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AMC by Jennifer

Tad takes Krystal to the hospital after her panic attack. She has almost incriminated herself, unconsciously revealing what she's done with the DNA test. But Tad says he wants to be there for her, not hurt her. Meanwhile, Liza is determined to stop at nothing to break them up. WHen David Hayward refuses to help her, she digs up Babe's real father who's a doctor and invites him to come to Pine Valley for an interview.

Erica calls Ryan, unaware that she's reached him at Jack's and the entire famiy is witnessing the phone conversation. She asks Ryan to help her, while she is getting drunk, hallucinating and afraid she's dying. He gets on a private jet to help her, believing he's alone. But Kendall insists on coming with him. Erica envisions her own funeral where all the people she's loves have abandoned her and believe she will find more peace in the next life.

ATWT by Linda

Margo rebuffs Doc by sliding the key under his door. While she’s working out, she tells Jessica that it’s over for good, but Jessica feels faint and they send her off to take a pregnancy test. Margo wanted to use the steam room, so since the ladies steam room was closed she had the attendant guard the door of the men’s. She sits, startled that she almost sat on none other than Doc. Lucy, Lucinda, Lily and Craig are having a goodbye supper for Lucy when Dusty comes in and tells them he thinks the thugs that accosted him and Lucy were actually after Lucy and not him. He is scoffed at and Craig bids Lucy a tender farewell as he escorts her to her limousine. Dusty comes out just before the driver takes off and notices the same dragon tattoo on his forearm that was on the guy that tried to hurt Lucy. In vain he tries to stop the car, another man stopping him and telling him he’s in trouble now.

Paul tries to press James for more answers as Jordan ponders the birth certificate Paul brought. James has an incensed Paul escorted out, trying to make nice with Jordan after he leaves. Jordan reiterates that he’s going to divorce Roseanna and not let James control his life anymore. Jennifer finds out from Barbara that Jordan is James’ son, Barbara urging her to call it off with Jordan. Jordan comes in while they’re arguing and Barbara leaves, once she sees that Jennifer is solidly behind her boyfriend. Roseanna manages to get herself and Cabot out of the Lakeview and goes to catch her jet that she has waiting. Paul follows her and begs her to stay, Roseanna pointing out that if she stays, James will put Cabot through the same misery Paul suffered at the hands of his father. Reluctantly Paul bids farewell to Roseanna as she and Cabot wing off to wherever.

B&B by Susann

Brooke and Nick are hugging and lamenting the situation. Nick assures her it will all be cleared up soon, but that the company has been damaged by the scandal. Brooke asks him if he’s guilty of the alleged charges. He tells her it’s sometimes legal to pay foreign officials. When Nick says that Forrester is to blame for all the problems, Brooke defends him. This upsets Nick. Massimo and Ridge are arguing in another cell. Massimo can’t understand how Ridge can treat his family so badly. Ridge tells him he’s a Forrester and always will be. Massimo says he has Marone blood in his veins. Ridge says it may have been better if he had never met Massimo. Caitlin arrives home to find her father and Sam half dressed. She is relieved, because she had been trying to get a hold of Sam all day and she hadn’t been answering her cell phone. She thought maybe she had pressured Sam too hard to move in with them. Sam asks Caitlin if she’s sure that’s what she wants. Caitlin says that’s all she’s ever wanted. Sam is surprised and happy to have a family at last.

Massimo and Ridge continue to argue, Ridge accusing Massimo of manipulating people to do his will. Massimo reminds him of his actions at the wedding. The pressure he has been putting on Brooke. Ridge questions Massimo’s values considering where he is right now. Massimo questions Ridge’s values considering how easy it is for Ridge to throw his family away. Ridge says he doesn’t consider Nick family. Massimo encourages Ridge to make peace with Nick before it’s too late, because the wedding may have been delayed, but it will take place. Nick encourages Brooke not to let Ridge mess with her head. She says Ridge is a hard person to ignore. Nick tells her he can feel the tension in her hands and see it in her face. She asks if it’s any wonder considering what she’s been through. He works to ease her mind, and tries to lighten her spirit. He tells her she’s got to believe in him. She says she does. He tells her not to let Forrester get to her, and tells her that he believes in her too. Ridge comes and visits Nick in his cell. He has a confident air, and tells Nick that he’s sorry, sorry that he let it get this far. He should never have let Nick build up such hope over the past few months. He says he’s reclaiming his life, and taking Brooke back.

Days by Danielle

Sami plans to get revenge on Kate and John. Lucas confronts her but Sami denies it, claiming she solely wishes to turn her life around. Kate refuses to believe that Sami has changed. Jan decides it would be better to tell Shawn that Belle has moved on with Philip than risk getting caught for murder. Shawn dreams that he gets free from the cage but doesn’t make it to Belle in time.

Jennifer is adamant that Jack will be home before the baby is born despite everyone’s attempts to talk her out of it. Jennifer and the baby become near death. Patrick receives a warning from his acquaintance that Jennifer and the baby have to die.

