The TV MegaSite's Thursday 6/10/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

David informs Krystal that he found out, through Liza that his doctor friend is Babe's real father and he questions the accuracy of the DNA that says Bess is her grandchild. She immediately confronts Liza and gets into a fight with her.

Bianca reveals to Greenlee that Kendall has been up to a secret plan to sabotage her business ties and her marriage to Ryan. While Kendall confesses to Ryan that the reason she followed him to find Erica is for her own personal reasons to get him back. When Ryan and Kendall arrive in Vegas, Erica is gone, they meet Slater and know they cannot trust him. He is spying upon them, hearing and seeing their conversation from a surveillance camera.

ATWT by Linda

Margo has another close call with Doc in the steam room, an attendant interrupting them and Margo running away. She tells Jess about it and Jess goes to the TV station to confront Doc as Kim listens. Dusty knocks out the IRS agent that’s trying to arrest him and goes after Lucy. Once he deters the driver, Lucy refuses to leave with him so he throws her over his shoulder and takes her to an abandoned house. He calls Hal who just happens to be talking to the IRS agent who Dusty had just punched, warning him that he was going to find him and put him in jail. Dusty informs Lucy that the plan has changed.

Barbara tries to again convince Jennifer that her relationship with Jordan is doomed, Jennifer threatening that if Barbara meddles, she will never speak to her again. Jennifer then storms off, as Walker shows up, Barbara crying on his shoulder. He convinces her to go to dinner with him and to let Jennifer deal with her own problems. Carly comes to Roseanna’s suite and discovers that Roseanna has disappeared with Cabot. She calls Jack and then Paul, Carly chewing Paul out when he arrives. Jordan then shows up and he and Paul go at it. Eventually Paul tries to convince Jordan that Roseanna running off with Cabot is the best thing for the boy, that way James will never have an influence on him or hurt him. Jordan just becomes more determined to find Roseanna and his son.

B&B by Boo

Clark is not pleased to hear that Sally plans on again manufacturing rip-off designs of the big designers, but agrees to go along with it. Stephanie learns that Ridge is planning on bringing Brooke to the wedding tomorrow as his date. Darla asks Sally to be her Matron of Honor. Sally happily accepts. Ridge and Nick continue to argue over Brooke. Nick finally looses his cool when Ridge tells him that Brooke will be in very good hands all night long, while Nick is stuck in jail.

Days by Danielle

Lucas tries to convince Kate that Sami has changed. Lucas catches Sami flirting with the new district attorney, Ray. Sami pumps Ray for information about white-collar crimes. Jan delights in telling Shawn that Belle has moved on with Philip. Shawn refuses to believe Jan. Philip admits to Belle that he is in love with her but Belle doesn’t understand what he truly meant.

Nicole is worried that John will find evidence that Crystal was involved in Marlena’s death. John continues to seduce Crystal for information. Nicole confronts Brady about John’s plans for Crystal. John and Tek further investigate Crystal despite her fingerprints not matching the set found in the Kiriakis mansion and in Shawn’s room. Crystal blackmails Nicole for more money before agreeing to leave town.

GH by Lisa

Sam stops the wedding announcing she and Jason don't love each other. Sam decides to leave town and Sonny is furious to learn Jason did not stop her. Sunny tries to find Sam. At the convent chapel, Sonny is gunned down by a hit man.

Nikolas finds out that his brain damage may be permanent but he has a chance to regain his memory. Lynn hides from Ned. Lynn confesses to Dillon and Georgie that her mother wants her to pursue a career in show business. Lynn is abducted by detective Mariano who claimed to be her father.

GL by Silver Eagle Dreamer

Gus waited in the wine cellar for the drug drop but found Alan instead. Alan claimed to be getting a bottle of wine. Alex announced that the winners of the Intern Contest - Joey, Marina, Sandy and Lizzy. Sandy's blind date ran off with the valet. Lizzy told Joey about Tammy kissing Edmund. Edmund kept appearing and disappearing throughout the party finally ending up in the wine cellar. Cassie caught up with him and confronted him. Beth caught Bill drinking. Bill put the moves on Olivia.

