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AMC by Jennifer

In Vegas, Ryan finds Erica and attempts to get her out of the hospital room that Slater put her in. Slater works on Kendall to get her to trust him. Meanwhile, Greenlee is uptight that her husband is away with Kendall. Danielle informs Reggie and the others that she is leaving town, but finds out from her mother that she has to stay with her father in Pine Valley.

Liza invites Babe's real father, Dr. Fitzgerald, to town. Tad, Krystal and David all know what she's really up to. He meets Babe and Bess for the first time, but does not reveal to his daughter who he really is.

ATWT by Linda

The City Times announces a contest; “Six Keys to the Kingdom” which requires partners to discover from clues in the paper where the keys are hidden. There are twelve keys and the first partnership to discover six of them, wins $300,000.00. Partners are: Susan and Emily, Chris and Allison, Aaron and Curtis, Tom and Casey and it wasn’t clear if Henry ever found a partner, even though he tried to convince Katie. Tom and Casey found the first key. Margo delivered some legal papers to Kim at WOAK and Doc followed her to the courtyard. They kissed, but Margo again reiterated her fears, suddenly stumbling and Doc falling on top of her. Allison, who went looking at the courtyard for a key, found them in a compromising position. Simon paid off Pilar and Russ, but when Pilar found that Mike still wants nothing to do with her, she went to the cottage threatening to tell Katie about their plan.

B&B by Suzanne

Sally helps Darla get ready for her wedding to Thorne; Darla is nervous so Sally sets her mind at ease. They remember Saul and wish he were there. C.J. arrives for the wedding, as does Kristen. Kristen meets Sam, Caitlin, and Hector. Thomas kisses Caitlin while Hector watches. Rick eyes Caitlin. Ridge and Stephanie continue to argue about Brooke until Thorne interrupts them for the wedding. Everyone is happy at the wedding, although Ridge and Stephanie are not very smiling because of their fight. Darla and Thorne have a lovely, uninterrupted ceremony.

Days by Danielle

Marlena records her thoughts in her journal. Marlena is reunited with Maggie. Bonnie insists on spending the evening with Mickey. They receive news that Jennifer and the baby are fine. Bonnie unknowingly tells Julie her plan to seduce Mickey. Julie vows to keep Bonnie from carrying out her plan. Crystal refuses to leave John and Salem. John gets news that Crystal was in jail the same time as Marlena. John confronts Crystal about Marlena’s death.

Belle seeks help from John to bring Shawn back. Kate urges Philip to tell Belle how he feels. Belle urges Philip to tell his true feelings, still not knowing that she is the one he wants. Sami envisions Kate in the role of an embezzler. Lucas confronts Sami when he sees her kiss Ray. Sami insists that she still wants to be with Lucas.

GH by Tori

Lois asks Ned where Brooke Lynn is (as Brooke’s song plays in the background). Ned says he doesn’t know, and Lois accuses him of lying. She tells him Brooke ran away. In the meantime, Brooke Lynn steals the car with Dillon in it. Brooke and Dillon get in a car crash, and when the cops get there, they have disappeared. Tracy comes in and fights with Lois. They then all find out about the accident. We find out Dillon and Brooke staged it. They come across an empty house, and go in through the unlocked door. Nikolas starts to regain his memory with Emily on the docks. Flashback to him on hotel roof seeing helicopter leave with Emily in it. He can’t remember her though. They go separate ways for time being. Nikolas goes home, sleeps, and dreams of being trapped in hotel after fire.

Carly goes to Italy where Courtney and Jax are. She finds them at a little restaurant and dumps water on them and tells Courtney to go home and get Jason back because Sam has left. Jax goes back to the hotel, and after a brief argument with Carly, Courtney follows. Carly gets arrested for disturbing the peace (throwing dishes in restaurant after Courtney leaves) and she calls Jason to come get her. Jason comes and bails Carly out. Carly sets him up and takes him to the same restaurant so they can "get food." They see Courtney with Jax. Jason tries to leave, but Carly won’t let him (she has his passport) until he talks to Courtney. They start to argue, and Courtney throws water on Carly

GL by Silver Eagle Dreamer

Alex was revealed as the Spalding connection but blamed Brad Green for threatening to expose her, as the reason she was still involved in the drug trade. She told Gus it was her word against his when Alan stepped from the shadows of the cellar and pleaded with Gus not to arrest Alex. Gus couldn't believe what he was hearing and of course refused. During the time they were arguing, an impatient Brad Green showed up to pick up the money, implicating him and enabling Gus to keep Alex's involvement a secret should he choose to. (they were all hidden of course) Brad headed upstairs where Harley and the feds were waiting to arrest him. Gus told Alan that Brad would rat Alex out and was probably spilling the beans to Harley right now when... he got word from Harley over the intermittent earpieces that Brad had dropped dead of a heart attack - leaving Gus with an interesting choice regarding Alex.

Lizzie consoled both Joey and Tammy (different times of the evening). Once alone in their room, Phillip showed Olivia a receipt, signed by her from the boutique where her dress was bought. Danny captured Salerno, after a few tense moments. He'd knocked Danny out and kidnapped Reva, who later turned on him and demanded he shoot her or stop threatening her.

