The TV MegaSite's Friday 6/4/04 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

ATWT by Linda

B&B by Susann

Ridge and Brooke are still swapping spit when Brooke comes to her senses and say she shouldn’t be doing that because she was supposed to become Nick’s wife today. Ridge continues his badgering of her to dump Nick and take him back. Over and over he grips her head in his bowling ball lock and tries to crush her brain to match what he wants. Jackie is having no success finding out any information about where Massimo and Nick were taken or what they were charged with. Eric and Stephanie show up hoping to offer her some comfort. But Eric starts in on how Brooke shouldn’t have been marrying Nick, and Jackie becomes incensed and blames Ridge for all the mess that happened. Stephanie finds out that Ridge left the house with Brooke and she’s very upset. Jackie leaves to go over to Brooke’s and put a stop to Ridge’s interference. Stephanie and Eric argue some more over Eric’s defense of Brooke. He tells her she better prepare for another wedding, only this time it won’t be Brooke and Nick.

Massimo and Nick are being questioned at FBI headquarters about the money transfers when their attorney shows up. They are told that the FBI has had them under surveillance for several months, but until last night they didn’t have the information they needed. Then suddenly the encrypted emails opened up and landed in their laps. The attorney says he wants to talk to his clients alone and as the agents leave the room they tell him he has lots of time because the FTC won’t be there till morning. Nick realizes they will be spending the night there. Ridge continues his attempted takeover of Brooke by petting and stroking her head in that annoying habit he has. He tells her he knows he should back off and let her make her own decision, but he won't. He says he’s not going to lose her again because they belong together. He says that when he first found out that the baby was Nick’s he couldn’t handle it but now he can. Jackie shows up at Brooke’s and tears into Ridge for causing all this trouble for everyone. She orders him to leave. Ridge refuses and orders Jackie out instead.

Days by Danielle

Rex announces to Mimi that he is taking night school classes to become a bartender. Mimi is against the idea, thinking that Rex is doing it for the wrong reasons. Mimi shows off her bartending skills to Rex. Rex notices that Philip has feelings for Belle but Mimi denies it. Philip wishes he could tell Belle how he truly feels.

Hope worries about not being able to reach Shawn. Bo is fuming over Brady’s refusal to move out of the Kiriakis mansion. Celeste receives a warning from the spirits that Shawn is in danger. Hope and Celeste have trouble contacting the spirits of their deceased relatives. Bo is skeptical of Celeste’s powers. The spirits they are able to contact tell Hope a riddle that leads her and Bo to Shawn’s loft. Jan pretends to be a French maid but all Shawn wants is to be with Belle. John wines and dines Crystal to get information.

GH by

GL by Wendy

Edmund was in a tense call about his ‘package'. Cassie poked around for information. Lizzie sold tickets to Alex and took over Olivia's office to take a meeting for the Spalding Scholarship program she created. Harley had doubts whether Alan was the fourth in the picture. Greens wife said he was the love of her life and begged Harley to keep helping her ‘catch him in the act' but Brad met with Edmund who gave him his package; a plain brown box. Cassie watched Edmund stash the mysterious box. She retrieved it later but returned it - choosing to trust him instead. Harley told Jeffery about the package and pay off from Green. Edmund passed the box onto Salerno.

Danny said Salerno wants Jeffery dead and that Danny is the trigger man but Salerno suggested Sal do the job. Danny convinced him to let him do it. Danny set up the hit. Cassie was inspecting the car where Jeffery was supposed to be having lunch when Danny shot. Bill pulled off a difficult meeting. Bill confronted Tony about the one night stand. Phillip gave Olivia documents related to antimonious. He then called Alan and told him the deed was done.

OLTL by Janice

It’s the next day and Natalie and John are in the hotel room when the police come to the door. John promises his Atlantic City police friend that Natalie is innocent in Paul’s disappearance. He assures his friend that he will get Natalie back to Llanview. Natalie asks John about the phone call he made to her telling her that he was ready to move on. He tells her that if she comes clean about the money and Paul’s disappearance that maybe they can start over. Natalie gets a phone call from Paul. She pretends it’s Jessica. John knows she’s lying and walks out. Natalie goes down to the casino to give Paul the money and tells Paul she is done with him. John grabs Paul from behind, but Paul makes a run for it. Natalie gets in the way as John tries to catch Paul and Paul escapes. Kevin, Jessica, and Antonio arrange to have the graduates come to Viki in the hospital. Jessica does her speech for her Mom. Matthew buys a leather jacket so that he will look like Starr’s boyfriend. Kevin and Blair confide their feelings about Todd and Kelly to Viki. Nigel tells Asa that Roxy has made a man out of him. Roxy goes to Atlantic City to arrange for someone to set fire to Foxy Roxy’s. Rex is dejected and tells Jenn that it’s all over between him and Lindsay. Jenn is surprised that he is so down. He tells her he’s close to losing his businesses. She tells him not to give up. Rex said that without her love it’s not worth it. Jess, Jenn, and Marcie go to the hookup after graduation, but aren’t thrilled with the clientele and leave. Marcie goes back to retrieve her pocketbook and catches the beginning of Antonio’s strip routine. Starr talks to Blair about Travis and says she doesn’t want a relationship like her parents have. Todd and Kelly get caught in a rainstorm and change into robes at Todd’s apartment. Kelly hugs Todd to thank him for all his help and Blair enters the room to see them embracing.

Passions by Brenda

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Lily told JT that Colleen was doing well, and introduced him to Daniel. JT was furious to learn that Daniel advised Colleen she'd be better off without him. Nick asked Sharon to keep Victor out of the Cameron situation, and promised not to let anyone hurt her or their family again. Nikki confronted Grace and said that they know everything about her collaboration with Cameron. Grace was unnerved, especially when Nikki suggested may she didn't know all there is to know about the man; like where he got a dead body from. Grace confronted Cameron and demanded to know what body Nikki was talking about. Diane wondered why Jack is the one to always have to fix Jabot's financial problems. She told him she thinks they need to take a family vacation (separate rooms) with Kyle so that Jack can actually bond with his son. Raul agreed to take Brittany away. She and Bobby shared a heartfelt good-bye and a kiss. Bobby swore he'd protect her. Lauren told Michael that the evidence is not admissable and that Kevin told Weber he's not really crazy. Michael took off for the hospital. Kevin passed out at the sight of a needle, but when an orderly tried to lock him in solitaire, Kevin got the needle and jammed it into the orderly, before sneaking out of the hospital.

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