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AMC by Jennifer

Show did not air today

ATWT by Linda

Despite Paul’s pleading, Jordan goes to James for help in finding Roseanna and Cabot. James assures him that as soon as she touches down, he’ll inform Jordan where she is. Jordan asks what it will cost him and James replies, “Nothing. You are my son.” But he does request that when things settle down, that Jordan brings Cabot for a visit. Barbara and Walker are in her suite, Barbara telling him all the horrible things that James has done to her and Paul in the past. Walker sympathizes with her, telling her that he wants to be her friend, protector and her admirer. A knock comes to the door and Walker offers to get rid of who it is. He walks out to a flustered Paul and Jennifer, both eager to make their mother know what has just happened. Walker tells them that their mother is preoccupied and whatever it is they want to discuss with her can wait until the morning. Jennifer escorts a befuddled Paul away.

Dusty and Lucy are almost discovered by a policeman, Hal having put the forces out to find them. He realizes that he doesn’t know what to do next. Jessica has complications with her fertility drugs and when her doctor refuses to help her with in vitro, she tells her she’s getting another doctor. Margo tells Doc that it was all just a fantasy and that it’s truly over. Doc talks her into a hug, Kim walking around the corner and breaking up their embrace. Lily is concerned about Craig and despite Holden’s reservations; she invites him to stay with them.

B&B by Boo

Darla and Sally bond as they get ready for the wedding. Sally gives Darla a pair of earrings that she had previously given Macy on her 21st birthday. A blindfolded Thorne drops in on his bride to be to see if she is having any second thoughts. She assures him that she is not. With a little help from Hope, Thomas and the twins, Ridge talks Brooke into attending the wedding with him. Stephanie is not pleased when Brooke shows up. Ridge and Stephanie have a battle in the study.

Days by Danielle

No show today

GH by Linda

Sonny is praying at the church for guidance and what path to take to find Sam and the baby when he was gunned down.  Sister Agnes finds him and helps to recuperate him when an unidentified man claiming to be Jason Morgan comes looking for Sonny.  She tells him that he is in the morgue and that whoever was that did this got away.  She prays to God that if He spares his life that she would see to it that she would do everything she can to help him keep his promise.  In the penthouse, Carly is still trying to fix Jason’s life with Courtney She’s trying to convince Jason to run after Courtney, but Jason says that part of his life is over. She doesn’t believe it and calls Stan to find out where Courtney is.  Speaking of Courtney, Courtney and Jax are vacationing in Italy.  He has something else in mind, but she says she does not want to get into bed with him.  He pours a drink for him and for her, she asks how he finds the place, she gets a little coy and, just leads him out the door to go sight seeing.  They wind up in the café and see a couple kissing.  They make a little wager as to how long they have been together.  Courtney smiles when Jax was right when that couple had only met that night.  He orders a bottle of wine and dinner, until a little boy dazzles Courtney, but is a pick-pocketer.  They find out why he stole the wallet and Jax gives the boy the money if the story he tells checks out with his mother, and it did.  Courtney smiles at his generosity. Carly arrives and gets this idea to lure Jax away from Courtney by saying that he has a phone call and that the woman won’t take no for an answer.  Jax doesn’t and so Carly pours water all over him.

At the pier, Lynn is struggling with the cop, Frank; Georgie and Dillon see it.  Dillion tells Georgie to call her father, Mac, the police commissioner.  Mac arrives to get a description from Georgie. Dillon has the make, model and plates of the car.  Dillon wants to go after Lynn, but Mac says it should be handled by the police.  He goes anyway and Georgie wants to, too.  Dillon tells Georgie to stay there. She has worried look on her face.  In the car, when her mother tells Frank to drive her to Lynn’s grandmother’s house in Bensonhurst, she is resentful.  When both of them hear the siren and Mac catches up with them, Lynn says to Mac that Frank is not her father.  Lynn spots Dillon quietly in the bushes pulling up in his motorcycle.  Dillon hides with her in the car and she tells him that Frank is a detective, but Dillon says that Georgie’s father, Mac, is a cop. So, she doesn’t have to go anywhere she doesn’t want to.  She gets antsy and puts the car in drive and drives off with Dillon in it.  On the other hand, Emily is so happy that she is crying that Nikolas (Connor) is agreeing to hypnotherapy.  He is starting to remember bits and pieces of the PC Hotel Fire. He has flashbacks where he remembers the helicopter, the tuxedo and the explosion.  But, Emily confides in Jason saying that she is worried that what if Mary convinces Nikolas to stop therapy.  When Mary found out about this hypnotherapy she begins to cry saying that Nikolas doesn’t trust her enough to tell her about it.  Mary, at the hospital, talks to Dr. Monica Quartermaine. She reveals to Mary about the PC Hotel Fire.  Ned is his house listening to music when Lois comes in and slaps in the face and accuses him of stealing his daughter.

GL by Wendy   

Salerno tried to enlist Reva's services, not taking no for an answer. Cassie confronted Edmund, only to find the mysterious box contained nothing but cigars. Harley lost track of Brad Green.

Joey found a distraught Edmund hugging Tammy (thanks to Lizzy). Later, Tammy received an envelope containing the Spring Fling tickets. Someone came into the wine cellar to pick up the money. Gus pulled his gun and said ‘It's you?' 

OLTL by Suzanne

Blair has first-time jitters when Starr goes to the dance at the recreation center with Travis. Todd warns Travis how to behave. Travis and Starr dance awkwardly and then kiss. Todd and Blair do the same outside. Rex tells Roxy that he found out that arsonists get 20 years, so he wants to call off the fire. Their co-conspirator arrives, so Rex tells him, too. Rex insists that he move his combustibles out of the rec center; they all argue. Someone at the dance throws down a cigarette, so the fire starts, trapping Starr and Travis inside. Outside, Todd slips past Bo so he can rescue Starr. Daniell arrives at Nora's house in a tux. She answers the door in sweats and wearing her mud mask. They can't figure out who could have called and told him she would go with him to the awards dinner. She decides to go anyway and gets dressed up. They start talking about the case she's been working on and looking through papers, so they decide to work, instead. Matthew gets upset that his plan is not working out, so he phones Bo and tells him to get over there quickly, lying that the babysitter may be dead. Daniel and Nora share a kiss, but it is interrupted by Bo. He is relieved but annoyed. He gets a call about the fire and rushes out. Nora sits Matthew down and has a talk with him. Daniel tells her he enjoyed the kiss. Antonio has to yell at Jessica in front of his boss Sara in order to keep his cover. Jessica is embarrassed as Natalie teases her about Antonio's stripping. She wonders why he didn't tell her. John looks at Katherine's file. He and Bo have a chat about her and also about Nora and Bo. Katherine and Paul go to The Hookup; he learns from Sara that the mobsters are looking for Tico Santi, so Katherine tells him they will head to Puerto Rico (she tells John they're going to San Diego). Paul escapes while she's at the fire.

Passions by Rene

Did not air today

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

The Young And The Restless was pre-empted today. Returns Monday.

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