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AMC by Jennifer

For the first time, Erica speaks on the phone to Bianca and Jack. But Bianca expresses she is very disappointed in her mother and Jack tells Erica they have no future until she gets sober. Zach Slater is spying upon Erica and hearing her phone conversations.

Kendall plots a little scheme to get Ryan to prove that he loves her and not Greenlee. But he is unaware of what she's up to. And Bianca tells her if she does not come clean and stop playing games with Ryan, she will never have the future she wants with him. Maria and Edmund are having problems with intimacy due to his paralysis. But Anita gives Edmund a pep-talk to be grateful that he has a good marriage, something she does not have in her life.

ATWT by Linda

Simon goes to talk with one of his contacts about getting Katie’s jewelry back, despite Katie’s pleas for him not to. She and Henry discuss the possibility that Pilar stole it to get bail money for Russ. Simon meets with Claudine who is obviously someone he’s worked with before. He offers to buy the jewelry back, his associate surprised at the wad of money he produces to do so. Meanwhile Russ continues his tirade against Pilar and when Mike goes to chase him, Pilar holds him back. Margo shows up and has some interesting questions for Mike’s guest, Pilar becoming nervous. When Mike takes Margo out, Pilar receives a phone call from Russ who’s holed up behind Yo’s, since the police are now after him. She tells him to hold fast and she’ll get him the money she owes him. Meeting Russ in the alley, he again threatens to rat her out unless she gets him his money and she promises it will be the next day. When Russ leaves, Simon confronts her, telling her she’s in a hell of a lot of trouble. Pilar replies, “Whose fault is that? It’s about time you showed up.”

Paul and Barbara visit the orphanage that Jordan grew up in and learn about a woman, Annie Weatherby, who brought him there and then joined the staff until Jordan went off to college. They also find the birth certificate and confirm that Barbara couldn’t be Jordan’s mother, but that James is definitely his father. Jack wrangles with James and finally gets him to let Jordan come and visit him. Jordan and Jennifer talk about how he grew up and also mention Annie Weatherby, Jordan confirming that once he’d gone to college he couldn’t get a hold of her again. Jack comes to Yo’s and tells Jordan James will see him, Jennifer begging to go with him. Jordan refuses to put her in that kind of danger and goes to see James himself.

B&B by Susann

Nick wakes up behind bars. Remembering the day before, the mess that was made of his wedding, he’s angry and says to himself that Ridge better stay away from Brooke. At Brooke’s, Jackie and Ridge argue about what Brooke should be doing and where she should go. Jackie begs Brooke not to listen to anything Ridge has to say. Jackie gets a call from the attorney who tells her that both Massimo and Nick were arrested and are being held for bribing foreign officials. Ridge says he knew it was something bad. Jackie blames Ridge for everything. Thorne surprises Darla with a selection of three wedding dresses to choose from, and asks her to marry him the day after tomorrow. He asks his secretary to hold his calls, locks the door, and they make love in his office.

Jackie and Ridge continue their arguing back and forth, each trying to convince Brooke to do their will. Jackie begs Brooke to make Ridge leave. Back in the cell, Massimo is brought in and tells Nick that it’s only just begun. Nick is very angry with Ridge, and says that when he gets out, the gloves come off. Jackie finally reaches Nick in the jail, and he is disappointed to find the phone call isn’t from Brooke. Jackie tells him that Ridge is with her right now, and Jack hangs up with full intention of calling Brooke. But he is stopped by the guard who says he just got his one phone call. Fed up with Jackie’s accusations and demands, Ridge grabs her by the arm and throws her out of Brooke’s house. He then kisses Brooke who pushes him away resisting his advances. She walks out to the veranda, Ridge follows and grabs her in an embrace kissing her again. Nick is picturing them together and becoming more and more angry. Brooke begins to succumb to Ridge’s kisses.

