daddy' that day.

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