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AMC by Jennifer

Bianca unsuccessfully attempts to counsel Kendall to get over Ryan, while Greenlee somewhat more successfully attempts to counsel Ryan to get over Kendall. Krystal has a panic attack which attracts the attention of many people who wonder what would cause this on her daughter's wedding day. David tells her she'll be o.k. and it looks like he and Tad both want to win her over.

JR is getting tired of keeping up his "facade" of a marriage. But his father assures him he only has a little longer to go until Babe and her mother will be out of their lives for good. Danielle goes to see Reggie and meets Jack's daughter Lily. Once again, Derek threatens to get Reggie in trouble for corrupting his daughter. But Jack tells Derek he must leave Reggie alone because Reggie has done nothing wrong. And Jack compliments his son on how well he has behaved with Lily.

ATWT by Linda

Barbara looks through the box of baby items James sent, questioning everything James had told her when she visited him. Carly comes in and asks about the box, Barbara excusing it and giving her a large bonus check. Carly sees the picture that was in the box and asks about it, Barbara telling her it was an idea for screenprinting vintage photos onto shirts for the teen line. Carly believes her and leaves, Barbara phoning Paul. Roseanna is at the coffee shop/deli when Paul finds her, Roseanna telling him she’s not good company and needs to be alone. He tells her she looks like she needs a friend and she welcomes him to sit with her. They discuss Jordan and she cries on Paul’s shoulder, Paul reassuring her that she needs to become friends with Jordan and everything will be fine. He asks if he could be her friend again, Roseanna taking his hand and stating she counted on it. His mother calls and they both leave.

Jordan and Jennifer are with Cabot, Jordan having changed his diaper. Jennifer offers to get him some dry clothes, Jordan leaving Cabot with her and getting them himself. Roseanna comes in and freaks out, accusing Jordan of just leaving Cabot with Jennifer. They argue, Roseanna finally apologizing. Jordan tells her he’ll call before he comes over tomorrow, Roseanna distressed at his statement. Later, she dreams that it’s Cabot’s first birthday Jordan and Jennifer are married and Jennifer saying she’s Cabot’s mommy. Roseanna cries out that she’s Cabot’s mommy, James escorting her out the door as she pounds on it weeping. Paul and Barbara figure out that Jordan is James’ son, but worry that either he’s Paul’s twin or that Paul isn’t Barbara’s son. Jordan tells Jennifer that James Stenbeck is behind his marriage to Roseanna, Jennifer becoming worried and urging him to call the cops. He assures her that whatever James is up to, he’s not concerned – James has given him the family that he’s always wanted. Jennifer is slightly miffed, telling him that she hopes he gets what he wants and he tells her that only she can give him what he really wants. They go back to Jennifer’s room in Barbara’s suite and make love.

Dusty warns Starzyak at gunpoint to quit sending his goons over to Metro, Starzyak saying he never did. Dusty again tells him that it’s all over, Starzyak threatening him that he can’t tell him it’s over. Once back at Metro, he presses Lucy (who’s saying goodbye to Craig) for any information she can remember, Craig telling him to leave his daughter out of it. Craig asks Lucy to let him see her off at the airport tomorrow, Lucy agreeing. Meanwhile, Dusty goes over what happened, his mind focusing on the dragon tattoo on one of the attackers arms and that one of them said, “Donovan screwed everything up.” On the other side of the club, Carly tells Jack that she loves him so much and gifts him with a brand new corvette. They leave the club, happy.

B&B by Susann

Eric tells Stephanie about Ridge’s plans to disrupt the wedding with his recently discovered information. Stephanie wonders why he keeps following the same destructive path in his life. She tells Eric exactly what kind of woman Brooke Logan is and what she’s done to the family. She opens a bottle of champagne and toasts herself on finally getting Brooke out of their lives. Eric refuses to take part.

Ridge disrupts the wedding, and throws out all his accusations at Nick. In the middle of it all, the FBI shows up and confuses everyone. Massimo gets everyone out of the house through the back, Brooke leaving with Ridge of course. Deacon, Oscar and Hudson remain there with Nick, Massimo and Jackie. The agents ask Nick and Massimo to leave with them for questioning, but Massimo refuses and they are both handcuffed and taken away, leaving Jackie alone in the house, in tears. Back at Brooke’s, Ridge uses the occasion to try to win Brooke over again, telling her that Nick is bad for her, and he and Brooke are meant to be together. He insists they have a second chance and they must take it. They then kiss in a passionate and equally participated in make out session.

Days by Danielle

John insists that Kate take a break from work and takes her out for a drink. John buys Crystal a drink in an attempt to get close to her as well. Belle urges Philip to go after the girl he is attracted to; still unaware that it is she he wants. Bo is insistent on arresting Nicole for Victor’s murder. Belle, Philip, and Bo; using Shawn’s proxy vote; veto Brady’s idea of using Victor’s money solely for the concert hall.

Celeste continues to try and convince Lexie that Abe is not dead. Lexie makes plans to meet Tek for drinks. Abe is worried that Lexie will move on with her life. Roman worries that John and Kate will fall in love. Abe cautions Roman against falling in love with Marlena again. Roman and Abe discuss the idea that the master plan could involve condemning the women they love to this island if they ever try to escape.

GH by Lisa

Emily gets advice on what to do about Nikolas. Emily tries to get Nikolas to remember. Sonny is angry over Courtney's relationship with Jax but Courtney stands her ground. Sonny wants Jason to break into Jax's penthouse. Jason is shocked to find Courtney in Jax's arms.