Days by Danielle

Bo and Hope search Shawn’s bedroom for clues to his location. Rex uses his computer knowledge to match a partial fingerprint found in Shawn’s room with its owner. Shawn frees himself from the handcuffs but Jan still has a separate key to the cage lock. Jan makes plans to kill Belle in hopes that it will make Shawn stop wanting to go home.

Belle changes her mind about wanting to hear the name of the girl that Philip loves. Kate offers Belle and Philip as a team, the job of director for the Basic Black foundation. John and Kate discuss John’s plan for Crystal and what happened during the meeting about Victor’s funds. Crystal throws a drink on Kate, fearing that Kate was going to steal John from her. Nicole fantasizes about Brady. Brady tells Nicole about John’s suspicions of Crystal. Nicole lies to Brady about why Crystal is still staying at the mansion. Brady invites Nicole out to dinner to thank her for sticking up for him and the concert hall.

GH by Linda & Suzanne

At the foundation party for Courtney's charity, Sam defends Jason for slugging Jax in the mouth, while Courtney defends Jax.  In the course of the conversation, Sam reveals that it wasn’t Jax that had donated the one million dollars to the foundation for the children, but that it was Jason that had donated that money (Jax just took credit).  Courtney insists that Jax prove that he wrote the check.  Jax, on the hot seat, says that he will get the proof tomorrow.   With everyone standing around, Alexis, Ric, Edward, Tracy and Mac, Courtney says that she wants him to show the printout of the transaction. Then, Ric starts to grill him and says that he wants the proof the very same night about the one million dollars, or he will be forced to freeze the funds from the foundation if Courtney accepted mob money from Jason.  Alexis sorts it all out and says that Courtney can just give the check back to Jason, and that will solve the problem.  Meanwhile, Ric and Alexis keep sparring. Ned notices and comments to Alexis about how she seems to have a thing for Ric, much to her chagrin. Courtney goes to Jason's penthouse and apologizes to him, and hands back over the check to him with thanks for his generosity. They have an awkward conversation about Sam. Alcazar tells Sam and Sonny that he doesn't believe that they aren't still involved. Sam and Sonny have a talk in his limo about what might have been and how difficult their situation is. Ric gives Alexis a ride home. She is angry at him for what he tried to do to Courtney's charity.  He is doing everything he can to get a kiss from her, but she says she is so repulsed by him that she finds him reprehensible.  She strongly tells him that she has no passion for him, and to prove it to him she plants a wet one on him. Edward wonders who Justus' date is (Jen, the lawyer) and the Quartermaines have a discussion about it. Sam tells Jason that she invited Sonny over for a date, so he prepares to leave, but Sonny comes in and says he thinks they should get married right away. Courtney and Jax have a conversation; both are disappointed in the other because of that check.

Nikolas' search of Jason's apartment is interrupted by Jason's returning home, but he manages to get out before Jason can catch or identify him. Jason gets Stan to help him improve his security and tells Sonny what happened. Alcazar is not happy to hear that Nikolas broke in and warns him again that Jason would shoot him on site. Nikolas is suspicious about why Alcazar is employing him and wants to keep it such a secret. Emily talks to Tony about Jason's amnesia, and then talks to Mary about it as well, but she really means to help Nikolas get her memory back.  Tony doesn't think there's any hope for Jason but says that hypnosis can help people get their memories back if they just have a temporary amnesia due to head trauma. Emily tries to make Mary feel guilty about taking Nikolas away from his past life. Emily suggests to Mary that they spend more time together, including her new boyfriend. Mary also talks to Tony about Jason and asks him if he thinks Jason is happy now or not. Emily finds Nikolas in the park and tells him she spoke to a doctor about his condition, assuring him she didn't blow his cover and how she used her brother Jason's case. Nikolas confides that he feels disconnected, not having any contact with other people besides Mary and his employer. She suggests that he undergo hypnosis in order to regain his memory. Meanwhile, Felicia and Mac get tipsy on their "date" at the party.