Salerno was again headed out of town, prompting Tony and Danny to team up to keep him there. Salerno caught up with Reva. Harley sicked Olivia on Alan and Brad Green to keep them busy so she could search the coat closet. Sandy got cagey about his past when Reva tried to pin him down. Brad found Harley sneaking in the closet but Harley covered using Phillip.

OLTL by Kathy

Natalie talks Jessica into returning to the Hook Up. They run into Marcie and invite her, she declines, but Marcie and Michael race to the Hook Up to try to intercept Antonio. They are too late, and a mortified Jessica witnesses Antonio’s routine, as Natalie sits there laughing. Jessica wants to leave, but Natalie warns her that will only draw attention to herself. As Antonio is taking off his pants, Jessica jumps up to leave, bumps into someone who yells at her, drawing Antonio’s attention. Asa appears to be suffering from some form of dementia, as he has no recollection of buying half interest in Angel Square Hotel, cannot remember why he gave the money to Nigel. Renee reminds him it was to help Roxy, and Asa decides he must marry Roxy right away. Evangeline is witness to this behavior, and both she and Renee are stumped. Asa rushes out to find Roxy, and proposes to her. A shocked Roxy and stunned Nigel explain that he is married to Renee for a third time, and Asa tries to cover by saying it was all in fun. Jessica and Natalie notice cans of gasoline at Foxy Roxy’s, and ask her about it. Roxy claims she is stock piling gas, in case prices rise even higher. She later calls her arsonist buddy to come and hide the gas for her. She thinks the gas will be safe at the community center, but is unaware there is an event planned, that Starr and Travis plan to attend. Blair, Starr, and Travis are roller blading and Blair literally runs into Todd. Starr invites Todd to join in the fun, but later declines an invitation to join the trio at the diner. Todd asks Blair to understand why he had to help Kelly and keep her secret, and Todd admits that for the first time, he is trying to do the “right thing.” As Blair, Travis and Starr are in the diner, Todd discreetly watches through the window. Roxy sees Paul, and nearly faints, thinking she is seeing a ghost. Paul came, with an FBI escort, to say goodbye to Natalie, and hopes when he finishes his business, she will go away with him. Natalie admits she is afraid Paul will end up shot, and doesn’t want any parts of it. Paul later asks John if he trusts Kathryn, afraid Kathryn is trying to set him up. John says Kathryn is trustworthy, as Kathryn interrupts the conversation. She has a private conversation with John, reminding him this is not a police matter – but is an FBI matter. Kathryn later reminds Paul who is in charge, and also casually makes sure Paul sees her gun. John spies on them, and overhears the conversation, and appears suspicious of Kathryn.

Passions by Rene

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Ashley told Jack she was rehiring Damon, and firing Drucilla. Jack talked her out of canning Dru with a heartfelt speech that made her remember how sweet he can be. They made up, discussed his difficulty getting over Phyllis, and her fear of Victor taking Abby away. Ash had to leave for a meeting with a psychologist. Dru told Neil she is tired of being threatened and insulted by Ashley at work and is ready to quit. Neil offered her a job at Newman, but Dru said she'd have to consider it out of loyalty to Jabot. Neil was impressed. Kay demanded to be alone, while Esther gave a speech to Jill and Arthur about the dangers of Kay drinking. Jill refused to listen and left to go and make something happen. Daniel, Cassie and Sierra found a mysterious locked cabinet at the Rec Centre, and Daniel asked what they knew about JT's connection to Mac. Sierra told him Mac was out of his league, and he said he didn't care. Mac comforted JT about Colleen. They hugged, while Daniel watched. Brittany left Raul stranded and rushed back to find Bobby. Paul and Eddie begged the detective to help them get in touch with Weber before it's too late. Michael tried to stop Kevin from leaving, but gave up. Kevin said good-bye to Michael and Gloria, but when he tried to leave, officers were banging on the door to be let in. Sal admitted to being the one responsible for hurting Brittany. Mr. Lewis gave the order to kill Bobby. Brittany rushed in and was grabbed by Sal, who suggested they kill two birds with one stone.

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