Dillon and Georgie try to persuade Lynn to pursue a singing career with L & B. Sage tells Ned that Alcazar will inve3st in L & B and that she wants Dillon to direct her video but does not want Georgie any where near the studio.

GL by Eva

At the Beacon, Cassie lies in Bed thinking about her conversation with Jeffrey. Cassie awakens a sleeping Edmund to tell him how much she loves him and how important he is to her. Gus arrives to question Edmund about what he remembers about the San Cristobel drug lab and who was behind the antimonies project all those years ago. Edmund tells Gus that Alan was in charge of the project. Cassie listens to their conversation and continues to have doubts about Edmund. Cassie tries to put the doubts out of her mind.

At Spaulding Enterprises, The young college interns arrive for their meeting with Alan about the contest. Alan is late so the future interns start to play around and imitate Alan's voice. Alan arrives and tells them he was watching them from the Spaulding security camera and from what he saw they are not Spaulding material. Alan decides to give the kids another chance and explains the rules of the contest to them. They will be divided into teams and compete on how they handle different projects. The winners will get points the losers will get no points. The person with the most points wins the job and gets their college tuition paid. Alan informs Philip that the federal investigation will be over soon. Philip has to hurry to put his plan in place to make Olivia the person who will take the blame for the problems at Spaulding. Philip informs his father that he has placed an envelope full of incriminating memos in Olivia's office. Alexandra takes pictures of the interns. Gus grows even more suspicious of Alan when he refuses to have his picture taken with the interns. Lizzie finally persuades her Grandpa to have his picture taken with the interns. Salairno finally agrees to let Danny take the meeting with the drug supplier during the San Cristobel festival. Tony and Danny manage to persuade Salairno to kill Jeffrey after Frank raids the club and is informed by Frank that it was an order from Jeffrey. Danny calls Jeffrey to give him good news and better news. The good news is that Danny gets to meet with the drug supplier. The better news is that Danny has been ordered by Salairno to kill Jeffrey.

OLTL by Janice

John knocks on the door where Paul and Natalie are staying. Paul refuses to let Natalie answer the door. John leaves after slipping a note under the door saying he’s there as a friend, not a cop. Paul kisses Natalie to try to convince her that they should be together as a couple. Natalie tells him it’s not going to happen. She goes to the casino to retrieve the blackmail money for him. Todd and Kelly spot Natalie in the casino. As Natalie retrieves the money John grabs her arm. Kevin and Blair try to figure out what is behind Kelly and Todd being together. Kevin feels that Kelly has something to do with Paul’s “death”. Viki offers and Dorian accepts the position of Chief of Staff of Llanview Hospital. Antonio tells Adriana that they are cousins and asks if she knows where the $100 million is. Adriana tells Carlotta that she forgives her for not telling her about their connection. Dorian and David scheme to pretend to Adriana that Aunt Betsy’s $30million estate is worthless. David tells Dorian that he did kill Paul and that Todd and Kelly dumped the body and are being blackmailed. Dorian shows David a brooch from Manny’s mother that Carlotta gave to her that has a partial combination engraved on it. Dorian asks Carlotta if she knows where the rest of the combination is. Carlotta clutches the bracelet that she always wears. Carlotta asks that Adriana return the cross that she had given her from her father because someone might recognize it. Antonio goes to the HookUp looking for work and agrees to be a stripper after overhearing the owner of the bar on the phone talking about the Santee family. Jen, Jess, Marcie decide to go to the HookUp to celebrate the end of the semester.

Passions by Brenda

Charity fell off the cliff, but managed to survive. She climbed back up, and Kay (as the rabid dog) began to chase Charity once again. Miguel was given a clue as to Charity's whereabouts by Spectral Faith, and ran to Charity's old house. Spectral Faith is angry at Ivy for breaking up Grace and Sam's marriage. Ivy begins to choke on some food, and Sam comes back in the room just in time.

Alistair's assassin has found Katherine and Martin, but has not yet found the opportunity to kill them. Alistair informs Julian that Katherine was not the sainted mother that he remembers, and that she betrayed Alistair. Julian is beginning to wonder if his father doesn't have a deep dark secret. Paloma is told that a woman named Pilar is at the club asking for her. Paloma thinks it is her mother, and that Pilar has come to take her home. This Pilar is there to offer Paloma a chance to model, but Paloma is upset and runs off.

Y&R By Christopher **One Day Ahead

Victor ordered Cameron to retract his job offer to Nick, and warned him not to meddle with his family. Nick thanked Nikki for supporting Sharon, worried about the body in the sewer, and realized that Grace and Cameron must be working together to drive Sharon crazy. Michael questioned Grace about her relationship with Cameron, the amount of time she's been in Genoa City, and whether or not Cameron has ever been violent in bed. He said he thinks she's gotten in over her head and told her to call him if she ever needed help. Paul convinced Bobby that someone from his organization hurt Brittany. Raul was rejected by Brittany, who admitted to having feelings for Bobby. Bobby then showed up and demanded that Raul get Brittany out of town, somewhere safe, immediately. He feared something was happening. Kevin impressed Lauren with his dedication to the mental patients, and phoned Weber to gloat about his feigned insanity and soon-to-be discovered freedom. Weber shattered his dreams and revealed that the evidence is no good and he's still under arrest. Kevin realized he'd blown his cover for nothing.

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