GL by Silver Eagle Dreamer

Rick tried to talk Michelle out of her coma with no success. Tony saved Danny's bacon when Danny reported to Salerno that the assignation of Jeffery didn't happen. Tony admitted to Danny he was working for Jeffery now.

Gus confronted Alan about the picture. He made up a story. Gus wasn't buying. Cassie caught Edmund getting a bit pushy with Alan about a delivery and payment.

OLTL by Janice

Natalie tells John that she’s lied to him about Paul, because she doesn’t want to be responsible for his death – like Christian. Natalie tells John that both of them still are haunted by their dead partners. John tries to get Natalie to tell him the truth about the money. Natalie tells him that it was Paul’s blackmail money. Kelly tells Dorian her marriage is over because of Ace. Dorian believes that Kevin is not Ace’s father. She wonders why Kelly is trusting Todd. Matthew tells Asa about his plans to get Bo and Nora back together by making Bo jealous of Daniel. Todd tries to convince Blair to give him another chance but she wants to know the secret between him and Kelly. Todd refuses to tell her and says that she has to believe in him. Blair doesn’t believe that they can love each other enough to get through their problems. Kathryn interrogates David about his presence in Atlantic City. Dorian covers for David and says she was tailing him to the hotel in AC because she was jealous and saw him enter and leave the hotel room. John tells Kathryn that Paul is still alive. She wonders if John is really telling the truth or just covering for Natalie. Evangeline and Nora discuss their workaholic habits over ice cream. Evangeline decides to spend time with RJ instead of work. Starr sneaks out of the house to see Travis. Travis sends her home – he doesn’t want her parents angry. Kelly is shocked when Paul appears at her door. Paul wants more money. Kelly tries to get him to leave. She opens the door and Carlos is at the door with a gun

Passions by Rene

Fox brings Theresa flowers. She cries, as she feels guilty for being unfaithful to Fox. Whitney has a heart to heart talk with Theresa. She decides to tell Fox the truth about her drugging Ethan. She admits to Whitney she still feelings for Ethan but wants to be with Fox. She begins her confession to Fox. TC and Sam have a physical fight. Eve and Ivy break them up. TC explains exactly how he feels about Ivy. He has a gut feeling she destroyed Grace and Sam’s marriage. Sam defends Ivy.

Charity and Miguel discover an injured Kay. The paramedics take Kay to the hospital. A police officer informs Miguel if Kay doesn’t live he may be charged with manslaughter. Sam rushes to the hospital to see Kay. Before Miguel can explain the entire story to Sam pushes Miguel up against a wall in anger. Antonio and Hank continue to look for Sheridan and Luis. Inside the cave Sheridan and Luis remember their past love as Harry and Patience. Sheridan is concerned about Luis’s health. He confesses his love for her many times and they share a few passionate kisses. Tabitha is shocked and devastated after seeing Kay injured in her magic bowl. She heads to the hospital with Endora.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Diane almost had Jack agreeing to a vacation, until Mamie weighed in and suggested Jack is not the type to run from his responsibilities. Diane was annoyed. Drucilla told Neil she is proud of him for making the decision she couldn't, while Neil wondered if they were prepared for the possible consequences of Kevin's freedom. Michael heard the story of Kevin's escape, blasted Weber for terrifying Kevin into running again, and was accused - by Weber - of knowing where Kevin might be headed. Paul confronted Eddie Prather and said he has no choice but to admit he was threatened to keep quiet about Kevin's file. Eddie agreed to talk to Weber, since Paul planned to anyhow. Victor was annoyed that Nick was taking a personal day, and not telling him why. Mackenzie met Daniel and suggested he help out at the Centre. Lily met Devon, the bad kid who was giving Victor a hard time, and overheard Victor tell him to find a job to keep himself busy, or leave the Rec Centre. Cassie got permission to help out at the centre, if accompanied by the other girls. Nikki told Sharon about her meeting with Grace, and suggested that Grace might not know all of Cameron's plans. Cameron swore to Grace that there was no dead body, chastised her for believing someone above him, and wondered what to do next.

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