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AMC by Jennifer

It looks like David is jealous of Krystal seeing Tad. She goes out with Tad, gets in an argument with a young lady and has another panic attack, where she sees Bianca and almost confesses what she did, to which Tad questions her. It's Jack's birthday. Bianca, Reggie and Lily are there for him. Greenlee and Ryan show up, and so does Kendall. They all appear civil for Jack's birthday. In Vegas, Erica is drinking too much and making herself a spectacle. Zack Slater takes her to his home and cuts off her booze supply. She calls Jack's place, Ryan answers and she tells Ryan she needs his help.

ATWT by Linda

Simon confronts Pilar about her methods of keeping Mike and Katie apart, seriously upset with the fact that Katie got sent to an institution. He threatens to leave her hanging, but when she reminds him that if she tells Katie who was behind it all, Katie will be back in Mike’s arms in no time. He gives her more time. Mike makes an impassioned plea to Katie; Katie telling him their love is no longer an issue. He returns home and leaves Pilar begging for him at his door. Doc accosts Margo again and he leaves a hotel key despite her assurances that she’s not interested. The next shot is of Margo outside the motel room. Jennifer is waiting for news from Jordan when Barbara finds her. Jennifer warns her mother that there is nothing that she could say that would make her love Jordan any less and then informs Barbara that Jordan went to see James at the prison, Barbara leaving abruptly. Roseanna and Carly had been discussing the possibility of James being Jordan’s father when Paul shows up and confirms it. Barbara finds Paul at Roseanna’s, telling him that Jordan was at the prison with James. James tap-dances around the truth with Jordan. Jordan is furious when James threatens to take Cabot from him if he doesn’t stay with Roseanna. Paul breaks in, demanding to know why James’ has brought his son into Paul’s family. Jordan is appalled when James finally admits that he is, in fact, Jordan’s father.

B&B by Susann

Ridge is drinking coffee as Brooke descends the stairs. She’s surprised to see he’s still there. He tells her he slept on the couch. The again argue back and forth about Nick, and Ridge continues to pressure her to stay with him. He says he wants to prevent Nick from dragging her, Hope and the baby down. The reporters start calling at Brooke’s house, but she tells them no comment. Jackie goes to visit Nick in Jail. The paparazzi are all over her on her way in. All Nick wants to know is if she’s seen Brooke yet. Jackie tells him that she drove by Brooke’s house, and Ridge’s car was there, that he must have spent the night. Nick is shocked. He tells his mother that as soon as he’s out of jail, he is gonna make sure Ridge is out of the way for good. Oscar comes to visit Massimo, pledging his allegiance to the family and tells Massimo that he has taken a leave of absence from Forrester to help out the family in this time of need. He reads Massimo the headlines from the morning paper. They’re all about Marone Industries.

Hector gives Sam the grand tour of his house, ending with the bedroom. They end up kissing, and Hector shuts the door. The fall on the bed in a passionate embrace, tearing at each others clothes. Brooke and Ridge have yet another Groundhog Day scene both going over the same dialogue they’ve been saying to each other for months now. Brooke gets her purse and starts to leave to go see Nick, but Ridge tries to stop her by grabbing her and kissing her. She starts to respond, but stops herself, and leaves. She arrives at the jail, and watches Nick for a moment outside the door. She can see him sitting sadly on the table with his head down. When the guard lets her in she asks if he’s alright. He stands up and asks her the same. Ridge visits Massimo asking Massimo to tell him what happened. They argue back and forth about the fact that Ridge’s unrelenting pursuit of Brooke was the cause of all this. Ridge tells Massimo that he warned him that nothing was going to keep him from Brooke. Massimo realizes that Ridge is not sorry about what happened. Nick and Brooke hold each other. Nick tells her that he knows that Forrester spent the night, and wants to know where he slept. She tells him it was the couch. She changes the subject saying she doesn’t like seeing him there. Nick looks at her face, and seeing deception there, he backs away and stares out the jail window. He says he doesn’t like Forrester spending the night at her house either. He reminds her of when they made love in Hawaii, and how they vowed to always tell each other the truth. She says she remembers. He tells her to tell the truth now, and asks if she loves him. She says she does. He asks her again, and she repeats that she does. He kisses her deeply and holds her like he will never let her go.

Days by Danielle

Bonnie orders extra groceries for her and Connor on Jennifer’s account. Bonnie and Patrick discuss what the men wanted Patrick to come to Salem to do to Jennifer. Bonnie urges Patrick to leave town but Patrick vows to stay and protect Jennifer. Jennifer receives a text message on her computer that claimed to be from Jack telling Jennifer that he is alive.

Marlena is reunited with Victor. Victor tells Marlena about how he died and Marlena tells Victor about how Nicole was never arrested. Nicole warns Crystal not to get involved with John. John and Brady discuss John’s theory about Crystal. John takes Crystal’s glass to test her fingerprints. Shawn tries to convince Jan not to hurt Belle. Jan sets out to Basic Black to kill Belle. Belle and Philip toast their new partnership. It reminds Belle of her celebrations with Shawn.

GH by Lisa

Carly returns to Port Charles after Alcazar tells her that Jason and Sam are getting married. Carly is determined to stop the wedding. She turns to Edward for help in stopping Jason from marrying Sam.