GH by Suzanne

Ric continues to try to get under Alexis' skin. He says he left his keys at her place and accuses her of phoning his place to check on him. Ned and Alan show up at court to support Skye. Skye tries to make Lucky see the truth, but he wants Skye to go to jail for life. However, Ric wants to make a deal. The judge grants Skye's bail but moves up the trial date. Alexis brings Skye the deal (second degree murder, 20-life), but she turns it down, saying that Luke wouldn't have left town and that something is not what it seems. Meanwhile, Georgie talks Lynn into recording. She records Kurth & Taylor's beautiful song "You're the Only One I Love" but gets caught up in it and freaks out a little. Later, she returns to find Ned listening to her demo, so she hides. Lynn's stepfather finds out that Georgie lied about Lynn leaving town, so he harrasses her on the docks. Dillon hits him over the head and they figure out he's a cop.

Sam freaks out and suggests to Jason that they elope, but he talks her out of it. Everyone prepares for Jason and Sam's wedding. Sonny prays to God for guidance and has a heart-to-heart talk with Courtney; she is proud of him for forgiving Jason and Sam (for cheating on him). Carly tries to talk everyone into stopping the wedding, to no avail. Emily wishes Jason well. Sonny visits Sam at her apartment before she leaves. Edward shows up at the church, as do Jax and Carly. The invited guests include Emily and Justus. Edward backs down from causing trouble because of Justus's strong-arming. Carly interrupts the ceremony, first to claim that Jason's divorce is not final, and then to argue with Jason about what he's doing. They proceed anyway but then Sam stops the ceremony.

GL by Silver Eagle Dreamer

There were a few touchy moments where it looked as though Salerno wouldn't go through with the plan but Danny brought him around and got the deal back on again. That took most of the episode actually. Lizzy thought Joey would ask her to the Spring Fling but instead, he asked her to go with one of his friends. She declined. Gus got into place in the wine cellar so he could witness the buy and found Alan waiting instead. Phillip insisted Olivia wear the red dress that he got for her that didn't leave much to the imagination.

OLTL by Kathy

Todd and Kevin decide to call a truce, but later, Todd blows off Margaret, and Margaret is apparently out for revenge. She calls Kevin and tells him everything she has told Todd, and Kevin declares war on Todd. Viki returns home, and encourages Jessica and Natalie to seek a support group to help deal with the changes Viki is facing. Viki looks at Ben’s picture, and announces “their” heart is breaking. Renee pays Viki a visit, and the reminisce about Ben. Dorian tells Adriana her inheritance was not wisely invested, and has dwindled to almost nothing, but Adriana couldn’t care less about the money. David and Dorian vow to always be honest with each other, and she prepares to leave on a spa vacation, but David believes she is really going to look for the Santi fortune. David plants a GPS tracking device on an ankle bracelet, and presents it to Dorian, who says she will not take it off. Kelly is relieved that a truce has been called between Todd and Kevin, and she and Todd decide to put the past in the past. Rex finds and returns Adriana’s purse, and flirts with Adriana. Shannon is witness to this, and both agree they could be a help to each other, because if Adriana leaves River, that will give Shannon the opening she needs to be with him.

Passions by Suzanne

Kay pulls through her difficult surgery. Charity and Miguel are closer, so Tabitha uses Endor to put a spell on Kay. Her spirit rises out of her body and visits Charity, saying she's dead and warning her to stay away from Miguel. Charity feels guilty so she pushes Miguel away. Sheridan tells Antonio that she remembers her past love for Luis but now she loves Antonio. Luis regrets to Hank that he didn't have more time with Sheridan. Antonio insists that the police arrest Luis for kidnapping, and Sheridan agrees to press changes. Martin and Katherine talk about the families they left back in Harmony while a hitman takes aim, under Alistair's orders. Paloma has a great dream about her family in Harmony but then it turns dark and she awakens. She sees a man in her room and runs out, screaming. Someone gets shot by the hitman. Julian wonders to Alistair what he meant about Katherine betraying him and vows to tell Sheridan the truth about Alistair's brainwashing. Alistair promises to destroy Eve if he does.

Y&R By Wendy **One Day Ahead

Victor is upset with Nick for accepting Cameron's job offer and that Nick is hurting him again. Paul and the other detective talk about Kevin's innocence concerning Brittany's accident. Lily asks Devon personal questions, he answers and she later finds out his answers were a lie and that he really lives in a group home. Lauren calls Paul in a panic informing him that Kevin escaped from the psych ward. Raul and Brittany break up for good and it's a tearful goodbye. Bobby gets swarmed by Lewis and his men. Mac and JT talk about Daniel and JT's hatred toward him. Kevin is told by his mom how much she loves him and how good he is. Michael shows up in Detroit as Kevin is about to leave.

Thursday Preview: Ashley tells Jack they need to discuss firing Dru. Brittany tells Raul she wants to face the guys who gave her the scar. Bobby is held by the goons.

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