GL by Katie

At the Spaulding Mansion, Joey and Tammy each separately talked to Lizzie. At home, Philip and Olivia discussed her dress, and Philip revealed the receipt with her signature. Olivia claimed that she didn’t buy the dress and that Philip forged her name. Jeffrey has gone to Salerno’s club, ready to get Reva out of there and arrest Salerno. Cops were stationed outside with him. Danny kept trying to get Salerno to let Reva go. Salerno discovered someone was outside. He pulled out a gun and took Reva as his hostage. Jeffrey made himself known to Salerno and tried to get Reva out of the club. Danny fought with Salerno, and Reva got away. Jeffrey broke up the fight and told Danny, “It’s over.”

Gus discovered that Alex is the Spaulding connection to the drugs. Alex pleaded for Gus not to arrest her. Alan showed up, shocked to see Alex. He pleaded to Gus to put his Spaulding family first. Brad Green returned to the party and Harley kept track of him. Harley warned Gus that Brad was on his way to the wine cellar. Gus, Alex, and Alan hid as Brad took the money. Harley has no clue that Alex was involved. Harley and a cop caught Brad with the money, but Brad had a heart attack. Soon, Brad Green was dead.

GL by Bridget

The plan to bring down Vinnie progresses, but hit a few snags on the way. After picking up the drugs at the beacon Danny returns to Vinnie only to find Reva. Jeffery is outside with FBI, trying to figure out how to get Reva out of Vinnie's presence. When Vinnie finds out that the FBI is outside he knocks Danny out with his gun by hitting him in the back of the head. Meanwhile at the Beacon Gus finds out that it is Alexandria who is the Spaulding connection for the drugs. She has been working with Brad Green. Alan lectures Alexandria and then pleads to Gus not to turn Alexandria in, which is possible for him to do since the microphone that he is wearing is not working and the three of them are the only ones that know. Lizzie continues to make a play for Joey, by playing the concerned friend.

OLTL by Kathy

Starr and Travis make it out of the fire, and Blair rushes in to look for Todd. She finds him, unconscious, wakes him up, and together, free him from the rubble. Much to Starr’s relief, both her parents are fine. John and Evangeline share a drink, and a slightly intoxicated Evangeline kisses John to prove she’s not just an uptight attorney. Roxy confesses to Nigel that she was going to burn down Foxy Roxy’s for the insurance money, but had second thoughts. Jessica finally forgives Antonio, who claimed he just wanted to protect her from the Santis. Kathryn cannot find Paul, and John confronts Kathryn about her real plans for Paul. Kathryn tells John to stay out of it, and John extends an offer to help her if she’s in over her head. A strange man, Tomas, asks David where Dorian is, claiming that many people hold clues as to the whereabouts of the Santi fortune, and if they all work together, they can all share in it. David thinks he’s sending the guy on a wild goose chase when he tells Tomas Dorian is in Mendora, but Kelly later mentions that’s exactly where Dorian is. David leaves messages warning Dorian about Tomas. Paul hides in Natalie’s house, and when Natalie discovers him, warns him that Kathryn is looking for him. Paul asks Natalie to run away with him to Puerto Rico. Evangeline calls John, saying she needs his help, as there is a dead woman in her office.

Passions by Suzanne

Liz visits Eve's Aunt Irma in a retirement home and is pleased to find out that the old crone starts calling Eve "whore" whenever she hears Eve's name. Katherine and Martin worry about being blamed for Alistair's hitman's murder, and about what Alistair will do next. A strange man gives Paloma a gold necklace with the Crane industries logo on it, which freaks out Martin and Katherine. Charity and Miguel visit Kay. Tabitha keeps heaping guilt on Miguel and Charity. Eve tells Kay that she can't have any more children.

Alistair threatens the little son of the judge in Luis' case to ensure that he will go to prison. Luis makes an impassioned plea to Sheridan to listen to her heart and remember their love. The judge reluctantly sentences Luis to 25 years in prison. Sheridan finally remembers her love for Antonio. Eve tells Pilar that she can leave the hospital. Pilar goes to Luis' hearing and tells Antonio that he has ruined their family. Alistair gives a bag of money and fake passports to Antonio so he can disappear with Sheridan.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Paul and Lauren flirted over dinner. Lynne brought news that Paul might have to vacate his office or face increased rent. Paul considered giving the place up, while Lynne wondered what would happen to her. Daniel and Mac shared stories about their troubled childhoods, and she told him she wished he wouldn't leave Genoa City. Phyllis spied on Daniel and asked Drucilla to preoccupy her so she wouldn't approach him and make a fool of herself. They discussed motherhood, and Dru was surprised to see a new side of her enemy. Despite a heartfelt conversation about their future, Arthur was unable to keep Kay from drinking. Jill visited Nikki, who said only an Intervention has a chance of saving Katherine at this point. Jill wondered if they could really do it. Ashley told Brad the child psychologist said Abby can see Victor, but Brad countered that the psychologist he spoke with said it would be a mistake. Jack reminded Victor of his bad track record with kids (Nick, Victoria, Victor Jr.) and told him to stay away from Abby. Victor told Jack to mind his own business, and reminded him they have to meet soon to reach a settlement regarding Tuvia. Weber and his men burst into 'Marilyn's' and saved Bobby and Brittany, only after Sal and Mr. Lewis admitted their guilt. Sal warned Bobby and Brittany that he wasn't through with them. Kevin pulled a gun on Gloria and Michael and ordered them into another room, before warning the cops he was on his way out, and praying that whatever comes next wouldn't hurt too much.

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