Emily shocks Alexis when she tells her that Nikolas is alive but does not want her to tell Helena who wants to reclaim the Cassadine fortune.

GL by Silver Eagle Dreamer

Gus assembled the Spaldings plus Brad Green to let them know that the feds cleared them and everything would be fine; forcing Alan and Phillip to come up with another plan to get rid of Olivia. The noose tightened around Salerno as Harley, Gus and Jeffery put their plan to keep him in town in place. Reva faked psychic visions of doom to encourage him to stay for the festival.

There were some rather entertaining scenes between Cassie and Jeffery while they were getting drunk together - until Edmund showed up to spoil the party. Shane and Marina redecorated Michelle's hospital room with reminders of home.

OLTL by Janice

Marcia tells Jennifer about seeing Antonio strip. Antonio meets up with the girls at Capricorn. He finds out that they were at The HookUp that night and tells Jessica that he doesn’t want her there. Kathryn tells John that she believes he’s covering for Natalie. She wants proof that Paul is still alive. She blames her sister’s death on the fact that they have broken rules in the past. Paul and Carlos fight over the gun and Carlos is shot. Paul and Kelly escape to Dorian’s where Kelly promises to hide Paul. On the sly, Kelly calls John in the middle of his argument with Kathryn. John and a couple of officers go to LaBoulee to arrest Paul. John and Kathryn interrogate Paul at the police station. With John in the room, Kathryn tells Paul that he is going to San Diego to help the FBI find the Santee money. John gets a call and leaves the room; Kathryn then tells Paul that he is going really going with her to Puerto Rico so that they can find the money. Roxy meets up with Barry to discuss setting fire to her hair salon. Rex waits outside and runs into Adriana who has lost her purse. Adriana makes a comment about her $30 million inheritance and Rex immediately perks up. Kelly tells Kevin that Paul is alive. He tells him about the Atlantic City part of her problems with Paul. Kevin is upset that she turned to Todd, his worst enemy. Kevin tells Kelly to go to bed. A courier from the Banner-Sun comes by with an envelope for Kelly. Kevin opens it and finds earrings and a letter from Todd that says he will honor his promise.

Passions by Rene

Theresa tells Fox how much she cares for him. He is confused because he feels the same way but doesn’t understand what happened. She tells him she betrayed him with another man. He automatically thinks of Ethan. She denies it. She says she is unable to tell the complete truth at this time. She doesn’t want to jeopardize her chance of getting her son back. They decide to remain friends and maybe some day become more. Fox talks about his mystery woman while looking at Whitney’s picture. He compliments Chad on being lucky to have her as his girlfriend.

Eve announces she must operate on Kay. Kay crashes during the operation. Tabithia works on guilty tripping Charity for Kay’s injuries. Sam is furious with Miguel but apologizes after hearing his explanation about the dog. Everyone wonders why Kay was at Charity’s old house. Ivy and Liz talk about Eve’s secrets. Liz figures out Eve and Ivy are some type of partners. Ivy admits her accusation is true. She offers Liz anything to keep quite about Eve’s past. Liz only wants revenge on Eve and nothing more. Luis is getting sicker so Sheridan yells for Antonio to help her. Hank and Antonio see Luis in the cave and Antonio wants to kill him. Sheridan runs to Luis’s side to protect him. Antonio instructs Hank to arrest Luis for kidnapping. Sheridan begs him not to as Luis needs medical attention. Antonio gives Sheridan a choice. It’s either a coffin or jail cell for Luis. Sheridan says she will press charges against Luis to save his life.

Y&R By Wendy **One Day Ahead

Hank tells Mike that he‘s going to bring Kevin back no matter what it takes. Kevin shows up at Gloria’s place and she tries to get him to go back to GC. Phyllis and Christine meet upon Phyllis’ request and they argue over Daniel. Daniel complains to Mac about his messed up life. Victor talks to his parole officer about Devon and she tells Victor to teach him. Bobby talks to Sal and informs him that he’s is going to help him find out who, in Mr. Lewis’ organization, hurt Brittany. Nick tells Cameron he’s taking his job offer and that Sharon will support his decisions. JT visits Mac at the community centre and Daniel watches their interaction. Lily tries talking to Devon and gets attitude in return. Kevin admits to his mom that he’s angry and afraid. She tries to convince him that the good person he once was is still inside of him. Sal and Angelo thinks Bobby’s suicidal going after Lewis. Sal tells Bobby he’ll deliver the message to Mr. Lewis and after that he‘s not responsible. Daniel fishes around for info from JT about him and Mac‘s relationship. JT tells Daniel he doesn’t like him and then they argue some more about JT‘s lack of career and Colleen. Phyllis orders Christine to tell Daniel that he needs a relationship with his mother and reminds her that Christine and Danny aren‘t Daniel‘s biological parents. Kevin cries in Gloria’s arms. Paul calls Hank and tells him someone has to see him right away. Nick and Cameron shake on the deal.

Wednesday’s Preview: Brittany tells Raul that Bobby’s in danger. Bobby tells Angelo not to worry. Victor asks Nick why he’s working for Cameron. Gloria worries she won’t see Kevin again.

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